The Wolves are set free…

We will get to the bottom of this. Demons and their assorted armies, converge on God’s people, ground hog day, this has happened before. The Almighty crushed them, and then the Kingdom was made safe. Words spoken against the Holy Spirit, is an eternal sentence, Jesus’s warning.

Angels and those of Spirit,come under assault. The demon mind gamers, seek leverage, a trouble spot inside those, committed to God’s way. It’s hard to sleep, when you have fear inside you residing. It’s not fear, its anxiety on account of those you know well, whom you hold dear in your heart. Spying and undermining, Jesus had to deal with it regularly. So, imagine, what it has been like for those who try to follow in his steps.

Help, Jesus wove power in His words, and gave all credit to another, humble too, to the Father. So, what you might say; Think of the seventy two that went out and came home rejoicing. We gave commands to demons, and they obeyed us. Think yourself a follower of that divine source of power, amen.

The Fate of Those Who offend the Spirit from above…?

My God, did we do that, the frog in the throat moment, what excuse can you offer. Every time you harm another,it’s another stab at the heart that loves, another cry heard. Why in these times, is it important, to recall, the One who made it all possible. Should we ignore the warnings, or should we spin them away, the way politicians do.

Jesus was very clear on this, the room for maneuver, very limited, no deals for those who deliberately do so. Solomon was recalling the light shone from certain lives on their communities,and how corrupt men, wove schemes, to get rid of them. Apart from the Spiritual free fall, the legacy is never enchanting, it’s usually domineering by a few,what is the fate of these few, who oppress the Holy Spirit,even the games they play, using others like chess pieces, where will they go, when their time comes, Heaven is real, the signs tell us this, Solomon sighed, it can’t be a happy feeling inside,but a hollow one indeed, amen.


that which we think we can control, the fear we hold, the reminders, names, did they ever look to the sky, or did they read the ancient words, in an instant any world, can be turned upside down, and now they see it happening across the world. Powerful because you control a corner, how long will that last, leaders in high places, not issuing rational words,their followers chanting,what exactly. Madness, did he really believe that, others afraid to open their mouths, the boss doesn’t like a challenge, fear, the end of advice, and we wonder why things go awry.

I’m in control of this, my land, my conquest, they forgot that God exists, they forgot about the army of invisible light, fear, do they understand the meaning of the word, amen.

Solomon saw the signs,coming for the last ten years, heavenly messengers, angels trying to assist, there is only one word for this; divine intervention. The heart baggage loads up, the pain intense, the magic number in reach, then the tip over, and the start of the new regime; how will those who oppressed God’s people fare; they will be liquid with fear, unable to walk, powerless, it just takes a thought. Amen.

A father’s ‘curse of inheritance’ casts a long shadow over son, who only broke free through Jesus — Mustard Seed Budget

As so often happens, Jason Rangel became the father he hated. As a child, he once even called the cops on his drug-addicted, violent father. “I seen my dad not in his right mind. I was scared,” he remembers on a 700 Club video. “My dad was in jail when I was going through puberty. […]

A father’s ‘curse of inheritance’ casts a long shadow over son, who only broke free through Jesus — Mustard Seed Budget

A thousand voices in my head..

A thousand voices are playing in my head,do this do that they said, where do I find peace, where is the refuge from this nightly dread. She imagines that she is going mad, the demons are treating her like a prostitute, they come and have fun with her, they even send their acquaintances, and all they do, is remind me of this dread. Friends, they try to use me, and their voices roar in my head. Her Faith is strong, despite the odds against her, she has not given up, in alcohol she finds temporary respite, is there no one to love me,mind me, her prayer is heard, her fate is made known, through the heart, is it open or shut, amen.

The doctor prescribes the numbing drugs, enough to dope her, she still has the demons, she is beginning to accept them, well, she is convinced she has a disease. Have you tried, this, that, she looks at the medical expert, doesn’t he realize what is going on. She nods her head, if she says anything against him, she might even be given electric shocks, doesn’t want to go through that again. She wants to retain her senses, but doesn’t want to lose her mind.

Treasure Box

She is going for help she tells a friend,the demons laugh,that won’t get you far, we’ll be waiting, their threat. How many hear voices, it’s not medical, its’ the spirit trying to get out, it could be another time, it could be forgiveness seeking to correct a wrong, there are many causes for it, but one thing, the power of God, can sort it out. Not a quick solution, it’s time that builds up faith. Once those who raid the minds find out, that Holy Spirit is real and working, it’s the fear they dread, the One source of their destruction, have faith, build up the spirit around you, amen. As for those who cause such or encourage others to do same, imagine the prospects, amen.

Man versus God…

Man, how many lives make up your life, how many influences do you have, the words of Jesus, you can’t serve money and God. The material landscape is over coming you inside, where is the space that I can grow and live inside you. Isaiah says, If only, if only, if only, you sincerely turned to Me, {Isaiah means God Most High}, if only, imagine the wonders I would do, have you seen the butterfly transform. I sent the prophets, but did you ever listen, so few indeed.

Solomon sighed; those addicted to the purely material, how could they reach out to what is eternal, if all you dream is material. The prophet Ezekiel and the angel, the angel says, there are so many blessings waiting to be poured out, if only, you were able to receive them.

Solomon sighed; It wasn’t a happy love relationship the company had. But if you don’t love in the first place, if you put yourself first, where is the love that reaches out, where, Man versus God, how we put barriers in our way, amen

Every time, when things go wrong, there have been warnings and reminders given, but so little is ever listened to. And you mock the Holy Servants, how patient is the Loving God, of Abraham and the Holy Prophets, amen.

Refugee International Day…

Neighbors, the lesson of the refugee, fool yourself but you can never fool the Almighty, it’s inside you, same as those refugees tonight, waiting for someone to show mercy to them. If we are sincere, well, if your reputation is all that matters this does not apply to you, caring for others, demands less of the self and more of the we, it’s not important the group your in, many are misled, but your ability to have empathy is something we all need to put work into and fast. The prayers of the oppressed are heard,and with the signs from above, and we all know this, making it a safer journey for the refugee, is important. Jesus lived as a refugee too, and it’s to Him you will have to make your appeal, so if we have a chance to help the oppressed,and they are in every news story today, we can’t claim ignorance anymore, that excuse is done and dusted.

World leaders, living in five course meal and avarice company, listen to the words of old, as Spoken by Jesus Christ. Those in positions of authority, will have to account for themselves, and if Jesus spoke it, well, it’s gospel, amen.

Jesus has very harsh words for those who mislead the people and lead them astray, and while he spoke words such as these when speaking of the pharisee’s, he included those in positions of authority, as the Children of the Father, and their eventual inheritance was being endangered, as was the harvest itself, the return of the Spirit to the Father.

So, the issue has to be addressed, and it’s not for under the carpet anymore. The attempt to hide atrocities does not work either,as revelations have shown, so what are we going to do about this, how can we improve the focus, on our caring ways, that actually achieve and are not more spin stories, that is dead too, as social media has shown. Do we need a move away from nationalism to a more generous mind set. If there are those who want to be extreme when it comes to their borders,remember this, the owner of the vineyard thinks different, amen.

A more thoughtful attitude, might be helpful in so many ways, amen. The pictures in this blog, were the result of a prayer for assistance from the Most High. amen

The Returning Hero’s.

The reality of war, the 20% or more who come home mentally damaged, the reality, war destroys from all angles, apart from the woman and child, who fear those who will use them, the other reality, those lives, they never seem to matter in the planning,winning doesn’t count the cost of collateral damage,it just accepts it. So we know all this, does this mean,and as a thinking man, there must be so many potential legal claims, against those governments that initiated wars, knowing the collateral damage; where is Johnny Grisham, they need a book John, you great social crusader,amen. Any idea what the financial is here, yes, as in law,those who undertake actions that they knowingly, will harm so many innocent victims, there has to be a legal mechanism out there, and many billions in claims too.

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Testosterone Super Highway

The TSH, could be a new short text, code for a night out, code when you don’t want everyone finding out, given the propensity of everyone wanting to know everything there is to know. TSH, is there too much out there, urging’s from the lower region, they can dominate relationships, so we can get used to something that steals from our inner selves.

Do young bodies need to be over reminded of the natural resources within the body. Wars too, are related to this over emphasis on the macho side of life, while those of a sensitive nature are deemed to be weak minded, if they don’t show the macho side. In times when new ways of doing things is a very urgent matter, the less of the macho is needed when you need to use your brain. Yes, there is pressure applied when your very young, boy girl, and with so many potential forms of identity being thought about, isn’t it reasonable to suggest, that those who are very young,don’t need too much confusing advice, as it’s so easy to pressurize them.

No one complains, whatever your interests, your mind will form interests, but if we over bombard the tender minds still grasping for identity, if your not that, then this is your choice. But when you put confusing advice before young people, you force them to choose,it’s like a divorce, which parent do you choose. Lately there is talk of over use of sexual identity, the list of choices mind boggling, and since children pick up the example around them, society has a duty to put children’s interests first, so we should hope.

A boy is twelve, the parents have his future decided, the topics of study, well, this is what you have to do if you want to get to university, three years later, the boy who wanted to please his parents finds out he is artistic, wants to change his preferences. In a nutshell, we are forcing the process, that only time can decide on, and surely, that should also apply to those who have difficulty with their identity, well, the ugly duck became a sparkling bird, but you would never have thought it, when you first saw that chick.