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Faith Matters

Jesus, is a shield, the audience listen intently. No voices trying to take over, or catch the mind, his words, are like walls, when you listen, they don’t try to overcome you, and when you apply them you get access to more freedoms. It’s a shield he repeats. The mind is bothered, you can’t escape, the phone rings, that voice you don’t like, the anxiety, that threat, fear, that stuff, listen he says out loud, think Jesus, the words act like a shield, they are like ducks on the water, see how he sits on the freezing water but does not freeze, think, who keeps the bird warm how is it possible, you’d not survive if you tried it yourself. the words of Jesus, change the meaning, they provide, shelter, the worry stops, you got a big provider, it’s continuous, it works, hold to your faith, it’s a shield, it wont be penetrated, amen.

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How do we break the code, what is it, the experts, it’s not human, it’s a faith system they linked to their God. No signal, can’t get a reception, the usual connections don’t apply, the requests flow to far off places.

Solomon watched the signs, so many, the stories of old, living words, it was daily, how you interpreted them, moving words not slogans, amen.


Peace on Earth

Angels, heavenly bodies, great changes, revelations, signs, prophetic verse, the promise of help, the Holy Spirit, miracles, great expectations, the holy names, the voices at night, the wonders, daily reminders, peace in places, trouble elsewhere, where is there peace on earth?.

The prophets smile, those words of old, made real, have no doubts, this is not backed up, why the war calls, when the truth is out, to be in that book, the imaginary threat, what, when The power exists on high, it means, peace on earth, the natural destination, figure it out, amen.


I found peace. The neighbor smiles at the fence. The claim is over, my space. The ire that was there, each time they saw each other, the old stiff, what your grandfather did to mine, the old history, they can’t hide their wounds, time and space. The world super power, the thorn at the border, what if it was happening elsewhere, this is nuclear territory, this is not funny either. Can you imagine it. There has to be a resolution, what is the next six months, angst and distraction, the environment needs attention. A short term fix, sighs the Prophet while the people get to understand themselves, a buffer zone, twenty miles either side, and why not, the notion of containment, does this mindset need to find spaces across the earth. Imagine the Great U.S., guns at every residence, what if the agitators got a wind up there, the outcome, more disastrous than a Stephen king outline.

The peace is agreed, of course there are difficulties. But the emotions go back generations. It’s important to be part of, but what you hate, is something you don’t pass on, you fix it, why.

Freud at his office, years before. The early start is good, how it erodes past hates. These nationalistic types, do they recall, there is one world, not theirs, amen.

2090 ..The Cold Atlantic, the late hours…

Darkness everywhere, the sound of sliding, in the distance, a mild groan, too loud to be a groan, more like a moan, yes, that sickly aah, as if to say, will there be more of this. The intrusion of noise, the rustle of the ice, shards here and there, where did I put it, there is a lamp, He puts his hand on the cold steel, the thin rim, he takes it gently, the lilt, tells him, there is oil in it. It’s original waking up in the dark, not waiting for the stars to guide you, as in, that was before the smog took over. Ah, a row of tin cans fall off a shelf, and drop, dun dun dun, at a time, landing on his head. Who would believe it, a polar bear eating tinned salmon, while drifting on his personal Ice bar, that was being oared to the sunny south, by a team of speculators that had driven the oil fields to such excess, they exhausted Mother Earth, and left her on life support for over a year. Pull, he shouts from inside the tent igloo, more before I eat you, he holds his humor, there is an I phone in his hand and he is relaying the scene to a collection of penguins awaiting news of his trip. Watch this he says, he points the camera out of the entrance, aims it at the “slaves”, who are harnessed up to a small boat, that is pulling the ice canoe south, at their masters instructions. A loud giggle from east of the arctic, as a bunch of penguins get a boost, “they are working for us now!”…

On the ice sheet, there are other igloo tents, the escaping polar bears, had managed, months before, to raid a ship, a cruise ship full of high rollers, who they heard basting, about their obscene wealth, and the fact, that they could avoid all trouble on land if they spent all their time at sea. It seemed like a good plan, until the oceans themself became damaged. After a month going through the inventory, it had been a cold and hungry winter, and the thought of leaving all that nice food on a cruise ship, while, well a break from fishing, so this is what they do with it, tasty at the beginning, they ate this very rich food, until they decided, that the old diet was what kept them healthy, so , they decided to not waste time, if there is no wind, they can pull the boat, seemingly, a polar bear saw an old Viking film, men at the oars, where would you find a ready supply of them, well, as with the phone box to the mobile phone, everything changes.

The sun is up, Polar King, with his wide rimmed glasses, is sitting outside his tent, sweet ice water in hand, he is calling to his other pals, to come over, time to have a time test, see what the slaves can do in an hour, under pressure, just in case, there are storms, and more mettle is needed. Polar bears don’t waste anything, anything.

Three bears outside the tent with Polar King, , where to asks the King. How about a race around the Green Coast of Ireland, the water is fresh and there is good wave at this time. So a round the Island of Ireland there is a race, polar bear led ice bergs, propelled by oar work, well, that’;s how they describe it on Polar Bear TV, sounds more correct, easier on the imagination, no so cruel either.

Three years later, there are four polar bergs on the round the Island Experience, while the Polar bear community has settled in some of the finest harbours in western Europe, who’d believe it.

“if I thought illegal dumping would lead to this.. he thinks, the oar droops, the polar bear oar captain shouts, that’s water out there…

The extended family..

It’s working, the bills are paid, the family are getting older, time to make homes for themselves, soul in soul out, the new members joining, how will we all get on.

The war hawks, glad for any conflict, it pays the bills, a new business in town, more to visit, more anxiety, more weapons to sell, the last minute thing, well, word is, with proofs, there are signs, and they are not from us, the intelligence chiefs look at each other, a threat like this, they never bargained on Jesus, and the truth of the Gospels, heady stuff, what plan can take care of that.

Draw the picture, a version of expansion where there is no where to expand to. It does not work. The family unit, or community, people united, common purpose, the core thought, peace, let the wars of old never be allowed to find roots again.

The disunity, there are those who are extreme, forcing their opinion, violently too, the means of war, false news, the tactic, turning people against each other, well, they know the history, it’s easy find someone to argue with, poison is easy to express.

The suitor is introduced, father does the checking, who is this, what are the past, what are your backgrounds, politically speaking, it’s easy to stretch yourself, people are known for going too fast.

Take your time, the voice says.

The Impostor

The pied piper, the tune sweet, always enriching, something original, they catch the cloud. The light thoughts bring light and light opens up the opportunities. The study of the man, reveals more, they follow the piper, who knows the tune, the crowd is bigger, or the changes become more obvious, others decide to sneak into the group, there is capital in this, or a drifting soul needs rest, overhears them plotting or learning, it’s for good purpose, joins the other group, safety in numbers, easier to hide among the wolves, so the story goes, the impostor, learns, the impostor finds rest, when the impostor becomes the “real thing”, the impostor then tells the story, of how he or she made it, and explains the story, of the great troubles, the “Spirit” had in holding it together, while informing the world, of the lesser ones, who tried to claim ownership of it all, amen.

Solomon sighed, Saul was on the road, Damascus, the blinding light, the voice of the Almighty, why are you doing this, Paul is now Saul, he turns it around, and starts doing the real work, it was just a case of direction, amen.

The foreigner arrives, the air of suspicion, one of us, or, is he like those who betrayed us before. It takes awhile for the trust to be earned, and then he becomes a better version of those he chose to be like; a real conversion, from outsider to the inside, amen. Judging, be wise, amen.

The Book of The Living Heart…

Interesting concept, idea, enterprise, the thoughts, why do you recall a dear auntie or friend, what was it that they did to you, the door opens, there might be tension in the household, the new arrival, the mood changes, a space arrives in others words, there is lightness, as in the feeling of the living heart, possibilities, the door bell rings, the mother sighs, the visitor, just when she needed company, there are many ways to rouse the loving heart. You don’t burst in the door and feel assaulted internally, am I doing it right, how about the regulations, tension, none of that stuff lives in the loving heart, it’s quite the opposite, there is light everywhere, where do you begin to show it.

I have to feel good, how else can I live happily. The struggle of the impossible quest; Jesus in the name of people arrive, happy types, this is not the doom of the narcissist in charge, regulations, which ones did I break today, what are the consequences, the teacher in the class, all pupils know the difference, they understand, and are easy to approach, friends in other words, not superiors.

Solomon sighed, why the notion of the Living Heart, or your internal book of the living, those happy thoughts that are a safe passage when in doubt, why. In short, imagine an AD campaign, a repeated slogan, that gets’ into the head, the use of words that are banned, because they cause unease, who wants to be recalled on account of all the kind things they are associated with, a silly thought, childish to many, but as you age or go the distance, you discover, that, that approach of wonder, is the one expected of you, when you encounter the divine, worth thinking of, the impression you make on others, well, imagine the believing soul, arrives at the station for transfer to the next resting place, the official, call him saint Peter or Saint John, they read the soul, see the influences on your life, and when it happens at a time, when the Gospels are not in doubt, how calming the feeling, to be considered, of good opinion, in the heart that matters, all of them, amen.

Later, she is feeling up to reading, her interest sparked, the words, she wants to explain her life, she has abilities, there is much she needs to announce, but she is tied, has relations, family, the expectations of others to consider, quite a lot of complications. what does she need. The old story, the struggle, those that got through their difficulties, and those that live in their difficulties, which others won’t allow her to escape, imagine Saint Brigid, it’s not how you start that matters, more how you dealt with it.

It’s my island and I’ll do what I want with it?

Sounded good when you didn’t have to account, her life with him was an Island, and she a prisoner thereof. You’ll behave like this the wave machine was set in place, he gave the order wanted to see, that look on her face, she’ll fall into my trust and will be my whip, I’ll tell her the consequence if she dare not, my children children that emotion that is forever, that’s the impression dear of your disorder,. the visitors limited they appeal to her senses, like a princess cut off but with unlimited resources, she thinks they think they agree she releases, that’s my Island, then it all changed.

The boats arrived, the cargo human, led in chains, they dismounted slowly, amazed, where are we the look in their eye, a mixture of hope their childish faith hard to undertand, were these the great whites they were told to understand, written in all cultures, the story of salvation told over generations, one day there will be a great return, was that a mixture for interpretation or was it, let me explain said the chief to the youth that did not understand, the meaning of a title or the length of a rein.

Her age is not a secret she holds it in, how ungracious she thought after all she has done, to put that thought into the eternal fold, how your time is used against you as you get old…

Solomon sighed, it was the end of winter as per the calendar, the hope, was real, and the changes hard to understand, no times like these, he thought of those off shore havens, how limiting they are, they store up resources for the well being of all, well, why would you do the darnest thing said Jimmy Stewart in that western movie, he is leading the trouble back into their pen, he being, Jimmy, the god fearing type, could not understand, so Solomon imagined, the signs appear, that’s that, the revelations occur, that’s that corner done, the alignment of the stars, another peg in the ground, the argument for religious wars, undone, amen.

For the angry. imagine Mother Nature, and her charges, the creatures of the entire earth, complaints, she has heard them all, a break, tell her something positive instead, amen.

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The Quiet Room — Studenterpræsterne i Aarhus. AU, VIA & Navitas

The Womb

On the run, space, they are on high pursuit, she is tiring, ducks into a shed, holds her breath, no fear, no fear, they can smell that, the hounds pass by, she waits, waits, the space she found, in the womb, Overnight, I’ll over night. The morning, peace calm, she is relaxing, has not had that feeling in ages, a weight off her back, she decides to wait longer, the peace. The day follows into night, more peace, no one seeking from her, finally, finally, I have time to think.

He is in his office, his warden of horror at his side, where is she he demands. He has sold his soul, it seemed like a good idea, he inherited an army of undesirables. The only way he can survive is too keep them busy, pursuing the angels, the divine sentinels. A button is pressed, in walks a clique version of a look alike diva of another age.

In a harsh voice that is belying her looks,

“no signal, no signal, we can’t access her Sir!”

In the womb she is at peace, no harm can touch her, Christ Jesus, thank you, amen. She looks about for a distraction, she is regaining her strength, the mental abilities she needs to defend herself and others, from the thought police, those that insert into heads all sorts of vile thoughts, based on an algorithm, devised by a deranged drug riddled genius of old who is now quarter dead.

This is a sanctuary she says.

Back in the office, his head steaming, the thoughts waiting to plunge into a life, those in his head, he summons the slave.

Well, any signal yet

In other places, the walls are falling. While she is free they have no protection from the One above. It’s now a permanent condition.

Is the space ship ready he asks!

Solomon sighed. The struggle, the thought might have been ironic, but on this day, when the effort was made to eliminate the earth of it’s Jewishness, a day that is down in history, the worst of efforts to machine the human to death, and the dependency now on the machine, who’d believe the savior would come and deliver God’s people, amen.