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Trials and tribulations

Jesus and One of His warnings

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Fear of War or Fear of God

Is the threat of war the real fear, or is it the threat of judgement. Solomon sighed, there was much being said and not said. The thought of having your affairs investigated from on high, was a startling thought, for those who tried to control the minds of so many. While the half truths only compounded the situation. The signs though, were from ancient scriptures, as written by the prophets. Does anyone take them seriously. amen

Cool and the Gang

The times are anxious, the minds are speeding, the information diet, the networks, the misinformation, the half truths, the weakness of Spirit, in olden times, characters were created to teach those that are young, stories, in order to educate those that are lost in the media maze, to find a way out of their stress’s. Advice to parents, read to them if you can, or share an audio story online, too much anxiety leads to mental harm, so be cool, don’t add to the anxiety of your children, by pouring the worst of fears into their fragile minds.

Lessons to those in authority; the mental state of a company or organisation is more important now, than the physical resources when it comes to making a prosperous society. Never forget, the words of Jesus, when speaking to those in authority at the time of His first coming; Those who seek such positions, are judged more harshly than others. In short, who wants a hasty appearance in the Royal court, amen. Cool heads.

The boy is not anxious anymore, the report from school shows his improvement, the bullying has stopped, and his relationship with others is now normal. Why use these words. When we refrain from a blame culture, we revert to a healing culture. That is not to say, we are to do nothing; but in terms of the overall affect we have on others, we must consider the view down the road, and the neighborhood, which is now global in nature on account of the way technology reaches to the ends of the earth; cool heads, amen.

Walking in the Steps of Jesus

Kind, patient, compassionate, forgiving, and not a case of self idolizing either, with all credit to the Holy Father, amen. Why, why does it matter in these times, how can we help ourselves, how can we find peace, and appeal to the Holy heart, especially, with so much confusion, and many wondering, what the current events mean, how can we help ease that feeling inside.

It’s not possessions that you bring on the eternal journey, it’s not pride, it’s the heart, and what you have stored in there. Troubled, as all us sinner are at times, many distracting themselves, how do we ease that pain or feelings of isolation. Kind, start to listen without judging, only God should judge. Compassionate, sincere thoughts that help those that listen to you. Forgiving, why so, the notion is simple, what you can’t forgive it becomes a means for the dark side of you, to vent other feelings of anger, as you try to overcome, the dark thoughts inside you, that others can latch onto, in short, your lack of forgiveness becomes the means for your inner angst, and it spreads. Also, when you forgive, or turn the other cheek, you dampen the effort of those against you, who after a short while, fill with shame, when their efforts to undo you fail, or the response they expect fails to materialize, amen. The best lessons in life come from your failures and failings, while the person who never seems to make mistakes, often falls over, when later in life they are faced with difficult times.

As for the need to love, it’s not a question of preparing for the end, there is no end, so in order to retain a healthy position internally (the errors of others is no credit to your own good deeds, it’s their mistake that’s all, judge yourself by God’s High standards and improve) but as for those that willfully try to bring harm such that, they think they are doing others a favor by bringing judgement to a closer position, that’s trying to be as God and foolish, they should set their goal, so as to encourage others to believe, by the way they live their lives, as how they treat others, outside their own interest group, again, why so?

Since the Gospels of Jesus are true and proven, and as such, the conduit through which revelation should be understood, it’s pertinent to practice the eternal living words. This eases the pressure on the Eternal Holy Heart, that has had to suffer much, so easing that heart, brings about blessings, while asking the Almighty One, to show mercy to the planet, in order for all, to get their house in order, rather than, being one of those, that increases their opinion of themselves, based on the errors of others, amen.

Solomon sighed, there was much going on, and too much confusion, the people needed clarity. To love to the end was a prerequisite condition for those seeking the eternal promise, and loving, was not self love, but love for what the God of Abraham and the holy prophets loved, which was what God wants, love for creation, while hating only what is evil, amen.

The Needy and the Love

The journey of the life inside and those voids that must be filled, and how the fear pushes, how the devious use it, and how the self is undermined, is there a cure for this. Solomon sighed, the story, it is a parable for want of words and explanation. How do you get across the point, the gap that has to be filled, how those with a void inside, those from the start, how easy it is to condition the mind, same as hunger is a need, amen.

Treasure Box

The devious eye, spots the weakness, the effort, and soul, unaware, that those who have sway with the inner angst, same as any one addicted, recognizes the void to be filled. The woman is vulnerable, she gets the help, she is out of reach, her problems behind her. Those that persecute her in the past, have no control over her, the soul safe, she no longer in the claws of addiction, how some try to undermine her, a neat trick, create a need or tempt, how Jesus reminds us, that this is a daily exercise, and as with sound advice, there are people places and activities you need to avoid, where hope is not readily available, and where your self worth to others, is the weakness inside. How is this played out in real life, and what can you do to help yourself.

Fear only God, for one thing, as all accounts are settled, when the time is right, hold on to the hand that never fails to love, and place your trust in what is eternal, and not in the hands of those, who aim to control you. The wide eyes of the happy child, the sense of wonder, the emotional needs met, doesn’t stare with a feeling of need but with a feeling of wonder. Take the deprived child, seeking deliverance, is this good for me, and the need to have that inner gap filled. In short, it’s easy to deprive a child emotionally, and then to make it needy, and vulnerable. As said, Parents are custodians of their children, not their owners. And as with the signs, the truth of ancient prophecies, when these signs appear, it’s a reminder to all, that the days of judgement, are not just a written set of words, but the effort by God, to remind people, that the harvest, is the fruit of your labor’s, and that is your children too.

Peace and the Nations

How do you describe peace, what sort of policies, do truly peaceful people pursue, what is it, that makes them peace people. Sound bytes are no indication of peace, unless accompanied with acts, that encourage people to seek peace. The world has a hiccup, tension in the world, the war talk is drummed up,voices are encouraged to say something, for many, a chance to impress the voters, we said this, this is our position, what did you reply to, and the chat goes over and back, with every commentator, adding his bit, trying to break down what is said by one side, in order to make more comment, on something they are in the dark about,and this over and back, the proverbial tennis game, until someone misses the ball, when a new game starts. We call this peace building. As Doctor Johnson would say, of 18th century fame, how wise it would be, if they had peace talks long before any crisis materialized.

To those who follow the news,how confusing it sounds. The only peace among the nations, is plain and simple; today, now, stop the war machine and use the current status, as the end of that line. When the means of destruction already exists, why waste valuable money and time, to rearm, with more destructive weaponry, it makes no sense. As for all the so called security organisations in existence, Nato included, is it not time to them, to aim all their attention, on preserving the planet, given the basic shortage of water, clean water, and the disappearing species. Time to draw the line, for mankind to do itself credit, while the chance still exists, amen.

Solomon sighed; there had been such expansion on the various means of our mutual destruction, while school children wished for a healthy world to exist in. For the sake of their children thought the prophet, but would they take the chance, amen. Imagine, all that secret technology, aimed at peace driven initiatives, amen. Well, since the times had shown such dramatic change in a few short years, was it not time to contemplate a peaceful world, before more changes happen, amen.

Western Movie Thriller

Custer is out on patrol, hunting the red skins, the Indian savages that are holding back progress, and they get such bad press in the dailies of the day, that everyone thinks them to be the worlds cruelest, including Custer. The white man leads the column of men, in the distance, a haze of sand, they spot a few outriders, obviously the enemy, they take off when the cavalry are seen to approach, a few scouts follow the renegades, checking to see if they are alone, or is it just another trick. The scout comes back, they have news, a small camp, two or three miles, and they are unseen, so the scouts report. Custer decides that since it’s early in the day, why not give the enemy a surprise attack, he plans the venture, for the next morning.

Tycoon, with numbers in the head, has old school connections, doesn’t like the new ways, but since it’s a new frontier, he can’t afford to stay out of the game. takes the advice of those that cling to him, well, they got the links, and the links have clout. What is the trend, the direction of this new world, the tycoon listens, has to listen, it’s not his area of expertise, money is. The venture into the new world, the target figures enhanced, the bigger the number, the future, more of a certainty. However, the sycophants are the same as all sycophants, in a nutshell, like the money, they only think of themselves, and use the lack of knowledge of the tyrant, to gravy up themselves, in his eyes anyway. A ….

The Indian chief, understands the thinking of the White man, has seen how he reacts to any form of wealth, gold, there is plenty in the hills, the chief is only concerned with clean sweet drinking water, the rest can come and go, but water is the essential. Never ignore the needs of mother earth. Behind in the hills he has assembled his forces, plans on telling the white chief, enough is enough, time to change this. Arrows, and hearts of steel, they are not afraid of death, they understand Great Spirit. Another set of scouts, another decoy, the trap is set, Custer charges in, glory on his mind, the rest is history as they say, the battle of the little big horn.

Devilish thoughts give some the feeling of impunity when it comes to accounting for life. Some are so big, there will never be consequences. Others use whoever they can, others steal whatever they can, and for an awful long time, it was with impunity and great connections, bought mostly, that allowed this devilish mentality to grow, like a cancer across the earth. The pursuit was no different than a hunter in times past, seeking the hide of a now extinct tiger, to add to his trophy rack, no consequences, the species that have disappeared, amen. How at the end of the chase Custer and his pals must have felt so isolated, when they saw the massive army prepared to destroy them. Today, that feeling of isolation, is being felt by those who undermined the Higher Spirit for such a long time, in the lives harmed, and the spirit within stolen; to see the power from Heaven at work today, is joy to those who struggled and stayed firm in faith, while those who never gave it a thought, can only wonder, what does it mean for those, who intentionally harm the Spirit from above, amen.

The CuldeSac

High pursuits, the chase, the speeding wheels, the turn down the dark alley, fleeing, the approach, the noise, the reverse move, the drive in the lane, slowly, your hiding in the rubbish, breath shaking, the steps get closer, the door of the car closes, the click of the pistol, is it your time, then you suddenly wake up, sigh, the sweat on your face, the deep breath, still there, alive, another day ahead of you, you don’t want to dream like that again, but it wasn’t a dream. The terror, the inability to sleep, how can you find rest, where do you escape to, your not able to do anything on your own, the thought, and then the relief, it was only a nightmare, the hands have feeling, your spine in tingling, your surprise at that, there is supposed to be no feeling there at all, is something happening, the angst turns to joy, it’s going to be alright.

Powerlessness, having no point of view that’s listened to, your opinions, well, fodder really, unless someone ahead of you has need for it, the promotion, always given to those who do the organisation thing,. play by the rules, your inner well being, undermined, soul destroying, is there any relief from this inner tyranny your experiencing. Even the phone is no longer the friend you thought it was, those numbers, you begin to doubt everything, and when your loaded with interests adds, the habits of your phone, it’s no getaway either, as if your life has been planned for you, is there no escape.

The hospital ward, the smell of disinfectant, the leather shoes on the tiles, the clickity clack, the sound a familiar one, the patient waits for the door to open, the mood begins to cheer up, someone who will treat you like a living human being, not someone they are making arrangements for, when the life on this earth ends, no, your Spirit friend treats you like your living, your useful, worthy in other words. Spirit to Spirit, a different dialogue takes place, no thoughts about illness or cure, no whispered words in the ear, no, you are treated like a Spirit, the Spirit that lives for ever, and you respond accordingly, amen.

Those who believe in the Eternal world, are not thinking about passing from this life to another, this is life, today, today matters, today. With choices, we go down culdesac’s, or we chase others down culdesac’s, we get stuck, we have trouble turning around, apologizing, we sometimes prefer to remain stubborn, for any amount of reasons. In short, there is only the teaching that leaves you wanting more, and that is the words of Jesus, living words, why so, because you have to live them, they are alive, and when you speak in terms of that Spirit, you bring with you life, amen. not a culdesac.