One deed one prayer

We all can feel the pain, the memories survive, the horror impossible to forget, the torture before their murder, I refer to what happened in the concentration camps of world war two, who can ever forget or ignore,those horrible images, engraved in the minds of many,the word,Auschwitz. Humans did this to other human beings, and in the context of that pain, we should spare a prayer for the inner suffering of the Jewish people, the first nation to turn to God, and from these roots, comes the basis for all other religions, amen, all of them. There is pain we all feel, but rarely does it go as deep as it did for those religious minded people, people of the book, as they say in Islam,amen. 😊😊

How can we be friends with them, they stole our lands, they dispossess, no, they became part of a settlement between two western powers, who thought they knew what they were doing, they obviously hadn’t the people of Arabia in mind, but that was then, were here now. What would Jesus say, to leaders on both sides, can you imagine his advice.

Forgive and forgive, and keep on forgiving, as your Father in Heaven is forgiving to those who forgive, and since this life is not the end, only the end of one leg of the journey, there is proof of this, relax, all that anger and hurt you feel, it’s character building, ; in a nutshell, what sort of human being are you,well, you will be tested, your life will explain itself.

One deed today, one every day, over a lifetime, many deeds, and blessings when it matters,amen.


Pictures from the clouds….

If you think God has forgotten us, it’s the greatest lie ever told, same as those who worship the demon, why,the demon doesn’t exist, that’s if you believe their blurb, they usually have interests that are very ungodly, why allow a little Spirit get in the way of their business, its our network, our territory, the good news, they have to deal now with the unthinkable, the all powerful God, who can do anything, a worrying thought,same as the anxiety about the atom bomb during the second great war, and as they say, we just about escaped that one, just about, even if we fight that threat daily, in a very unstable world.

So it’s the story of the vineyard, well, the messengers are sent, prophets appear, accompanied by signs. Jesus asked for miracles because he knew the hearts of men, they are children who need reassurance, so the miracles came. We still recall them.

Solomon was speaking to a fellow believer, how are those without faith coping during the crisis, what have you left when it’s yourself you are dealing with, is there a hiding place from yourselves; it used to be the office, the busy life, the thousands of jobs you have to deal with, mostly distractions, busy, no time,busy can’t do that, busy,can hardly think. A tiny substance, as invisible to the eye as a sperm cell, or womb cell, but it turns into you and me, not bad for the invisible, all the life it provides, in normal times, as in really normal, not this normal, it ought to be enough to convince anyone, but it comes with conditions, for those seeking to overcome the inner battle between light and dark. A letter in the post turns the mood to gloom, another bill, a call from the phone, worse, they know where you live, a knock at the door, are you afraid to answer it. A relation rings you, good news, all the doubts vanish, we change mood quickly, we are delicate regarding the conditions around us.

So the signs, what are they, why do we need them? In nutshell, when you make time for God, God makes time for you, and you feel it, your attitude improves and you deal with tough situations, without too much fuss. With the peace that only God can send {God does not need to spy}, it fills you with a resolve, that overcomes the darkness, and as for those friends who try to upset you, they don’t have long to find out, trust me on this one, these eyes have seen it. Amen. Same as those clouds, amen.

THE Spirit of Light…

The empty feeling, the clouds that threaten, the worry, will it ever be the same, imagine, the power brokers in the times of Jesus, 2,000 years ago, their man is safely nailed to the cross, their threat has gone, back to business,or so they thought. The story is rare, it has never been forgotten, and all the evidence exists, it’s all real. All these years later, the crisis the entire world faces, accompanied by signs that only divine power could make possible.

All those years ago, they denied the horrible truth; THE man of light was murdered. How do we go on, what must have been in the heads of those in control, the earthquakes, the sky darkens, the message clear AND simple, you have done the unthinkable. Centuries later, they are being oppressed, anyone who dares to believe. What is the problem; How do we take it in; you could add up the long list of martyrs, and reason they had good reasons, for dying for the cause, their God, amen. Are there others we recall from that time, if we are honest, very few indeed.

Jesus promised the 11th hour get out clause; there is time in other words, don’t be late, don’t leave it to a time,when there is nothing you can do, this is written a long time ago, the writer is putting his flavor on it, simplifying, what others try to enforce with rules. How do you distinguish between the light that comes from Heaven, the Holy Spirit in other words, and the Spirit of deception, in other words, the Spirit that honors the purely material, amen.

Your tired, the day is long, the washing is piling up, and there is another load in the machine, how will you get through it. The ironing board is set up, the work continues, it’s long past closing time, if you want to compare it with a regular job, but the work of a loving mother just goes on and on, regardless of tiredness or not. How does this relate to our friendship with Jesus you ask. Pause, there is always a smart ass, who wants to use the words, i said that, as if it matters, possibly it does, we all need a sense of well being and being esteemed. Anyway, this mother doing the chores regardless of time, knows the limits of her family’s needs. They come first, amen.

In a nutshell,Jesus is there all the time, and here is how you do it. On your knees you are immediate, you are asking for help, you are humbling yourself. God loves the humble. As for the mother in our stories, no one got here alone, they dedicate their lives to the welfare of their children when they are of the right mind, amen. They are light in our lives, same way Jesus is, always.

when in the company of the light, the time passes effortlessly, your worries disappear, and afterwords, you feel full yet empty, you want to hear more, cause there is no burden in the light, no one is trying to sell you something, no one is trying to get you to join a cult or anything else, that’s the work of deceivers, no matter how clever their words appear, amen. When you are tired pick up the Holy Book, and once you get lost in a parable, time will fade away, as your interest will be piqued by the wonders of old, and when you set the book down, you will dream life not fear, amen.

Solomon sighed, he was adding words to the journey, both as a moment of relief for those who suffer unjustly, and as a warning to the deceivers, who use the Holy Names to take control of the vulnerable, amen.

The Fear Makers…

What dread they must feel, those who incite hatred, the horror of their deeds visible to all,the confusion in so many hearts, women attacking men, color fighting color, race wars, the chaos in so many lives, few knowing whom to trust, while predators take advantage of any vulnerable souls, the mayhem the fear makers created. Hate Russia,hate china, hate this and that, then the truth comes out, and it’s a certain group taking advantage of it, amen

Off shore they hide their stolen wealth,helped by vigorous servants of greed, always ensuring the trial ends with them, yes, helping to keep the poor even poorer, who would rate their chances before God, as no lawyer will be able to represent them, the fear makers,amen.

Solomon encountered the cloud, the sign he asked for before he set out on the mission. The old man warned him, they will try to turn you, they will do whatever, Solomon listened. Wasn’t that the reason the Spirit from above came, it could out do all threats, while reminding all of God’s Great Power, so it has proved,amen.

Yes, in the beginning,they laughed at Him, what’s love got to do with it, it’s money you need.Eight trillion later and counting, money doesn’t hold the same cachet anymore. Well, if the stuff can be printed or mimicked with paper,what’s there to it. Just stating the facts.

The Old Story

The grief, the prophets of old had to put up with. There you have Jesus, eating his dinner with some of those looked down upon, by the so called respectable folks,drinking a glass of wine, mingling with fallen women as some are called, then you have this Pharisee,dressed in robes lift his nose up, as if he is someone superior. The story is a familiar one; mixing with those deemed unclean, what will you catch. And many wonder why Jesus used story to teach, knowing full well, how laws are altered to favor a certain opinion, thereby, pushing more and more people, to seek Spiritual guidance from charlatans, may we all learn.

Terror from the Skies

The alarm sounds, the klaxon, bodies head for the shelters,the lucky ones. Children hold their hands over their ears, the noise too terrifying, the missiles drop on the nameless,while the so called heroes will be the ones we recall, years later, what a movie, amen.

Madness, how the truth is inverted, amen.

The supply of munitions limitless, the missiles drop and drop,until all that is left, ruble.

What is the lesson, amen


You ought to be, the world devoid of leader ship, the only semblance of normality, in Europe, the least nationalistic environment on the planet today, a family of different cultures and languages, working together, the fat ego’s non existent, the news believable , no double talk, no putting down of any of the member nations, despite the efforts of the extremists to unhinge the so called experiment, confused.

Treasure Box

more noise in the corridors of power, neat be-speckled professional life time lobbyists want it their way, the wages are heavy, the rewards serious, purely material, acting as if they live in a Godless world, well, they are not thinking of wisdom, self interest their rule book, amen.

Isaiah wrote a long time ago, and being the Prophet of God that Jesus referred to most of all, surely, the answers to our issues, are in his words, amen.

Focus in times of virus….

Laid up in hospital, nothing to do, hopefully you will recover, the advice of the physician, the nurse who comes when your buzzer goes off, time to eat, time to take your medication. She is on a visit to see her grandfather. Down the corridor and second room to the left, she breezes along. A big smile is prepared before she enters the room, she wonders what form he will be in, he is a grumpy sort, but kind. Doesn’t fire but straight.

Hi she says, big smile on her face, she is wearing the obligatory mask, she pulls it aside while she bends to kiss him on the forehead, why are you wearing that he remarks, wheezing, nearly out of breath, the lungs not as strong as they used to be. He is approaching ninety, has been through the second world war, Korea, Vietnam, an army vet as the experience tells you.

We all have to wear them now, it’s the law.

It takes your mind off the other stuff he replies.

What do you mean by that she says. …

He drifts off to sleep, she leaves him to have the quite moment, she waits. He is in a dream, it’s not dreaming, he is a boy again, on summer retreat with friends, the two week camp they used to have during the summer break. Climbing walls, chasing cows, trying to climb the neighbors apple trees without getting caught, playing cowboys and Indians. She watches the expression change on his face, the array of smiles, what gives him the thrill, he is old, the life he lived, she can only imagine. Suddenly he wakes up, he is shocked to see her still there.

you must have been dreaming she says.


You have a smile on your face, I was watching you.

Oh that he says.

there was a time when…

Children played, they slept in the same bed, teenagers, went about together during the day, no anxiety, no stressed parents, no one anxious, no one concerned with predators, no thoughts such as these existed whatsoever. He rambles on. and water you could drink from the tap, that was till they modernized it all. He looks at her.

She thinks, old man, what does he know.

I think it’s time to go she says. She pushes her mask to the side, tips his forehead with his lips, see you soon she says, whatever he replies.

later, she retells the story of the visit to her sister, how was he she says. He will live to a hundred, but I didn’t like the creepy stares of the male nurse, he scared me. What do you mean.

Solomon sighed, the difference in the ages, and the imaginings in the mind. The stuff that is fed into them, and the anxieties that last forever. The virus was a topic of conversation all over the world. It refocused the minds on the living.


Price of Wisdom

The queen of Sheba, meets Solomon, she recognizes wisdom when she hears it, can see how others misused it, is horrified, what she cries, are they all demons she wondered, those she thought she could trust, playing with the truth, using her to gain riches. Solomon sighed, it’s the year 2020, over three thousand years since the original words were written. The chaos and destruction she was told about, it had to happen she was told, until she listened to the words of wisdom; imagine what she thought of those around her.

There is a general panic, many made genetics becomes a monster in the making; progress she sighed. She recalls the efforts of Darwin to twist the reality of creation, the possibility of a perfect human race, that led to the attempt to wipe out the Jewish people. progress, more like pride she sighed, as men tried to out do each other. What about the 25 trillion stored off shore; what use was it now, what good would it do them. Then Solomon told her; God tests his people, and when put to the test, they stand firm, and overcome. She smiles; the demon and his army of angels must be feeling closer to extinction tonight. Amen, Solomon prayed yes they are.

The Residue

Leftovers on the table, he eyes the last two roast potatoes, if they are all ignoring it, that means none of them wants it, they taste great, he scans the plates on either side, all he can see is the conversations going on, the lick of gravy on the side of the mouth, clean it will you, it’s sticking out, across the table, a fork in the air, moving left and right, almost with the skill of an orchestral director, still he has his eyes on the prize, those last two golden crisp potatoes. Will I be brave and reach out.

What are you waiting for William she says, catching his eye, he dips his head, a smile on his face, he slowly reaches in, got you he thinks, he has one of the potatoes on the big spoon, he is moving it carefully to his docking station, his plate. No one said a thing, will he be brave enough to take the other, go for it he tells himself. Eight years old, it’s awhile before you learn about the etiquette of eating in a group. She gives him a re assuring nod, the second potato is on the spoon. You are not eating both of them another diner calls out, as he drops it onto the messiest part of the plate, where old flecks of gravy and a white sauce have mixed into a brown mulch, he does it deliberately, no one will ask for the potato back now, too late, all that residue.

Solomon sighed, we learn hopefully, we lean on the past, we see how nationalism becomes a movement of hatred, the wars across the world, home led, the same causes, repeated again and again, too much power in the same closet, time to get angry, time to get rich, we will sort them boy. The world had enough of all that argument, it was well past it’s sell by date, same as those religions, who intentionally miss quoted the old words, in order to divide opinion, and what was their residue; the incitement of hatred.

Surely they believe in God he hoped, and as such, put their efforts into rising spirits, rather than renovating old organisations.