Three Years Old

Every politician, every public figure, every spiritual leader, most people, all mothers too, the environment children grow up in, is of paramount importance, so they claim. Claim to believe in God too, we claim a lot of things, we claim to be smart, brighter than previous generations, but can anyone claim to be smarter than a three year old, very few of them.

Why are they fighting on the TV Ma, the little boy asks. Mammy shrugs her shoulders, she wants to turn the TV off, but that will be taken as a move, and young Jack, will take the hint, by doing nothing, she leaves room for discussion. Jack, or Sarah understand, they are three years of age, and they know that shouting only gets you in trouble, unless its on TV.

Jack cleans his teeth, still wonders, unanswered questions, why can’t adults explain their addiction to TV. As for the weird stuff they come across on the new highway, only re-enforces their beliefs, most adults are crazy, who wouldn’t want to rebel,amen, and the adults wonder why?

Lets close the deal, where do they teach all the bias and hatred in the world, usually in the Home.


02/08/21 – Dreams — Harmony Books & Films, LLC re blog, easy wise

CURRENT EVENTS Dreams Everyone should have dreams. However, you really need to make a plan for achieving those dreams, with milestones letting you know if you are or are not on target, so that you can take corrective action. Otherwise, your dreams are merely a wish. BOOK OF THE WEEK This is an interesting and […]

02/08/21 – Dreams — Harmony Books & Films, LLC

Dan Browne and Order of Priorities… not a new book, just a thought about it….

Dan Browne wrote the story, did this society exist, and what did it represent. Comic story, love story, great adventure, however you see it, the order of priorities has changed, the world has been turned upside down, not the exchange of the poles, as some suggested, the so called intelligenti. Fancy talk, we will visit Mars, outer space, report on stuff they have no knowledge of, enthuse many to waste their time, while stringing out the worlds population, with distractions. How often the lift and fall feeling, a common tactic for those who deceive, who hurriedly build space ships, as if there is something coming down the line,something they can’t ever deal with,an encounter with God.

Compassion, feeding the hungry, the gifts of the Spirit are visibly missing in some places. Women a toe rag, disposed of when used up. ladies wake up, don’t sell your soul, whatever, Dan Browne reminds us of demons, the writer here, has encountered that threat,and sent for divine help, believe it. But as every mother knows, those that rear their children, the needs of their children come first. So an order of priorities is not just a society, it’s paramount for our future activity, amen.

Jack Benny Radio Shows — Fatherly Advice and Rants…re blog, escape the madness, listen in….

Jack Benny (born Benjamin Kubelsky February 14, 1894 – December 26, 1974) was an American comedian, vaudevillian, and actor for radio, television, and film. Widely recognized as one of the leading American entertainers of the 20th century, Benny was known for his comic timing and his ability to get laughs with either a pregnant pause…

Jack Benny Radio Shows — Fatherly Advice and Rants

The Real Tuam Gang

Solomon sighed, the old man passed on, the great reacher, a man endowed with the Holy Spirit, a man who encouraged all to view decisions from the point of view of Jesus, the great teacher, whose words have never failed the test of real humanity. Enda McDonagh, a Tuam man, pronounced choom, in other words, the real choom gang, amen.

Why did it matter, why do fields produce good crops; the effort of the farmer. Why do certain places, get a name for producing good sportsmen, some say it’s the diet, the attitude, why do some places produce produce inspired Spirits. Solomon recalled the great love shown to him,from a Tuam man of course.

All the Faiths, offer us Jesus in many different ways, but how many of them, are true, can you do the dance of faith, are they words, or do the actions, contradict Jesus. As Jesus referred to Isaiah, a prophet from a long time ago, and since we live in times of revelation, does anyone think they can fool God, Enda McDonagh,didn’t think so, amen.

Make Your Voice Heard

I wish I had opened my mouth sooner, how often does that phrase ring in the hearts of so many millions, too late, wishing, doing as Jesus says, the signs are all there, to remind us, it’s not a licence to spy on others, amen. How others share their faith is not your concern, it’s how you do it yourself. Jesus tells us clearly, The Good Samaritan, is the expected standard for anyone, who declares themselves to be of God, amen. Don’t worship Icons, worship the Father alone, just the Father,why you ask. Humble beings, we work to discredit the truth, and many rejoice when that happens, while demons gloat, while Trust in God is weakened. As for global organisations, the organisation is often more important than the reason for it’s existence, so make your voice heard,amen.

Reach out to me……

The world is on the brink, we are at a loss, confused, earthquakes, talks of volcanoes, disturbed leaders, so that’s the world, while the Catholic Organisation tries to control what exactly, Jesus didn’t recommend tyranny of any kind, regardless of excuses. Lady Gaga’s little pooches go missing,her little friends, to some, an indulgence, but then again, who are our friends. A reward is offered, it hurts when you lose those close to you by malfeasance, intentional harm, accidents are easier to accept. But the malice in the heart of another,leads to mayhem and so much harm, yet these are the qualities Donald Trump espoused, while leaving so many in a state of great distress. How would a reporter put it; ripe for enlightenment, just as Leonard Cohen sang about, we are at the gates of a new world, amen.

Hours later,Gaga has her legions of followers sending in emails, about pouty french pouches, which each one of her staff have to verify, regardless of cost. When you lose A friend,it’s fine to search Heaven and earth it, amen.

Jesus’s words on betrayal come to mind, to malign or harm the Holy Spirit, is the unforgivable crime in the eyes of Jesus, amen. Lady Gaga hope you get you smile back,,,

Namibia — Travel Eater

Namibia is one of my favourite countries in the world.  They’re doing a lot to help protect their fragile environment and the diverse flora and fauna that entice visitors; the people are fantastic; and it is stunningly beautiful. If you go, I highly recommend using Ultimate Safaris  (ask for Perez as your guide!). My favourite travel agent, Trailfinders, […]

Namibia — Travel Eater

Bel Canto

What a beautiful noise, the torturers, stop for a break. She refuses to recant. What you said is blasphemy, just say the words and we will let you live, no response, the brave men who tortured God’s chosen few, might be feeling anxious now. She is stripped naked, her flesh leaks blood, a stained version of the bible sits on a stool, in case she takes the oath, you have to have the tools nearby. Pull, the ropes are stretched, she screams, they cover their ears, only doing God’s work, so the monseigneur told them, torture in the name of God, who wants their reputation thrashed as they say.

Tied to a rack, coals lie in the pit, the heat adds to the charm of the place. Oh, they view her naked breasts, they genuflect, you don’t want to offend God do you. A quick prayer, the healing continues, that’s what they term it. The door of the cell rattles, a bishop and a lawyer enter, dressed immaculate, paper scroll in hand, the lawyer hands it to the bishop, who begins to read.

Dante Dante, what did they do to the Spirit. So many years later, and they have not learned a thing.