Davos 23

Meeting in the alps, to discuss the latest, what ever it is, they call it, they might look back on the last 25 years and measure the output, a review of the thinking, since anyone with a deep pocket gets an inside seat at the new proposals, so the Davos way suggests.

The items on the agenda, which plague are we dealing with now, the years supply their own, how are we going to deal with this, any voices, the “23” davos, the opinions of whom you ask, the first task, where are the signs coming from, where is the threat some ask, the honest volunteer replies, it’s ourselves mainly, we are the ones.

The polar bear delegation arrives, they have their own igloo, fresh water supplies from the arctic, fish even, caught the old way, (seals), they have their future to discuss, more ice for the pina coladas, can anyone find a waiter around here, the polar bears laugh, one of our jokes, they have been waiting awhile for change, and the latest rescue option, men in leotards pulling at oars attached to a lump of ice, populated by a new colony of polar bears, seems a bit far fetched, to which a davos expert replies, “if it was good enough in roman times it ought to be good enough today”, a comment at which they growl, as if to say, you mean you believe all that stuff?.

The “23” davos, where is the boat leaking, or where are the holes in the boat, before the water gets that high. The inner well being of the attendees should not be the reason we call it success, they were smiling when they arrived, and joyfully recalling all that network duties they attended to, see you next year stuff, that’s success to some, but the inner feeling; what kind of world creates stressed people, a very stressed one obviously, same goes for other issues, says the polar bear commission.

So the meeting commences, a guest chair, well, what have you achieved the last 25 years, a lot says the world. In the short term, the polar bears are quite, the future promise of free food for the next ten years is an easy sell to those who have to work harder at getting the basics, as for free, the fish were always free, it’s just the numbers, while the stressed want an emotional easing, a less tragic world based on communion, amen.

In the long grass, the heads watch, readers of the sky, that news, ought to have a bearing on Davos, amen.