Our Creator

The men and women of the major religious faiths meet, seated around a large round table, they are sharing news on the global changes, one argues, another repeats, going on for centuries, the arguing, fueled by politics mainly, and stuff. The doors to the room they are meeting in, bursts open, paper in hand, he shouts out loud, we have found him, we have found him, the truth of our creator!, what they say… to be continued..


P.L. Travers: Mary Poppins’ Mother (5) — words and music and stories

➡️First part➡️Second part➡️Third part➡️ Fourth part In the cottage shared with her partner Madge Burnand, Pamela Travers succumbed to a bout of pleurisy in the winter of 1933. It was during her recovery that she began writing “Mary Poppins”, a character that had already appeared in a 1926 short story.The secluded life in the countryside […]

P.L. Travers: Mary Poppins’ Mother (5) — words and music and stories

The Prince Of Peace

A problem on the block, the guard sends the new inmate down to the cell, where the sage is waiting, hurricane carter, think of the wise man, think of the refugee, the imprisoned nation, remember, there is always one, who will put your mind at ease, the value of years. The young man, stops outside, wonders what to expect, life has been difficult, there was no surprise when he ended up in jail. The old man is expecting the visit, just knows, setting them at ease prepares them for their stay.

The threat of war, the sound of war, talk of war, there is little room for optimism some feel, will we ever get our life back many ask, others ask, will there be a future. The Spiritual Man, the prince of peace, has to come up with a way to heal the problem, for that to happen, talking must begin, and in it, honesty not political thinking.

A leader starts to rebuild his community, he leaves comfort behind for a life of engagement, his faith tells him, to have faith one must practice it. Those in his circle, those of his acquaintance, can’t understand why, the effort to change the thinking of those, who think, power and control, is all there is, since they themselves think the very same way, what’s he up to. He decides to make excursions into the land, passing out the Spirit, acquiring first hand news; in the past he has been deceived, others have, the consequences, stains in global history. In his travels, he acquires a deep understanding, of the many types of stress’s on the person, how to lift them, ease their thinking, show them, surely they will accept that.

The prophet arrives, no one knows, whom or what, how or when, but a Prophet arrives, there are changes, blessings flow, voices are heard at night, the doubt about the Almighty God no longer an issue, the changes bring changes in far off places, as word of the Prophet spreads.

Solomon sighs, the news, efforts made to instill peace filled thoughts into the minds. The Pope is on the move, the hidden links between the religions are found, revelations that can’t be ignored, the truth of Heaven is also the truth of the other place, whether thoughts create or encourage it, it still does not change the reality. The Spirit leader smiles; to say it short, he repeats the words of Jesus to a large audience of serious listeners.

“and this applies to me too, he says, learn from the truth of Jesus, those in positions of authority, be aware, those with control over nations, those with special talents, recall, how those given more are charged with a greater responsibility before the Almighty, and in this time, the Gospels and more, have been shown to be accurate and true, so listen”

Solomon sighed, the Prince of Peace, how wonderful, that words can heal entire worlds, amen.

Papal Call

Times are changing, the faces, a renewal, the call goes out, what will replace us?. The gray hairs, looking tired, the new strategy, did he ever let us down they ask, how often have we let Him down, they wonder, the call goes out, we will meet, we will discuss. In islam, the Holy words, ancient hidden made real, the gospel of Jesus a key factor, a new understanding, a wider way to interpret, Jesus Christ, follow his ways, use those words as a filter, it will open your heart and widen your understanding.

The bishop shakes his head; we have always done it this way. A young curate opens his mouth, didn’t Jesus say something similar all those years ago. The Bishop shrieks. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, is that all you can say?.

Solomon heard the call, the world was going through a change, in space too, planetary changes, magnificent changes, the bishop still shrieks, what will we do?. Solomon sighs, the cloud and multiple others signs, they should look up now and again, amen.


Jesus, religious confusion, all sorts of praying, their version, habits, the problems, how we communicate. Truth, it’s not complex, how you treat others, it’s not complex, what pleases your Heavenly Father. The mob were complaining, they paid their dues, adhered to sacrifice offerings, attended on time, worn the correct garments, washed as the books said, all these things they did, what else is there for us to do they asked, all smug with themselves.

Communication, what is the habit you sell, are you kind, do you reach out, do you look down on others, do you rise yourself above others, what sort of person are you inside, who are you really, the thoughts that were filling the space.

What barriers do you put between yourself and the life you lead around you?

What a Waste?

The habits of the man, drinks with all sorts, doesn’t do all the rituals, eats strange foods, sits down with those unlike him, has no time for titles, and tries to give us advice, as for the women in his life, he treats them like equals, what’s going on they ask. The painter at the side of the curb, his talent, well, look what he did with it, he stumbles across the street, while many say, if only I could paint like him, so the comments go, what a waste.

Jesus is reading Isaiah, the story of the great turn around, how the most silliest day in the life of the Almighty is greater than the wisdom of all the sages put together, what you ask. Solomon sighs, the wonder of creation, and while we are looking, what do we do with the waste?

The mother struggles in the heat, the bags are full, sweat runs down her face, she is nearly home, once in the door, it’s all work, not before she has a comforting cup of tea. The preparation is continuous, her job is never fulfilled, she works all her life, had the looks to chose, she chose family instead, was it such a waste?.

I can send a rocket to the moon, i can do mars says another, the boy beside them looks out at the sea, can anyone of you clean that up, they shrug their shoulders, the boy thinks, they look up but never see what is around them, what a waste he thinks!.