Mother Lands

I think Moms needs more support, you really think so asks Jane. She and her friend molly are on their lunch break, they’ve decided to give Donald trump a rain check, they are tired of all the ranting, they’ve decided to turn down the volume when he appears on TV, that way they don’t have to listen. Anyone who retells lies all the times, why listen to him, says Jane, while trying to extract a piece of chicken from her new braces.

Think about it, we are both going to be mothers hopefully says Molly, yuk, this sticky chicken is hard to extract from my braces, got it, Jane relaxes. You mean extra money for having children, not just that, more cash is good, but, free medical care for the first seven years for all children, that sounds good Molly, but who will pay for it.

Molly raises her head towards the sky, haven’t you read the statistics, what do you mean asks Jane. A good start reduces the list of potential problems later, and Mothers are the first responders to the needs of the child. You should be a psychologist replies Jane. Molly smiles, every mother is a psychologist already.

Solomon listened to the ranting of a troubled soul, and wondered where did it all go wrong!.


Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Dreaming Inter-Dimensionally — Higher Density Blog

SPIRIT LIBRARY a message from Gillian MacBeth-LouthanFriday, 25 September, 2020  (posted 28 September, 2020) As we all around the corner of another Time-space dimensional burp, we come face-to-face with the many octaves and rungs of the ladder of light that seems to be very wobbly at this moment of time. In this dimension of instability there are […]

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Dreaming Inter-Dimensionally — Higher Density Blog

Healing Trust

The wonder of the efforts, all the different pilgrims, making long and sometimes dangerous treks, to places of Healing, like the journey of life. A skeptic pours scorn on the story of Jesus, and the Holy Prophets, others point out the old practices, and the odd reprimands and punishments that are dished out, while few ever comment on the struggles of the believers, or those of faith, who have to endure great pain in their lives, while the ancient writers remind us of the struggle of Job, and how he had to endure so much, but still managed to maintain Trust in God Most High, despite the relentless efforts of those without faith, to disarm his Spirit. Then there are the stories of the men, whose friends sought the Healing for their friend, and had to lower their friend on a stretcher, through a hole in the roof, in order to get close to Jesus, for healing to occur, then we have the words of Jesus telling his apostles, why it was difficult to heal in his home town, because of the lack of trust and belief they had, because they simply didn’t believe it possible. Why was it difficult to trust you wonder!. Do we have fixed views of people?.

To have to account for your life at the end of days, might put the lid on evil intentions; The parable is told, you can’t rob the man who is aware of the threat of evil, when he is prepared, or in another word, your Spirit remains strong when you protect it against too much Spiritual abuse, there are limits as the wise people might say. A boxer in the ring who is successful, is good at avoiding the big punch.

How does the Spirit Heal is the mother of all questions, how do you encourage that Healing Spirit is the question everyone ought to ask of themselves, where does the Healing trust come from. Do you give children guns filled with ammunition; not unless you intend them to harm. You have to read between the lines, and look deep into the self, and sometimes we only do this, after a great tragedy. The Virus has forced many of us to rethink our lives and our relationship with our neighbors, the world and the environment. While many in the well off places will complain the loudest, they have the means to make the noise, do they ever think of the constant struggle of so many lives, that make their lives so pleasant, well, in truth, hardly at all. Maybe the thought of Divine intervention is awakening many hearts, as to the existence of real time God, and that can only be a very positive outcome, to all the troubles, we are asked to endure; just imagine how Job felt, amen, he never lost the healing trust, and thousands of years later, he is still on many lips…..

The early believers were sometimes compared to people, who wandered the earth seeking their real home, as if the earth as it was, wasn’t Heaven. Maybe, we get this reminder in so many different life’s, and the sudden changes that often have to occur, before we find the path, as if to say, what you are experiencing now is temporary, there is an eternal outcome, and it comes with the choices you make while on the journey. As the saying goes, those who are given great talents are expected to put them to good use, so Van Morrison said, when asked the question about his musical exploits….

The Decision Is Yours | The Creator — Rainbow Wave of blog

Your world is on the cusp of a massive change.  Over the past few weeks, humanity has moved closer and closer to proverbial line in the sand, the place where thought and action meet.  Some may be viewing this with trepidation, others with anticipation.  Regardless of how you are feeling, The Universe is caring for […]

The Decision Is Yours | The Creator — Rainbow Wave of Light

You Mean There is God!

Top strategist enters the office, sweat is pouring from his forehead, he is drawn and tired, hasn’t slept a wink, his boss is behind the desk, on the phone, making a date with his afternoon girlfriend while his wife is away with her relations. See you honey, yes he says after a pause, an all nighter, see you then. He looks up at his sub lieutenant, gives him the growl look, anything new for me today he says, likes the stressed look on the face of the executive, has been up all night, no doubt working on some scummy story he plans on devoting time to.

I quit he says, while dropping a letter on the boss’s desk!

No one quits on me, haven’t you forgotten our secret the boss says, while taping a folder on the desk, warning his slave, we all have secrets.

Are you trying to intimidate me, it won’t work this time. I’ve just had a dream, and this is not going to end well, it’s the third time I’ve had it, it’s too much. The boss reaches into the drawer, extracts a bottle of pills, throws them over, take three of these you’ll never worry again, I take them all the time.

You don’t get it, the boss’s eyes widen, where did he get the balls to talk so plain to me, decides to listen. say it he says.

The same numbers keep coming up in my dream, and it’s a different face each time, and when I check them, they point to ancient warnings, the boss raises his eyebrows, your hallucinating, get yourself a new girlfriend, one who doesn’t have a conscience.

Every word we mutter is going to be held against us.

How Many Tweets later, how much fake news, how about the real truth, according to Jesus!

Another tweet, another post, more half truths, lies, so many spreading it about like a farmer spreading manure, at least the farmer is helping, but those spending time spraying lies, making it up, confusing people, had they not noticed the change going on.

Solomon sighed, there was so much talk of all these weird communications, had any of them read the words of Jesus, he said it clear, every word you utter will be used against you, when your moment comes. Jesus would have made a great lawyer, then again, their is always Solomon.

Shetland: Series 5: Douglas Henshall, Julie Graham, Mark Bonnar – E02 — The Inquiring Mind

Watch soon, as may disappear After the Hayes family are questioned, suspicions are raised beyond the police and the family are brutally attacked. Perez relates Daniel’s murder and his sister Zezi’s disappearance to the trafficking ring. Their estranged mother Olivia Lennox becomes increasingly distraught at both her perception of pace of the investigation and her […]

Shetland: Series 5: Douglas Henshall, Julie Graham, Mark Bonnar – E02 — The Inquiring Mind