Sodom and Gomarrah

Jesus reminds us, this world belongs to His Father. Babylon never lasted, never will. And those that exist to exploit, are reminded, you will have time before God, it’s not made up. The world is coming out of the lock down, it’s been a sensitive time for billions of people. How are we going to react to the new found freedom?. With one thought, The Almighty God can turn a global leader into a babbling fool. In a nutshell, the world belongs to God. At the end of our days, we are held accountable for ourselves. What will our legacy be, amen.


Another Day in Paradise

She is frightened, bullied into submission. She has had her dose of God, so many men have spurted into her, she’d fill a milk churn, where were you she asks. Outside her door, cars flow by, she recognizes faces, they never recognize her. It’s the over load. There is so much tension in the world, she is doing a service. If they have such a need for it, why don’t they admit it, at least she’d have a far better wage and she wouldn’t be living in fear, amen.

As blind as the pharisee’s, to be seen doing the right thing in public, amen.

The Power in the words of the Prophet Isaiah

Isaiah was the prophet most often quoted by Jesus, amen. This fact alone should end all doubts, there is power in the words of the Prophet, why else, would Jesus refer to this man of God. In Isaiah’s words, God is all there is, and in his words, Isaiah tells us of God’s anger, even if temporary, and the drastic consequences of ignoring it, the word.

The opportunity to reclaim your position of safety in God’ s kingdom, should not be ignored. Isaiah reminds all, who listen, to turn to God, so that they can be healed. Is a world dominated by the material going to satisfy God Most High, will the exploitation of vulnerable people be considered wise action, in the face of the times we all live in.

The writer here,has encountered what many would have rejoiced at. The number of occasions he has been delivered, would require a list, and because it’s all real, there has been a determined effort to remind all and sundry, about the reality of God Most High. This is serious, and so are the consequences,of ignoring your divine inheritance, amen.

While false teachers will appear and confuse many, it’s written that this sort of thing will happen, so focus your thoughts on what is Spirit lifting, amen.

Domestic Abuse

Women, the world over, must wonder,why the subject of domestic violence has been shelved so often, as if it’s a normal part of life for many, which sadly, it is. A reasonable man or woman would wonder; if this affects those caught in the cross fire, and those are children mainly,why hasn’t the world woken up to it. Quite possibly, there are those is positions of power, who raise their hands in violence,towards those they live with, and since there are few reports of it, among the elite of society, they keep it private, little wonder why there has been such a long silence.

Rousseau the famous french thinker, argued that it was wisdom, to present to children, the reality of life, and then hope, that this awakening, would bring about, more enlightened souls. To figure out a solution is not easy, but the more we speak about it, and other injustices, the sooner we move, and begin to show a happier world. Fear of violence is awful, when it’s a member of your home, it’s living a prisoners life, will i be punished for that.

Open your hearts, the world is being reformed, leave the bad baggage behind, while the chance still exists. Signs from above, usually mean, it’s really serious, and in these times, no one living,can deny that; what were all going through,is life changing, make it positive, amen.

Cyber Attacks

Internet, so free, the stuff you can do, anonymous too, no restrictions, easy to hide your location, makes stalking easy,makes child pornography easy to distribute, easy to bully innocent children,easy to rise anger,propagate propaganda, as for affairs, never easier, cyber attacks, crims with degrees, pretending, but what will they do for trust in the online world, and the currencies based thereon, any ideas. And as trust dwindles,what prospects, planet earth,amen.

Problem Solving

Spin doctor to employer, your great, Politician sighs, always liked that fellow. If your head is filled, with all the mad excess’s you dream of, private education for the children, a healthy off shore account, same as your friends have, three cars in the garage, six houses, two mistress’s, apart from your regular family business, where in the world, will you find time for any sort of reasoning thinking,since your own personal thoughts, are totally unreasonable. It’s impossible, amen.

As Jesus might say, well, Solomon for sure, too much in the head for anything new then?

Memories and coping with pain….

This is not about domestic violence, thankfully, awareness grows by the hour, and the consequences, felt by those who care, just an aside, no prophet ever advised violence when in a teaching room or home either, no where in fact, in case your a victim or perpetrator. If the emotions are too much,seek help, there is great help everywhere now, don’t allow those who hold you prisoner, emotionally,financially or otherwise, get the better of you, since fear is so overwhelming, when you’ve been a victim of it. Rejoice, the signs from above, from Heaven, are everywhere, look up, that tyrant you’ve been living with, is about to get a reminder, amen.

So back to memories; your living in great pain,it hurts almost to breathe, can hardly move the limbs, and when they ache, its worse than a migraine, believe it or not, there is help, oh yeah, well,if your reading this still, you are seeking a remedy, or perhaps, your truly, ALTRUISTIC, you want to pass on good advice to those who suffer, always worth doing, considering the blessings that flow from acts of compassion. So back to pain,golly, this ache is getting worse, so your still reading, how am I going to deal with this, simply. Pain, is the now feeling, love is the eternal feeling, and love helps us endure, first step,amen.

Peace in Palestine at last, a real possibility, said the two friends…

All over the world, Ahmed, they see it with their own eyes, and worse, they can even identify which building they want to demolish too, they even announce the fact, well says Aaron,his Jewish neighbor, they were trying to be understood, I suppose says Ahmed, who had two uncles in the bombed regions. From the rubble comes the phoenix says Ahmed, looking at Aaron with a bemused expression. What does that mean says Aaron. Ahmed looks at the sky, Dear God he screams, when will they use their wisdom for the right reasons other than for themselves. Aaron used to the outbursts of his dramatic pal, is stuck for words.

Pass me that rock will ya, their previous conversation gone like the proverbial smoke after the fire, Aaron passes a regular sized rock to his pal, who is trying to build a small wall around the wooden house they use for their fun house, the all welcome palace they call it, religion or race doesn’t matter, and no adults too, strange rules for children to come up with. They both appear to have serious misgivings about their parents attitudes, they see them as alien to friend making, and being mere children, it goes against all the rules of life.

A rabbi and an imam are walking together in Jerusalem, they pass the garden where the two friends are building their playhouse in. If only we could be like those children says the imam, you mean like Jesus says the rabbi, the imam looks at his friend in surprise, you are moving inside, that softens my heart, your not thinking an eye for an eye, miracles he sighs.

Their little stone wall, is two blocks high, about twelve inches, but it’s fairly level. The two architects in the making stand back and admire their creation. Meanwhile, the two spiritual teachers are still stopped at the pavement. Aaron turns around, do you see them he says to his school pal of Palestinian origins?, Ahmed throws his head into the air, and says, they are great when the trouble is made, why don’t they work to stop it, whatever. Nice work the two teachers say, then start to walk on.

Later that night, an angel of the lord comes to visit the rabbi. A tall dark body at the end of the bed, a massive frame, towers over the sleeping teacher, and says, I have a dream for you. The same night, the Imam, he gets the same visit too. Eight O’clock the next morning, they both decide to ring each other at the very same tIme, as they lift the reciever, they begin talking instantly to each other. I was just about to ring you, they both speak. The answer to our troubles, eureka the rabbi says, we have been visited by angels.

A week later, a work force of young persons of Palestinian descent and Israeli origin, form a new building group, and march for the occupied territories, tools in hand, to rebuild the demolished sites. In divided communities around the world, the young people pick up on the idea, it’s simple. There is too much baggage inside the older folks, they can’t forgive, so if we rely on them to bring peace, we will be waiting for ever, amen.

News correspondent for CNN, picks up on the feel good story. A new thought process is finding roots all over the earth. Ah, says the TV crowd, look look, the little boy trying to use a pick axe, his little eyes, two round dark spots from years of anxiety. It’s bigger than him says one reporter, but he’s not afraid to try,says another. Politician, famous for lobbying, and twisting the truth, is asked to comment on this new initiative. Another Greta he says, his tone of voice, very condescending. Who will pay for it he says out loud, as if appealing to his own supporters; he is never one to lose an opportunity to promote himself, all extremists do that too remarkably.

Did you not hear, says the CNN reporter, what says the politician, who is too busy, can’t stop looking at his watch. What, Off shore bank accounts, they are being taxed all over the world, the peace dividend, it’s the new Biden initiative. Did you not hear him, he wants to make up for all the illegal acts by the government of the United States, Biden says, we don’t want our youth burdened by the mistakes of the past. The politician snide, remarks, old guy, what does he know, thinks of his mother, poor man.

Meanwhile, the sight of construction workers renovating the neighborhoods that were recently bombed on both sides, has many sighing inside; peace at last in the middle east, amen.

Agnishatdal Boisakh 1428 April 2021 Critique by SB — The Lotus of Fire…. re blog it’s important to encourage new voices in a world desperate for change

Agnishatdal Boisakh 1428, April 2021 ( ) Critique by SB Agnishatdal Boisakh 1428 April 2021 By your good old editor! Few simple words about the works of my much cherished authors! So the critiques will be honest, short and sweet. Atit- Past by Labanya- Haunting, beautiful and sad, it will linger in […]

Agnishatdal Boisakh 1428 April 2021 Critique by SB — The Lotus of Fire

We’ll report you….

The great fear of the dispossessed, the fear of betrayal, well, if I report you, he drops the words casually, she wonders if he is serious, he knows exactly the anxiety he is causing,and the fear, he wants control, she does as she is told, can’t win this argument, not yet. If only, there were more Samaritans, well, if this applies to you, there is great help out there. This form of threat and abuse, is being dealt with,compassionately, it’s in the pages, and the good women of the world, are not putting up with it. Trust has been replaced with fear, that’s just a tool, the extremists have been using, and cause it’s mainstream, it’s impossible to forget. When your emotionally wounded, it’s not possible to think objectively, but relax, there is a huge amount of help out there, AND major signs are arriving from Heaven, yes, the words of the prophets are on many lips, and there is huge fear now, among those who do harm, amen.