Jesus called them Mobs!

So many demons, He said, before the demon spirits were sent into a herd of pigs, who then rushed to the cliff and went over, their end. So many were their number, Jesus used words carefully, aware of the sensitive nature of the human, stories rather than rules, no one to fear apart from the Father in Heaven, AND when the Spirit comes to you, it will come with real power, that cannot be overcome, despite the efforts of others to claim otherwise. Mobs, why use that particular word,seeing as even today, the word means destruction hatred and chaos.

The cult has an issue, it’s your job to fix it, so the cult members are lead to believe,while the cult leaders swan around the universe,searching for opportunities to grow the cult, thereby gaining influence. The young man takes his automatic rifle to the store, promptly murders some unlucky visitors to the store. Afterwards, he was a member of a cult. Cult has another problem, voice in the crowd shouts up, we have to defend ourselves, the fat cheer, the gun hungry have another opportunity, another issue, a different cult, you have to do something, you are a member of the cult. Spiritual leader who believes in Jesus, well its in the book, advocates taking action against another opinion, even when Jesus advocated peace as the way forward,can you have it both ways.

World comes to the verge, the abyss is deep, plenty of space down there, the world stops; if we continue as we did we are going over the cliff, the world listens to a few calming voices, calm issues, less of the rhetoric of hate, as all sides weigh up the damage they have caused, and consider how poorly they have been in advocating peace; they all played a game of property grab every time they had the opportunity, but not all places, some refused to join in, the cult.

What did Jesus teach us, its not important when or why, what is important, what the Rabbi taught. Its not possible to airbrush the teaching, its written four times, and ancient as it was then as were the earlier prophets were to those living at the time of Jesus, remind yourself, Jesus referred to earlier prophets while teaching the message of eternity. Since the Spirit is forever, and since it’s each and everyone of us who keeps that Spirit in a living condition inside us, its’ no surprise Jesus had Spirit, as the focus point, in all his teachings amen.

A young teenager is following a script he has been fed from an online chat board, he is being taught how to undermine his family members, he is taught how to hide his reality, he is taught how to deal with authority,he is being taught to be subversive, while his teachers in the real world, report to his mother, or father, their deep anxiety at his behavior. He was never violent the mother explains, who tries to blame the teachers. Manipulation from start to finish; taught by those, who have extreme views on everything. Where do the vulnerable go for help, assistance, to any online source that meets their needs, amen.

Why were there laws when driving a car?


Conspiracy theories, it was only the government that created all the mistrust. 1% control the other 99%, those making decisions to-date are so removed from reality, and there is an expected showdown, according to all the Holy Books, and they point to now, these times. Signs appearing from the skies, children seeing angels, light and revelations, while the words of the prophets are being made real.

If there is doubt, it’s the silence of those in power. lets hope Mr Biden and his new team, have the gravitas, to see to the core of the issues, how so many have been played with, for such a long time. A new world in the making, kindness not oppression, a fare distribution of wealth, and less of the babble of celebrity noise, when the facts are rarely researched, but that fulfills the junkie media needs, of faces before their offerings, as if they are offering help, while climbing the greasy pole. Whom do they serve, almost entirely themselves, amen.

Dan Browne and Order of Priorities… not a new book, just a thought about it….

Dan Browne wrote the story, did this society exist, and what did it represent. Comic story, love story, great adventure, however you see it, the order of priorities has changed, the world has been turned upside down, not the exchange of the poles, as some suggested, the so called intelligenti. Fancy talk, we will visit Mars, outer space, report on stuff they have no knowledge of, enthuse many to waste their time, while stringing out the worlds population, with distractions. How often the lift and fall feeling, a common tactic for those who deceive, who hurriedly build space ships, as if there is something coming down the line,something they can’t ever deal with,an encounter with God.

Compassion, feeding the hungry, the gifts of the Spirit are visibly missing in some places. Women a toe rag, disposed of when used up. ladies wake up, don’t sell your soul, whatever, Dan Browne reminds us of demons, the writer here, has encountered that threat,and sent for divine help, believe it. But as every mother knows, those that rear their children, the needs of their children come first. So an order of priorities is not just a society, it’s paramount for our future activity, amen.

You Mean There is God!

Top strategist enters the office, sweat is pouring from his forehead, he is drawn and tired, hasn’t slept a wink, his boss is behind the desk, on the phone, making a date with his afternoon girlfriend while his wife is away with her relations. See you honey, yes he says after a pause, an all nighter, see you then. He looks up at his sub lieutenant, gives him the growl look, anything new for me today he says, likes the stressed look on the face of the executive, has been up all night, no doubt working on some scummy story he plans on devoting time to.

I quit he says, while dropping a letter on the boss’s desk!

No one quits on me, haven’t you forgotten our secret the boss says, while taping a folder on the desk, warning his slave, we all have secrets.

Are you trying to intimidate me, it won’t work this time. I’ve just had a dream, and this is not going to end well, it’s the third time I’ve had it, it’s too much. The boss reaches into the drawer, extracts a bottle of pills, throws them over, take three of these you’ll never worry again, I take them all the time.

You don’t get it, the boss’s eyes widen, where did he get the balls to talk so plain to me, decides to listen. say it he says.

The same numbers keep coming up in my dream, and it’s a different face each time, and when I check them, they point to ancient warnings, the boss raises his eyebrows, your hallucinating, get yourself a new girlfriend, one who doesn’t have a conscience.

Every word we mutter is going to be held against us.

REASON IS HOLDEN FABLE — Marlovian… re blog.. worth reading…

Geoffrey Chaucer was possibly born in 1342/43 in London, but then again, no one can be certain, and died October 25th, 1400, in London, and received the singular honour at the time, of a commoner being buried in Westminster Abbey. He was the outstanding English poet before Shakespeare, and has always been described as “the […]


Unstable Leaders….

Where’s common sense gone, bickering and back biting, police on the streets, protesters, the army more important than health care, everyone doubting, new ideas running out, chaos, as the two giants of politics meet in the amphitheater, hoping to convince the voter, who is bombarded with twenty four seven news, sights of violence and fear on TV, confused thinking, wealth deemed the winning cause, you’ll do better with us, can this be a picture of the United States today, the so called leader of the free world, seriously.

Too much time spent of making money and not enough on creating community usually ends in chaos for all, it’s the story of the family, where the father figure spends all his time working while ignoring the emotional needs of the family, it all fall apart’s, and it leads to recrimination and blame thereafter, as to why it happened.

A man rushes in the door, he has a lot to hide, he does his best to distract his partner, rushes her around, haven’t time to speak, we’ll talk about this later, Hal she says, not now, there is a big meeting in the office later, there is talk of a takeover, it’s real big, she sighs to herself, we’ll talk about it later. After so many great schemes that never are, there is nothing to talk about later.

Denial, a condition of the human mind, tomorrow, eventually the tomorrows are all spent cleaning up the yesterdays that were ignored in the hope of tomorrow, it’s all about today, Jesus tells us.

The virus was more than a massive threat to humanity, it was an opportunity to stall the direction the world was heading in, time to think. Those who were planning on the propaganda war for the coming election would be wise to read about the ancient prophets, Esdras in particular, amen.


Push the extremists over the cliff, the effort they go to create trouble, how the ordinary people put up with it, the point in time, Solomon had choice words, double their salary, they know what they are trying to do, there is no reason to assume otherwise, and since life hereafter does not seem to matter to them, as their tactics testify to,  and as the angel said to Ezra, why worry, when they realize that God Most High exists, they will cringe in shame, amen.

Solomon was weary, and saw the great u turns, how lives are played with, how faith is battered the way a woman in a domestic dispute is smashed to the floor, while her children watch on, since the battering man acts with impunity, since he has done it again and again. Real faith was like that woman, beaten and taunted from every direction. How long had the world put up with the treatment of women in domestic arguments, a world outside the world, that few ever dared to enter into.

These are testing times he sighed, and there were many very weary, the long wait for a cure to the ills of the world. The virus was like a manifestation of all that was wrong, and had gone on for far too long. Those in the power positions had felt immune to the edicts they passed on, and the ordinary man and woman were powerless. Not anymore Sighed Solomon; the signs were pouring out, and the modern day pharaoh’s who felt untouchable as in the times of Moses, were feeling the affects. Moses was able to handle all the dark magic he had to contend with, as he had been chosen. Solomon sighed; the Great Spirit that gave Moses that authority, was still in existence. Create the Space inside you, for all that is good to dwell, and listen to the warnings of Jesus, the advice he was giving to all that cared to listen.


Lessons in Love, the eternal activity, and the secret of real love, not the hybrid version we have all got used to, or the way the true Spirit has been watered down to the point of near extinction, Solomon was coming up to the seventh anniversary of the arrival of the cloud, in his life. In the field, lying underneath the blazing Sun, he asked for a sign, the help as it’s called, when on the clearest of blue sky days, this cloud passes over, with image of a man, and others. It followed from other real events, that told him that the world was under the watchful eye of the God of the Holy Prophets. We all need encouragement in times of uncertainty, and Solomon was no different.

Back to Love, we must view God with the eyes of a child, it’s written. You can’t be cynical or skeptic, you have to trust, there is no half way house, why is this so, and why is it important in these most trying of times. In a nutshell, God is pure spirit, and as Jesus tells all, and how difficult he had it too, considering the ending he had to endure, God resides inside you, and what does that mean you ask, how does it apply to me, what do I need to do, what happens when that divine spirit comes and wants to find space inside you, is there anything I can do. Solomon sighed, it is called cleaning the inside of yourself, cleaning the garbage out of your life, dumping the bad habits, making space, for the Loving Spirit to live fully inside you. On account of Jesus’s way of living, he was able to host the Spirit of God inside Him

, and thus could contact easily with the Father. Lessons in Love, we become what we practice, amen.

A Singing President- Jazz it Up

As soon as possible, compassion in the seat of power, a voice that listens, not a market leader, not a finance chief,  neither a fool nor a womanizer, a refreshing voice, that has a cool rhythm, someone you could listen to, and has faith in the Heavens. As Leonard Cohen says, there is a huge thirst for a spiritual renewal, well, in a nutshell, core values, that put the vulnerable first, is not blind to the needs of others, and unites the voices, what a refreshing hope, go for it dude.

Solomon sighed, the cloud picture was nearly seven years old, it’s real, the answer to a prayer, apart from the circular cloud, and so much more. There are no doubts, without loving Spirit we are going nowhere, said and done.

The Sheep panic…

The great threat arrives, the paid men run, the shepherd soon realized, where was their trust, the parables of Jesus, replayed in real life, the ship is at sea, the winds are strong, where is your faith He Asked, didn’t you see the great wonders, how taxing it must have been, to have to remind them again and again, the Spirit of God is inside me, and it’s inside you too, you just have to create the space for it to thrive, a healthy mind, not one filled with jealousy and spite, that’s the demons daily diet, amen. You can’t serve God and Money, one will get the better of you, listen if you have ears.

Solomon read a story, the history of genetics, and the threat of virus’s, and how easy it is to manipulate such things, so simple it doesn’t even need a degree. The timing of the read, the advent of the corona virus, the vicious words used to instill fear in everyone. Don’t give up your faith, God is real, and his mercy is great, don’t panic ever, amen.

Reading from the holy books; Ezra in particular, there is so much in it that connects to these times, so Solomon read it aloud, to those listening in secret, in case they forget, there is God and there are words, that add up. As Jesus said later, it’s never too late to return to God, amen.