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judging others makes you feel bad, since you will get a reminder, not long after,of the error you made in judging , doesn’t it always happen that way. An attorney wants to get his man or woman, adds to the evidence, has been doing it for years, gets others to bear false witness, then spends a lot of time worrying,where to hide it, the hate crime committed. White man and the dark man, well, the white man, he is superior, ask the hurricane, Bob Dylan, the man they imprisoned falsely, and then the effort to cover up, and the reverse ever since. Those that removed righteous men, aided the assassinations, those that planned strategies, that removed governments, in the name of what, patriotic duty, doing the unmentionable, then appeased, with the a medal, that is supposed to assuage them,feel good stuff, was it worth it. Those that spied and undermined the truly righteous,who are de facto servants of God, we were doing our duty, to whom you ask?

A hungry man comes in off the street, a friend offers to buy him a soup. They sit, the good Samaritan does not place himself above the so called lesser man, but the thrill he gets, his reward, the smile on the hungry mans face. Feels good doing good,amen. Doing bad, you spend your life trying to escape the guilt, for short term gain, and then the prospect of eternal judgment, only adds to the woes,amen. Rightfully so, AS Jesus says, who is last now will be first when the time comes.

Picture the spoon of soup, the full mouthful, the expression of gratitude, that is worth far more than the bland thanks of one who does not care, no matter who they are,amen.Faith without deeds is worthless, amen.


Sleepless night, twist all night, no rest, awake, the curtain pull, the size of the mob, how will I escape the mob, so many demons out there, each one wants to get a cut at me, what did I do to deserve this, back to bed, can’t face it. One inappropriate comment, so you are a public figure, some say you deserve it, but your in good company, where did that comment come from, Jesus, they spied on Him all the time, hoping to find fault and use it against Him, have they anything better to do, a sex worker is more honest, Jesus thought that too, your mood is improving, the name alone lifts you.

genocides, mass murder, the rape of huge numbers of women, bombs dropped on the innocent, honest righteous leaders assassinated, and all they want, these so called concerned, is a picture of you, hopefully looking your worst. Gold dust, the worse you look, they sure know how to demolish the Spirit, well, it’s for the fantasy of others, they want to see you fall, after all, the same attitude nailed Jesus to the cross, well, if they had known, they would have been on their knees,repenting for ever, after all, you don’t want to upset the Holy Father, amen.

Moment of inspiration, the covid virus, you send out a double, or near look alike,and when they miss title the image, you plan to sue their balls off,amen, defamation. Mind made up, you have a sudden moment of inspiration, you think out loud, Einstein was good at that too, he got a pass from his psychiatrist, the wonders of reputation, what does the Most High God think, all those years of abuse of the Loving Spirit, mass murder of the innocents, those signs are real, the sun appears, rain stops, golly, having this crowd is not all bad, they are all falling into their own trap, the paparazzi.

Praying for You —re blog

With you, I want to know loveThrough trust, respect, and letting you be yourselfSupporting you in everything you doBeing spontaneous, innocent, sensitiveCaring, and longing for you till it’s almost painfulI want to smile for youSo your determination moves mountainsI want to hold your hand and embrace youTo allow sensitivity blossom as presenceIn our hearts irrespective […]

Praying for You —

Praise — Source of Inspiration… re blog

Good job! Well done. Thank you. Music to our ears. All of us enjoy–even need– to be acknowledged, our own efforts rewarded with a bit of praise. All too often people fail to give these loving words– a stinginess or envy drying them on bitter lips. Listen well, my brothers and sisters. Our words hold […]

Praise — Source of Inspiration

Empty The Head.. a Becket style story, that will help you forget…

Bed time,the dread, will i get a good nights sleep, she turns down the light, trembling inside,the recurring nightmare,she lives in dread of the monsters in her head,please, please, please, five minutes,she sits up, re arranges her nightdress, momentarily stunned, you were talking to me she says, you are driving me crazy, a loud scream, did I hear that, she stops,then realizes it came from inside her, she is about to explode. Have to get up, i have to escape, the drink, she curses, got up too late to go to the off licence. Feck, she stubs her toe against the door, that hurt, the pain takes over, the shock of it, she forgets what she is doing, a moment of realization. My, the pain eases, she smiles, where it came from, she looks in the full length mirror, I like the expression, she used to talking to herself, the doctor said it was connected to all the hand washing, you have been trying to escape,that was what he said, she shakes her head, the world must be escaping, all the washing of hands, trying to escape, a moment of revelation, you are doing fine, she is now hungry,has been starving herself, thought it was fashionable, slaves in the coliseum of life, her words are coherent, how will the doctor explain this, more medication, she laughs a throaty laugh, amen.

She hunkers down before the fridge, the night dress slips up her thighs, still dark, so many have to dye themselves there, another throaty laugh. She extracts a half used vegetarian snack, check the label, still in date. What the hell is that, she feels the presence of another in the room, but she is not afraid. Usually it would send her into escape mode. A change has come over her, is that you mother she says out loud. A breeze, her hair on her neck, she feels it, a photo of her mother falls from the fridge door, she turns it over. Love Mam, written in the old style, beautiful pen craft, the curve of the letters….

You just have to remember, your family are always around you. She begins to blush, she holds the thought, you mean, her smile widens. That stuff is good for you in small doses, why are so many shy about how we came into being. What else did he say?. The article she was reading earlier, a young man from the east, what was his name, names. Jesus never taught guilt, he taught restoration of the Spirit. Was that Mary his girl friend, She takes a fork from the drawer, dips it into the whatever it is, no moldy parts, edible. She is usually paranoid about what she eats, what has happened. This can’t be real. She is leaning over the counter, fork in hand, other hand slides up and down her thigh, soothing, so soothing, She has always been afraid of anyone putting their hands on her, she heats up quickly, can’t explain, that thing is bad and evil, all pleasure is, so she was brought up to believe. Jesus laid his hands on those he wanted to cure, so confusing what they teach you. They contradict the very teaching they claim to be proclaiming, it does not add up. She is feeling suddenly brazen, is looking forward to going back to bed, A big blush on her face, then a smile, I will get me one of those ghost busters, and maybe a man.

Is that why people self hurt in order to escape the pain inside? Mr Becket wake up!

Lazarus and Jesus

Lazarus features quite a lot in the life of Jesus. He is in Heaven, he is deemed to have passed, he is brought back to life, and is called a friend of Jesus, lucky Lazarus. Why does it matter, what today. The plane recovers after loosing an engine, those on board prepare for the so called end. The plane lands safely, no injuries anywhere. It’s as if we are being told, never give up believing.

News gets out, Jesus can do what no other can do. Many try to touch his cloak, energy is flowing from Him. Meanwhile, the local religious people are upset.Their complex rituals can’t compare with the simplicity of His teaching.

2021, the year, after the 2020 year of clear vision, so how should those of the religious behave today, in relation to the wonders of all the revelations, that have been coming, like a woman in the throes of child birth, what attitude should they possess. Should they try to force their opinions by stealth, as they tried to do all those years ago, or try a kinder approach,given the Power of the Father, and the need for mercy, on a universal scale.

Would harming the Spirit be a wise activity to engage in. And if so, how would Jesus categorize them. In a nutshell, what sort of Spirit would encourage that activity. Hardly from God, but from man, seems the correct answer.

Scandinavia Stats: The Region in Numbers — Life in Norway

The Scandinavian region explained in numbers, facts and figures. Welcome to Scandinavia. This region of Northern Europe conjures up all kinds of images in the minds of people all around the world. But what is the region really like? One way to figure things out is through statistics. We’ve previously looked at Norway stats, but…

Scandinavia Stats: The Region in Numbers — Life in Norway

Desperate USA Homeless Equity Issue? King Solomon Blog — Rudy u Martinka… re blog,is the U.S.A going to find it’s soul?

Should President Biden demonstrate the same compassion, justice, equity and government benefits to the desperate homeless in the USA as the desperate immigrant asylum seekers receive in temporary government benefits? There are millions and millions of sad desperate people in the world in need of asylum. There are also over 567,715 sad desperate homeless people in […]

Desperate USA Homeless Equity Issue? King Solomon Blog — Rudy u Martinka