Men in Black

Guardians by film, guardians by day, guardians by night, aware all the time, no support from a wife, aware of stern rules, has seen them implemented, the men in black have much to deal with. Parents busy, children farmed out, weekends precious, time limited, but the struggle never ends. Outside influences, so many no parent alone can deal fully with it,while planners plan for the free fall of society and living arrangements. Only Spiritual time will fix the overall issue, the look within, how do you want your life to be recognized.

Demons in many forms, age irrelevant, the demon spirit can rise the most ugly thoughts, they can farm all those hateful thoughts that you store in your head. We are warned. The men in black, meet the harm out there, the spite filled soul, those that envy, the greedy, those just bad, the men in black deal with it daily.

Humane thinking required, the stress that is evident in everyday life, apart from the arrival of the virus. Married man loves his wife, but there is a neighbor who is difficult, he tries the gentle approach, visits and calms. The Men in black do the very same daily. Some say, they need that inner support that intimacy provides. But the rules are against them, while those who understand the plight of the men in black, simply follow the rules, amen.

a letter to Pope Francis

Dear Holy Father,

It’s not often we get to hear the truth these days, and no one is to blame,we got lost it seems. Now, today, we have the opportunity to show our true selves, a chance to regain our footing in the Holy Kingdom. Many are crying out, and many souls leaving their bodies at this time,are bringing home to God Most High, their life experiences, so you can imagine, as the prophet Esdras reported, a number will be reached, when the hearts mold into one, thereby establishing Heaven on earth.

How often do we take reports from underlings,and treat them as pure truths, too often. In a nutshell, we need you to be as brave as David on the morning he faced Goliath. The signs are all there, and we have all to be brave. Jesus told all, showed all,the power and mercy of God, Now we on earth must recreate that Spirit;the space within. Hope all goes well,amen.


Need to find love, head the internet way. Credit card, the product is a bargain, you are ready to press the purchase button, the first numbers of the card are entered; Stop and think, it’s safer to use a payment system than give them your personal card details.

She opens up online,what’s the harm, she has a cat. he does too, she drives an old vintage car, so does he, she laughs when he tells her the story of the time his car broke down and he had to wait overnight, wow,serendipity, It happened to her too. We have connected she sighs.

Got her credit card name, her address,all we need is her number, we ca use her ID, how many cats does she have, four his accomplices say.One by one they extract the information, the more emotional the victim the easier the take, amen

Seeking Mercy…

You might call the early martyrs odd, why give your life up, given the obvious hatred of the roman army, the threat from the Jewish community; it wasn’t the course that many followed, but they went the distance. Having hard core proof of concept was very liberating, what was there to fear when you were witness to the miracles of Jesus, this life is temporary, who do you fear, who do you pray to in times of great stress, who do you ignore when times are good, what do you serve when things look up, the ego mainly. It’s not hard to work out. Jesus knew our nature, underwent constant spying,was surrounded by those who tried to drown the message, who wanted the status quo to remain as was, same as politicians in power, their seat is all that matters. So we cheat regularly, fewer and fewer live in secure homes, sound bytes are taken for news, while children are so confused, even their identity is in doubt. It’s not supposed to be easy, it never has been, the life of Jesus tells us. We are more keen on money and sex than anything else, our thrills.

So with signs, and efforts to sow discord, potential crisis’s in most directions, should we be seeking mercy, or should we roll along with the mediocre, amen, as if we are all powerless. This mercy course of action,will demand fierce changes, spin doesn’t work with the Almighty, amen.

Like a thief in the night, the change comes,amen.

Pictures from the clouds….

If you think God has forgotten us, it’s the greatest lie ever told, same as those who worship the demon, why,the demon doesn’t exist, that’s if you believe their blurb, they usually have interests that are very ungodly, why allow a little Spirit get in the way of their business, its our network, our territory, the good news, they have to deal now with the unthinkable, the all powerful God, who can do anything, a worrying thought,same as the anxiety about the atom bomb during the second great war, and as they say, we just about escaped that one, just about, even if we fight that threat daily, in a very unstable world.

So it’s the story of the vineyard, well, the messengers are sent, prophets appear, accompanied by signs. Jesus asked for miracles because he knew the hearts of men, they are children who need reassurance, so the miracles came. We still recall them.

Solomon was speaking to a fellow believer, how are those without faith coping during the crisis, what have you left when it’s yourself you are dealing with, is there a hiding place from yourselves; it used to be the office, the busy life, the thousands of jobs you have to deal with, mostly distractions, busy, no time,busy can’t do that, busy,can hardly think. A tiny substance, as invisible to the eye as a sperm cell, or womb cell, but it turns into you and me, not bad for the invisible, all the life it provides, in normal times, as in really normal, not this normal, it ought to be enough to convince anyone, but it comes with conditions, for those seeking to overcome the inner battle between light and dark. A letter in the post turns the mood to gloom, another bill, a call from the phone, worse, they know where you live, a knock at the door, are you afraid to answer it. A relation rings you, good news, all the doubts vanish, we change mood quickly, we are delicate regarding the conditions around us.

So the signs, what are they, why do we need them? In nutshell, when you make time for God, God makes time for you, and you feel it, your attitude improves and you deal with tough situations, without too much fuss. With the peace that only God can send {God does not need to spy}, it fills you with a resolve, that overcomes the darkness, and as for those friends who try to upset you, they don’t have long to find out, trust me on this one, these eyes have seen it. Amen. Same as those clouds, amen.

Jesus and Mothers Day…

Jesus opens the newspapers, Jesus turns on the internet,Jesus goes on holiday, what would He make of it. Jesus on the environment, Jesus on the habits of children, Jesus on the treatment of women, Jesus on the treatment of immigrants, Jesus on famine, Jesus on poverty and wealth, Jesus today in a nutshell. Given the large numbers who believe, there ought to be a lot of opinions out there,don’t you think, or is it all, bankrupt, amen.

The Pope and the Ayatollah

Men, leaders of Spiritual growth,finally meet, why wouldn’t they, it’s the same Boss they have, and given so many years of discrimination, it’s about time. Jesus complained to his apostles, who complained when they saw others doing the work they did. If it draws people closer to God, that’s what you do. White blue yellow green black red, it’s only a color.

Women are missing though, and since both men hold Jesus in such an esteemed position, it’s right to remind all, that it was the women, and through stories about women, that Jesus pointed out the mountains that had to be climbed, if the Heavenly peaks are to be reached.

May they be brave in these forward looking times.


Her hands are in the sink, it’s the only job that doesn’t require a CV. Sixteen hour days, but it feeds her children. Born in the wrong country, if she had been from latin America, Donald trump would have called her anything, and most of the world would have remained silent,he was the Big Man when he spoke so hatefully, about those who tried to cross the border, Donald didn’t listen to the words of Jesus on that one either, what were those Nasty remarks, we don’t need to hear them again. Yes,treated like toe rags, once you outlive your usefulness, goodbye, then again, when wife number three looks like wife number two, and number one, there is a pattern.

Treasure Box

Washing dishes, she could have earned more swinging the hips, WHY, she didn’t want her children following her example,she is a believer. Her Faith will sustain her, and like the widow who gave two coins in the collection over, 2,000 yeas ago, she will be remembered too, unlike many who are simply forgotten.

By the way, what does it mean to wave the Holy Book at the mas of reporters, while ignoring the contents of the said book. Another parable from Jesus, be wary of those who profess their faith in public, making a big show of it, it’s usually to deceive, well Jesus tells us, that there are those who proclaim the faith but only deceive everyone.


Isaiah, the prophet Jesus referred to most of, the apostles too, why, in times of crisis, Isaiah writes,God said, if they only returned to me, I could heal them. Then you ask, how do you communicate with God, a good father will not give you what you want, not always, and if you speak the language of compassion and love, you are going to find the communication channel, communicate with who you ask, your first mistake, thinking of yourself, you have to open the eyes, listen, a family around a kitchen table all talking at the same time, no one hears anything but noise, or a silent kitchen,where all are afraid to express their thoughts, living in fear of a bully, or just afraid to speak, How will you get to communicate with the Most High God, unless you dig a communication channel. Why is reading this far; possibly confusing, what is this, where is it going, so many questions. Put it the other way, if you are given the easy answer,which draws you along,leads you like Hansel and Gretel, you begin to realize how easy it is to fool people, and get them to believe in anything.

Those who lead you to the light, don’t need to play tricks or games, amen.

Lazarus and Jesus

Lazarus features quite a lot in the life of Jesus. He is in Heaven, he is deemed to have passed, he is brought back to life, and is called a friend of Jesus, lucky Lazarus. Why does it matter, what today. The plane recovers after loosing an engine, those on board prepare for the so called end. The plane lands safely, no injuries anywhere. It’s as if we are being told, never give up believing.

News gets out, Jesus can do what no other can do. Many try to touch his cloak, energy is flowing from Him. Meanwhile, the local religious people are upset.Their complex rituals can’t compare with the simplicity of His teaching.

2021, the year, after the 2020 year of clear vision, so how should those of the religious behave today, in relation to the wonders of all the revelations, that have been coming, like a woman in the throes of child birth, what attitude should they possess. Should they try to force their opinions by stealth, as they tried to do all those years ago, or try a kinder approach,given the Power of the Father, and the need for mercy, on a universal scale.

Would harming the Spirit be a wise activity to engage in. And if so, how would Jesus categorize them. In a nutshell, what sort of Spirit would encourage that activity. Hardly from God, but from man, seems the correct answer.