So alone, so you think…

She lies in the back of the ambulance, aged lady, breathing into a mask, lucky to have breath, the tank is needed elsewhere, the oxygen, the mask is removed from her mouth, her difficulty is obvious, her need dire, more she breathes, doing all she can, please, have you got insurance dear, money at a time such as this, she has prayers in Heaven, it calms her for a moment,she looks at the seller of the much needed oxygen, he wants ten times the price. A business opportunity, who doesn’t try to take advantage of the vulnerable, many do, think your alone, how much is a bread ration during a famine, stuff you never think of, until your stuck. You are not alone.

He can’t use his legs but his mind is alert, I will pour my thoughts into the world, it only requires thinking about it. He finds strength. Those around him feel lethargic, while he is alive, how is it possible. Jesus told the world, you are not alone ever; there are demons, Jesus even named some of them, putting his mark on them for us. There are angels as every child knows. Do we find it difficult as we get older to believe, or do we need a crisis to encourage us,amen.

How much is off shore, and why has it been allowed for so long, you are not alone, I can promise you that much, amen.

The crisis of our times…

Lioness shelters a young antelope from the threat of other lions, why is she being so compassionate, mothering animals adopt the off spring of other species, what’s that about. The current pandemic, an opportunity to show compassion, an opportunity to think of others, and think about our divine nature.

Old problems, hatred and bias, confined by color, or means, nations stolen, leaders replaced, the usual fears projected into the main population, years late, the truth comes out. Those that strangle the news you read, those that want to hog the limelight, the virus, suddenly speechless, you can’t preach compassion unless your compassionate, particularly in a time of crisis.

There will be signs to remind us, there will be warnings so as not to confuse us, there will be frauds, who will offer solutions while chasing your inner well being, we are warned. Compassion, how about the off shore scandal, and the theft of badly needed resources, obvious in this crisis of our times.

If our focus is purely material, or put another way, if every relationship is conditional, what does that mean for our relationship with God Most High, amen. Jesus and the early apostles, and many others, didn’t put their priorities into futures lives to come; they believed in doing it today. amen.


Your thoughts matter, your inner well being too, the unwanted stuff, those resentments, the dark feelings, those enlightened, already know this, but who knows why? Recent science informs us, of the power of thought. Jesus confirmed this 2,000 years before. In these times of mistrust, and weird news, conspiracy, who can hold a thought for long, before one is made to doubt. If you look at the last five years, it’s been a roller coaster, of bullying news, it’s all lies, i never said this, all Mexicans are, i never said that, well, when you hear so much contradictory news, almost daily now, who believes in anyone?.

The big noise, will he get off the TV, he is noisier than before, can’t believe he said that too, is the wig real or fake hair, does everyone in America live in a gold plated house, did Jesus go around waving books in the air, confusion. Meanwhile new science has found the God Particle, and with it, the science world has admitted, there are invisible sources of energy, which they can’t measure, but only identify. This admittance of consciousness, the combined power of thought, gives further meaning to the teachings of old. Apart from this life being a stop only, not an end to the journey, it should waken up those in Spiritual matters, as to full meanings of Jesus, and the power of the Spirit,from above.

Fear, Jesus reminds us, there is nothing to fear, no one, only the One who can transform the fate of the soul, after passing. Outsiders winning everything, wisdom from so many sources, signs, revelations, no wonder so many are speechless, amen.

Trials, the Cross, all those hardships, is there more….

So many died in this war, so many died in that struggle, blood, misery, loss, the growth of hatred, racism, the color bias, your standing in society, your economic clout, corrupt leaders, lost minds, babbling leaders, women seeking justice, color now another war zone, extremists talking up hatred, the electric highway a free for all, news at the ready every hour from every space on the planet, an environmental crisis, children beginning to recover from a very stress filled existence,many people confused as regards their own identify, a cartoon character president, while there are those who blind themselves to any issue that disrupts their focus on success, while others dream of life millions of miles away, while many on earth struggle to eat, does that sum up the current state of our creativity, the mess we all created, which the current health crisis tells us, is not a local issue, but a global issue, is there more?.

New horizons, we need to move forward, there is a lot of baggage to park, and dump safely, not like those rust buckets they send to third world countries,where there are no environmental laws at all, legally correct might look good in an audit report, but that’s all, in the new horizons, won’t the different environmental reports be now the new standard, or will it be more of the past, while waiting for the next wave.

New Horizons, will we commemorate war and death,or will we gather to remind ourselves, that war doesn’t work. There is conflict, it’s very Jewish in action, eye for an eye, the get even principle, the antithesis of Peace, amen. AS the Russians would say, such a policy leaves everyone blind eventually, is this what happened, all the stuff we can’t forgive, why do we set it up so,

Solomon sighed, even the apostles found the teaching of Jesus difficult at times; forgiveness especially, but Jesus also told them, that when they had the Spirit with them, there were wonders they too could perform, even doing the miracles to ease their minds, rubbishing the fear that had a hold over them….So why is there suffering, some have suffered for centuries, some are still waiting, why we ask. When do we appreciate love, its usually after it’s fled, the contrast, Jesus was and is a paradox, no idols he stressed, while we made an idol of him, while he points to the Father. So, what is the lesson. As the smiling doctor will tell you, it takes so much energy being miserable, while light never burdens. In a nutshell, as we shed light on all these old horrors, we release the hurt stored inside, while freeing up space for what is light bearing, just a thought…


Looking for God in all the wrong places, where must he be, {sex doesn’t matter before the protest}, looking for God, did he put that building up, that said, women enter by the side entrance men use the front door, well, there are associations of people who have strange rules that favor men a little, however, if you think about it, {in some old writings women are more highly favored than men, maybe this soft gloves treatment is a way of making up to them a little?}, after all, there is very little a man can do, without a woman.

Rules, even the old books tell us, these are all add ons, when it comes to the actual truth. The where to look, another group promises salvation, they are all well dressed, adds to the attraction, another group promises devotion to poverty, another group promises to murder evil, the promises add up, the confusion grows, the extremists get in on the act, moving sheep is a busy opportunity, same as the old cow and horse movies, the sheep are loose, the thieves arrive, this is just common sense. The flock is looking left and right, where are the signs.

Isaiah has the content, you have to pick up the book, it’s not an offence to seek wisdom, and most of the wisdom worth repeating, is in them old books, how you react to good advice, is a matter of taste; those with an interest in learning will look for themselves and learn on the double too, so where is God hiding tonight. Have you arranged a load of distractions so as to be too busy, too tired perhaps, it’s easy to fall off the path, then have to admit, that you need to do it again. Have you created a wall between yourself and God, just to pretend, in order not to have to prove it to yourself? Afraid to deal with it, that what you hide inside yourself, your less than good ways.

Solomon sighed; so many seeking the inner peace, yet refusing to clean up inside first,amen.

My Refuge

Cold dark night, the street lit by the occasional lamp, an old man tarries at a doorway, dressed in worn cloth, hunger about his face, he turns from the door of the B’n’B, rejected, he paws his way down the narrow path, exhausted, a bed for the night, or death in an alley, it’s bitter, the wind is cutting. It’s terrible when you have to depend on someone taking pity on you, in order to find relief.

He bumps into a Samaritan as he exits through the small gate. It’s a well to do neighborhood. Ten minutes later he is in a warm bed. He found his refuge.

Solomon is having an emotional moment, sprouting off on the blessings he is receiving. The weather is turning dank, the sky darkening, there is a lot to be thankful for, ignoring the weather. He enters the sanctuary that never fails, the holy place. it’s wise to remind yourself of who is in charge. No one will steal this, and the comfort you find,particularly in a storm, whatever the storm is, there are many ways of describing one, a failed life, a great loss, or fear, inside this sanctuary there is never any fear, even if those of the demon sometimes try to intimidate those inside;they are never successful, while marking themselves in the eyes of God.

The wind blows, rain batters the roof, but the air inside is calm, stronger than any rock. Solomon sits, there is always things that need a mention. In times of trouble the apostles only had to ask Jesus, the harm runs, the waters calm, the wind fades away, it’s written. The howling intensifies, its nearly closing time, the kind face of One of God’s chosen emerges,a glad smile on his face. He has to close up, its late in the evening. The weather outside is bad, wait awhile he says, then retreats to where he emerged from. Thoughtful man sighs Solomon. In a minute or two the weather will ease, as sure as sure is, the Most High God hears the prayers of this humble community.

Five minutes later, Solomon emerges into the night, the wind calm, the rain gone. He walks the street, wondering where to get a takeout. She is behind the counter, a neighbor, has a peaceful countenance. How ordinary people do small things that make a great difference. The refuge that God provides sometimes goes ignored,but it’s always there for those who actually believe, thanks.

Back to the old man, next day he is having breakfast in the kitchen, regaling another of Gods chosen with stories of old. Is it not wonderful, God never forgets those small acts of goodwill, amen. on the other side, what does He think of pure meanness.

Crime Scene International

You got to be kidding, the angels step under the cordon, the yellow and black tape, the stuff that is erected to keep the public out, while the investigators get to work. Sherlock Holmes investigates, the mystery of the missing Spirit, a member of the public, a concerned man of the Spirit, wanted an independent eye on the scene of the latest crime scene, as old Holmes was not tethered to institutional thinking and was therefore able to think outside the box.

The Spirit had been kidnapped, who else could solve the crime, only the Great Holmes. His chief rival, Moriarty, the evil hound who dogged Holmes all his life, the clear main suspect, as evil was his life work, and the chief of demons his friend. As with all major crimes, the use of outside experts is necessary, particularly, given the global damage caused by the crime, harm to the Holy Spirit.

Solomon read, the background information, the steps leading up to the crime, he watched Holmes examine the scene, focusing on the idols surrounding the scene, taking notes, perhaps making decisions on where the investigation might fruitfully have results, in the short time, and not over the centuries.

Were they plagued with expansion plans, did they accept help from inside traders, were the values watered down, did there arise demons from within. There were many threads that needed investigation. Over zealous perhaps, withholding truths, passing the buck, diverting attention at other faith groups, trying to blame individuals, there was a whole lot of work involved, and there were no easy solutions.

Across the world, the tape had been erected, the population were wearing masks, in case they were caught by the infection, it seems a disease had got into the heart of the faithful, so Holmes imagined, while planning the next phase of the work. Watson, will you get me a guitar tuner that works, Watson sighed, who could figure Holmes out.

REASON IS HOLDEN FABLE — Marlovian… re blog.. worth reading…

Geoffrey Chaucer was possibly born in 1342/43 in London, but then again, no one can be certain, and died October 25th, 1400, in London, and received the singular honour at the time, of a commoner being buried in Westminster Abbey. He was the outstanding English poet before Shakespeare, and has always been described as “the […]




Frustration, we can get through this, the stock market is falling and the traders are falling like flies, the investors are not so easily bought, and those phone calls no longer work, they have other matters on their minds, what a lot of grief, can’t pump the stock and convince someone anymore.

Religious barter, wars and indifference, there has to be a solution to all this. Well I am not willing to share, lets get a third opinion. They buy the opinion of the expert to give them the opinion they want. They know it’s all lies, but the expert gave them the nod, and his testimony is on record. At the worst, they will blame the expert, and they will try another way, determined to get their way, one way or another.

The approval of the religious gave the fanatics the licence for war. Who was going to disagree, the weight of the opinion, you’d be a fool to go against him. Solomon sighed, the replacement of the opinions that went against the trend, same as the spoiled child, who always had his will done.

Solomon sighed, men went to war, given the licence to kill, and when they needed rest, those that led them, gave them licence to pillage, enslaving women, well boys, you need to let the weapons down, go help yourself, those women can easily be replaced. This is not a diet of behaviour that can last. after a while, places became institutionalized, became places, where no spirit dared enter.

Paradise, Solomon smiled, what a dream. One, then two, then three, when we want to make it happen, we will start on the steps necessary. The world might have reversed into a cul de sac for awhile, but there wasn’t anything stopping a reversal of policy.

Jesus gave us fair warning of the efforts of those who held sway, who would try to stop all forms of change, that did not leave them in charge, he even laid out the steps. Eternal truths don’t come often, but Solomon could testify, the Spirit had arrived, and after wards, those of the other Spirit arrived, and tried to remove the inner peace, that gave the Spirit space. He had news for them, those who even dared attempt interfere with the Holy Spirit, it wasn’t forgivable to begin with, so says Jesus. Know your roots, amen.

Sea Rescue

Hold on, don’t loose your faith, help will come. How those who struggle to survive hold it together, the stress each day, the hours of labor that bear so little fruit. From afar we read these stories, some of us wonder, some of us pray, some do something extra, the needs of others push us to extra lengths that we would not ever dare to tread. Struggles, the mother sighs, she is brow beaten, her little daughter looks on, knows her mother struggles, vows to do all she can do assist as she gets older, doing housework is all she can muster now, it’s her Mother after all. She watches while those without care pass by all day, the dress, the confident eyes, how they look down on her, it’s all stored inside. We need inspiration to hold on.

The news that two young women survived a trauma that was dangerous to say the least was uplifting for many who heard the news, and it was of course fishermen who came to the rescue at the death. Solomon sighed, there are those who are under the stress of the virus, and the warnings, while those who have had the means, just read about it. Nothing knew here, the gap between the least and the most is a ravine few will ever fill in, and those with that we call real power, will read reports from experts, and act on them, those who have a bit of a conscience will, hopefully more will recognize the signs. In this time of great trauma, there is the Spirit of God, it’s pouring out across the world, hang on, put your faith in the fisherman.

Solomon encountered the Spirit that brings great gifts, heaven sent, but as with all gifts, it requires a little sharing. when you have real proof of divine intervention, there is no human force that can ever overcome it, read the pro

phets, amen.