Men in Black

Guardians by film, guardians by day, guardians by night, aware all the time, no support from a wife, aware of stern rules, has seen them implemented, the men in black have much to deal with. Parents busy, children farmed out, weekends precious, time limited, but the struggle never ends. Outside influences, so many no parent alone can deal fully with it,while planners plan for the free fall of society and living arrangements. Only Spiritual time will fix the overall issue, the look within, how do you want your life to be recognized.

Demons in many forms, age irrelevant, the demon spirit can rise the most ugly thoughts, they can farm all those hateful thoughts that you store in your head. We are warned. The men in black, meet the harm out there, the spite filled soul, those that envy, the greedy, those just bad, the men in black deal with it daily.

Humane thinking required, the stress that is evident in everyday life, apart from the arrival of the virus. Married man loves his wife, but there is a neighbor who is difficult, he tries the gentle approach, visits and calms. The Men in black do the very same daily. Some say, they need that inner support that intimacy provides. But the rules are against them, while those who understand the plight of the men in black, simply follow the rules, amen.

My influences….

Not someone trying to sell me something, not a busy exchange, not a website, something simple, my likes and dislikes, i don’t have to think anymore, the electric mood changer provides all the interests i’ll ever need, my personality type will be lumped together with others, it’s as if i joined a cult, no need to think at all, just follow the leader, which one you ask. But lets not think it’s all bad,we have been warned, Jesus of course set it in words, how the blind leading the blind leaves everyone in the toilet, well, my influences, they only want to satisfy my wonder lust. An interest in south american history led me to the rather sad conclusion; how those with the resources and means, join up with any authority that provides armed help, in order to sustain the imprisonment of millions of people. My influences, i now get invitations to watch the under life in many impoverished places, as forms of entertainment. Young girls who sell themselves all day, while millions online can tune in and watch it. Well, it opens up the life so many have to deal with, so what are your influences….Pride of place seems to be the off shore bank account that allows so much inequity to continue, as usual…

Trials, the Cross, all those hardships, is there more….

So many died in this war, so many died in that struggle, blood, misery, loss, the growth of hatred, racism, the color bias, your standing in society, your economic clout, corrupt leaders, lost minds, babbling leaders, women seeking justice, color now another war zone, extremists talking up hatred, the electric highway a free for all, news at the ready every hour from every space on the planet, an environmental crisis, children beginning to recover from a very stress filled existence,many people confused as regards their own identify, a cartoon character president, while there are those who blind themselves to any issue that disrupts their focus on success, while others dream of life millions of miles away, while many on earth struggle to eat, does that sum up the current state of our creativity, the mess we all created, which the current health crisis tells us, is not a local issue, but a global issue, is there more?.

New horizons, we need to move forward, there is a lot of baggage to park, and dump safely, not like those rust buckets they send to third world countries,where there are no environmental laws at all, legally correct might look good in an audit report, but that’s all, in the new horizons, won’t the different environmental reports be now the new standard, or will it be more of the past, while waiting for the next wave.

New Horizons, will we commemorate war and death,or will we gather to remind ourselves, that war doesn’t work. There is conflict, it’s very Jewish in action, eye for an eye, the get even principle, the antithesis of Peace, amen. AS the Russians would say, such a policy leaves everyone blind eventually, is this what happened, all the stuff we can’t forgive, why do we set it up so,

Solomon sighed, even the apostles found the teaching of Jesus difficult at times; forgiveness especially, but Jesus also told them, that when they had the Spirit with them, there were wonders they too could perform, even doing the miracles to ease their minds, rubbishing the fear that had a hold over them….So why is there suffering, some have suffered for centuries, some are still waiting, why we ask. When do we appreciate love, its usually after it’s fled, the contrast, Jesus was and is a paradox, no idols he stressed, while we made an idol of him, while he points to the Father. So, what is the lesson. As the smiling doctor will tell you, it takes so much energy being miserable, while light never burdens. In a nutshell, as we shed light on all these old horrors, we release the hurt stored inside, while freeing up space for what is light bearing, just a thought…

Pictures from the clouds….

If you think God has forgotten us, it’s the greatest lie ever told, same as those who worship the demon, why,the demon doesn’t exist, that’s if you believe their blurb, they usually have interests that are very ungodly, why allow a little Spirit get in the way of their business, its our network, our territory, the good news, they have to deal now with the unthinkable, the all powerful God, who can do anything, a worrying thought,same as the anxiety about the atom bomb during the second great war, and as they say, we just about escaped that one, just about, even if we fight that threat daily, in a very unstable world.

So it’s the story of the vineyard, well, the messengers are sent, prophets appear, accompanied by signs. Jesus asked for miracles because he knew the hearts of men, they are children who need reassurance, so the miracles came. We still recall them.

Solomon was speaking to a fellow believer, how are those without faith coping during the crisis, what have you left when it’s yourself you are dealing with, is there a hiding place from yourselves; it used to be the office, the busy life, the thousands of jobs you have to deal with, mostly distractions, busy, no time,busy can’t do that, busy,can hardly think. A tiny substance, as invisible to the eye as a sperm cell, or womb cell, but it turns into you and me, not bad for the invisible, all the life it provides, in normal times, as in really normal, not this normal, it ought to be enough to convince anyone, but it comes with conditions, for those seeking to overcome the inner battle between light and dark. A letter in the post turns the mood to gloom, another bill, a call from the phone, worse, they know where you live, a knock at the door, are you afraid to answer it. A relation rings you, good news, all the doubts vanish, we change mood quickly, we are delicate regarding the conditions around us.

So the signs, what are they, why do we need them? In nutshell, when you make time for God, God makes time for you, and you feel it, your attitude improves and you deal with tough situations, without too much fuss. With the peace that only God can send {God does not need to spy}, it fills you with a resolve, that overcomes the darkness, and as for those friends who try to upset you, they don’t have long to find out, trust me on this one, these eyes have seen it. Amen. Same as those clouds, amen.

Grey and Tired

The old man sits in the pew, has been doing it a long time. The attendance was falling, had been for sometime, then a regeneration began, it stopped too, then came the lock down. He holds his gray hairs in his palms. He has become acquainted with the new social fashion, the electric networks, handy in the beginning then they end up trying to control your life, and they try to patent your email, we got you first, second click goes to us, meanwhile, does being a prisoner sound different.

Grey and tired slips onto his knees, they creak, he has been doing it a long time. Guidance he prays, guidance. The leadership he relied upon is missing. Cults within the body of His church want to control it all, they peddle all sorts of stories, they are selling it out with anxiety and fear. Didn’t Jesus say it simply’ Hold firm and be a good Samaritan to the very end, amen.

Whatever the faith road, the good choices and the dodgies, you have to risk sometimes. A young woman enters the sanctuary, makes her way to the candles, she has a few lights, prayers she wants heard. He lifts his head, she has three candle in her hands, what’s she waiting for. Peace for Gods children and peace to the world, he hears her sigh. The old man gets up, in one go, full of energy. Light footed, he pops down to the candles, lights one of his own.

Keep on going, when it gets tough, remind yourself of the words of Jesus, it’s not always easy, amen.

A Mothers Way

She doesn’t expect to be objectified all her life, even if as she gets older she enjoys the admiring look, a reminder of times past, still the memory, comfort while it lasts, I turned a few heads. She does not expect to worry about the weight she puts on after her child’s birth, she does not expect to be treated like a toy thing, an amusing distraction while some else gets a thrill. She doesn’t expect to worry all the time for her children, or the constant anxiety she feels every time she reads another headline. A mother expects none of these things. As she ages gracefully, she doesn’t expect to be treated like a used condom, disposable. What a mother expects,and she is formed to do, provide a safe nest for her off spring. She doesn’t get a thrill every time she reads a salacious headline, she turns away, says to herself, this is the world now, how we have to get used to this, for her children’s sake alone. What is a mothers way,or has anyone ever given it thought, as all she sees before her,the sexualisation of everything possible, and there has to be a reason for it,surely its not all accidental.

Solomon recalled the words of the prophet, Esdras, who spoke of his encounter with the angel Uriel. Concerned for his people, Esdras pondered on the human condition and the wayward lifestyle of the first chosen people of God. After hearing his prayer, the Almighty God sent His angel to soothe the thoughtful prophet, and to reassure him. 2,800 years later, what Esdras was told, as evidenced by the signs and the light, happens to be getting an airing. In consequence of this, ought all be reminded of this, or does the deception that has gone on,be allowed, amen. Why should a few non believers be allowed to hold sway, over the truth from above, that is being denied to many millions of souls. Or put another way, how would a mother see it. Since we celebrate mothers day, it’s mothers wish too you know, amen.


Trouble, they come to help the preacher,he lost his calling for greed, they assume there must be something wrong with him, he doesn’t want to be with them. Tactics, the spy, another idiot, playing with eternity, even when warned. The preacher he says, “He doesn’t even have a car, as for a pension, that will be the ruin of him”, they snigger in private,wondering if their help is working, all he says, create a relationship where you are not in control, chose God, they raise their noses, money makes them conceited, he will learn soon enough.

The private jet can’t move, access to the off shore account has been suspended,and 99% of the worlds population, don’t like those who take advantage of others,them,amen

Be a friend today, remind those who annoy you, of your faith in God, amen. They will sneer, try to go shopping if they are allowed, they will Que in the grocery store,and their patience will run dry, and as before, they will try to lobby for social change that suits them, and no one else, and when they meet you on the street,they will call you friend. who are they fooling,amen

Seek wisdom and you will find real friends.

Women’s Day

Early rise, a little preparation, there are others to consider, the gift, nurture, the womb we all descend from. Always others, always aware of the risks, you need a good start, how we need to support mothers. There will always be issues, but that’s for everyone. Mothers day, women’s day, why is it that women dread wars the most, while men usually made those decisions to go to war. In a nutshell, when the smoke is gone, while the crumbling buildings are being refashioned, it’s the women who have most to fear. All that testosterone, where does it go. If only there was more consideration of women, a grand thought. Even at the pivotal moments in time, women, the savior on the cross, He didn’t look down on them like they were some possession. In fact, stated clearly, equality of the sexes.

A new understanding of our role on the planet, international women’s day makes this point. A good start is half the battle, the first years, position the child for a bright future, as they learn their role. Boys and girls, their relationship with their mother, the most important relationship they will ever have, it will leave scars or tears, maybe both. So why the misogynist mindset, particularly when so many souls, claim to be believers in the Most High God. Ever go to a party where there was only one sex in the room, the heaviness that sets in, then the lightness you encounter, when you are among a mixed sex environment, or free from the tyranny of one set of opinions.

It’s not one or the other as many wish it to be. Dictators think that way. Hopefully, the changing global environment and it’s recovery too, if time allows, will bring about a more balanced mindset, amen.


Her hands are in the sink, it’s the only job that doesn’t require a CV. Sixteen hour days, but it feeds her children. Born in the wrong country, if she had been from latin America, Donald trump would have called her anything, and most of the world would have remained silent,he was the Big Man when he spoke so hatefully, about those who tried to cross the border, Donald didn’t listen to the words of Jesus on that one either, what were those Nasty remarks, we don’t need to hear them again. Yes,treated like toe rags, once you outlive your usefulness, goodbye, then again, when wife number three looks like wife number two, and number one, there is a pattern.

Treasure Box

Washing dishes, she could have earned more swinging the hips, WHY, she didn’t want her children following her example,she is a believer. Her Faith will sustain her, and like the widow who gave two coins in the collection over, 2,000 yeas ago, she will be remembered too, unlike many who are simply forgotten.

By the way, what does it mean to wave the Holy Book at the mas of reporters, while ignoring the contents of the said book. Another parable from Jesus, be wary of those who profess their faith in public, making a big show of it, it’s usually to deceive, well Jesus tells us, that there are those who proclaim the faith but only deceive everyone.

THE Tragedy of Religions

It’s tragic to think, so many blessings are lost everyday, and it’s even worse to think, that religions, themselves, are the major cause of it. The intolerance the created within their flocks, was the same as the racist qualities that infected children, who unknowing to themselves, absorbed the habits of those around them. As the old Chinese philosopher said in the mid 16th century,

“there is nothing more destructive, than a bad man with a good reputation”

Turning a religion into a political party, is incompatible, if serving God is the goal. Politics divides people, those of God, are supposed to unite people, it’s that simple. How can God trust those in power, if they have a history of abusing power, or if they have made deals with anyone who furthers their cause, regardless.

A good teacher demands feedback, otherwise, its a case of the blind leading the blind. Personally, how others treat you, is more important. As Jesus said to the boys all those years ago, and to the girls, be good Samaritans.