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2019 United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo Photo Credit: Joy Harjo Official Website (Photo by Shawn Miller) My Poetry Corner April 2020 features the poem “Advice for Countries, Advanced, Developing and Falling: A Call and Response” from the poetry collection An American Sunrise: Poems by Joy Harjo, Poet Laureate of the United States. (Note: […]

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Virus firing squad

Did you turn away, the machine guns, the lives you wiped away, the booze they filled you with, to ease the way, the men in the spitfires, who knew their chances were slim, the early apostles, their friends on the cross, their fears our doubts, the men who stood in the trenches, over the top they went, no insurance, just the hope of a better world. as for Joan of arc, and millions like her, silenced into fear, do we really understand sacrifice, or is it the way we treasure our own lives. How many are living in dictatorships this night, how many women are in fear of their lives, how many wish for food, their only thought.

Solomon sighed; the human race has a long way to go, amen.

25 trillion off shore

and even more in other places. What is the problem; they can print money all day and night. The economist screams, what about us. Solomon sighed, exactly, they think of themselves, have they not noticed, a new world is being prepared. The heads crease, they have a huge headache; the world has changed overnight; and no cure in sight, well not for the sort of greed they encouraged. They have conscience, so you hope, well, their day has dawned, the rest of us have had enough. Davos and all those groups, their smart theory out the door; all the experts sacked. This is going to cost us a fortune.

Solomon sighed; they all said they believed in the Higher God, amen

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Papal revelation

World in crisis, too many secrets in the archives, don’t they believe in God, well, if they do, what is their problem. How many dictators did they support, what harm did they cause; well there is no hiding from God. Solomon sighed; it was time they revealed all their misdeeds, and how they intervened in conflicts, well, in a crisis, what was there to hide. The Holy Spirit lived in love,  not in fear, so why not open the archives, now.

So many secrets; in this time of re birth, wasn’t it time to tell the full story, amen.

The Virus

Women having difficulty in birth, the number one in six. Children stressed, bullying a daily event, off shore havens stealing from the needy, and worse, a world loaded with pornography; how can God’s Spirit live with all that. So you believe, so you say, is it words you repeat, or is it something real, amen.

a new world

what’s the lesson he asked, Jesus looked at the apostle, why do you ask. Miracles, divine help, what needs to be said, it’s all about Spirit, you just have to believe. They looked at him, what does he mean, Jesus sighed, do I have to explain it again; The Father lives inside you, you have to make the space; space they said, what do you mean?. Jesus sighed, Father, what is their problem.

How can love live happily with hatred or oppression, think about it.

Solomon sighed, it’s so simple, if only they could listen. then he recalled the words of Isaiah, they had ears, but they didn’t listen, eyes that could  not see. How the words of the prophets are made clear. Solomon sighed, it was the year of 2020 vision, what else needed to be said, amen.Love thy Neighbor by Luke Embden, Street Art, Budapest, Hungary