Politicians and Leaders

“Those in positions of leadership and those that assist them, are given added status by Jesus in the gospels, as to their responsibilities, why, they cause people to lose their trust in The Holy Father, a crime against The Holy One, when they deceive, same reason we are not to follow idols, they rise and fall, Trust in God Alone, amen”

Why do we read these words from the Gospels. Read them if you need a fuller explanation.



The Jealous mind, the heart, Why is love hard, why the angst, Solomon sighed, the true love, doesn’t seek for itself, it seeks to help others, it’s the way a parent sacrifices for the child, they want the best. Jealous, why worry, think of the world above, where there is only love, Of God, amen.

Leading me to the light

Signs, Jesus heard the apostles complain, there were others who were encouraging others to seek out the Father, teaching, but they were not of them, so they complained to Jesus, who wanting to encourage the ways to the Father, as the more that came to the Father, the better is was for all, he listens to their complaints,

“they are not like us, and etc etc…”

Jesus said to them, these words are in the holy books, so it’s not news, roughly speaking; it’s there for anyone who wants to have a better relationship with the Father, who makes it all possible, same reason, you pick up a book, you want to read what is inside, no brainer here, but to encourage the Mission, to make the world aware of the Father in Heaven, so bringing peace to the world, and a richer harvest, he tells his apostles or early followers, don’t be alarmed, if they are leading others to the ways of the father, it’s fine. Remember, that the early teachers of those times, had a monopoly on matters of faith, they made their living from it., they acquired status, they were looked up to, it was a very lucrative employment, so knowing how human nature can acquire too much ego, he warned them, to take their work seriously, All credit to the Father in Heaven, no one else, don’t try to become tyrants, or don’t mislead, amen.

Conversely, if you encourage others to turn away from the Father in Heaven, or mislead, it’s not wise, and this is said, in particular regarding children, be mindful, amen.

The Cloud

Many interpretations, one Teacher, who follows the way of the Master, amen.


The Cloud, the meaning of it, a message to mankind, help from above, who’d want to avoid that, amen

water of life, the living words

The cloud, a reminder to the harvest workers, amen

Eternal Truths

Parables, stories, teachings, the clarity of the instruction, the good Samaritan, the deeds, simply put, the reason, the corruption of men with regulations, amen, no drama, its too simple, children get it, and as children, the soul isn’t bothered by all the ugly misdeeds they keep to themselves, for these can’t be hidden, now, then or in the future, the marks are etched on the soul, some are dark, some show light, it’s a fools game, those who can think otherwise, so what do the signs mean.

The simple way of saying it, its the ancient world, the ancient prophets, the reminders, that change is on the way, and the need to prepare the heart for the moment, when it will be as written. Talk of Jesus, further teaches us, through story, that there are ways to improve the position of the soul, and added to the signs, help in other words, to assist those seeking the eternal life, now that Heaven can be said to be read, thereby, make your own conclusions. God always wins, that is not in doubt, and evil is sent to it’s permanent home, that’s it, amen.

The Women

Solomon was rethinking the influences in his life, those that brought him comfort within, was it, those that lived by regulation, that favored men over women, no, was it those that acted like the pharisee of old, who preferred the approval of men, instead of the Approval of God Most High, no, it was a combination of souls, the true followers of the word, through the practice of their love, in the love they share, the music, the words, not those who say one thing and do the opposite. Who loves the most, what is the meaning of the metanoiia, the inner transformation of the soul, where the heart of woman and the heart of man, join as one, a difficult feat, given the bias that is sold into the world. Take heart, the Galway Girls, the welsh friends, those that gave advice and support, when most needed, the old time friends, that pass on good thought, real love stirs the heart, and when its eternal, it lasts for all time, thanks to all who I met along the road, from all experience good and bad, there are lessons, there are those who fool you, those who use you, but when you are in the Service of God, as all vocations are, be it rearing a family, or doing an honest Job, there are always great difficulties, this is what Jesus said to His followers along time ago, so don’t be put off, by those who try to curb the message, or try to harm the Spirit, in times such as these, it happens, even by friends, who are supposed to know better, so rejoice, the words of the Gospel of Jesus, have been shown to be true. What this means for those of faith, or people of the book, is simply this. To be of God, you have to apply the living words of Jesus, as you understand them, to how you interpret the book, meaning, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and the other graces of the Holy Spirit, apply them, to gain, a better understanding of your relationship with the most high, regardless of color, race, or where you come from. This 9th anniversary, is the culmination of many signs, that have been on the way, for these last number of years, as is the cloud, that accompanies this blog, an answer to a request for a sign, granted on the 27th day of a month, over eight years ago, listen if you have ears, amen.


Need help, feeling oppressed, tired, under strain, nowhere to run, feeling helpless, and no one to listen with, where do you go, to whom do you turn, mentally traumatized, hurt from the past, your feelings all over the place, your hoping things will work out, to whom do you turn, or who won’t take advantage of me, you carry baggage, old worries, you’ve read the headlines, they make you feel blue, the answer, well, there are safe places, but who touches the heart, and here is the healing advice, stop, what is it your running for. Inner fear, that’s the old stuff, hold on, violent action, the memory too sharp, hard to breath when he is about, hold on, the answer is near, who said it with words, why words, who is the living word, whom, but the one who promises eternal life, the one who calms storms, the one who puts leaders in a spin, the one whose words have been proved to be, a 100% true, none other, stop, can you pay the rent this month, stop worrying, the one and only, what, politicians make promises all the time, what, the man you need to listen, the one who warns others, don’t allow people to lose their trust in others, what, stop, the heart is listening, the prayers of anxiety, the one, what, this is taking for ages, this is like waking up, hurry, the bus in on the way, will you hurry up, what, the heart begins to ease, feeling better already, yes, the rhythm, the soothing pour of words, slowly now, don’t be so much in a hurry, put the needle down, that’s a crutch, this is not fake, listen, everyone has to account for the habits they encourage, it’s God’s truth, so don’t worry, the signs, they are all over the place, distracted, stop, you have too much to worry about, seriously, are you going to tell us at last, well, it’s not the name, it’s the practice that counts, stop, this is confusing, what, there are easier ways of saying it, but there is only one way of doing it, you have to show it live, amen.

Trust in the Name of Jesus Christ, in fear, frightened, no space inside, terrified, frightened, this name is the Name you have to remember, read the gospels, all of them, don’t stop, say the name, and ask for help, your heart will be at ease, and those that make you fearful, will hear it too, the signs are all over the sky, this is 100% real, hold firm.

Solomon sighed, those confused, mentally tired, those in need of inside ease, had to find space inside, the one name that put the Fear of God into the hearts of all evil men, Jesus Christ, the panic they cause, will rebound on them, so Solomon wrote, Dear Children, rely on your divine friend, amen. Start online, the gospels, the old words, it’s the living word of God, never panic again.