the complicated child

image, the mirror, memories, the mind, love, the heart, global eccentricities worldwide, women for sale on the street, celebrityitis  king of diseases, children fed mind numbing imagery  , suspension of disbelief, you mean children don’t like pornography, stillness in the room, without sex we’d never exist, without love there is nothing to exist for, blame games continue, the avarice of many unaltered, we’ll set up a commission to investigate, tired headlines sweetened with disaster, while children grow up stunned, an uncertain future awaits them, don’t we seem to be failed celebrities, personally i blame the aliens, who else could manage it, the infiltration of the passages of hope, replacing love with pure desire, truth with convenience, who can we blame, point the finger over there, sounds like a parable of old, stone the prostitute they all said, we didn’t invite her, she actively encouraged us, whatever, the silence of so many, the sexualisation of everything, is that all your interested in, hard to explain that mistake to anyone, i bookmarked that site for you, accidental slip of the finger, something odd is going on, complications for the child, and noImage one is listening


Guinness and Trees

we are trees, it’s who we are, we branch, we root out, we renew all the time, provide shade and shelter, wisdom and some reasons why, no one came along alone, together in threes we are safer, when the trees are safe we feel stronger, harbor in a tree, so why are we cutting the old amazon down,  feeding the dead tiger that is on it’s knees, hoping to come up with a quick fix solution, so we can gargle with Arthur the magnificent, the Guinness head,  unless of course your cursed by the stuff, the disease that takes hold of the mind, louis pour me a double she says, he drops another pill watches while it sinks to the bottom, you are always safer in threes, one of you will get it hopefully, and again, it’s better in trees, have a Guinness and do it in trees. it’s amazing what a little spin can do for this world, it’s sad what a little spin managed to achieve in this world, if only we lived in trees, Bart Simpson move over, he’s on the most amazing roller coast ride of his life, outer space never looked so inviting, when the earth is out of control, spinning like a Federer ace, all because we forgot about the trees, whoooo….aaaaaImage

being real

be, be what, like the others, turn away when needed, pretending to be blind, be what you ask, a  good liar, be what you ask, children opened eyed watching, fearing what is real, being what exactly, stupid like you and me, a carrier of half truths, a spiteful deceiver who smiles, be someone new today, be real and do something good, set an example that is real, just once in your life, be real today.Image

Is it only me!


try to explain despite all the pleas, the hurt that the world creates,

but on countless occasions after trauma’s and invasions, i sometimes

think it’s not worth it, is it only me

I’m simple you see no flash suits or glee, but i fear the pain when i see the

strain, in the child that hides that smile, obvious to all with a heart you see,

i wonder is it only me

fear and pain that society creates in hearts that were once young and free,

sends waves of horrors roaring out of the great seas, it makes me wonder this great

waste, is it only me

i forget for a while till the next tsunami arrives when it’s fresh again in the mind,

the world goes  into mourning worldwide then forgets when the disaster subsides,

perhaps it’s only me

so off i go to Tennessee till the next time i imagine till it starts over again,

when my hair goes grey my teeth yellow and and my heart begins to ache,

as i watch it happen all over again, is it only me!

Young people

young people, trying to make sense of life, trying to think and work it out, hoping to agree hoping to see the light, they seek they switch they look at all those modern hits, see the celebrity over there another and another, the world is polluted with these characters, they are everywhere for all to see, like young people without work or hope, the mountain is building and it’s getting higher, under weight and burden they are all going to fall, young people wondering what is going on, unlike union kings and presidents men who scream all the time, did we get a reaction they ask looking all around them, facebook likes the height of their interest with a few tweets thrown in, why wonder what young people think when this world is a spin, falling out of control each day as the madness rolls on, it’s not easy being a young person in a world that is so absurdImage

breakfast in Damascus

main course falling rubble on a bed of flesh,

followed by children out of breath

families on the move and in fear

world looks on leftovers please

up close it’s cold and personal

from afar protesters rally on

they complain and frown

watch while it goes down

mixed groups dreams and power

confused leaders afraid to act

all sides beckon them in

a Damascus breakfast

power hungry and grim