Spying and Jeffrey Epstein

The devious minded spy, and there is no way of knowing, how many people Jeffrey helped to blackmail either, but there are national governments who used his services, amen. Sadly, before the full account came out, Jeffrey passed on mysteriously. The devious minded are not all like Jeffrey, but they do have one thing in common. Under mining the common good. Jesus too, had to endure spying. So remember the words of Jesus. Those that undermine the work of the Holy Spirit commit the unforgivable crime in God’s eyes. amen.



The shopping experience, miles away, the comments, the heart felt prayers, as forgotten as Monday is come Tuesday. Apathy hadn’t a close relation. Vanity takes over the world. My vain opinions of myself, the effort to impress, mind blowing. A Chief of the Church, clueless, the ability to communicate, absent. This does not augur well for the future of the Spirit or those he represents. It’s simple to explain; the addicted nature. The day your born, you gather the experience the way a squirrel hoards nuts, religiously.

Addicted, how can your appearance be so important, well, more than important,all there is. If a minutia of that same effort was put into Godly affairs, to think before you shop,can’t do, have to shop. Addicts. We don’t do that drug, we have been institutionalized instead. Emotionally addicted, to those you work with. The cursing, the talk, their habits become yours. Break the chain, seems impossible, they are the people I work with. Concentration camp inmates have more freedom; at least they think for themselves.

She won’t allow herself forget; she hangs onto hurt the way others hold a baby, she refuses to let go. It’s easier to deal with oneself when you have a grief; what, if I forget it, what will I do then. The meth addict loves the high too. The mention of the drug, or the hurt, the brain opens, the voice is clear. Well, if we say nothing, we have to deal with it, addiction.

Jesus enters the courtyard; what he see’s is horror. The Holy Place is a business stall. Outraged, do they know the Father at all. Outside, a man of the church organisation, sighs, when he is gone, it’s back to business, as he tries to assuage the traders. He doesn’t want to lose the commission.

2,000 years later, mercy is sought, the signs from old, point to the eternal truth. Meanwhile, storms and sudden changes have many on edge; those remote places,no one feels safe. If only they turned to God,as the prophet Isaiah wrote, and whose he, Isaiah. Just the one Jesus referred to regularly, amen. What is eternity you ask?.

Ruination of souls, what is their fate, those that allow themselves to be used….

Harm, God’s Kingdom, there are those who try every day, to destroy the spirit of all those who believe in the Most High God, it’s a daily experience. Now that the signs from on High are visible to all, matched by the efforts of many concerned souls, who daily try, to improve the lot of those most disadvantaged in their communities, so what is their fate? Tampering with the will of God, surely they didn’t think it would be allowed to continue, the inner bullying, the fear spread, so what is their fate, and are there any precedents to refer to?.

The condemned are always given a chance to improve their prospects, Jesus, and the 11th hour promise, there is time, if you amend before having to. No Father can send another to do their bidding either, yet, its written, by the prophets of old, you can assist the fate of those gone before you,by your good works, so the prophets of old said and prayed. Is there a future for those who intentionally offend God or His servants. Thinking about it, could turn your thoughts to jelly, just imagine it,the eternal power, who would dare offend it, amen.

The Fate of Those Who offend the Spirit from above…?

My God, did we do that, the frog in the throat moment, what excuse can you offer. Every time you harm another,it’s another stab at the heart that loves, another cry heard. Why in these times, is it important, to recall, the One who made it all possible. Should we ignore the warnings, or should we spin them away, the way politicians do.

Jesus was very clear on this, the room for maneuver, very limited, no deals for those who deliberately do so. Solomon was recalling the light shone from certain lives on their communities,and how corrupt men, wove schemes, to get rid of them. Apart from the Spiritual free fall, the legacy is never enchanting, it’s usually domineering by a few,what is the fate of these few, who oppress the Holy Spirit,even the games they play, using others like chess pieces, where will they go, when their time comes, Heaven is real, the signs tell us this, Solomon sighed, it can’t be a happy feeling inside,but a hollow one indeed, amen.

Refugee International Day…

Neighbors, the lesson of the refugee, fool yourself but you can never fool the Almighty, it’s inside you, same as those refugees tonight, waiting for someone to show mercy to them. If we are sincere, well, if your reputation is all that matters this does not apply to you, caring for others, demands less of the self and more of the we, it’s not important the group your in, many are misled, but your ability to have empathy is something we all need to put work into and fast. The prayers of the oppressed are heard,and with the signs from above, and we all know this, making it a safer journey for the refugee, is important. Jesus lived as a refugee too, and it’s to Him you will have to make your appeal, so if we have a chance to help the oppressed,and they are in every news story today, we can’t claim ignorance anymore, that excuse is done and dusted.

World leaders, living in five course meal and avarice company, listen to the words of old, as Spoken by Jesus Christ. Those in positions of authority, will have to account for themselves, and if Jesus spoke it, well, it’s gospel, amen.

Jesus has very harsh words for those who mislead the people and lead them astray, and while he spoke words such as these when speaking of the pharisee’s, he included those in positions of authority, as the Children of the Father, and their eventual inheritance was being endangered, as was the harvest itself, the return of the Spirit to the Father.

So, the issue has to be addressed, and it’s not for under the carpet anymore. The attempt to hide atrocities does not work either,as revelations have shown, so what are we going to do about this, how can we improve the focus, on our caring ways, that actually achieve and are not more spin stories, that is dead too, as social media has shown. Do we need a move away from nationalism to a more generous mind set. If there are those who want to be extreme when it comes to their borders,remember this, the owner of the vineyard thinks different, amen.

A more thoughtful attitude, might be helpful in so many ways, amen. The pictures in this blog, were the result of a prayer for assistance from the Most High. amen

Samples of Reality…

Real moments, so much is man made fantasy, the weekend is coming, the distant outlook, rarely today,today, well, today is just today, sampling reality. The warnings of Spirit, was it ever more starkly put, by Jesus himself. In his own town, Jesus doesn’t perform any miracles,the reason he says, the lack of faith. It’s like an electric cable,it’s able to carry the electric power, it’s tested, it’s double checked for safety,but if there is no power connection,all you can do is look at it, nothing is going to change until you power up, or in human terms, you need to have belief, and belief is only true in actions,amen.

To conclude, those who undermine the Spiritual well being, can never be of God, so don’t be surprised, if you come up with dissent, as the prophet Ezra pointed out, through discourse with the angel Ariel, faith is not as real as spoken of, and Jesus says, not everyone who calls me lord knows me, or the Father.

Samples of reality, we are given many stark reminders, some horrible to contemplate, in the prophecies of old, reminders, there is a battle of Spirit ongoing in every human heart, the odds of you overcoming this battle, is close to zero if there is no belief in you, and as said by Jesus, there has to be room for Spirit, otherwise, you are a container ship at sea, top sided with empty containers, appearing to go somewhere but going nowhere, but you still look like a ship, amen, lessons in reality, amen. Wherever you finally dock, there will still be nothing on the ship.

New Ideas

How we learn,ask a child,the past they tell you, this is what I learned. There isn’t enough money in the world, even though it can be printed night and day, the child continues, there is talk of hunger, but that is all price related too, the child knows, he goes shopping with his mother, has noticed her squirm, when she can’t afford things, leaves her depressed awhile, so the child notices, you continue to listen, as for Jesus, who really follows the words he used, the child shakes his head, example man, tell me where to find it the child asks.

Solomon sighed, in the store as he calls it, this can’t be real, the store, an emporium of chance, at least that’s the game, and a game is all it is. Those of light, and those who try to upset,the focus has to remain on the cash, others loss, the proverbial vacuum cleaner. Maybe these reminders, these emporiums, are a pointer to our addictions in general. The mind gets into a fixed state of being, what is in it for me, nothing, move on, amen. So and so won this, words spoken too loud, perhaps a number mentioned, perhaps there are those who believe in the mantra of repeat repeat,same as those taunts from Donald and co, amen.

can’t get it out of the head, where your kept most days, without ever noticing, locked in your head, and all those thoughts and ideas that camp safely in there. A crisis, your an expert at it,all those frightening blogs you read,enough to fill an encyclopedia, all in your head, and you wonder,where the new ideas come from,amen.

woe betide the treatment awaiting those, who try to harm the inner well being of anyone,amen.

Memories and coping with pain….

This is not about domestic violence, thankfully, awareness grows by the hour, and the consequences, felt by those who care, just an aside, no prophet ever advised violence when in a teaching room or home either, no where in fact, in case your a victim or perpetrator. If the emotions are too much,seek help, there is great help everywhere now, don’t allow those who hold you prisoner, emotionally,financially or otherwise, get the better of you, since fear is so overwhelming, when you’ve been a victim of it. Rejoice, the signs from above, from Heaven, are everywhere, look up, that tyrant you’ve been living with, is about to get a reminder, amen.

So back to memories; your living in great pain,it hurts almost to breathe, can hardly move the limbs, and when they ache, its worse than a migraine, believe it or not, there is help, oh yeah, well,if your reading this still, you are seeking a remedy, or perhaps, your truly, ALTRUISTIC, you want to pass on good advice to those who suffer, always worth doing, considering the blessings that flow from acts of compassion. So back to pain,golly, this ache is getting worse, so your still reading, how am I going to deal with this, simply. Pain, is the now feeling, love is the eternal feeling, and love helps us endure, first step,amen.

My Struggle

Empty, fear filled, the phone rings, her heart is thrilled, a friend, someone to listen to, thank you God she pleads, her anxieties answered, correctly,for once. She has been trying to get rid of the impostor for a week, she’s a vulnerable young woman, her social skills, under developed. Too young, too young, she didn’t learn the way she ought. The void, it has to be filled, it’s not a song either, this is real. What’s in it for me, the thought never entered her heart, not once. I have to get dressed, her mood is totally different from moments before. She no longer feels alone. I gave so much for you, she looks at the ceiling, where were you, she is talking to her imaginary God, she ends the thought.

An unsteady hand applies lipstick, it’s crayon on the face,as a child would do, smeared. The panda bear mascara gives her a comic Gothic look. The walk is unsteady, the nerves in her feet, altered, too much alcohol, but she is trying to deal with it. She has the ability to overcome it,but like all traumatized souls, she needs a little help. Her head held high, she is going to do it.

The grey shows through the hair, she can’t afford a full hair do, and the dye she applies when she is able, is not always, fully applied, but she tries.

Solomon sighed, it was the remembrance day of a friend or two, those you meet along the way. Those in between moments, the gap as they call it, it’s the same with the movies, the story develops, incidents. She always set aside time for others more vulnerable than herself, and everyone who knew her, knew that too, they will come to help, they are great on human rights, well, so they tell their pals, and their opinions, they consider important, same as the mirror they stare into each morning.

My struggle he said, what struggle, brought back to life, more escapes than Houdini, at least the demons he encountered had been dealt with, and with a prayer, he could send them into a spin,same as the light from above, wisdom, you got to love her. How we get through life, without having to take advantage of another, a very difficult exercise.

Jesus called out hypocrisy, regularly, would there be any faith left he asked, when the great return occurred. Well.

Men in Black

Guardians by film, guardians by day, guardians by night, aware all the time, no support from a wife, aware of stern rules, has seen them implemented, the men in black have much to deal with. Parents busy, children farmed out, weekends precious, time limited, but the struggle never ends. Outside influences, so many no parent alone can deal fully with it,while planners plan for the free fall of society and living arrangements. Only Spiritual time will fix the overall issue, the look within, how do you want your life to be recognized.

Demons in many forms, age irrelevant, the demon spirit can rise the most ugly thoughts, they can farm all those hateful thoughts that you store in your head. We are warned. The men in black, meet the harm out there, the spite filled soul, those that envy, the greedy, those just bad, the men in black deal with it daily.

Humane thinking required, the stress that is evident in everyday life, apart from the arrival of the virus. Married man loves his wife, but there is a neighbor who is difficult, he tries the gentle approach, visits and calms. The Men in black do the very same daily. Some say, they need that inner support that intimacy provides. But the rules are against them, while those who understand the plight of the men in black, simply follow the rules, amen.