Letter to God

Man, head down, face towards the ground, a dark face on a foreign street, hands in pocket, the seething cold, his face, what you can see of it, cowering, he does not look left or right, how did I end up on these streets, thousands of miles from home, from where he had to flee, no place for an honest voice to be heard, just as that prophet said, the man had status once, now he is a casualty, one of millions seeking solace, why he asks. Head down he walks down the empty street, a few souls about, the virus having the grip of fear on many. Virus he says, as if a jab in the arm will restore his life, alive for what, he is depressed, hasn’t seen his children in over a year, why he Asks, why me God?.

Solomon sighed, he did a lot of that, he tried to remain focused; the Spirit was not a welcome visitor everywhere, despite the rantings of church and Spiritual leaders, who threw out the Holy Names, as if trying to call their sheep to order, why complain.

The signs from above were rolling in everyday, God could hear the moaning of the dead, justifiably seeking, justice, HE heard their voices everyday, their pain, an unwavering petition, constant as the tinnitus some get in the ear, the buzz that never ceases, amen.

Is there hope for me the man says, his prayer continuous, he is a father too. Solomon wanted to find redemption for the man to cling to, how do you comfort the hopeless. Yes, smiled Solomon, there is greater hope than you can imagine, but it’s not hope those in positions of power want to dwell on, as they too, will have to come before this everlasting power, and those in authority who abuse their powers, are dealt with most severely, for turning souls away from God, amen.

Can you imagine using the reputation of Goodess everlasting for evil purpose, or can you imagine, what the next life will be like, amen.


A Birthday Gift of Divine Love from Sri Daya Mataji ~ a devotee story — Yogananda Site

A ‘Birthday Gift’ of Divine Love from Daya Mataji A devotee– When I was fairly new on the path, after hearing some of the wonderful experiences that devotees had when physically near Ma, I was wondering about Ma’s spiritual stature. I live very far from Mother Center and wondered if Ma was able to be […]

A Birthday Gift of Divine Love from Sri Daya Mataji ~ a devotee story — Yogananda Site

Up Where We Belong – Challenge #174 — A Unique Title For Me

Originally posted on Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: This song came from the 1982 movie soundtrack An Officer and a Gentleman and it peaked at #3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart on October 29, 1982, and it also won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 1983.  The music was written by Jack Nitzsche and Buffy Sainte-Marie, the piece…

Up Where We Belong – Challenge #174 — A Unique Title For Me


What a friend to many, his music and Spirit very much alive, amen. Now Leonard tells us of the changes he feels will come, so much so, he is forced out of retirement by his accountant to robbed him, little did Leonard understand, his career was on a break. Life savings and pension pot stolen, Leonard does his thing, and his music is given a work over, rhythms tighter, he becomes even more respected when his second coming goes on show. Many great friendships were forged by those who listen to His music.

Haven’t been this happy since the end of world war two, great lyric, he is pointing to a time, when the great change will come; Solomon sighed, it must have been a bummer for those who spent the last days of the second great war, trying to enrich themselves, only to find thew currency worthless soon after, is that the feeling we want to live with, amen

Carissimi: Today’s Mass; SS. Vincent & Anastasius, Martyrs — The Brighton Oratory… Joe Biden made reference to Saint Augustine, worthy …

SS. Vincent & Anastasius, Martyrs: Missa “Intret in conspéctu tuo” Vincent of Saragossa, Deacon (also known as Vincent of Aragon) Born in Huesca, Spain; died January 22, 304. He was educated and ordained a deacon by Bishop Saint Valerius of Saragossa with the commission to preach (White). (Gill confusingly says: “As a young priest he served Valerius, Bishop of Saragossa, […]

Carissimi: Today’s Mass; SS. Vincent & Anastasius, Martyrs — The Brighton Oratory

I’m Tired….

The emotional ride, it wasn’t a late night affair, it’s the story of my life she pleads, another text, another post, if she doesn’t keep it up, she is socially ignored, what are the options. Her friend looks at her, what is wrong with her. Don’t you ever wonder what all that overload is about, what it is doing to our inner well being, and our relationship with God?.

Fill the minds, they will eventually break, your tired, your vulnerable, open to all sorts of options. Vulnerable and a believer in the most High God, help assured, amen.

How can you be so sure she said, checking him up and down, scruffy, hair a mess, life, this is giving me advice, this article. He read the thoughts in her head, eye squint, the frown lines, that exasperated look, he was no fast train, but he was holding her attention; maybe she sighed, she never tired of his company, and wanted to listen more, as she was forever listening.

Solomon sighed; words of life, is pure water for the soul, amen, words of Jesus. How we never tire of those old words; does that not answer all questions.

Discovering Albion – day 10: Selby Abbey – Royalty and the American Flag — France & Vincent…. origin of the stars and stripes, American History, as for great change, follow Joe….green day

Window in the south transept c.1914 (Click to view larger image) Another huge window fills the end wall of the south transept, showing scenes from the early history of the Abbey at Selby. On both walls, the stained glass depicts members of the Royal House; on one side Victoria, Queen and Empress, with Albert, the […]

Discovering Albion – day 10: Selby Abbey – Royalty and the American Flag — France & Vincent

Spying Kings

The times of old, the pharisee’s, suspicious of the rebel stealing their audience, they thought they owned the people, spent fortunes spying on Jesus, tried every trick, trying to undermine Jesus, tried everything, and when they knew they could not win, they murdered Him.

If only they had listened and put their earthly pride aside.

Agnijaat Magh 1427, January 2021 critique by Labanya — The Lotus of Fire….. re blog, writing from India, the lady VP has roots here too…check it out

Agnijaat Magh 1427 January 2021 ( https://shoptly.com/sharmishthabasu ) https://gumroad.com/sharmishthabasu Critique by Labanya Agnijaat Magh 1427, January 2021 https://gumroad.com/l/QVWPz https://shoptly.com/i/bp3n Agnijaat Poush begins with republic day greeting, a beautiful greeting. It is high time Indians should start talking about their rights in this country that is heading straight towards autocracy. Indie Author Speaks: good tips on […]

Agnijaat Magh 1427, January 2021 critique by Labanya — The Lotus of Fire

Eternal Rewards

Too young to think about it, too old to forget it, what is death you ask, what was John the Baptists role, what does this world mean, why do we have recalled for us, the roman empire, the scraps of the past, visible to this day, and why was the temptation of Jesus put in words, all those years ago, did any of the early martyrs fear death. why are we told of the deceptions that will occur in the days leading up to the great change; how the demon, will try to deceive all, but is guaranteed to fail, words written to remind us, that its not an easy path, and there are many who will be gladly deceived, why.

Solomon knew the power of God, and the ancient peoples had regular reminders, and legends, of the fall and rise of humanity, down and up. The first believers had to struggle for awhile in the desert, it wasn’t instant, they had to learn obedience, why, The Eternal rewards, will you be dragging your wealth up that hill, you’ll have a huge heart if that’s the case, wealth being that which is stored in the Heart. would you party continuously, knowing that it would all have to be accounted for.

Testing is spoken of in all the books pointing to the great change. The parables of Jesus explains it,but you can’t understand them, their real meaning, unless you admit to yourself, that God exists; they were for the benefit of those who dared to believe. In a nutshell don’t fall for the feel good idiots, they are to deceive, same way all sorts of help arrives during all those disasters, the fund raising, the sanctimonious words, all drafted to fool, even the police remind us, what is the need for all this; clearly it points to Eternal Rewards, as written all those years ago.

When you see a face before you alter during a conversation, morph into another face, it’s quite interesting, more exciting when you have the Spirit inside, it’s just a show, amen.