Today is: National Sewing Machine Day — Rethinking Life


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The Indians noticed first, the water didn’t taste the same, wasn’t sweet water, left a bitter taste. The traced it to the white man, the promises and the lies, they said they would preserve the Indian nations,

They lied at every turn. They are killing us, the young chief said, his father having grown old, with their treachery and lies. Our people are sick, children get ill, the same happened when Cortes landed on the America’s, brought so much disease, so many died. A repeating performance despite all the assurance, the same set of lies, the same set of assurances, the story is told over and over.

The modern day lie, the half truths and malicious lies they pour into concerned heads, harming the Great Spirit, again and again. The voices cry out, Dear Father can’t you act to stop this. The prayers are heard, the tactics revealed, the same Topsy turvy efforts to unhinge, Solomon sighed, it will be solved soon, amen.

The light from Heaven is nothing short of a warning, and our continued efforts of pollution, lessen our chances.

Quadrupani on Fear and Doubt — SaintlySages.. re blog…whom should you fear…


Fear and doubt are two of the most unwelcome denizens that regularly plague the human soul. Padre Quadrupani, drawing upon the wisdom of the saints, gives this advice on how to cope with these afflictions: “Far from allowing yourself to be dejected by fear and doubt, raise your desires rather to great virtues and to […]

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A Great light in the world

Be like the Father that loves you, not like the hate that consumes you, Isaiah heard the voice of God, and Jesus announced his mission with words from the same prophet. Voices today call out for revenge, fault finding, popular opinion, the loud applause, while streets burn, others join in, the politically correct, this is an opportunity to increase our support numbers, getting into this hate is good for us, our ratings can only increase. Using the suffering of others, to justify what, if there is a cause that hurts, why the silence on the hundreds of millions of children with access to the adult web, why the silence from so many caring minds. God judges everyone fairly, and Jesus tells us to endure, for a great victory awaits all those, faithful to the end.

The corona virus, while a threat to mankind ,was also the firebreak in a crazy world that was deluding itself. The extinction of nature, the end off all mankind, while fools vow for the attention of others, with nothing more than power on their minds. Solomon saw the cloud and so much more, his prayers like Isaiah, heard. If we don’t seize this moment in time to amend our lives, re direct our lives, we will have an eternity to regret it, amen.

post virus news

The mirror smiles, the lack of anxiety, the markets tremor, the consumers slow, we can recycle, we don’t need to shop all day, how did we get here, what is clean water, why do we need to slow, what about mother nature, getting better we hope, while world leaders are getting a wake up call, we haven’t had this before.

Solomon sighed, they should read about the prophet Isaiah, his words so true.

Racism in the Year 2020

it’s a wide area, it finds roots in so many places, and has undermined so many lives, it’s not just an issue of color, it’s a form of caste system, how some look down on others, on account of differences, that have no plausible standing. May those committed to social justice, not get caught up on one issue, but examine the greater picture. We arrived at this point in time, where the cry is loud, as Leonard Cohen would say, we need new hearts. Perhaps the corona virus is the opportunity to rethink our lives and reason for being. It’ s too easy for those who hurt to get caught up in all sorts of causes, when the Greatest of Causes, the uplifting of the Holy Spirit, will bring about the inner changes needed for long term change. God can’t live in a heart that hates, or filled with violence.