The Women

In the Church they fought for rights, the Spirit in decline, they tried to assert their rights, continually denied, the men, who tried to own them, the mothers who were farmed for their Spirit, while the environment was going into a tailspin, and now Iran, and many other places. God Most High, the cloud with this blog, is a very real one, and there is so much evidence, to prove this, that is cannot be denied. It’s time to listen.

Solomon sighed, the words of Jesus, men and women equal, while the hidden meaning in the Islamic code, is shown, liberating many hearts, while the People of Palestine, wait for their release from their bonds. With prophetic signs appearing, change going on everywhere, there comes a time, and this is it, to sit up and listen, to the words of Jesus Christ. Without mercy, where do you go, or as the King said, as in the words of Jesus, the judgement of the people, what did you do for Love, etc…


Women of the Spirit

Saint Brigid’s day, a time for reflection, not only on the life of the saintly, but on the hearts of all women, those souls, who hold so much love in them, but often find it hard to let it out. With so much love untapped, the hearts need to open, and the fear needs to subside, vanish, how often do the prophet’s say, pray for those gone ahead, their journey is in the hands of the Great Merciful lord, who has dominion over everything, even when we see the material world trying to dominate internally, amen. Love, that added grain of it, given to those whose right it is to bare children, that compassion, that nurture, that ability to care, not just for one’s own child, but the children of others, is rooted deeply in the hearts of women, as reflected by those women who stood at the bottom of the cross while their Messiah hung from the cross, women go the inch further when it comes to love and compassion, while also acting harshly, when that love is depressed in them, and has to hide.

To those who suffer, be it domestic violence, imprisonment at home or at work., those who feel cheap about the way their bodies are treated, those whose hope it is, only to find true love, rejoice, there is a Spirit from above that is travelling the earth, reminding all, of the Heavenly Help, that is on the way. Turn to the compassion of Jesus.

Solomon thought of the great teachers of compassion in his life, those that listened, those that care, those that put others ahead of themselves in many ways. To have such example, is the creation of foundations that can’t be erased by doubt or anything else, regardless of the schemes and traps that lead to so many to confusion, rejoice women of the Loving Spirit, through the pain we encounter, we encourage others to care, if that is there way, amen.

A Day at the races….

Two sacks of pollen on his back, the sturdy little bee, hard at work, that delicate physiology, which has to survive in our environment, the natural replaced, the bee works hard to find safe places, like the Spirit from above, that has to compete for space, with such a myriad of vices, still the bee goes, never gives up, the honey has to flow, he is loyal to his queen.

The nectar is yellow, two little spheres, the days harvest, he is top heavy, the little fella, Solomon sipped coffee, admiring the work ethic of the little creature, how nature has to work so much harder these last years, a reflection of the confusion that has set in among-st the human race. Meanwhile two pigeons sit above on the roof, he is dreaming of his mother, a day at the races, occasions she loved, they being connected to family, a Father with a direct connection to Heaven, he is having a chat with her, watching her as she watches the race goers, in her eyes, the great love she has and will always have,for her beloved Father.

Memories, July,the summer holidays, the weather predictable, sun mostly, rain when needed, all summer long. But that was a long time ago, Solomon wore short pants, no worries in the world, the next day the next adventure. How far removed he was from those days, but so rich the memory, they always stayed. Some like to hang onto misery, which they wear like a badge, encouraged by others, who have taken an interest in misery too. How they never or rarely recall the words of Jesus, and they all believers, amen.

Was it being sentimental, was it childish to still love his mother, she had passed up, and left him an eternal legacy, and the spoils of it came readily,even if others thought otherwise, fools, those who dare attempt cutoff blessings from above, such is the strength of the connection. The world needs the practice of Jesus immediately, to help the world rid itself from the fears, created by those, who enjoyed control over others, amen. Solomon sighed, Dear Almighty God, your children are asking, amen,reassure them, amen. The believers, they had read the scriptures too and the warnings, so one would expect, it cured any doubts he had; you must approach God in the guise of child before a loving father, not as one intending to deceive, amen.

That Little Boy Could be God

What she says, are you loosing your mind. He walks on, they are outside a large store, there are many windows, as they pass, he throws a glance at the offerings on show, stops at the window showing train sets, he stops. Stops internally, turns back the clock, the wonder, the display captivating. She catches up with him, what is this, is he loosing his mind, she wonders what he can see, they are only trains she says in her New York drawl. Trains he says, he turns to look at her, his eyes filled with serious wonder, your loosing your mind she says. He is about to respond, decides not to, he will hear about it all night, and there is only so much the mind can endure.

Solomon wondered where the wonder had gone; the descent into apathy, where did it all begin. Didn’t they know. Back to Jesus, the words simple, not hard to understand,but when you have conspiracy everywhere, on the mind too, it’s easy to forget, that that little boy could be God. Solomon read the old stories, it wasn’t complex, but you can’t read it if your only trying to solve a puzzle, whatever, there is always one who tries to, the so called expert, amen.

Pictures from the clouds….

If you think God has forgotten us, it’s the greatest lie ever told, same as those who worship the demon, why,the demon doesn’t exist, that’s if you believe their blurb, they usually have interests that are very ungodly, why allow a little Spirit get in the way of their business, its our network, our territory, the good news, they have to deal now with the unthinkable, the all powerful God, who can do anything, a worrying thought,same as the anxiety about the atom bomb during the second great war, and as they say, we just about escaped that one, just about, even if we fight that threat daily, in a very unstable world.

So it’s the story of the vineyard, well, the messengers are sent, prophets appear, accompanied by signs. Jesus asked for miracles because he knew the hearts of men, they are children who need reassurance, so the miracles came. We still recall them.

Solomon was speaking to a fellow believer, how are those without faith coping during the crisis, what have you left when it’s yourself you are dealing with, is there a hiding place from yourselves; it used to be the office, the busy life, the thousands of jobs you have to deal with, mostly distractions, busy, no time,busy can’t do that, busy,can hardly think. A tiny substance, as invisible to the eye as a sperm cell, or womb cell, but it turns into you and me, not bad for the invisible, all the life it provides, in normal times, as in really normal, not this normal, it ought to be enough to convince anyone, but it comes with conditions, for those seeking to overcome the inner battle between light and dark. A letter in the post turns the mood to gloom, another bill, a call from the phone, worse, they know where you live, a knock at the door, are you afraid to answer it. A relation rings you, good news, all the doubts vanish, we change mood quickly, we are delicate regarding the conditions around us.

So the signs, what are they, why do we need them? In nutshell, when you make time for God, God makes time for you, and you feel it, your attitude improves and you deal with tough situations, without too much fuss. With the peace that only God can send {God does not need to spy}, it fills you with a resolve, that overcomes the darkness, and as for those friends who try to upset you, they don’t have long to find out, trust me on this one, these eyes have seen it. Amen. Same as those clouds, amen.

Price of Wisdom

The queen of Sheba, meets Solomon, she recognizes wisdom when she hears it, can see how others misused it, is horrified, what she cries, are they all demons she wondered, those she thought she could trust, playing with the truth, using her to gain riches. Solomon sighed, it’s the year 2020, over three thousand years since the original words were written. The chaos and destruction she was told about, it had to happen she was told, until she listened to the words of wisdom; imagine what she thought of those around her.

There is a general panic, many made genetics becomes a monster in the making; progress she sighed. She recalls the efforts of Darwin to twist the reality of creation, the possibility of a perfect human race, that led to the attempt to wipe out the Jewish people. progress, more like pride she sighed, as men tried to out do each other. What about the 25 trillion stored off shore; what use was it now, what good would it do them. Then Solomon told her; God tests his people, and when put to the test, they stand firm, and overcome. She smiles; the demon and his army of angels must be feeling closer to extinction tonight. Amen, Solomon prayed yes they are.

Where’s The Treats…

We have to feed them, they will be expecting to get fed, otherwise they won’t come. Jesus sighs, what kind of world is this, if I was after a crowd I would have come with a singing voice, DARN, this is a lesson in eternal life not self gratification. Jesus looks up at the sky, well He says, what am I supposed to do now. His Father sighs, He’s my son, always looking for the signs.

A bread truck is on the road nearby, a lazy council worker failed to fill in a pot hole, the truck hits the rim of the tire hard against it, it bursts the Tyre. The driver gets out, shit, He has a load of fresh bread in the truck, his mobile is out of power, and he is in the middle of hill country. He decides to check out the countryside. The union does not allow drivers to do anything dangerous, such as refit a tire, it’s not in the union manual, that’s the other unions job.

The driver passes the driveway of what seems like a farm, he approaches. Knocks on the door of the shack. Jesus emerges, bunch of papers in hand. Your the Bread man says Jesus with a smile. Solomon sighed. He recalled the story of a visit to old Amo, an old friend who moved up. With God, nothing is impossible, you just have to believe, amen.

2020 What will you do different?

Two old Spirits, they hover around a table, invisible to those dining outside. They hear the conversations going, they are listening to the reality of peoples lives, trying to decide on what direction the planet is going; they are after all connected to the Eternal being. How do change things without upsetting anybody, it’s the crunch question. The abyss moment has been by passed, there is another opportunity for the human race, the demon Spirit has lost its hold on many lives, the internal changes are heading in the right direction , for the first time in a century. Our two old Spirits have been roaming the world; they are looking for the preferred model upon which to base the regeneration of the race; it’s the moment of the eternal bounty.

Balance, says the younger of the two spirits, balance. The older Spirit moves over to a table, a young child is playing with the salt and pepper, while the Mother reads the daily paper, not too fussed. The child is making a little bit of a mess, nothing that a single wipe of a tissue can’t fix, no trouble. The elder Spirit smiles, is back with his co spirit.

You were saying, balance, wasn’t that it.

The younger Spirit sighs, you always say that, why is that?


You pretend you don’t hear then you repeat the question, that’s so infuriating!

Sorry, old teacher habit, I told that years ago, you never listen.

We’ve been arguing like this for centuries, where did that get us?

Can’t you focus anymore says the elder Spirit?

There is so much hyper activity going on.

There is always a lot of brain wave activity going on, it’s the human pulse at work. Unknown to the human race, the energy that is created has to go somewhere, it’s the same as your sex drive, it’s all about energy.

So what would you change asks the Younger Spirit, back in the zone….

Don’t you think they have over done the me thing this last fifty years, you know, it’s all about me stuff, when that gets into your head, it’s hard to realize the compassion you need, to read the signs calmly, this over dramatization is doing the heads in.

I’m 100% with you on that one!

To All the women who struggled, had to put up with it, this is Saint Brigid’s day..

Solomon sighed, he wondered where the sense of nurture was found in most lives; the answer came easy, he thought of the mothers of this world, and all that they sought, a peace filled world for their children, fairness, and respect. It is not a lot to ask for, but considering the huge numbers of women burned at the stake, and how the role of the feminine was dragged through the proverbial sewer, unless you were lucky enough, to have been chosen by the King, and those with similar fortunes.

Solomon wondered; how did we thrash so many great gifts, why did we listen to those mantra’s, there is nothing you can do; what influence was trying to instill this into so many heads. Saint Brigid would have given them short shrift. A no nonsense lady, amen, blessed with the Spirit from above….


I want to be different, there is no one like me, there is nothing I can’t do, I have the money and I can choose, I want people to look and stare, I want them to understand, I can afford this, I want them to stare, that is a real rolex on my wrist, Envy, Yeah, I want you to drool at the excess.

A world that prides itself on the creation of Idols, does it not remind you, encouraging others to worship the material, with no sense of the Spirit, or the Spiritual needs. King Solomon, the prophets, and the warnings of Jesus; don’t encourage people to envy you, unless it’s your Faith in the Most High that you want to encourage in them. The papers, the boasts, the old men and their trophy wives, the medication they hide behind, the doctors injections that keep them alive, while all the time parading to the world, their so called acumen; well, if you work like me you can have this, all of it, was it not like the temptations that Jesus had to under go; choose life He said, Eternal Life, the material can’t come with you, so what is it that you envy. Who do you want to serve; your pride or God, amen.