Attack of the Mars Bars

The new Bill Murray Movie, what, is that what you call humor. We need to laugh, where else do you find space, I said it first, as if its an election your seeking, not elation for having been considered inventive, when all you are is a thief of the ideas of others, whatever, the computer dick, who spends all his time at the PC, is that correct, cancel culture, Jesus would have thought the same, lets not become a cross dresser, where will the anger go, haha, no one smiles, paper stuff, you can print it, maybe it should be gold bars in space, and the name they give to celebs, then when children repeat the same, they get in trouble, who’d believe it, amen.

Goat juice, what, the taste, were not telling the goat that it’s smelly, it’s just that, when you have trouble telling stuff, you remind them of something, that helps them throw up, when they ache to let it out, rather than point in another direction, fear or blackmail, the president has laundry, it’s not that rare, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, the effort to curtail his opinions, what about the story of the emperors clothes, no one believes until it’s too late, he saw a goat, he turned into an animal, the unbelievable, they send them to an institution, what is the story, Jesus appears to some, the pharisee’s demand a miracle, the clues, the demon can take on many styles, the protection, what is it, character, the many meanings, but while not all are flyers, they were all called birds, the emu for example.

Those with the means, perhaps create envy in others, why be surprised, it’s why sharing and stuff helps the equation, the Russians lose twenty million in the second war, who remembers, the gloss, many of them Jews, why the antipathy, others find it hard to imagine, the world fancies cancel culture, who’d want to forget the story of Jesus, when does the madness stop, when the Almighty connects using everyday, our eyes see but we don’t believe, they set traps for Jesus, they continue, the impostors and more, confusion is sown, what happens to the Spirit, the noose appears to tighten, then the real Spirit arrives, now the impostors are looking over the shoulder, about time, so here is the story of the goat Juice Cafe, it serves yucky sauce, for starters, Sultan Benny’s fresh acquired delicacy of Goat balls, the supreme of bulls balls for main course, what would you want for dessert, and they wonder, why would you ask, what’s for dessert before you sit down to eat.

Back to space, why the gap, are you not snug enough, ah, well the mars bars have been cancelled, too much space for the space ship, they’ll be light food by the time you get there, what is that, gravity, the horse or the human cramps when expected to exercise after a feed, why the need for special food in high altitude spaces, do we expect too much of our extreme athletes, the media has a field day, what can we do to bring this guy down, anything sexy enough or devious enough, money sex power influence, envy, pride, the attitude of the writer, I saw it live in Vietnam, I’ll get a Booker for this, the glory nights, what is this, what are you trying to encourage, what’s this.

You can buy the jury, you buy most of them, it’s not that we are beyond influence, what is it you need, what can be taken away, the plaudits may help the ego to float, but when it gets near the gates, your bowels will open and all that stuff will come out of you, imagine space travel on a full stomach, go on, get sick over the controls, what, throw up, taste this super juice, what’s it called, the sultan’s special brew for those who abuse their gifts, what, it’s called goat juice, it reveals the real you, ewe, sheepish moments, the judgement in Jesus’s words, separates the goat from the sheep, it’s a manner of talking, lost in translation, but a parable all the same, amen.

So you need space food at high altitudes, even the pilots of the famed spitfire has to have a diet to work the controls, how we judge without knowing, amen. Silence.

Lance meantime wonders, what happened to humanity, the service to others, he was no billionaire, had a good relationship, there are many such examples, the good work forgotten, same with eaten food, who supported you, why did church holds on the flock, often demand that they accept no help from the strangers, the story of the good Samaritan, who was righteous in the eyes of the Almighty, why the continuous effort to point out the faults of others, why did Jesus get mentioned for his activities with so called sinners, why, the pharisee’s and their view of utopia, lets make it clear, the parable, the loads they put on those they are supposed to lift, while listening to the devious who have only plans for themselves, it’s written in the books, and you wonder why the don’t have mars bars in space, like the Japanese who love to make noise while eating, in space, you sometimes need silence, amen.

Senor Benny Carey on sugar an children, the diet, it matters, how to program children, the lesson, in order to encourage food into children, or a population, they add sugar, at the start it appears innocent, then the obesity crisis later, lessons are learned, then children refuse to eat their vegetables, why you ask, they used to be sweeter in the past, the sugar content always there, or as the Indians say, they used to drink from sweet water, until they polluted them, amen. More the carrot less of the stick, how children are made fearful so easily, listen if you have ears, amen.


The Beach

The opening up of the world, the use of camera’s at the beach used to be a very private affair, maybe, the use of beach’s, for mother’s and their children at times, can be helpful, it helps many to deal with anxieties, as ideas are sold to the mind, that can be anxiety causing, people do over react. It’s the same in cultures that are opening up, it takes a while to adjust, the habits that are changing, the way a little easier, now that the Gospel truth is confirmed, the people of faith connected, and faith is not always being of one group, flowers and nature tell us, we all are unique. The common feeling, we are all children, and that’s the simple way of saying, there is a divine power, we just forget it at times, same way success can be blinding.

The things you are denied at times, allows you to think of other things. The function of the body is not the one others have, you are confined. The head is comforted by reading, the head is comforted by music, the little things that aid our way of thinking, the lost feeling when we are not allowed to listen to music, that’s what some learn, this is not a feeling that should last, the classic music is opening up, the music director needs some funding, he calls out, we need support, the Sultan in the east, thinks of the culture value, lends his support, his aims, to encourage the same spirit, rather than use the race course, amen.

The beach a place of fun, the pleasure that is had, perhaps it’s only for mature audiences, the ratings on old TV programs, the lesson, there were restrictions, why, to help those with young minds to adjust, same applies to forward internet use, perhaps the channels will be there, and some form of control needs to be applied, less pressure on parents, society does not have to deal with hard core ideas sold into young minds, the time it takes, a zone to refresh the thinking.

The club that is social, the example, it’s for the aid of those who don’t afford the big club, there is a social attitude, you don’t need to be rich, you just need to behave yourself, and it’s not led by the religious, just those of a good understanding of freedom, without having to pay a big price. The notion is, those on the lowest, are able to enjoy a good night out, there is no mad rush when you go out, you can afford to go the next evening and the next, it’s simple, just has to be put in place, money is not controlling your inner feelings. Those on the edge, have a space. The club is a hope center, same as the new political class, the need to get into office, is not the destruction of others. Looking in, if the guy is not too old, he will be slower to take immediate action, his life will be on show, when it gets closer to the eternal exit, he’ll think, am i acting for the welfare of others, or is it all about my power, that’s the past, the new ways are being pointed out, a higher standard will help everyone, and set an example, or why in some parts is there a new well being while others struggle in others, a question many would like to ask, but are afraid to, it’s honest prosperity, the Spirit from heaven is the same as in the Holy Books, who abuses the goodwill of God, is making it tempting to act against it, when choices have to be made.

The club closes, the funding is there, some are too far into themselves, they ignore what they have being enjoying, this is then gone, the club, the well being, while those with the great resources say, we can go elsewhere, then there is a decline in the local moral values, more vices enter the neighborhood. How is it allowed to happen, the boast of some, who needs support, we can do it anywhere. The wise leaders stop trying to be everyone’s friend, they take a stand, the political manicured environment, speak the words they want to hear, what fish are there to catch, the vote is all that matters, however, the wide view, anyone is ok, then brings in those, who outpace those that were the original key holders, their values are diluted, the Spirit gets weaker, eventually it gets to a stage, is there any much left, then the choices become dire, you have to have a view, blur the boundary, but you have to have one, the human rights people get too much of a lane, they forget those among them, that use the organisation as an election tool, they’re aim, to win over anyone who votes for them, let them eat cake, your obese inside a year.

The club is not functioning. In previous days, men of peace met there, discussing the future prosperity of the Island, open discussion on issues, should we do this for peace sake, what’s the use of freedom, if you don’t have the resources to enjoy the time, otherwise, frustration will get back into the minds, and the peace that was long sought, becomes a greater anxiety, while those that support that view, the original, seek other domains. The country is at long last enjoying it”s fruits. Do you want narrow opinion going forward to damage the future. A woman is scorned, has great anger, she poisons, not intentionally, but with her emotions on edge, she is no longer thinking freely, perhaps she has been overtaken in her self, we all slow with age, ask a racehorse, the trainer chooses the best times of the year to test it’s speed, it’s not the horse of old, that’s the same as mother nature getting older, we just have to read it, it’s written 3,000 years ago, why, to help us as we move forward in time. So you don’t think that way, well the wise think of others, that’s what makes them wise, she finds her form again the lady, she thinks a little slower, that’s fine. In love you demand less as you get older, your more of a friend.

The intelligent lady, has her respect back, it’s not what others think what makes you great, that’s the youthful expression, the young birds are more flighty, that’s normal, we just mature with age, and in that maturity, relationships are formed, with those we knew before, including those we were close to, slow it down, the reaction in the car, you don’t have the same reaction time, you drive slower, and slower, that’s cause your enjoying scenery that was once not that important, now you realize, that the environment is the cause, your glad you slowed, you see ways to help, you were a great center forward, the legs are older, speed is not the option, you don’t play poorly, your reaction time, so you move back, in the center you play the ball to others, it’s the new game, your thoughts, I am of great use, that’s the same as saying to a woman, your age is not a hold on your happiness, you meet men who are more mature too, you engage in more conversation, and the wise say, it’s the comfort of common conversation that matters, keeps the hearts fresh. The world is full of relationships that had to change, it’s normal, wine matures, it’s not fresh wine, Beaujolais, the spark you once had, is revered still, but it#s shared with those of the same vintage. Older man tries to impress the youth, he has to understand, they’re future is based on the different time, we all have our times, the artist is one of the few that can cross these lines ,the struggle in early times, is now the art of good conversation, how, because he is an artist not an entertainer.

The joy of being in the company of a happy you. The need for peace of mind is an old concept, slowing with grace is powerful, and that orderly way of old, is now the maturity of a chairman. The horse is not over raced in the past, if it is, it does not race with enthusiasm as it ages, the joints hurt, its grumpy, it begins to get nasty, you don’t want to be known as a great dictator as you get into your older years, why, well, that former well being of good thought, will be lost, and as the saying goes, eaten bread is soon forgotten, why give up a good opinion of yourself, same way a nation has to slow for awhile before is renews itself. it’s in music, story, why let time overcome your well being, by thinking of others, all of them, you spread a feeling of goodwill, amen. Maturity in Spirit, is vital. God expects it.

Born to an addiction

It’s not as bad as it seems, and is easily overcome. He cries a lot, what can we do, she looks at him, he loves her, does not know what to do. He is emotional too, the fears, he has been there, is trying to get her through the mess. I’ll do something for you. Where do you go for help, he is afraid if he is honest, they’ll arrest him, take the child too, leave them in a worse state, however, he has to do something.

There is a report, angels are arriving, God’s helpers are all about. It’s time to get on your knees he tells himself. I’ll ask in the holy name. The temple is silent. A prayer, please help me, I’m recovering too, I’ve done bad things, it was hard growing up. While at prayer, a another walks in, goes to the front. That fellow he says. His prayer, he tells the almighty of all the great things he does. Meaning the addict in recovery pours out his heart.

Jesus and the parable sets it out clearly, who is more honest before God. the one who admits his failings or the one who speaks of all he does good, without admitting his failings. Jesus states it clearly, the honest one. The prayer that makes it to the inner chamber, amen.

He gets back home, the place is quite, there is a smile on her face. Where is baby he asks, anxious, has she done something. She smiles, our friend came to help, she will look after her for a few days, she has experience, your mother or someone else. Our friend.

The notion of selling the means of addiction to the most vulnerable, Solomon asks, the old preacher from Tipperary of course, put in the request. He see’s the man with a smile on his face, as if it was a case, why didn’t you ask sooner. The intervention continues, a new understanding emerges too, amen.

Those that try to shame others with blackmail and threats, how will they fare before the almighty he asks. The sun emerges, you got the nod, prayer granted of course. amen.

Your not supposed to be God, your supposed to represent him!. He looks at the mirror, I am.. the word does not come out. I can do what I ..the voice stalls, the warning in the voice. They are my men, I’ll do what.. The Spirit from above will decide..what, Luciani, the man who should have been pope. He trembles inside, is this the proverbial warning. I’ll call the other, the one who is supplying me, he will know what to do…..

I thought you had the answers, what am I supposed to do, I have to put forward a name, you said you’d give it to me. The line, a long pause, as if he is trying to catch a thought. Well, the pause…pause, pause.. are you still there, the line hangs up, goes dead.

anxiety on the face, what is wrong with him?

In other places, the assembly continues, the powder, legally produced. A new mind has entered the equation. The inspectors are here, the plant manager cries, what. Across the world, the new thinking is put in place. The agents of the Almighty are smiling inside, they scene, like an Inspection during the times of Oscar, he will protect us, amen.

Canon Law

Frank, those of a certain age, will remember, the big guy with the attitude, and the simple drama, the roles clear cut, the head games played by those defending and offending, not the daily experience some have come to live by, life without the machine, the changes thereafter, cures for diseases, the historical web, the new ways of communication, the world like your neighborhood, a text or email, tweet, you name it, it’s across the planet in a matter of seconds, wherever you live. On neighborhood, or neighbors, Jesus is specific on how we should be, or why we receive blessings, reaching out beyond our own, enriching those who come by the believer, into thinking, this is a way to live, lessons in history, how we have all made decisions that might have seemed right but later we find, well, if only we had paused. Canon law.

There is the other canon law, not the law of the canon, even if there are those that live by the power it might give, but the upper law, Heavenly Laws, that may seem hard at times, is there a father who left his children to their own devices and regretted it later, there are too many of them, we all need to be called in to explain or take advice, it’s why we need training or education, well, if your going to appear before the Canon Law, it’s your heavenly particulars that will give you most to be joyful about, not the other stuff, most of which you’ll want to dismiss, if honest.

So, the combatants are in the ring, two over weight heavy weights, one who knew how to bully and get away with it, the other, a constant slugger, who had to get hurt to get close to the action, stamina being his strength, he didn’t have the resources of the one who could call on the lawyer, treated everyone like a business. The ratings want to see them in the ring, box office potential, it’s the money buzz, whatever, however, there is another Judge, outside of the ring, looking down, on how the two of them performed, what schemes they helped, there real motives known, and the signs sent to remind them, that in His ring, the rules are different, canon law in other words.

The state of the world, the prophet looks back on the fate of those who passed away in the last great war, and questions asked of him, why this and why that happened, why was it allowed, how could it be so, and correctly, there are those, who are fundamental in their faith, who can’t believe a loving father, would allow such a fate happen to those that believed, how can it be explained. The prophet sighs, the words of Jesus explain it clearly if one is to look at it, like a fisherman eyes a catch. Death is not the domain of the God of the Living, it’s why the words of Jesus, amplify the faith that is there, it’s why the living of the words are more important that the one who reminds them of the word, no reason to blame someone or fall out, when people fall into all sorts of traps. In short, if all there is to give credit to, is the Eternal Father, the need to place humans at such heights, stops, the celebrity boat, that in most cases fail on some issue, technical or otherwise, amen. There are exceptions, and if in doubt, read esdras, your life today can impress the Almighty, amen, even if such a claim is not to be trusted, read the prophets, it will clear the air quickly.

Error Spirit

The old books are so forgiving, leaving room for those that get over enthused about the absolute meaning of words and phrases, it’s the loss of meaning as times change, and words get lost, you don’t hear them, you forget them, you read the books, you stay with them.

At times of great change, its easy to be misled.

The extended family..

It’s working, the bills are paid, the family are getting older, time to make homes for themselves, soul in soul out, the new members joining, how will we all get on.

The war hawks, glad for any conflict, it pays the bills, a new business in town, more to visit, more anxiety, more weapons to sell, the last minute thing, well, word is, with proofs, there are signs, and they are not from us, the intelligence chiefs look at each other, a threat like this, they never bargained on Jesus, and the truth of the Gospels, heady stuff, what plan can take care of that.

Draw the picture, a version of expansion where there is no where to expand to. It does not work. The family unit, or community, people united, common purpose, the core thought, peace, let the wars of old never be allowed to find roots again.

The disunity, there are those who are extreme, forcing their opinion, violently too, the means of war, false news, the tactic, turning people against each other, well, they know the history, it’s easy find someone to argue with, poison is easy to express.

The suitor is introduced, father does the checking, who is this, what are the past, what are your backgrounds, politically speaking, it’s easy to stretch yourself, people are known for going too fast.

Take your time, the voice says.

The Impostor

The pied piper, the tune sweet, always enriching, something original, they catch the cloud. The light thoughts bring light and light opens up the opportunities. The study of the man, reveals more, they follow the piper, who knows the tune, the crowd is bigger, or the changes become more obvious, others decide to sneak into the group, there is capital in this, or a drifting soul needs rest, overhears them plotting or learning, it’s for good purpose, joins the other group, safety in numbers, easier to hide among the wolves, so the story goes, the impostor, learns, the impostor finds rest, when the impostor becomes the “real thing”, the impostor then tells the story, of how he or she made it, and explains the story, of the great troubles, the “Spirit” had in holding it together, while informing the world, of the lesser ones, who tried to claim ownership of it all, amen.

Solomon sighed, Saul was on the road, Damascus, the blinding light, the voice of the Almighty, why are you doing this, Paul is now Saul, he turns it around, and starts doing the real work, it was just a case of direction, amen.

The foreigner arrives, the air of suspicion, one of us, or, is he like those who betrayed us before. It takes awhile for the trust to be earned, and then he becomes a better version of those he chose to be like; a real conversion, from outsider to the inside, amen. Judging, be wise, amen.

Finding Space

accommodation is the issue, space, the relationship needs time, the head needs space, so much energy about, the ideas appear out of nowhere, darn, finding space, where do you go. The Golf professional, don’t blame him for playing golf, blame him for trying to teach it. She is on the back swing, stop, stop stop, she looks at him, horrified, I’m paying him for the lessons, now he is trying to take charge of me, she is used to getting her own way. That scowl she wears, he is used to it, same as any teacher, once she gets it, she will be praising him later, like the prophets of old. Space he says, you need to have space for the swing to come down. imagine your sweeping the kitchen he says, and.. kitchen she thinks, i have a maid to do all that, he wonders what to say next, finding the words, space.

The stuff, it’s so much to chose from. The teacher recommends this, the parents expect that, she has her own ideas, it’s confusing, she wants to please them all, or not to offend them, they all do their best. I’ll dwell on the moment, she remembers the film, the pretend surgeon who is asked for his opinion, he defers of course rather than risk harm to the innocent patient. Films and stories, what a great idea. She makes a list of great films of the older era, where character was built up, not bought, there must be lessons in them all, she smiles, she will never have a dull thought again, and she has worked out how to find space, or fill the vacuum in other words.

Later she reads a report, how the career changes up to eight times in a lifetime, it makes her think, general education, then the specifics, the maturity that comes with it, the matter solves itself, patience.

Solomon was in the temple, talking with a friend, very deep into the pilgrimage, the need to stretch the interest, so Solomon thought. Jesus told stories to explain things, and writers have been doing it ever since, learning with story. The lesson he said, is to watch the film,. not to critique it, that will come later. Many were afraid to look beyond their own gate when it came to understanding God Most High, in short, they were undermining their space, limiting their understanding, as if east or west, north or south was fixed; it only appeared fixed, it all depending on your starting position.

The preacher smiles, another way to explain things. he was trying to keep the teaching fresh, amen, space in other words, to express the divine word. The Gospel of John he sighed, as he turned out the light, amen.

Awareness of Jesus

There is hardly anyone alive on the planet, who is not aware of Jesus. There are many, who live the words, the words of Jesus, are living, they are alive, as in, you practice them, it’s not complicated, and the image, that accompanies these words, were the results of, well, belief is a gift, and when you are ill, or under duress, you move from the lower spirit to the upper Spirit, immediately you begin to feel better. Jesus does not curb ambition, Jesus points you, to life giving ambitions rather, amen.

The New Confirmation and Communion

Solomon sighed, it was turning about, the Titanic on it’s second voyage, the iceberg missed again, like that space rock that shaved the earth. A new form of confirmation and communion.

Let it be the Parents who take the pledge before God, they being the ones used to the fibre food as they call it, rather than putting robes on children, amen.

How many would love to see that?

In Rome, there is delight, at last, a view that helps alienate the extreme thinkers, amen.

You are not supposed to be miserable, your made to be happy, amen.