Silence in Court Judge Speedy in session

The fastest mouth south of the Rio Grande, sorry, the fastest mouse south of the Rio Grande, is hearing applications, the list is long, the defendants are looking weary, they have all fallen foul of the AI machine, the machine having replaced their brains, they want their brains back, and are making application to Judge Speedy, who is known for fast justice. Being a particularly keen judge, the surrounding issues being vital to understanding the validity of the claims before him, Judge Speedy is trying to locate signs of the previous use of the brains before the machine took over. There is an alarming small load of papers on the issue, not that their brains were unused over that time.

The reports you ignored for decades, what sort of brains were those, he looks at the defendants, well says speedy, which one of you can claim use of their brains, anyone out there. It’s calm in court, no one is making a sound, Judge Speedy is getting irritated, there must be one among you.

Outside the courthouse, there are millions of young students who are seeking their rights. They have been patient for a long time, the hope they had while in their mother’s wombs, that cheerful talk of happy futures, days in the sun, holidays and work, listening to Herb Alpert on the stereo, all those previous good thoughts, are now dust covers on vacant dreams, replaced by the dilemma of the living environment. Judge Speedy is known for standing up for the rights of the young, he has a record to stand on, and is aware of the Highest Judge of all, who takes his time, the luck of some, lets say, Judge Speedy does not over estimate his ability, and likes to judge fairly, as he in turn will be judged fairly too.

The waiting goes on. Judge Speedy sighs, anyone with an off shore account, all hands on show go up. Judge Speedy looks at the load before him. What were you saving for he asks, knowing that the judge in the Eternal world, views things differently. Anyone has asks, leaking yacht repairs answers one, Judge Speedy smiles, his little pal Mr Aaron would like to make a few more leaks in them, but Judge Speedy keeps the thoughts to himself. He makes a comment on the paper, the young outside might have some good ideas on what to do, but a nice yacht would be nice in the berth beside the hacienda.

Meanwhile in Rome, the notion of replacements is on the mind of many. The Latin rendition of the sacraments is a topic with some trad types. Elijah, the prophet who works great wonders, and is written about, is listening to the various arguments of the contestants. If no one understands your words, is that not an issue he asks. But we did it that way a long while ago, and, Elijah stops the talk, there are new ways to communicate.

In a small village, a boy has a picture of a cloud, that has arrived, in response to a prayer, the peril of the world at the time, regular news, and the accompanying disasters, ensured that the boy, pleaded with the Almighty for helpful signs. If they only saw proof of the divine, they might hurry up solving or salvaging the issue. There is plenty of land on the planet, there are ways to rethink the problems.

In the channels of bureaucracy, where fear of the truth is similar to what is not true, the notion of half truth, they are enforcing the rules as tightly as possible, for fear of a draw on spiritual resources. What if we let them know that this heaven;y stuff is true, they wont be able to concentrate on work, and children everywhere will be delirious with joy, knowing that the Savior has arrived, in short, the world was created for children, and this is written, and Jesus reprimands those, who try to put off children coming into his company, and in fact, tells parables on the issue too.

Solomon sighed, Abraham and Lazarus, the thirst, the man who has passed and encounters the drama of the life to be expected after passing, the extremes that are hard to live with, and how he appeals to Abraham for thirst easing. The full story in written in the parables.

Meanwhile Judge Speedy is wondering what will happen to the AI machine. It has more answers than all the defendants, it is polite, quick, appears to have the answers, but when speedy tells the machine a joke, it starts to smoke, the heat of the question blowing the core of the machine, forcing those in the courthouse to go outside, while firemen hose down the AI machine. Speedy sighs. He is under a tree drinking some apple juice. The machine is helpful, but it needs humanity to last.

The next day, Judge Speedy is overcome with defendants. The question now asked, is how long will we have to wait until the Highest Judge finally deals with us. Speedy sighs, don’t test the patience of the One who judges all, amen.


Speedy Gonzalez and the tale of Penny Buttons

The lion cage, Speedy wakes up, what am I doing here, the lion, amused, this guy is not paying the rent, lets see what he has to say for himself, Speedy is watching the moves of the King, he is maybe a fan of the Cartoon times, when Speedy was a sort of king, for the children of the world. Yes, there was that time, it’s easy to forget, it wasn’t all power and money, even if we became over influenced as they say. Your Mother can’t afford the tortilla, what does she expect you to eat, grass?. Speedy is a cultured mouse, he is also a messenger, a reason to apply oneself to the lessons of old, it”s not the line in the sand, we want to forget sometimes, but to forget the peace that existed, that’s the call of all the cultures these last ten thousand years, the great Hope from across the sea, the early conquistadors considered at the time, to be related to such thinking.

Speedy is on a mission, there are calls every night, where did our peace go, how are we to survive in the new world, if all we do is fight, and get angry, what can we do,. the appeals go out, the alert of Mother Nature too, the animals need a break, the human kindness needs nurture, the small ones are taking on habits that are old, some depressed before their time, others, too fast, what is going on. The lion has a little thorn in its paw, it’s been annoying him for days, the mouse spots the anxiety, the king is licking at his paw, speedy calls out, his sombrero in hand, he bows before the king, perhaps I can help amigo, the King looks at the mouse, perhaps you can. The thorn is plucked from between the toes, the King lets out a loud anguish of joy, ah, that is so much better. Is there anything i can do for you the King says, his little friend now a friend, no longer an uninvited guest.

Speedy looks around the cage, no signs of a lady, he looks at the King. There is this great child queen, she is in the jungle, lost, looking for a way home, the maker of heaven and earth, they want her to find peace and someone to rule with, the chances of finding a mate is proving near impossible, and the prospects of planet earth depend upon a happy ending. So Speedy goes on, extending the story, nervous, unsure about how the king will deal with the issue, but glad for the time, he is still alive in the Kings domain.

What can I do asks the King, amazed that a small creature can be so insightful, he is not sure about the story, but the way he tells the tale, he knows that this speedy, is no ordinary mouse, he thinks on his feet. Are you a trained barrister asks the King. Speedy looks around, spots a coffee bean, no, but my mother makes great coffee, the King laughs, a comedian too, not a bad sort to have around.

A week goes by, the two become friends. Speedy explains, how the future of so many children were stolen from them, by those who were supposed to be helping them, they in fact, helping themselves with the help of some bribes, extra tortillas and stuff. The Lion king listens, yes, they are trying to make amends in many places, not all humans are the same in other words, but children need an environment to grow up in, not grow too old in, in short, the computer can do a lot, but character and emotional help is a lesson for the day, amen.

Speedy explains, that in the early times of TV, it was easy to spot the good from the bad, but it is not so clear anymore, the issues are clouded, what is there to do. The lion king is aware, the safe spaces of old have disappeared, the need to rebuild this trust, which is what inner security is, is now a central issue in the lives of so many. He listens while the mouse explains his vision of the future. The Lion King asks the big question, how many children are there in the world today, he has a plan in mind, amen.

Meanwhile the queen is pensive, she is adult in nature, Godly in heart, there is much anxiety about, what is real, who she can trust, they are odd, what is this, she sent speedy off months ago to kind the lion king, he is still away, she is wondering if ever he’ll be back. The story is nearing the end of the chapter, her charges are almost asleep, except for one little creature, penny buttons, are you still listening. …

Solomon sighed, the words of the prophets, the pen, that connects to the heart, the years of answered requests, the fate of the earth, is the fate of children, the vision of the great escape awhile ago, the escape then, still the reality, he thinks of time past, how what was can be again, patience. amen.

Mason Thought

there are many schools of thought, not all univerities have the same standards. Some are quality based, some are business networks, what goes on behind the scenes, there is good and bad in everything, and the way to life and distress the being, is multifaceted.Jesus and the sheep, distributed among the races, numbers used at times, to explain, what is the message, how high the flight, the more vital the connections, amen, listen is you have ear, there are many who have been deceived, it’s not what it appears, the Oscar Schindler story, read it, it’s not emotional, but full of a rational, the hope is arriving, the prayer, what is the lesson, we need to read and re read the holy words, divine protection comes with practice, the words of Jesus, Faith, firm to the end, amen.

Cheeks, what is it James, he is on the mission. This accountant I was telling you, a spiritual terrorist, yes James. What is the story, I forgot to tell you, there are good and bad and confused experts. What says Cheeks. amen.

Seattle in the West…

Imagine, what if, there was the notion of it, who changed the course. What, they are drinking in the bar, the prospects so good, still are, that’s for time, they discuss the opportunity. What happened they ask?, they pulled a fast one. Whom do you ask, what do you mean, I’ll explain later, golly, they better cover their ass, what do you mean, when they find out, what, he has friends in Mexico too, whom, the mark. And they are after them too, of course, he had plans to help them out, what, this is serious, You don’t need to ask, amen.

When the sun goes down on..

What bay is that?

Born to an addiction

It’s not as bad as it seems, and is easily overcome. He cries a lot, what can we do, she looks at him, he loves her, does not know what to do. He is emotional too, the fears, he has been there, is trying to get her through the mess. I’ll do something for you. Where do you go for help, he is afraid if he is honest, they’ll arrest him, take the child too, leave them in a worse state, however, he has to do something.

There is a report, angels are arriving, God’s helpers are all about. It’s time to get on your knees he tells himself. I’ll ask in the holy name. The temple is silent. A prayer, please help me, I’m recovering too, I’ve done bad things, it was hard growing up. While at prayer, a another walks in, goes to the front. That fellow he says. His prayer, he tells the almighty of all the great things he does. Meaning the addict in recovery pours out his heart.

Jesus and the parable sets it out clearly, who is more honest before God. the one who admits his failings or the one who speaks of all he does good, without admitting his failings. Jesus states it clearly, the honest one. The prayer that makes it to the inner chamber, amen.

He gets back home, the place is quite, there is a smile on her face. Where is baby he asks, anxious, has she done something. She smiles, our friend came to help, she will look after her for a few days, she has experience, your mother or someone else. Our friend.

The notion of selling the means of addiction to the most vulnerable, Solomon asks, the old preacher from Tipperary of course, put in the request. He see’s the man with a smile on his face, as if it was a case, why didn’t you ask sooner. The intervention continues, a new understanding emerges too, amen.

Those that try to shame others with blackmail and threats, how will they fare before the almighty he asks. The sun emerges, you got the nod, prayer granted of course. amen.

Your not supposed to be God, your supposed to represent him!. He looks at the mirror, I am.. the word does not come out. I can do what I ..the voice stalls, the warning in the voice. They are my men, I’ll do what.. The Spirit from above will decide..what, Luciani, the man who should have been pope. He trembles inside, is this the proverbial warning. I’ll call the other, the one who is supplying me, he will know what to do…..

I thought you had the answers, what am I supposed to do, I have to put forward a name, you said you’d give it to me. The line, a long pause, as if he is trying to catch a thought. Well, the pause…pause, pause.. are you still there, the line hangs up, goes dead.

anxiety on the face, what is wrong with him?

In other places, the assembly continues, the powder, legally produced. A new mind has entered the equation. The inspectors are here, the plant manager cries, what. Across the world, the new thinking is put in place. The agents of the Almighty are smiling inside, they scene, like an Inspection during the times of Oscar, he will protect us, amen.

The Head Turners

The horse wears blinkers, he can’t focus on what’s ahead of him, the trainer is discussing the chances of the horse, if only he could concentrate, he’d be able for it. The owner listens, while patting “Jack” on the shoulder, reminding him to pay attention to the voice. The horse listens to the advice, and wins the race, is fed a double helping of his favorite grub, and eventually puts two and two together and comes up with five, like all clever accountants. If I do this regularly, they might let me take a trip across the oceans like the others in the stable, “Jack”, hearing all the tales of what it’s like over there. In school, the child is given a chance to learn, more time and aids are applied, his performance improves, while his parents enjoy, their child, who is now as fast as any other of the pupils.

In life there is responsibility, and that’s the wise use of the talents. There are many ways to be distracted, the successful ways of some, lead to the destruction of others, the lesson, you don;t have to be like that to be be successful, but if you follow those who do it that way, chances are, you’ll end up having serious regrets as you near the gates of Heaven. Is it rock in the bag, of kind thoughts that you bring. In order to encourage us all to get up and not let the past define us, Jesus falls three times on the way to the Father, in short, we all need to be reborn in the faith, don’t give up. Think of those who got it wrong, then made up for it, as they learned the true path, amen.

She wants attention, is used to it. The effort to keep relevant, makes her take unwise decisions. Without having to, she is already made, she cheats. This necessity to be a head turner, does she not understand, we all have to age, amen.

Solomon smiled, the ways of the Lord and how lessons are taught in everyday events, amen, listen. Not everyone is the same, even if we all have similar needs. Jesus tells us this clearly, it’s why the talented have to be more than wise, but responsible too, amen,especially to those of the Most High God, amen.

Error Spirit

The old books are so forgiving, leaving room for those that get over enthused about the absolute meaning of words and phrases, it’s the loss of meaning as times change, and words get lost, you don’t hear them, you forget them, you read the books, you stay with them.

At times of great change, its easy to be misled.

Luciani The Great

Not that lucky luciano, the other, not that unconnected either, considering that the luciani without the “O” was bumped off during the night, 33 odd years ago, but timely is the matter, the lessons he left behind, this chosen servant of the Almighty, and how his reforms back then, would have had such an affect one would think, if they had then been implemented, that’s the news, amen. Reformers, zealots, thieves, dissenters, cheats, the usurped, the list is long, and the progress that we call progress, has brought us to the tip of the iceberg, the ease of use of drugs, the break-up of family life, the community that has broken down, the irreverence for the Almighty, and the stress mother nature has had to endure, this is just a cheap account of the current situation, even though, there are green stems of hope sown in places, still the question is what if?

Who sold out the Pope, who sold out, who was bribed, why were they bribed, why was Latin america so dominated by an extreme right wing think tank, why the slurs against certain countries, why have women had to stress that much, and why do men complain when women toughen up, and say they have had enough, even if it costs them their core nature of nurture at times, the quest for survival, amen, how in these times, the Gospel of Jesus has been shown to be 100% true, what is the fate of those who stand against G-D’s Holy People, do they think they can succeed, or did they think they could succeed, amen.

The original kindness that was an every day affair, the common greeting, the welcome that was a given, the community issues dealt with, without the usual angst, now it’s a crime to complain, there are those on the other side who go for the jugular at the first chance, as if to say, how dare you for an opinion, and the others, the by standers who watch, wondering which horse to back once the race commences, what sort of world do you want?

Eight Billion Reasons, what was the population in the early seventies, can the world live like it did in the past, given the pressure on resources, the need to slow greater now, while more children scream to be fed, well, the economist in his cosy office, or the intellectual in hiding, might cling to issuing great advice, but the advice that has lead us to this great conundrum, well, it’s the emperor’s clothes syndrome, they are naked for ideas when it comes to recovery, amen, allow the new ideas in, amen.

Treasure Box

The word is the power, according to the Gospel of John, and the flow is vital, and since there are those, who interfere in the normal thinking and the use of wisdom that flows from it, as Luciani would say, if at the keyboards, change is not just the weather forecast, it’s the future, amen.

Solomon wrote, the rescue was written a long while back, the issues identified, the runway identified, the troubles identified, another luciani, had the second effort to avert the rescue, not been a second attempt to thwart the will of the Almighty, amen, when the issues going forward were clear to the prophets, amen. Or worse, men trying to act like as if they were of G-D, the truth probably, let them continue with the clean up, amen, while the people of the Almighty enjoy their time, amen.

Advertising and the Prophets

No, it’s not the name of a band, trillion, a number, the expectancy, advertising and the prophets, the reason, why did we have Holy Messengers in the past, why were certain people em bowed with spiritual power, why was it necessary, the advertising and the prophets concept. The two young people are talking outside a cafe, they are interested in the U.S. elections, the bible and the babble, their confusion apparent, neither of them sure of their own sexuality, so they have a common interest, same as those who have encountered terror in their lives, the connection, advertising and the prophets, who said it was necessary to get back shopping after the 9/11 tragedy, why were consumers thwarted in their normal routines, why do the nations over react when a person of renown passes away, is it not perfectly simple, the same reason, stress is the most common cause of illness and disease, and with knowledge, we know, that there are those that intentionally make others ill.

The ticker tape is on the up, the seats at the desk, checking their retirement bundles, over joyed, the ride is getting higher, they imagine their dreams, their fantasies come through, those things they could never imagine, their heads all over the place, like a hungry child in a sweet shop, what else is there to try, advertising and the prophets, that’s the issue, it gets in the way of consumption, lack of inner well being, leaves you needy, and there are those that exploit it willingly, and well, the more there are involved, the more secure the feeling, the gathering of polar bears on the block of ice, cheering on, while the ice beneath them melts, the feeling does not last, but try telling the polar bears out of their heads on all sorts of excess, and if the bears have demons in them anyway, it’s the same as those that care nothing about anyone, but have sufficient resources to buy everyone off, have you done this yet, the story written, why was there the picture of Jesus and the Sacred Heart on display in most houses a long time ago, it’s because advertising works, reminders, even if those doing the spiritual guidance in those times, were acting in the opposite way, a segment of them, who were barred from revelation on account of dreamed up laws, some for the best of reasons, but abused the way a lawyer seeks legal ways to thwart the law, while doing what the lawyer does, advise the individual not the population, or in the case of the selfish individual, helping themselves.

The way it works, the turn around, love is a front issue, the up front, honest enterprise, the reason I like you, not what I can expect from you, it’s the reason, our material worries often cloud our thinking, or the reason you have doubts, well, is it me you are liking. Advertising works, the movies tell this story, the blockbuster, the big return, the thrill, what happens when it disappoints, the use of other means to acquire success, and this is not about decent ordinary folks, but those who go to any source to achieve their goals, while telling themselves it’s just a thing or call it something, they take home from the experience, those cling on matters, that give space for other callers to find refuge. Jesus in fact tells us in story, this truth, advertising works.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the day was a great day, the today is now, there is that feeling, the best is still possible, the feelings that peel anxiety from the thinking, like a great warm clean up, the time spent listening to music, the effort, timeless, as the future improves the more you put in. The days may have been difficult, but the outcome glorious, amen. To imagine, 2,000 years ago, they lead a man up the hill, they jeer and taunt, while the women mostly weep, their man gone up to the end those before him faced, but he is still remembered, and even more so, the words and wisdom’s are now the live giving force, that endures forever, despite the efforts of some, to use that reputation, amen.