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What Is A Mother? — Unashamed of Jesus

What is a Mother? A mother to me is core and center of a family. Without the mother there would be no life, as only a womb and the love of a special woman can bring life into existence. As a Father I cant provide all the essential things that a Mother could. I cant […]

What Is A Mother? — Unashamed of Jesus

Penalties for Those who interfere with the well being of the Holy Spirit, according to the apostles, and Jesus himself…….

Jesus turned to the fig tree, it’s fruit was bitter, he cursed the bush that produced the fruit.The very next day, the apostles are passing by the bush, now withered and dead, and wondered, the power in Jesus and His words. Esdras prayed for his people when he realized, the trouble they had landed themselves in. While Jesus even named the demons he encountered, not to familiarize us, but to put in words, the stark identity of demons, amen.

Solomon reread the old words, those he had written himself. He told the old monk of the experiences, even though he knew they watched, he wanted them to be reminded; that the Holy Spirit had come, amen. When God passes out blessings, changes usually follow, when blessings are ignored, that also goes on record, as when the books are opened.

So are you a child of the devil or a child of God. Do you bring light into the world, amen.


What a concoction, strained misled tired old folks, struggling to pay for healthcare, which is free in most places across the globe, why you ask, we need money, who doesn’t, but health care too, prisons, tax breaks for building them, is there anything you can’t sell, genes perhaps, add in the poor people, of all color, those that want to argue too, a few white love themselves only types, fans of adult Hitler too, led by a cartoon man who knows how to caress the imagination, and has lots of money and supporters he enjoys to tease, and you wonder what happened to the United States, loopers.

Al Capone got lots of fame too, was a charitable contributor too, paid not enough tax, sounds familiar, loopers. The media of course, used every crime or act of Alphonse to sell the papers,while reminding those with little or no prospects,that life is not over, you can be an Alphonse too, and your name will be in the papers too, and we wonder where it all came from, and guess who explains it all, the same papers that helped create the monsters. Jesus would have proper words for them, has, the seeds you sow, the crop you reap, usually your own doing, amen.

ESDRAS and Today….

Those with no time for matters of God, those with an interest in current times, those who have their children in mind, might we wise, to examine for themselves, the words of the old testament prophet, who warned of times such as these. Esdras is not mentioned too often, Ezekiel another name used in reference to Esdras,gives a clear description of the end of times as we know it, and reminds all of true faith, to hold firm to the end, as the people of God will survive the catastrophes predicted by Esdras,as explained to him, by the angel,Ariel.

The decadent lifestyle does not get much of an applause, and those who exploit the earth,fare as badly. Given the super natural signs from above evidenced by numbers,and patterns, apart from recent scientific discoveries, that have put the word, God’s atom on many scientific minds, an anathema to those who are non believers, sadly, but recent discoveries, the hidden land made visible, the confused times,chaotic leaders, makes Esdras a very soothing read for those putting effort and time, into events eternal,amen.

Have you noticed the babbling leaders lately, the nonsense coming out of so many TV voices, well, maybe you should begin to notice, as the angel says to the prophet;

Those who are rich spiritually, have eternity to look forward to,amen.

Men in Black

Guardians by film, guardians by day, guardians by night, aware all the time, no support from a wife, aware of stern rules, has seen them implemented, the men in black have much to deal with. Parents busy, children farmed out, weekends precious, time limited, but the struggle never ends. Outside influences, so many no parent alone can deal fully with it,while planners plan for the free fall of society and living arrangements. Only Spiritual time will fix the overall issue, the look within, how do you want your life to be recognized.

Demons in many forms, age irrelevant, the demon spirit can rise the most ugly thoughts, they can farm all those hateful thoughts that you store in your head. We are warned. The men in black, meet the harm out there, the spite filled soul, those that envy, the greedy, those just bad, the men in black deal with it daily.

Humane thinking required, the stress that is evident in everyday life, apart from the arrival of the virus. Married man loves his wife, but there is a neighbor who is difficult, he tries the gentle approach, visits and calms. The Men in black do the very same daily. Some say, they need that inner support that intimacy provides. But the rules are against them, while those who understand the plight of the men in black, simply follow the rules, amen.

Stop, Donald has some words for us….wait…

It used to be film stars, or those who were great humanitarians, or great philanthropists, that held our attention, times have changed. So while in Rome,they argue who will be the next leader, will it be male,female, color, republican,democrat, while the rest of the world is working through change, that even the child in Montessori understands is necessary. Is it like joining a cult these days, when getting into politics.

There are only signs from Heaven appearing, a very tardy matter,considering the time it has taken,for the Eternal Spirit of God Most High, to find space again, in some human hearts. I suppose it’s better to focus on who is taking out the garbage, rather than wonder about, where it’s all going. On the side,it’s rumored, everything from nuclear waste to everything toxic, has already been dumped into our great oceans, wait, Donald is getting a new toupee,

a journalist from ABC and NBC, rush to the outfitter doing the hair piece bit. A thousand cameras are on the pavement outside, meanwhile, those with hair issues are forming a cue, since they want to support their boss, not that the boss will share an iota with them….wait…

there will be a party afterwards, wait, it’ll have half price if you arrive six hour early, and of course lots of blonds, and a speech from, wait….did they arrest that lawyer yet…wait…

Over in china, a farmer works his fields, he hasn’t time for network news, and since Donald has framed it all, the news that is, as fake, now the same networks that got Donald over the line with all the free advertising they gave him, are now searching for news hooks to keep their audience, it seems their public believes all the fake news announcements. Beaumarchais must be laughing in Heaven, amen,same trick works twice.

Ann Quin’s novel Passages collapses hierarchies of center and margin — Biblioklept

Ann Quin’s third novel Passages (1969) ostensibly tells the story of an unnamed woman and unnamed man traveling through an unnamed country in search of the woman’s brother, who may or may not be dead. The adverb ostensibly is necessary in the previous sentence, because Passages does not actually tell that story—or it rather tells that […]

Ann Quin’s novel Passages collapses hierarchies of center and margin — Biblioklept

So alone, so you think…

She lies in the back of the ambulance, aged lady, breathing into a mask, lucky to have breath, the tank is needed elsewhere, the oxygen, the mask is removed from her mouth, her difficulty is obvious, her need dire, more she breathes, doing all she can, please, have you got insurance dear, money at a time such as this, she has prayers in Heaven, it calms her for a moment,she looks at the seller of the much needed oxygen, he wants ten times the price. A business opportunity, who doesn’t try to take advantage of the vulnerable, many do, think your alone, how much is a bread ration during a famine, stuff you never think of, until your stuck. You are not alone.

He can’t use his legs but his mind is alert, I will pour my thoughts into the world, it only requires thinking about it. He finds strength. Those around him feel lethargic, while he is alive, how is it possible. Jesus told the world, you are not alone ever; there are demons, Jesus even named some of them, putting his mark on them for us. There are angels as every child knows. Do we find it difficult as we get older to believe, or do we need a crisis to encourage us,amen.

How much is off shore, and why has it been allowed for so long, you are not alone, I can promise you that much, amen.