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It is so foolish to believe that anyone is better than someone else. Sometimes our pride gets in the way so much, that we don’t realize what other people are really like. There are times that individuals put themselves on such a high pedestal, that I believe that some people may be very surprised on […]

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Leave some for your Brother…..

Three pieces of cake on the table, Mother watches, will you leave some for your brother. There was no one else at the table, and her brother had not come home, had not been seen in a long time, Mary looks at her mother, she is dawdling again, has not got over the grief, Mark left the fold six months before, hadn’t been heard from, what was Mom doing, getting upset, she leaves the last piece of cake and grunts, so tasty. Mother knows what she is thinking, but there was a lesson in it, listen child she says to herself. Was it a case of thinking of others, possibly, was it a reminder of the Kingdom come, probably, was it a lesson in greed, absolutely.

Amo was talking with his helper, a young nurse, a woman with a great caring disposition, wisdom won’t be lost on her he felt. Amo sighed, the perfume the young woman, reminded him of his late wife.

What do you Mean Amo she says, I love your eyes he said, distracted by the icy

blues. You old flirt she says, you must have charmed the ladies, he sighs, a few I suppose. Amo gets serious again, well not serious, but in the teacher mode, the lesson comes first.

We live in a world, where more is the creed and greed is blessed by some at the expense of wisdom, when it ought to be the other way around. I had an Uncle says Amo, a man of great Spirit, blessed in heavenly things, in his business dealings, he and his friends, had a practice, a habit passed on from many generations of practice, always leave something for the next man to gain from, never extract the maximum, even when you can, as you only encourage greed, and that harms the Spirit. The nurse sighs, she knows it too well, being a carer, money was never her God, but in business and in life, as more and more struggle, it becomes the way.

So leave something for your brother, says amo, you will be helping someone else.

Solomon sighed, he heard the story from an Uncle. He smiled, the Uncle used to give out to his Father, you could have got more he often said, as the Father was often generous in his dealings, greed never becoming him. The uncle being young, hadn’t the wisdom of the Father, had some way to go as they say. Imagine, Solomon sighs, I have rounded the circle, that will put a smile in a few places…

The Moral Virtue of Fortitude – Part 2 of 2 — SaintlySages re blogged, useful advice for the world we share


Father Pegues continues his exposition of the virtue of fortitude by discussing three virtues associated with fortitude: magnanimity, magnificence, and patience. The proper object of magnanimity is “to strengthen one’s soul in its effort to accomplish great acts in so far as great honours or great glory result therefrom.” The sins opposed to magnanimity by […]

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Rhythm and News, take a break, listen to music, be prepared to relax..

The affirmation of old scripture is a great comfort in all truth, affirms what was said so long ago, holds true, can’t be doubted, gives greater meaning to the eternal promise, and the other stuff, in a nutshell you are not alone, so don’t feel lonely.

Jesus didn’t do piety, he did truth, was affronted by those who claimed piety and thought they were better than others, recoiled at them, in fact, no Spirit could live with that, same as a father who imposes rather than allows dialogue, the bully factor as some would call it, no time for it. yes, and time proves this to be true, so many voices silenced, in all sorts of ways, bribes, flattery, and the other ways, no one wants to hear about ,enough said about that.

Time for a music break, sometimes you have to close the eyes and simply relax, without having to pay for it.


Something to learn from, not that tactics are not used, an ongoing thing, getting to the belly of the matter, we all understand that bit, there is no confusion there, the state of the environment,  sack the planners as they say, the news is full of it, there are plenty of remote Islands for them, let them toy with ignorance out of harms way, did we mention, many red faces there, words to inspire us with, but being Tuesday, it’s a good start.

A reflection of sorts, the ongoing assault going on in places, those that came before us would cringe at, and would simply not believe, they would in fact not have been able to consider it, but in the very modern world and the emphasis on all things networked, who has time for anything else. Very few indeed, amen, as for those who were fooled into believing they were doing good, many events and places come to mind, maybe they were pawns, just being used, not so unusual, well, the promise of success is a great drug.

So what it if offends God, hasn’t been about, what is there to worry for, then they see the light, oops…. How will you explain that, stuck for words I imagine, never stuck when you were seeking what you wanted, the other way around, can’t put a sentence together, what’s surprising about that, after all, there is God Most High, the unplanned, we didn’t put that into our calculations, the extremists are beginning to realize this, smile, this is a great news story, brilliant, actually, so real, it leaves you awe struck most days, but you have to remain grounded, if you know what I mean.

No one laughs as they used to, the old full belly buster, it’s easy to see a few of those coming, now that all that withheld tension can be released, imagine it, a symphony of good feelings,  the righteous win the day, just as it’s supposed to be, amen.



You’d hardly expect to be misled in the circumstance would you!


The Journey

She is on her second marriage, not so bad, her friends, some of them are on their third and fourth, maybe I will be lucky she says, will I learn from their mistakes, or will i join the alimony club, yes, there are groups such as those, depends who has the cash. She is finding it hard, he was different before she got to know him, now he tries to control her, well, that is what they all seem to want, ownership. She turns on the radio, listens to this, music she sighs, it allows her time to dwell on her thoughts, she is herself at last.

Say No To Extremism

“Whatever the excuse, there should never be room for it, they are those who want you to share their hatred, and the more of them there is

, the safer they feel about it, that’s the simple truth!”

Amo was in the bed, he was listening to his fellow soul, they were having a conversation, a one way think thank, amo doing the listening taking the advice. The friend was a long term associate, they were sharing words, the friend wanting Amo to pass on the longing, as he was shortly on his way to the other world, being proactive, the friend was putting in a last minute request, knowing full well, there would  not be too many moments to ask, as he knew Amo well, he having a certain relationship with God.

They spoke of the exremes some go to, how peace is so easily interfered with, usually it’s a money issue, a certian elite vying for control, Old Amo knew this well, he nods to his friend and smiles. He tries to add a few words of his own, his mouth is dry, talking is not easy as you get old, you will all find this out.

“Sometimes things go wrong in order to get us back on track”

What is that you said Amo, his old friend leans in, he doesn’t want to miss his friends advice, he may not issue many words, but they are always worth listening to.

“We need a shake up sometimes, you know what I mean” the old friend nods, Amo worked every day promoting a world that is favourable to the well being of Spirit, as he beleived hard in the words of Jesus, The Spirit of God resides inside you, you just have to find the space.

“no extremism!” sighs Amo, reinforcing what he already said.

The old friend says his goodbyes, leaves the old folks home, hungry and thirsty, he heads for a nearby cafe, picks the daily read while he waits for his food to be served. The headlines, growth of extremism, just as Amo said, when they wear you out on one argument, they jump to the next, and if they are not getting the response they want, they try all sorts of things.  Amo was a discerning reader, now he is in heaven, and listening like the rest of them, wondering what we are all going to do, immerse oursevles in the usual, or grow the Spirit, Amo’s purpose, amen.

Amo likes music, so does the Spirits, that live all around you…



Word Power

It’s amazing sighed Amo, the old gitter is being helped onto the toilet, he can hardly walk, but it doesn’t matter so long as he gets there, least he can sit normally, word power he says, how words can shock us or inspire us, frighten us, warm our hearts, constrict us, start a fire in us, simple words. The ears are always open to words, we are programmed to hear them. so long as we are allowed, that’s why there are those that restrict us, words, we don’t want that said, it will only upset our plans, the big reputation at risk, afraid to hear them, and what others might think, the framing of words, an art form. What do you mean Amo asks the nurse, while helping him clean his ass. Words he sighs, it’s how we understand the world, we can’t do without them, how else can we communicate.

Solomon sighed, the way reputation is guarded, how voices are silenced, words usually. The only reputation worth having was one of the Spirit, the Spirit that enlightens, not the Spirit that darkens, words again, how we use them. The first words in the ancient scriptures, the word became alive, and the world was created, by Great Spirit, the light, word power again.

Those checking their bank accounts ought to do a check on their Spiritual well being, the words they use, the sentiment in the heart, were they merciful, did they try to achieve at any cost, did they undermine love in order to get what they wanted, did they blame others for their own lacking, a few words he sighed would sort it all out, word power again, same as a good prayer, amen.


If Spirit is the communication tool that is eternal, wasn’t it time to get practice at it, given all the recent changes…