why am I here!

fill me feed me console me educate me display me heal me, what’s going on here, friends, then enemies, jobs then vacancies, ladders up ladders down, shadows and bright lands, why am I here.

love me really, change me, control me, punish and deny me, deceive me, tell me about God, they lie to me, they don’t follow it at all, why am  I here?

your a consumer son,



PLOTINUS: Fifth Ennead

spirit overcomes matter…

Great Books of the Western World

Tractate I – The Three Initial Hypostases

Section 1 – Plotinus asks what has led the souls of men to forget God and their kinship with the divine. He answers that the souls have entered the realm of becoming and have been beguiled by this world’s temptations. He proposes a solution to reunite the soul with the divine. First, one must regard perishable things (like fame, wealth, etc.) as dishonorable. Second, one must learn the nature and worth of the soul.

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invisible world

the invisible becomes visible every time a child is born, a soul is created

and the influence of the parents passed on, their habits and what they

nurtured in their life time, the people of the world are united, the

children of the world are our top priority, well the spin says that the

children come first, and many ageing and young artists agree there is

no conflict, honour and prestige for the new parents and God, what

could not be seen became what was visible, love as it was imagined

brought to life life, self healing for the world you imagine, as the

new generation replaces the old with renewed wisdom?

if that is so and there is no reason to have doubts, why all the

anger with religious practice everywhere, my tent or yours as they

say. just wondering, thoughts for a Monday




We came from the clouds, set down roots and began, were given the keys to happiness, it was a living paradise, then what was mine became yours, and what was yours you wouldn’t share, they we fought about it, and it was paradise no more, the rest is history as they say, which we celebrate as Easter, the resurrection!, or Ramadan, it’s the same God, amen.


Donald Trump

was it something i said, the attention the campaign is getting,

it’s all win win isn’t it?, i understand poverty and it’s hardships,

i have the answer to all problems, i even read my bible don’t i,

that wall across mexico, it sounds like a good idea don’t it,

banning the Islamic

people too, sounds like a great idea,

why did i run for president, sounded like a good idea,

could turn the white-house into a hotel i suppose,  another good

idea, where’s the hair dresser gone!

record increase in people needing mind medication, a gun under every bed,

forty million living in poverty, children mentally assaulted daily, Donald what

are you going to do about that?, probably nothing, amen…and don’t try to

blame the other guys!, you want to become the president.



Solomon’s Light

the helper will come along do not worry it never fails, the words of the Great Prophet, spoken 2,ooo years ago, the promise of eternity and all it offered, he sat alone while his worries piled up, he wasn’t too worried seemed not to have a doubt, can this be real they said with such a cavalier attitude, and again and again the helper arrived, solomon was reminsiing on the visit of friends, just as he needed them they came again and again, the words of Jesus are truly life giving, and he had the proof of it, amen.

when you lift a worry you free the heart, when you say hello to a stranger, your asking if they are all right, when your heart sheds a tear or two, it’s because of the love you have inside you, it could be a memory of an old friend or a love that was set free, just imagine it, love lights the heavens the way it sometimes makes us cry, amen.