Cover up…

This is an opinion about Flawed-us:
it wasn’t for comfort sake, that the Good lord told his friends, that to become a friend of the almighty, that you had to be born again, it’s a snazzy word thrown out quite a lot, i’m born again, but in order to acquire wisdom and truth about one self, you need to make discovery as they say, getting to know the real you, taking a picture of yourself at the moment you think you are ready for changing, then taking the leap, it’s like falling in love, it just happens. the worry for a lot of folks, meaning guilt retained inside oneself, is that this guilt creates a hole in the heart, a void, and like all voids, they have to be filled. the evil doers and their spirit friends know this, and can sense this hole in the heart of every living soul, so does God, and so what you might think is a secret, becomes an opportunity for them to fester and grow, the world today is so full of guilt, that it’s only by good actions can this plague be halted and healed, it’s why we rejoice at good news events, when we hear of miracles and the like, it’s why we need to stop being guilty inside, and instead start doing the right thing, which in affect is being born again, so don’t give up, we are expected to fail in the beginning and to succeed in the end, and the more love we pump into the chamber of the heart, the less room therein for evil to grow, no room for the evil spirit to take hold, believe me when i say this, it’s been going on for years, but it’s out in the open now, rejoice…


He headed straight up the stairs, by passing reception and magda. She was learning English now, had wanted him to help her, he’d promised her he would, when he’d time. Millions died daily needlessly, mostly children too. Less people, longer the earth survives assumed harry, assuming again, that, some peoples think only of themselves, solely not soulfully. Polish cookies were now standard on the side table along with a bucket of ice. She was leaving him notes. The one he was reading that moment, put him on notice so to speak. She’d an inklish klass exam coming near, and she needed magda xxxxx. Pressure, we’re all under pressure of a kind. She’d got this far he thought, as he switched the beast to life. Pakistan was testing a new nuclear warhead announced the views reader on TV. Indian politicians promise to react. Wonderful stuff sighed harry. They can’t feed themselves, but know how to blow the shit out of each other. If god had a bad day before, he was having another withering one before the eyes of the world. Threats and more threats, voice over military displays or parades, we’ve got more bombs than you. Instability in the east, moving south now, a flotilla of news hounds in pursuit. He’d seen the current chick in Damascus the previous week. She was into dangerous sports. Her make up looked perfect, like the other week. Senior reporting staff had been moved to the Syrian capital to cover all the moves and the news of course, announced the CNN. News chief’s for some major networks had to be spies figured harry, pressure for sure.

Climbing Mountains

This is an opinion about My Cell Battery Lasts Longer Than My Relationships!:
life is the best relationship you have going for you, race, status, it’s the same mountain you are climbing, some of us take to the mountain alone. some with friends. some in large groups, the point that matters, is how we make it up the mountain, or if we give up trying, and who we expect to meet at the top of the mountain, as the saying goes, a life well lived will preserve your reputation, and an entry card into heaven, a life lived unwell, has…just fell off the cliff and into the abysss, yikes….if you had some friends with you they just might reach out and catch you…

awake yet

Two year old child arms broken
Tears roll from the surgeons eyes
You call this love he pleads
His eyes skywards god sees
Free will i had enough
Can’t do this anymore
I send in love now it’s gone
Lying in sunshine somewhere
In The beginning i was light
Shared love produced me
Then i became common and unplanned
All the lost love leaves us damned
How long must i wait
I’ve lit hearts for years
Stuck to my task like steel
Even God can’t hide the tears
I’ve a plan cries God out loud
I’ll act as planned and allow
Earth rumbles floats and quakes
About time they all now awake

Justice For All

This is an opinion about [Oh so true]
what do you do, what do politicians do is what we should be asking. the world we share is the outcome of bad judgement everywhere, and i can’t deal with it anymore, got the solution and here it is, its simple, a total no trainer, read this everyone and pass it on, it’s the simplest of arguments and it’s applicable the world over, so please take it seriously..
it’s a question we all ask, sometimes when were loaded, great ideas soon forgotten, and a week later we come up with more great ideas, soon forgotten and after awhile we become disillusioned and so on and on, the circle gets tighter, all we think is escape, then we give up, stop, it’s possible to change everything, and this is how, it’s not a revolution, it’s called justice for all, and this is what ye have to do, and it’s simple.
We have a united nations to protect us from criminal behavior and other such abuses throughout the world, its not working, world is in a worse state now more than ever. Lets set up a court for all the politicians of the world, hold them accountable, just them and no one else, a political crimes bureau, PCB for short. everyone who dares to enter politics throughout the world who elects to serve the people and only enriches themselves, will be brought before this bureau and will be asked every three years to explain any of their spurious decisions, the penalty for abuse, asset stripping for those involved, end of story. this bureau will put power back into the hands of ordinary decent people the world over, and make the abuse by the political class and those who support them a very unprofitable business, now is that not simple.

Just words

This is an opinion about [A few minutes of Your Life, To Help them Realize the rest of Theirs.]
it’s why we educate children, teach them to read and write, hopefully they dream, and the best dreams in the world are heard in heaven, of that i am sure…keep punching the keys
and watch the world change…amen

Love is calming

This is an opinion about [Oh how he loves us!]
clouds image the world, and faces I’ve often seen, and it is through the heart that God connects with us, it’s why children young shine so easily, until they are hurt and betrayed, we were warned of this by scripture, judas is real, the same way love is often betrayed, but we are living in a time, the changing of the ages, a battle is being waged for the souls of all, an unseen battle, that cannot be lost, it’s why love heals every situation, and this i stress with certainty, so much love is lost through ignorance, fear, self centeredness, and it’s the reason why there is so much panic in the world, and the great news is simply this; when we act in love we fill god with love in return which in turn is returned to us, it is that simple, and when we gather together to worship, with the same goal in mind, the creation of love, the power of darkness grows weak and weaker by the moment, it’s why all of us with the good heart need not worry, but neither can we bask in the moment, the more love we show the more our prayers are responded too, it’s why the evil doers do not want us to do good, it’s cause we give power to love, and love is the only cure for the ails of this earth. when you join an organisation that has it’s own goals of success those things that do not include outsiders, it’s a simple case of incest in practice and of no use at all, it might make us feel good, gain us friends, but at a price, so for the sake of our world, we need to grow love in all those that are young most importantly, it’s why the sexualisation of the young person is so destructive and needs to be tackled by all, especially women who know it the best. they don’t put men on show in their underwear, in a nutshell, they are telling women you are an object, apart from other things. i’ve no doubt that love is calming the world, tell everyone you know, it’s working, and the explosion of all sorts of exposures is happening all over the world, God’s way of letting us know that we are not alone, we just have to act and act for good, religion immaterial, so long as love is our motive, our hearts will show it, and our actions will grow it