God and His army return to earth, the Heavenly King, Jesus puts it simply. Have you shown mercy, are you compassionate, do you look down on people, have you raised the Spirit, what did you do with your life; what sort of experiences did you fill your life with. Did you give up too easy; did you listen to the words of the Prophets; some of the questions on the lips of many, as the world came to a stop, how is this happening. It points to the time of the great change, what will it be like, when can we expect it; Jesus sighed, be prepared, it’s in your own hands what you do and how you treat others, including the planet we were all gifted.

Solomon sighed; rules never stick, but stories seem to last for ever. Those with talents, those with the means to help their brothers and sisters; how will they fare in the balance sheet of their lives. You will never know the hour or day; the world lock down, is it another final warning, amen.


Price of Wisdom

The queen of Sheba, meets Solomon, she recognizes wisdom when she hears it, can see how others misused it, is horrified, what she cries, are they all demons she wondered, those she thought she could trust, playing with the truth, using her to gain riches. Solomon sighed, it’s the year 2020, over three thousand years since the original words were written. The chaos and destruction she was told about, it had to happen she was told, until she listened to the words of wisdom; imagine what she thought of those around her.

There is a general panic, many made genetics becomes a monster in the making; progress she sighed. She recalls the efforts of Darwin to twist the reality of creation, the possibility of a perfect human race, that led to the attempt to wipe out the Jewish people. progress, more like pride she sighed, as men tried to out do each other. What about the 25 trillion stored off shore; what use was it now, what good would it do them. Then Solomon told her; God tests his people, and when put to the test, they stand firm, and overcome. She smiles; the demon and his army of angels must be feeling closer to extinction tonight. Amen, Solomon prayed yes they are.

Jesus sends out the 72

They saw him lay hands, they saw him heal, they saw him bring Lazarus back to life. Apostles, chosen to promote the eternal kingdom, given the power of stamp on snakes, scorpions, and no harm came to them, in the Holy Name, he protected them. As for idols, there is only the Father in Heaven whom you should worship.

Solomon wondered about the great fear that was being spread across the earth, and the affect it was having on the Spirit, the life line to Heaven. It was written about, Esdras, said it clearly. Remain in His love, and you will never have to worry, God rescues His people.

Prayer For Wisdom

She travels the earth seeking peace filled hearts, rest from the war of attrition, how many with the talents have given them away for the material, the eternal inheritance, do they know what they missed, dam it, the demon and his infinite ways, can anyone overcome the tricks. She sows ideas, tests them, have they heart in their cores, she is like a recruitment consultant with a limited set of clients, she needs a lift too, well, it’s nice to be appreciated, she is after all, at the side of God’s heart, her passion his delight.

Solomon sighed, millions of souls put it all down, fodder according to some, and to those who used them fools. She knows different smiled Solomon. They build paper castles, they estrange their friends, the put themselves on pedestals and try to sound grand. off shore they hide their loot, safe from those who really need them, well, the rest of them are fodder, besides, that demon, can do just about anything, almost.

Solomon sighed, in times of great distress, God comes to the rescue of his people, while Jesus said, even at the 11th hour, there is hope, he even gave them the story of the vineyard. Amen. David beat Goliath, not by human power, but by his trust in the Most High God. Many across the world, were finding that out. There are those who seek the approval of men; Well, fine, but what is eternal, is what goes on for ever. Having seen the cloud and so much more, there is no need to doubt; just pray with all your heart, and abide by those words, amen.

In Memory: ”It’s over, the fight from the right against the left. Now the fight is between the people and the elites.” — Art of Quotation — Rethinking Life


”It’s over, the fight from the right against the left. Now the fight is between the people and the elites.” Eduard Limonov, 1943-2020, Russian writer, dissident, Spanish newspaper El País interview in 2019 via In Memory: ”It’s over, the fight from the right against the left. Now the fight is between the people and the elites.” […]

via In Memory: ”It’s over, the fight from the right against the left. Now the fight is between the people and the elites.” — Art of Quotation — Rethinking Life