Young Turk

Hair greased, slicked back, he is not attitude, he does not recognize authority, not of the human kind, his goal is heavenly, has seen his home village destroyed, the pain and trauma, the cheap words of world leaders, after every atrocity,  they have been saying the same thing for years, pass the book, let the next set of leaders take the chance, see how long will they last, meanwhile plan for retirement, and a comfy living, while observing the harm, from all their inaction. Did Jesus say the same, words are great, prayers too, but without love in actions to support, what were you anyway, an empty vessel, a lot of noise and nothing else, as for those long winded applauded speeches, just yellow paper now, faded as the dreams were, the hopes raised that never flew. The Young Turk does not intend to suffer that fate. He is patient, he intends no harm, and will do his thing, he does not want to loose the heavenly connections, that is what has been happening, these last fifty years. The Young Turk has ideas of his own, prays it straight, and when he does, the help always arrives, no fool him.

So many refugees on the move, so many trying to find a home, clean water, it used to be all over the place, why did we have to pour poison into the water; well, the child in rags playing in the rubble, forever hopeful. Solomon sighed, may the schemes of extremism and those who plan such things, implode of the extremists, amen. can’t we just accept we are different at times, amen.

Solomon sighed, he told the health professional a few details of Life in the Spirit, the struggle between the material and eternal life. Well, it’s not easy being a believer sometimes; it puts an onus on you.


Our Influence

Boy soldier, gun belt around his chest, stolen from his childhood, wasn’t his choice, forced into the roll, does experience do this to us, what we expose our children to, surely, good or bad. The media frenzy, the next outrage, the reinforced emotions, no thought given, just pushing the inner buttons, few can stop this juggernaut of influence, well, Solomon smiled, they haven’t seen what he had, they might be of a very different opinion, it was from Heaven, the seal of approval from above, not from man. Well, the guardians of the earth were more concerned with their reputation rather than what they ought to focus on.

The boy soldiers, so many of them, the cry of the concerned, they are only children, we have to help them. At home, the young boy does not understand; he didn’t volunteer for what he did, it was the influence all around him, the violence he saw, we didn’t go looking for it. Frightened, he does not know where to turn, he feels the hatred. If he had used a machete and cut women and children to pieces in a far off war zone, the same souls would throw their arms around him, and give comfort for what he had to endure, imagine sighed Solomon, this is what happens in real life, had they not seen the signs,. Amen. he was given them the needle, and it was meant to twist, it was not an accident of fate, it was intentional, listen if you have ears, fast, there has been so much time lost, while the usual suspects try to justify themselves. The subtleties, the slight changes, demons are tricky, and they try every way to get into the soul, grab it and steal it. Solomon had a needle full of great surprises waiting for them; he was the sheriff with the loaded pistol while they played games, seriously. Of course those addicted to the material were no different to a heroin addict; they don’t share their stash either. Solomon was wondering when they would wake fully. The 11th hour offer was a fairly generous gesture by Jesus; you are never too late when your repentance is real.

The days of light, the wonders of divine intervention, Every time they even attempted to interfere, the reply was swift; the time lag was in sync, just put it in words, amen.

Boy Buys Gun

You can’t be serious, paying fifty dollars for that; you can only get off a hundred rounds per second, a MP987 will do twice that. The boy sighs; you want to protect your family don’t you, the other kid nods, I’m listening his look says, give me more. Automatic cleaning and can run for three hours without heating up, which means you could hold off the army for at least three hours. Other kid does the math, for 24/7 cover, you’d need, he stops. I’ll take two he says. The other kid gives him two tokens, the game is on, it’s called boy buys Gun. In the old days, they played with toy pieces, men with rifles, plastic, games. Years later, they are watching the drama, when boys buy guns.

where do all those ideas come from, but who needs a rapid firing weapon; those in war zones I guess.


woman cries stop,

man has a little too much,

man persists gets his way,

child next door wakes,

memories that wont fade,

outcome is bad for all,

God Most High says so,

know the reason why,

children the future seeds,

how are they,

mind being numbed.

emotionally undermined,

evil on the run,

abyss open is opened,

plenty of room,

more moving in,

what will be done,

to change experiences,



wake up

wake, daylight, alarm clock beeps, roll out, bathroom, medication feast, vitamin breakfast, make up, run, work rules, boss fumes, waiting there, on time today, conference call, targets to keep, lunchtime my time, panic over, check the network, back to base, nothing doing, same sweep, repeat week after week, holiday season joy, another date with the calender, home before eight, then sleep, day begins, same thing again, dream keeps coming, another day, repeat after repeat, manual worker, sudden meeting, stunned silence, were moving, spin doctor smiles, wages cheaper, we’ll skill you later, rhythm gone, sheep forgotten, dazed and confused, just used, you wonder within, is this life, or story of Detroit, many places left floundering, while boss moves on, money has no loyalty, wake up, before it’s your turn. Jesus came, to change the rules, not to observe them, amen

Conflict Homes

Mothers seek comfort zones away from their conflict homes,

shelter for their dreams their children and love,

many in a hurry with no place to go,

they accept the advice of strangers hoping

 often into conflict zones for they are never know

the evil one has a network that works on every shore,

he’s also a believer well that is what were told,

along the streets of great cities you’ll meet conflict mothers,

who have arrived on your doors  no place else to go,

they put up with whatever feeds  gives them hope and more,

often it’s another brothel in Paris  or a boutique in Amsterdam,

 at least in these prison cells they only deal with one man,

the oldest profession in the world they say

the oldest confession in the world I say,

such truths are poured out the way the beer flows all night,

in these new found comfort homes time to change the mindset

and perhaps use a little insight,

or do we really want to remember the old days in Pompeii.

God Most High has been spotted in the sky,

just pointing to the old truth,

not the one about the oldest profession or that arrogant confession,

but you understand fully what I mean,