The Diet of Fear

The creation of the illusion of safety. In roman times, the well organized army seized the hearts of the early believers, imprisoned them, then reminded them, those held captive, that there is safety in us, in us, those who hold you prisoner, modern day philosophers call it the Stockholm syndrome. This diet of fear, grows, as others fall under the control of the tyrant, they even call the tyrant a god, and after awhile, the diet becomes so normalized, it becomes the way of life; well, who can stand against it and survive. Jesus arrived at that time, when the early Hebrews were expecting their Messiah to arrive; because they were used to being oppressed, they assumed, that their deliver, would be a strong man, with power to destroy the occupiers, so they didn’t recognize their deliverer. The rest is history. God allows us to make mistakes in the hope that we will learn and correct them. It happens all the time.

Jesus came with Power from on high, that had to be nourished with the gifts of the Spirit, Human kind, just forgets sometimes, same as we all get muddled, when there is too much confusion around. Whom to fear Jesus says, His words being eternal, as alive today when first spoken; Fear only your Heavenly Father, and when you do, all other fears will simply vanish. For what sort of Spirit is going to make a fool of the Most High God, amen, or even try to lead His children, astray, amen.


compassion, no cult leader, simply, the space you made for others. It wasn’t for your gain, as many behave, helping, Jesus pointed towards stories, the easy way to get them to listen, they were all children in his eyes. The good Samaritan wasn’t a spy, didn’t have an agenda either, did what was correct in the heart that loves. In a nutshell, you can’t love God if you hate the things He created.

Treasure Box

eating foods, washing this way or that, it wasn’t too important, some put emphasis on rituals, fine for keeping communities together, helping to know each other, but real love, is what you do for others, not your friends, it’s called spreading the Spirit of well being, amen.

Wonders and miracles, they were not for show, they were to teach, life is eternal for those that hold firm in faith. And if Heaven is not in doubt, neither is hell. Even the demons were named, in those times, by the early pharisee’s, they even accused Jesus of having them inside him, so strong was His power, now and always.

God and our relationships

Through compassion and kindness, is how you will know the people of God. Jesus saw how the devout offered animal sacrifices, while failing to show compassion and kindness, so he abruptly cut them short: If you knew the Father he said, it’s kindness and compassion that is sought. Ritual might remind you of your faith, but it’s compassion and kindness that feeds the spirit, amen.

Why are these words important today, when so many are reading of the plight of immigrants, when great signs are being poured into the world. In a nutshell, we are all being reminded; what is our relationship with God is being tested. In Afghanistan, there is anxiety, the rights of women and girls are under threat. In this time,when God is all powerful, it’s proper to remind all people, all people of the book, to reread the old scriptures, as all Holy Scripture, is based on the original truth, amen.

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When Jesus arrived, he scolded his own disciples, when they complained about his relationships with those considered to be of the lower professions, women included, Jesus was angered. There is no difference between men and women, and this point, is one point, most often complained about, when those who are of God, complain about the acts of others, who believe in their way, while giving ammunition to those, who want to rubbish the very existence of God.

What is your relationship with God then?


There is the universe, there are continents, there are countries, and there is God Most High. Some folks are confused still, at some of the ancient teachings. Snake oil salesmen who sell gospel, need to read this, as God takes offence, at those who mislead His people.

Jesus wanted to put into the minds and hearts of all who listened to him, the need to put The Heavenly Father first, when it came to love, more important than family, sisters, brothers, you Have to put the God of Love first. Why is this so; Love does not exist in a person, it’s an action, it’s putting the Love of Him, who made it all possible first.

In our modern version of love, the possessor of another, can be overwhelmed when the relationship turns sour, and as stated, those scorned in love, can be very destructive. Putting God first, takes the strain from the person, and puts love into the category of action. In a nutshell, you can’t love God without loving what He created. And since God is love, and shows in many active ways, you can see how arguments or fall outs between believers, should be easy to solve. When you try to own what you can never possess but enjoy and encourage, the mindset changes, amen.

The wife’s dilemma

He’s addicted to violence on TV. It’s all he ever does. He craves those films, where there is threat and blood, it gives him a thrill. We used to be intimate,but he lost it. He is now addicted to pornography too. Her therapist sighs; show me who isn’t. She puts out the words she has trapped inside. Her therapist nods; she doesn’t know, but the therapist was acquainted with him; devious minded then in very subtle ways; you’d need to be a crime investigator to know, the modus operandi. When a young man talks mind games before he even qualifies, that’s enough. The progress of the relationship was no surprise to the therapist; those that use people usually end up in a mess. The lesson, love takes time, don’t fall for security, the lesson from Chicago, the source of the wealth matters, how it’s acquired. Even a weed can smell like a flower, sometimes.

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The wife’s dilemma, she wants to believe, her man. Technology expert, knows the jargon. So specialized, he hides the weird stuff, well, if they ever found out. The dilemma, is this what I entered a life partnership with. Too religious minded, she has seen the signals, how he comments on all that is wrong, and how he puts it on thick to impress the company, amen. The wife’s dilemma, the mother of all questions in a world going crazy, amen.

Can a mind soaked in horror ever do a face to face with God,without melting, so hot.

The Wolves are set free…

We will get to the bottom of this. Demons and their assorted armies, converge on God’s people, ground hog day, this has happened before. The Almighty crushed them, and then the Kingdom was made safe. Words spoken against the Holy Spirit, is an eternal sentence, Jesus’s warning.

Angels and those of Spirit,come under assault. The demon mind gamers, seek leverage, a trouble spot inside those, committed to God’s way. It’s hard to sleep, when you have fear inside you residing. It’s not fear, its anxiety on account of those you know well, whom you hold dear in your heart. Spying and undermining, Jesus had to deal with it regularly. So, imagine, what it has been like for those who try to follow in his steps.

Help, Jesus wove power in His words, and gave all credit to another, humble too, to the Father. So, what you might say; Think of the seventy two that went out and came home rejoicing. We gave commands to demons, and they obeyed us. Think yourself a follower of that divine source of power, amen.

The Fate of Those Who offend the Spirit from above…?

My God, did we do that, the frog in the throat moment, what excuse can you offer. Every time you harm another,it’s another stab at the heart that loves, another cry heard. Why in these times, is it important, to recall, the One who made it all possible. Should we ignore the warnings, or should we spin them away, the way politicians do.

Jesus was very clear on this, the room for maneuver, very limited, no deals for those who deliberately do so. Solomon was recalling the light shone from certain lives on their communities,and how corrupt men, wove schemes, to get rid of them. Apart from the Spiritual free fall, the legacy is never enchanting, it’s usually domineering by a few,what is the fate of these few, who oppress the Holy Spirit,even the games they play, using others like chess pieces, where will they go, when their time comes, Heaven is real, the signs tell us this, Solomon sighed, it can’t be a happy feeling inside,but a hollow one indeed, amen.


that which we think we can control, the fear we hold, the reminders, names, did they ever look to the sky, or did they read the ancient words, in an instant any world, can be turned upside down, and now they see it happening across the world. Powerful because you control a corner, how long will that last, leaders in high places, not issuing rational words,their followers chanting,what exactly. Madness, did he really believe that, others afraid to open their mouths, the boss doesn’t like a challenge, fear, the end of advice, and we wonder why things go awry.

I’m in control of this, my land, my conquest, they forgot that God exists, they forgot about the army of invisible light, fear, do they understand the meaning of the word, amen.

Solomon saw the signs,coming for the last ten years, heavenly messengers, angels trying to assist, there is only one word for this; divine intervention. The heart baggage loads up, the pain intense, the magic number in reach, then the tip over, and the start of the new regime; how will those who oppressed God’s people fare; they will be liquid with fear, unable to walk, powerless, it just takes a thought. Amen.

A father’s ‘curse of inheritance’ casts a long shadow over son, who only broke free through Jesus — Mustard Seed Budget

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A father’s ‘curse of inheritance’ casts a long shadow over son, who only broke free through Jesus — Mustard Seed Budget

A thousand voices in my head..

A thousand voices are playing in my head,do this do that they said, where do I find peace, where is the refuge from this nightly dread. She imagines that she is going mad, the demons are treating her like a prostitute, they come and have fun with her, they even send their acquaintances, and all they do, is remind me of this dread. Friends, they try to use me, and their voices roar in my head. Her Faith is strong, despite the odds against her, she has not given up, in alcohol she finds temporary respite, is there no one to love me,mind me, her prayer is heard, her fate is made known, through the heart, is it open or shut, amen.

The doctor prescribes the numbing drugs, enough to dope her, she still has the demons, she is beginning to accept them, well, she is convinced she has a disease. Have you tried, this, that, she looks at the medical expert, doesn’t he realize what is going on. She nods her head, if she says anything against him, she might even be given electric shocks, doesn’t want to go through that again. She wants to retain her senses, but doesn’t want to lose her mind.

Treasure Box

She is going for help she tells a friend,the demons laugh,that won’t get you far, we’ll be waiting, their threat. How many hear voices, it’s not medical, its’ the spirit trying to get out, it could be another time, it could be forgiveness seeking to correct a wrong, there are many causes for it, but one thing, the power of God, can sort it out. Not a quick solution, it’s time that builds up faith. Once those who raid the minds find out, that Holy Spirit is real and working, it’s the fear they dread, the One source of their destruction, have faith, build up the spirit around you, amen. As for those who cause such or encourage others to do same, imagine the prospects, amen.