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He’s a diplomat, one of ours, providing us with secret information, she’s only a child, he’s foaming all around her, but he’s a diplomat, he’s on our side. you know, provided us with data, would have taken years, she’s replaceable say the C.I.A. war on drugs, name a doctor that oversubscribes, I mean it, just one and I’ll be mightily surprised. Doctor doctor, can’t concentrate, have an exam in a week, it’s my career at stake, take four of these, come see me after a week, if the condition lasts a lifetime, I’m sure we’ll be able to take care of that. War zones, soldiers on edge, have to come up with something, help them deal with all that, Yes Sir, They need to relax general, what you suggest, want them to fight, or give up, fight roars the general with his commanding smile, well we’ll give them a week in Bangkok, plenty of those little girls might help them clear their mind. He’s a diplomat, got inside information, he has his moments, likes his little boys, he’s one of ours, we’ll do all that we can, to help go the full mile. Cheap hotel across the road, and an orphanage as well. Outrageous, you mean they arrested Mr. big, that cocaine importer, furnishes information and girls as well. He’s one of ours, you hear it night and day, we look after our own, the buzz words they use, when the criminals get their way. Paris New York Hong Kong Rome, story is the same, honesty mingles with evil, evil wins out every way. Eating their way through the world, piece by piece, heart after heart, stripping out what’s good, tearing the world apart. Till they came to the tree of life. When they tried to cut it down, free will was thrown out. Gotya smiled God Most High, who waited with the patience of a monk, wondered when they’d get here, sure enough they found out, that God Most High, does not break the rules of man, but acts quickly when the heat is on, and as for trees, they are the life blood of so many creatures, especially the ones rooted in love, adam and eve all over again, this time I’m gonna win. De dum dum dum, de dum dum dee…you haven’t seen the last of me. Peter hurry up with the wine, dinner is served, roasted soul served on a bed of coals, with a little petrol for dessert on the side, whoosh. Seconds available, don’t think your appetite will last that long.




Jacques Chirac, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and...

Jacques Chirac, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Silvio Berlusconi at the G8 Summit in 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Berlusconi Bush Blair assembled friends, message from the heavens, message from above, caught in a trap, and you aint getting out, no bribes work here, I can reveal with a certain delight, advisors spin doctors, friends and associates face the consequences, media moguls who provided the tools, and did what was intended, the children you stole from seek damages, the horror was relentless, the game you rigged for decades, watch cause it’s over, there are no more second chances, God Most High has taken aim at all evil plans, the wars the deception the moral decay, the love you replaced with control and fear, your well worked cruel intentions, will fall to the dust with Goliath expectations, roman empire builders Huns and infidels, you sold off love for your own devices, shame will come upon you. God Most High has had enough, I was trying to avoid war pleads Blair, does the guy ever give up, God Most High shrugs, lets him mouth on a moment or two. Well Tony, you want to save yourself, what’s new in all that, go on then.

I started a charity, just to make up some, seems fair I didn’t pull a trigger on anyone,  really smiles God Most High wryly, did you invade Iraq, cause the destruction of culture and huge loss of life, he advised me cries tony, pointing to old George Bush, who doesn’t know where to look, any cameras here, the light is blinding, I want to take the fifth, can someone advise me, and your excuse George, one was bad enough, did you have to bring along junior, now there will be two burning bush’s, ahem ahem laughs God thinking what next are they going to do, dance like leprechauns on world wide stages, taste is not what it used to be, soon the Chinese will be making wine, wonder what they’ll put in it this time.

Dance or develop a conscience, just like the last bunch, here comes that greasy Italian, where’s the garlic Peter. Silvio silvio you had the world at your feet, the opera house in Milan, a football team for keeps, I know I know he answers, his hair as dark as a dirty sweeping brush, what is your excuse for all of this, promotion of corruption was bad, but giving these two cover, that was far too much, take them down take them down orders God Most High, But you haven’t given us a fair trial pleads Blair, my wife is willing to represent me, she’ll do it pro bono he adds with a cheeky smile, pro bono not another one of those, I can hardly stand the music, but he does have a good tune or two. I like that one admits God Most High, stuck in a hole and can’t get out, I hum it sometimes when I play golf. You’ll hear from my lawyers shouts bush as he’s being led out, I’ve got friends he adds with disdain for the divine, and they don’t take this behavior lying down, really answers God Most High a little entertained by his conceit, what is it they are going to do asks God,  make everything suddenly all right. Zap, dumb dumb and dumber voice is lost, standing mouths open but nothing is coming out, just the way to keep them, even those below don’t deserve to hear this rot.  Still haven’t found what I was looking for hums God Most High, keeping himself a little occupied while waiting for a collection of bankers to appear, de dum dum dum de dum dum dee..


Babylon Again

English: George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Fil...

English: George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Busy dear she shouts from below, just getting ready to go out you know, in a flash closes the screen, before giving it one more glance, whoa bet the secretary wouldn’t do anything like that. Little fred calls his pals over, look what I got as they all get closer, whoa, whoa, she’s just like Cindy’s mom replies small martin, is that what she looks like without her clothes on. Seven and eight they aint sure what it is, those pretty girlie picture, it’s like swilling granddads booze, it does strange things with their heads. Rhianna and Gaga they are such bad role models, look at their antics and the life they are going through, rant of the caring professional journalist, looking for attention and cash, nothing like stirring up the troubled, and those dumb with their cash. Father time quips Obama all the time, makes a point with the deserted classes, funny how it’s all forgotten when the crunch arrives, the votes are in and the party are singing, father time. If a third of internet time is pornographic time, and this includes humungous amounts of young children and teens, ignoring those already addicted to that stuff, what is the fate of the young children, that surround these people all the time, all these so mercilessly stuck in that sexual type of routine, where does the lust go is all I am saying, it’s Babylon all over again, is that what it means. No one in the world is willing to admit, the addictive nature of the human deceit, or more importantly, the void in the heart every child is born with. Get on with it I hear you all say, well I saw the cloud and many things greater I can say, and when I say I saw, I have it I don’t need attention like a child, come running in the door with a smile on my face to tell you how I played, imagine the children with no fathers, who have no one to exclaim such joy, your getting away from the point of the exercise, what is going to fill the void, where love was supposed to lay. Handkerchiefs, tears, I didn’t mean it, she’s leaving me, third divorce, three is lucky, next time I’m only in it for sex, love doesn’t matter anyway, with excuses and reasons we put ourselves down, to justify our emotive output the lack of it I mean, so back to my question, what is going to fill the void where love is supposed to lay. Are you busy dear, always, so many damn lobbyists to deal with. George Clooney invited us to his place next weekend. is he sending his jet asks Michelle…we’ll have to use air force one dear replies Mr president…ooooh coo’s Michelle, i love having the secret service around, they even cook. minutes from the white house they sell every drug in the world, children as young as ten, sounds like all they do is …

Presidents Day

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English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

get up, is it that time again, shit, i forgot to wash the make up off, putting on a face to face the world, practice smiling, you feel better already, i wish those wrinkles would go away, the hair is graying, should have used more of that guey stuff, back to black in ten minutes, you shower again, it’s not like you have an STD, your voice is awful yet you sing, suddenly…Michelle, i told you not to interrupt me when i’m singing. The man i used to know would never say that, she replies, eyes open wondering what happened to the man. she recomposes herself, gets the smile ready, then all serious says out load…. food stamps Barry, they forgot my food stamps again, so what are you gonna do about it, you are the President. Can you pass me the towel honey…Michelle does not like taking orders..she hesitates…i’ll call service, i swear to you..Barack replies, a little annoyed. i can order a drone attack on any old village in war torn Iraq, anywhere, and she wont even throw me the towel…ah Michelle..screams Barack, were out of back to black…now i’ll be grey all day…

image isn’t everything but at times it seems all that there is

Rays of Light


Rays of light, keep them coming, I’m singing in heaven, I’m in heaven, playing golf with champions, but I’m winning, can’t find the soap, where is it, what now asks God most high, who doesn’t like wash time interruptions, a crisis where he asks, then keeps on scrubbing. List is long, volcanic ash rare enough, volcanoes, too much of a clean up, good old thunderstorm will suffice, calls in the weather angel and asks his advice. Last time, getting impatient, a torrential rain shower, but they soon stopped misbehaving, is that what you want. God wonders, I really have to act, looks at the wall sees the great list, at the bottom is written, they are allowed to behave as they wish. A storm it’s all I’m allowed, till we get a new batch of angels, what else is there to do. Told you didn’t I so pay me, smiles the fallen angel in the devils den, who hands him the reigns of Europe, for a limited time to dwell. Lightening rain fire and hail, all the devils men have been given

Advance warning,  lasts a weekend the clean up lasts a month. It happens more often now, these interruptions are getting too regular, I’ll track them more closely, get stuck in myself get involved. Insurance claims department good place to look, God gets a job working late night shift, doing all that janitor stuff, has time to look through the files. Odd, very odd indeed, someone has been misbehaving, these claims, they were all increased recently. Profits slow we need more, a petrol shortage would be one shortage we could all agree, but that would require a war adds another, who can order that not you and me. Mr President. Time tinkers on women on the rise, the change will be quicker, cause their love is hard to hide, old boys club gets the blues, ain’t the same around here not like it used to be, no women to order about it can’t be right, God Most High is looking on, content for the moment cause the noises aren’t all bad, a few good news stories, it’s getting to them at last, more it happens the more they get used to it, he’s using the tactics of the evil one in reverse. Damn did not see it coming, another voice they thought had been silenced, too much media around darn internet, it’s like one giant spider, feck even the governments are turning against us, no place to hide all that hot money it will soon be totally useless, alien class are rolling down the sluices. Dum dum dum dum,  de dum dum, dum dum dum, St.Peter hums, the elders haven’t been so smiley for the longest time, it’s that little boy they are all talking about, all he ever does is smile, every time they try to reel him in, the Big one sends them a thunder shaker, and unlike Obama he’s accurate with his selections, they wonder if a peace effort will get them any further, God Most High just shakes his head and smiles, I’m on to you all, each and every one who does harms to the little ones, and the minds of the men and women as well, I fear hate hunger pride envy loss whatever, harm to a child’s mother a brother a teacher even their remotest relation, it’s gonna be open season on evil hunting, and no thought fired will go astray, oops that lightening strike just missed the gable end this time, the gathered inside shake with fear it used to be the other way round, share share they all cry out, quickly before he gets in a rage, and suddenly out of nowhere there is luck everywhere, and no one is surprised, cause they chose to believe and he delivers for those, whose faith never wavered even if it waned under pressure it never died, just a spark was needed to re ignite the light, just as Leonard predicted all those years he tried, to enthuse wisdom in people, well it worked and to him and many others, we owe thanks not just a smile, dum dum dum, de dum dum dum, sing along if you want, cause it’s the end of payola days, good riddance to those who tried to control the music and the minds, cause the music never died. God Most High smiles, fried onions on the pan, a T Bone steak on the grill, George Harrison is washing the dishes, elvis is singing hymns again, Roy Orbison is in the dining room, anything you want shouts God Most High, you got it laughs roy back, and they say that heaven is a sleepy place, whatever they reads in the papers these days, gets on my nerves sometimes, God Most High turns the onions, a little pepper he muses, used too much salt last time, de dum dum dum, hums St.Joseph, any chance of a second helping he enquires, and a side order of sweet love if you don’t mind, now isn’t that a destiny wordy waiting for, you just have to work to get inside. Their calling for more water down below quips St.Peter, that shower answers God Most High, thinks a moment, even sinners have to be forgiven, open the floodgates, it’ll keep them quite for awhile. De dum dum dum, de dum dum dum de, no one makes a fool out of you or out of me, Ray what are you doing over their, get back to that gilded piano, I need to hear Georgia on my mind, play again like you did before, for you boss anything smiles Ray in reply, Georgia oh Georgia, Ray of Light catches every ones attention same way a little one smiles…

it’s up to you

Joy and light a soothing arm a warm embrace and a smile that lasts for ever, simple to have not hard to undertake once love resides in your face, eyes don’t lie they radiate or they die, and hearts quicken at the approach of nurture, see it in the reflections of children and in those that foster love, fear cramps all styles makes you nauseous for awhile, same with hatred and feelings of great despair, why allow your children to live with such fear, it’s too easy to settle so easy to give it up, the hope of true love that beats in your heart, isn’t sad that as people grow old ,they bring up the past more and more, shrinking inside I suppose because of past decisions and doubt, they feared to love and how it all worked out, but not the ones who carry the nurturing seed, it’s a bit like a warm wind there are no boundaries or fears, but don’t be hard on yourself about anything you may have done, what hasn’t gone wrong will do so again, so we learn to listen not race all around, a beating heart needs nurture not frown, as surely as the sun doesn’t have a shield to guide it, it’s just that love attracts love you just have to find it, it’s just a wake up smile an appreciation of the gift, the first time baby smiles and the way that it lifts, wouldn’t it be nice if we treated all children with light, not this hard hand of experience and our own self doubts, so don’t despair it may take a little time, but God is above us reeling in delight, we just have to remember it and have no doubt, cause I’ve seen it lived it and believe its about, and who is more forgiving ask anyone, your mother, so shout it out and stop giving out, the time is now it’s all we have and it’s all we’ll ever have, tomorrow is just our imagination in overdrive, goodnight.