Awareness Vigil for Ashley Brittany Lopez May 31, 2014 at 3 p.m. at Murrieta Creekside Village Green Park

be mindful

Temecula Grapevine

Missing Temecula Teen, Ashley Brittany Lopez, vigil May 31, 2014 Missing Temecula Teen, Ashley Brittany Lopez, vigil May 31, 2014

On Saturday, May 31 at 3 p.m., the search for Ashley will take a new turn as friends and family spread awareness about the missing Temecula teen. Ashley Brittany Lopez, 16, and student at River Springs Charter School, vanished without a trace from her high school in Temecula, California, on December 20, 2013. She was last seen at approximately 9 a.m. that morning, walking away from campus, toward Margarita and Rancho Vista roads in Temecula.

The vigil will be held at City of Murrieta Creekside Village Green Park, Located off Whitewood Rd. and Isaac St. at 3 p.m.

Balloon release vigil May 31, 2014 for Ashley Brittany Lopez Balloon release vigil May 31, 2014 for Ashley Brittany Lopez

“The purpose of this event is to raise public awareness,” stated Brenda Condon, spokesperson for Ashley Lopez’s family. “That Ashley is still missing.” Today’s balloon launch at Murrieta Creekside Village Green Park will…

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wisdom in being



I retire to a lonely place,
To give myself a gift of solitude,
For its the time i see things as they are,
My life will not bear fruits,
Unless i learn the art of lying fallow,
The art of wasting time creatively.

Its when we are quiet, the mind is still,
Free from its insistent chatter,
When anxiety drops away,
That we can hear the blackbird break the silence,
With a melody we have never heard before.
It only happens when wasting time creatively.

Only in the oasis of silence,
Can we drink deeply,
From our inner cup of wisdom,
It takes to have self-discipline,
To pause each day in the oasis of silence,
Listening only to the sound of ouraelves.

Its in the saturation of calmness,
That we realise not all flowers signify love,
But roses do,
Not all trees can survive drought,
But cactus…

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Love 2 U

Love is wisdom, patient, never owned, the gift, your connection to humanity, enemy of evil, the power of God, it’s inside you, the light that shines, love is rain that falls, love is life giving, your reason why, love is all, when tainted it weakens us, love never dies, love is royal, so much effort being made to destroy it, so much effort made to weaken it, your basic instinct, from the day you are born, can never be bought, so many try, so many substitute it, so many abuse it, so many betrayed it,Image it’s the war being fought night and day, the absolute control of thought and emotion, it’s why it’s so feared by those damaged by it, it’s why we are reminded of it, the hurt caused by it, purposefully to create friction in society, be warned it’s more precious than gold, and it’s the secret to paradise on earth, amen, nothing else really matters, dump the hump the anger the disappointment, God is merciful when we are, we mimic the world by our actions, when we Love we imitate the ways of God, when love becomes us we acquire the ways of God, it’s the struggle of every living human being, but rejoice, the love that moves the hearts, is being renewed all across earth, the Holy Spirit the purest of Love, is here on earth and moving within us all, open up and encounter even more of it, amen. God Most High is with us everyday, we just have to love to realise it, it’s the law of the talents, a form of love given to all, in order for us to love even more, to encourage us to love further and to respond, wisdom of God is the Love of God, endure and endure and endure, the helper is here to stay, amen.

The assault on love by those who have tried to control us, their day is done and it’s very real, amen, watch the new era of change emerge, amen….

A Thousand Years

A thousand years to notice, love is all that matters everywhere, Imagesatellites all around the world, telling them what they already are aware of, as if they are up to something good, twenty four hour news that is worse than a Korean rant, same news same old views what’s going on, a new crisis usually settles the moment, pushes the thoughts in new direction leaves you continually short, but getting used to it is the name of the game, get used to it because it’s a con, emotional drip feed tangled with some human sorbet, whet’s the appetite for change even if it’s totally made up, spin doctors media manipulators and friends your day is over, the Lord God the Holy One is marking each and everyone, so next time you decide to betray with lies and half truths, realise it now it’s you who’ll be soon made up, fixed fastened tied and restrained till He’s ready to shut you up, amen.

Peter, Lucas, Colin And Rena: Double Dutch Radio Show Reminder – Friday 30 May

remember this, the wisdom lost

Openhearted Rebellion

ddlogo Friday 30th May 2014 SHOW REMINDER – LISTEN IN!

This week there is an Interview by Colin in two parts with Glen Caldwell about the Lakota Indians and sovereignty.

Link to show

The Show starts on the times shown below.

Friday the 3oth May of 2014 is our new radio show episode, make a note and listen in!

NEW TIMES: Due to the change day light savings …. times and ongoing schedule problems with blogtalk.

Show starts NewYork -EDT at 7.00 am – in mainland Europe, CEST 13.00 pm – and  21.00 pmCanberra Australia EST time.

Call in (646) 595-2459  to listen to the show that way also…

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evil head dead heart

hates everyone as well

demon seed inside him

has to be remedied

his outcome is hell

God listens closely

trouble for him unfortunately

life disintegrates totally

hell waiting for him

women safer now

man marked very clearly

life falls apart

end of the matter

his life in tatters