Two or Three

The three friends gathered, they were there to share, express how they were feeling, it wasn’t therapy, it was family, getting together. The rush, the continuous struggle, the amount of thought we put into being right all the time, as if it made us feel better, when all it is, an affirmation for ourselves, no good achieved, just a back rub for the ego, nothing more. What a way to run your life, worrying about what others think. Solomon sighed, the old words, three or more gather, their faith is real, God is among you, the story of Jesus on the road, when he came upon the two apostles. They heard the word, their ears, their ears burned to hear more, truth does that.

Many had been discouraged from meeting as thus, the regulations of religious practice, forcibly enforced, it must be done in the temple, it must be like this, so many rules, while Jesus just said, it’s Inside you, nurture it, amen.


Come Follow Me

Strong words, requires trust, the need for bravery, but lets stop here, the news was of another world, the ability to rise the Spirit, the ability to make well, put down your worries and leave them behind, follow me. How can you do without and still have enough, the words are a contradiction, how can they make sense, what is the meaning of the world, what is the meaning of the word, how can God live inside you, who can do that. These are the thoughts surrounding the early apostles, and early followers. What is my life without all those things, I feel better with a Jet in the car port, my pride rises, it makes me feel good, others think better of me, and you want me to give it all up. It must have been a bit of a downer, having so much of this world then realizing it didn’t count for anything ounce it was over, you life. Solomon had many plus and negative moments, made some difficult choices, same as many before. Listening to the words, give it all up for me, what can that mean.

Solomon slept in it over night, the answer was easy. The stuff of this world does not last, it doesn’t matter, it is out when your gone, what else is there to leave. Solomon recalled the names, those that inspire us deeply, the stuff that moves the soul and heart, he never saw a price tag on it though. It’s easier for the bird to fly when the load is light, amen.

“An Irish Goodbye ” American Dad! S16E11 — The Avocado.. re blog


“Oh God, it’s one of the ones where they’re friends.” Hayley is only partially right. It’s also one of those (episodes) where Hayley and Francine actually hang out together. In either case, hilarity ensues in this outing Jeff and Stan are playing “Davy Crockett”, where apparently murdering bears are an essential part of that. “I’m…

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This Norwegian Island Wants to Get Rid of Time — Life in Norway.. a re blog, what a great idea, try to enjoy life…


Sommarøy. Photo: Jøran Mikkelsen.The sun doesn’t set for 69 days over Norway’s Sommarøy. Locals now want to do away with ‘unnecessary’ time during that period. Sommarøy locals want to go “time-free” for the summer by introducing more flexible school and working hours. Residents of the Island are pushing to remove traditional business hours and “conventional…

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An Elegy for a Beloved Friend — Luanne Castle’s Writer Site.. re blog. a poem for those contemplating life and death


On May 6 I posted about a poem I wrote for a friend who recently passed away. I had written the poem during #napowrimo. Today I am sharing the poem with you. I don’t plan to send it out. Writing it was the most important experience. However, it has been shared with others. It turns […]

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