open hearts surgery

cries alarm bells nuclear reactions storms, suddenly the world is alive, pity we never act that way when we see a hungry beggar or a child in need, we turn away and hope our eyes don’t meet, as we fear for the guilt we take with us. open heart surgery needed the world over, could be you today, think about it, and be prepared.

Give To Me


Give me give me, more of this more of that, give me, anthem of the masses and if you don’t give me, I’ll get it somehow, cause I deserve it, I want it, I need it, a promotion, a new house, bigger pension pot, more facebook likes, more hits, just give me, I’ll do anything, just give me, corporations, institutions, governments, give me power they ask, give me, no wonder evil had no barriers to break down, when everyone was looking for something, no different to an addict, give me, give me love, fill the vacuum of my heart, the only give me that’s normal, cry of the innocent heart, and it’s been the secret to the tyranny of evil, prevailing for so long, where few held power, kept it without mercy, so we got used to it, it’ll always be this way, and in the process lost heart. And when the heart stops giving, God Most High stops receiving, all that love we are able to create, each and every day, given freely to us, to pass on, making the lives of all around us, better in every way, and why you ask is this important, Ask God the next time you pray, did you love him that day, or are you on an escape mission, and you have no where else to turn. Sadly, open the papers today, media boasts spin doctors flame, the tension between the have not’s, and those that have, ramped up, $40 million contracts, celebrity excess, dangling the carrot of excess in each and every way, every child agog, wondering if this it, just money, the oppressed and the poor angry with despair, the dangling continues every night and day, each day pouring salt on the wounds of many, who can’t understand why it’s been allowed to be this way, their love ceasing everyone thinking, I’m on my own, love decreasing with it, the resulting love available to mankind, to make amends with the one true loving God, fading and fading away. 

“Governments an…


“Governments and societies worldwide want to punish you for your misdeeds or mistakes, while God Most High wants to help and forgive you, make it a better life, whose side do you want to be on, a no brainer really, unless your seriously dumb” bwb