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Bob Dylan – Gotta Serve Somebody — PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture



This single won the Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Male in 1979. Dylan performed the song at that same ceremony. Slow Train Coming was Bob Dylan’s first release since becoming a born-again Christian. What a way to start it out… I’ve always liked this song and this part of his career. It […]

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You Can’t Fake Love…..

Buy the house, the car, the dress, the loyalty, but you will never buy His Love. Solomon imagined the butterfly over the amazon, twittering it’s so delicate wings, it’s legs so fine, yet able to land on a light bulb, and sit there, without melting, or harming itself, cause it knew nothing could harm it. Imagine putting your finger on a lit bulb, your skin would melt fast, yet the most fragile insect or fly can land on anything it wants to, hot or cold, and remain unharmed. Faith, the insects knew they had nothing to worry about. Solomon read about the story of old, the power of Holy Spirit, and imagined God and the Demon playing a game of chess, the one piece that was to remain unharmed, a certain humble pawn. the outcome of the result, you can imagine, loving peace or total tyranny. Faith is that Pawn, and when it carries the Spirit of God within, the pawn, same as that butterfly, can do anything, that is according to the will of God, imagine if the pawn knew it’s immortal destiny, imagine the consequence for the rest of the game, tantalizing. But pawns, like ordinary people, are never allowed to feel powerful, they are taunted, put in fear, made to feel weak, just imagine it, if the pawn had a little education…..

Solomon sighed, you can’t fool God, as for the rest of us, lets dream on. Love that is divine, lasts for ever. So Jesus came along, and gave us an example, of the power of that pawn…

28 Motives to Love Jesus! #1 — The Whole Armour Of God


28 Motives to Love Jesus! (Thomas Doolittle, “Love to Christ Necessary to Escape the Curse at His Coming!” 1693) #1. Can you find a more EXCELLENT OBJECT for your love, than Jesus? If you search through the whole creation, could you find any like Him? Are riches, honors, pleasures, or other relationships comparable to […]

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ABOUT THOSE SOFT PRETZELS – Marilyn Armstrong — Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth.. re blog, it’s never too late to cook….


This recipe turns up the kind of warm, soft pretzels you pay big bucks for at the mall. My biggest problem with them is getting them formed into a real pretzel shape. However, you can also twist them and that’s a lot easier. Or, you can cut them into smaller pieces and make them “pretzel […]

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Together We Stand – Anthology Cover Reveal — Didi Oviatt


Originally posted on SEELKs fire & ice: Hello and welcome! I am happy to be part of the cover reveal event. Together We Stand Anthology – Great stories for a great cause coming your way soon. For now here is the cover! TA DA Genre: Multi-Genre Romance for Charity Release Date: August 1st, 2020 Cover…

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My Idols

It’s such a recurring theme, Idols, we stop at a poster, we look up, wish it could be me the young say, wish you had more experience the wise say, Solomon read the old books, the theme of Idols was a constant theme, going back thousands of years, Moses, Solomon, Isaiah, Jesus too, Islam too, all of them in fact, mention the worship of Idols, and its’ still the case today; a TV program elects a president, the habits that are killing us, none of them, coming from the mouths of the prophets. Solomon sighed; there was a sense of wonder all about, the hearts of many were opening in a  way unthinkable a few years before; it was as if the Eureka moment had arrived, as if to say, it’s all true, God exists, glory be.

Imagine the space inside you, the Space where you create the space for the loving Spirit to dwell, horror to those doused in vanity perhaps, but manna to those who believe, the living words, how wonderful to assume, without doubts, that all those ancient stuff that many wanted to pour cold water on while they exploited others, was real, what a massive headache and clean up ahead. How could God be expected to compete with idol worship, it didn’t require a science or math degree to figure this one out.

Put your Trust in God, and may your actions express that trust. Amen.

A Thousand Miles of History XXXXVI: Somewhere Old, Something New… — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo


Instead of driving to the Red Lion as is our ‘tradition’ when coming back from these research trips via Avebury, we decided, for a change, to stop at the pub on the outskirts of the great monument. There was no reason for this particularly, we just thought that we should. And anyway, there is a […]

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Donald and the Mask of Zorro

He don’t wear the mask, millions are getting ill, leaders are supposed to be humble, the great ones are, even to give good example. Lets be grown up, is the world full of people, who claim a relationship with God, while hanging onto the material interests as if their life is depended on it. Maybe, this is a lesson in real faith; many express the words, but how many live the words, very few. Solomon sighed, we learn every day; unblock the ears, open the eyes, amen.