Serving The Almighty Power

The prayer goes out, the spirit is appealed to, the Spirit answers in different ways, the books are there, when are you going to apply them, what?. Jesus told the story of the secrets of Heaven using story not rules. So the leaders say, they want to encourage more folks to follow the way of the eternal master. One would think that the answers are already there, you have to read them. Women and Men were seen as one people, with different talents, one was not made to lord it over the other. This lesson is told and re told so often, they who seek to make these appeals, surely must know what they are expected to do, if they want the spirit to find rest among them.

Habits have not changed, they appear to have changed. Human geography has changed. In early times, there was a simple way of doing things, then life became complicated. Those with resources, like the early Israelite’s that turned away from god, thought they could get away without showing any respect for the eternal source of power. As the relics in Rome today, the ruins of the previous empire shows, that what was once imperious to all threats, failed miserably. The lesson is there, what made the people turn away from the eternal source. The example of those who were meant to lead the people to higher ways of belief, were often by example, pushing people to act in the opposite direction.

The AI machine is now being asked the question, is it as friendly as it was made to appear. So you can call Maria and ask her to play this song, or ask you the temperature, or what the weather will be next January, however, the machine can also to programmed to tell the people when it has gone too far, but don’t worry, the machine will sort it out for you, whatever the AI machine thinks is warranted. No one would enjoy that, unless they were high above the earth in a space ship controlled by someone on earth.

The man goes to get a credit report, the manager gives the go ahead. The man is replaced by a machine, the programmer makes a mistake, or an error is deliberately inserted to deny the applicant. The radar is easily interfered with, and while this can provide help to some, it shows how easy it is for the machine to control all life, if allowed to be developed as a machine driven world. The international banking union has a credit rating system. Debt is charged on the likely ability to repay, the worse situation you are in, the worse your prospects, even though it was the same banking system that set you up in the first place. Well, if one is to think as a fair judge, who are those who stole your resources in the first place, do they have any input in these decisions. In short, judge carefully, amen.

For clarity, read Isaiah and the Holy Prophets, amen.


The Matchbox Principle

8 billion matches, human matches, what can you fill them with. The united people, the country that is not divided, has immense power in Godly terms. Jesus points this out, why nations fail, and how to protect the strong spirit, or how often you can water the booze before there is no spirit left to use for all the right reasons. In times of change, the help is always sent, and how that help is used, is told to us, by the virtues of the Spirit from above, or to make it easy, acquire the Spirit and hold on to it, the simple way of saying, it took a long time for the Spirit to find a good set of homes, and while the homes keep that space safe for the spirit to dwell, the Eternal Father is there to help, it’s all written.

Solomon is walking the street, a man and woman drive by, the lady is weary, as if she is under the control of the man. A man and a woman get close, one is better off than the other, they decide to shack up, she demands a pre nup, puts the relationship on the path of risk, are we in this together. Sure there are reasons to doubt human nature, the world is full of such fears, which can be hypnotic, you hear so much of the fear, its’ like you have been hypnotized by it, the same way other stuff can blind your thoughts.

The preacher is preparing to do some healing, there is an elaborate ritual, the incense is burned, there are prayers, the crowd are told to prepare, while the preacher goes through an elaborate ritual, to signify the solemnity of the occasion. In the audience there are those who have their own feelings regarding the previous abuse of power, by those who are rigid on the ritual, in steps Elijah, the Holy one of God, he stops the process, wait he says. The preacher is unsure, the audience spellbound, what sort of invasion is this, what is wrong. The prophet is not admonishing the healer, he is making it easier for him, letting him know, that the eternal power is present, just don’t allow ritual to become the God they believe in, same way Jesus gave advice on foods that were to be eaten, all of them, and what sort of attitude you were to have when in the homes of those who look after you, respect them.

In the nitty gritty world of half belief, my personal habits don’t meet the conditions of the preacher, so I wont dally on his ground while looking for the answers, he steers away in another direction, logic of a form, that is more digestible to many, easier on the decision makers to whom he is appealing, mostly out of future fears. If he was to stop and think, and ask, how the success he now is able to lord over came to pass, he looks back on the education and struggle of the people, and the spirit that held them together, it’s a risk for the decision maker, because he is putting his own reputation on the line, a very tricky thing to do, in a world framed by thoughts, many of them, people are afraid to use.

The lady in the car, her spirit down, another day having to do what I am told. She is not a child, but is dependent on the other half, an example, a woman mother who has given her all for the family, as she ages, she realizes how vulnerable she is. In other examples, the case of the woman who is made a widow, and finds herself able to make decisions for herself, with help, her confidence soars, she is not the vulnerable person she thought she was.

In the world of 8 billion, there are those who worked for the service of the people, managed the resources well, the resources the people created, much made possible by the lacking in resources themselves. The system manager thinks it’s his job to maintain the system, while the Spirit knows, it’s the spirit that maintained the system, amen.

In short, look to the One who is eternal for long term prosperity, amen.

Humps and cheeks

There is noise from sources, the threat of doom, as if some force can pull the plug and disrupt the good flow of ideas. The news teller is reaching into fear, to get a point across. The same mindset spelled doom years before when the mass of people were facing into what appeared to be bad times, the usual suspects, spoke of doom, this will happen, there will be years of poverty and the old depression the people escaped from, their new found independence will be threatened. Mrs merkle opens the gates to a million refugees, the experts are side swiped, ignored, their advice thrown out, the results of the brave decision, a sanctuary for many people, an example the experts were not expert in, but doom talk, like the nefarious that threaten the peace of your living, they only spell success if you follow their ways. In short, the many experts are forgotten, while the results continue to amaze.

Lessons in history, you want to prevent war, the technology that is yours, is about to be released, Afghanistan, the armaments that were left behind, were used to undermine, the well being of those who provided the arms in the first place. In times of great anxiety, leaders of revolts, true leaders, don’t make promises based on the emotions, they use hard facts of what happened before, and they act in ways, to ensure, that once the freedom is achieved, there are no left overs, for the next load of extremists to find succor in, amen.

So humps and cheeks are enjoying the day, the weather is blissful, humps is outside his normal core area, he is able to relax, the decisions being made, are being thought over, there are many eyes watching the proceedings, and when those eyes, are connected to the Eternal eye, what is there to be anxious of. An aspiring leader makes the point, look, there is stuff that young people don’t understand, you don’t want them to grow up too soon, give them space, when they are mature, they will be able to make the correct choice, rather than be hurried into becoming something they might later change from. Patience works.

The gloom of the news maker is heard in powerful places, or places where power is made to move. The worry, do we have to react to this. The wise owl looks over the success, what was it based upon, was it choice or was it education. The panic stops, the past thirty years have seen the coming and going of many ideas, so long as the ideas continue to flow, the educated ones, have the means to stitch their plans to the new ideas, relax. David didn’t have doubts when he went out to face the huge Goliath, what, this little chap is going to do in our giant, they laughed at the little man, history tells us, the little man won the day, while those who put their confidence in the giant were sent fleeing.

Panic didn’t grip the team when it was lost looking. They held to their plan, and got the right result. The EU holds out to all sorts on interests. The ideal of the same group think, has the power to eliminate poverty across the Americas. Those threatened by change, have to remember, that change is always the flow. A time comes, when the space is created for others to get their views heard, not their views, while under the threat of force or coercion.

So what is the world going to become, what will bring us back to our normal way of being. The prophet listens to the power words of those with powerful connections, Fine, the prophet is the prophet, welcomes change, there are many who will benifit from the changes. So they waylaid entire populations in order to gain access to the resources of the people, how do all these well connected people think now, with heavenly signs appearing daily, nervous you’d hope, if they have any sense at all.

Why not change the name of saint peters, to Vatican square. There is no point using the divine reputation, when divine help is on the way, you’ll only have yourselves to blame, whatever, amen.

Do you know yourself

The lesson was one from the story, Jesus, did they know him at all, or how to live the living words. I call myself this, the umbrella group, there are many types, which are you. The lesson is further told, when the relations of Jesus (he has brothers and sisters too), come to take him home, those who were against him complaining, you are Jews what sort of son is this, will you take him home and rehabilitate him, to which the greatest teacher of all, responds, who are your family, then the further lesson, when Jesus talks about family life, and how his message will divide those that know you best, or think they know you best, the words clear, and harsh to some ears. Do you know who you are.

Many false prophets appear at the time of the great changes, it’s written, a person can become that way, by others lifting their profile and making them think they are prophetic, signs again, there will be the great deceptions, they happen regularly in other walks of life, and when you are shown things, that appear to be divine, you can be fooled, Jesus again, on those who claimed he had demons in him, while naming the chief of them, as much to say, they exist, but they have no power over Jesus’s God, the eternal one, in short, whom to fear, another lesson in Jesus speak, fear only the Living God, and shown again, in the story, whatever, you persevere to the end, and as for all those things that might turn your head, well that’s normal too, it’s recognized 2,000 years ago, it’s not alien thinking, but just be aware of how that stuff came into existence in the first place, and know, that at the end of times, your call to the exit gates, you will have the chance to explain yourself, no lawyer or anyone else, there to make up an alibi or reference, amen. So, do you know yourself, and are you aware of what Eternity means, that thing that will endure for all time. In short, whom do we recall at the end of days, amen.

I’m doing an exam, there is pressure, perhaps there were times i wasn’t able to apply myself, there were those who tried to get into my head, disrupt me, perhaps there were actors doing their imitation of some TV characters, whatever, the time comes, the exam will soon commence, what is there to do. relax, the motives are all checked, the method is considered more important than the actual result, forgery may pass the time, but it all comes out at the end.

Treasure Box

Solomon puts in an awesome request, awesome, results are assured and expected, the form, the decision of the One true God, the man wants clarity, the Spirit is on the recovery stage of life, there will be no stone to worry about, the news comes in torrents of good tidings, the preacher whom he listened to, on many Sundays, was appealed to, it was on his turf he brought the young charge, to make sure he knew who he is, a helper to the Prophet, the young boy, be wary, those that short change the young. The almighty comes to the rescue of His People. In short, make yourself a child of God, how, many ask, well, when someone of renown comes along, the books are written, stories are told, to get awareness of the divine will, study those with such interests, not those who try to control your thinking, Jesus calls faith, the free gift, listen if you have ears, amen.

The old man on the bed, the anxiety, what, why would you be anxious, eternity he replies, amen.

In Heaven there is loud singing, a singer makes it home.

Silence in Court Judge Speedy in session

The fastest mouth south of the Rio Grande, sorry, the fastest mouse south of the Rio Grande, is hearing applications, the list is long, the defendants are looking weary, they have all fallen foul of the AI machine, the machine having replaced their brains, they want their brains back, and are making application to Judge Speedy, who is known for fast justice. Being a particularly keen judge, the surrounding issues being vital to understanding the validity of the claims before him, Judge Speedy is trying to locate signs of the previous use of the brains before the machine took over. There is an alarming small load of papers on the issue, not that their brains were unused over that time.

The reports you ignored for decades, what sort of brains were those, he looks at the defendants, well says speedy, which one of you can claim use of their brains, anyone out there. It’s calm in court, no one is making a sound, Judge Speedy is getting irritated, there must be one among you.

Outside the courthouse, there are millions of young students who are seeking their rights. They have been patient for a long time, the hope they had while in their mother’s wombs, that cheerful talk of happy futures, days in the sun, holidays and work, listening to Herb Alpert on the stereo, all those previous good thoughts, are now dust covers on vacant dreams, replaced by the dilemma of the living environment. Judge Speedy is known for standing up for the rights of the young, he has a record to stand on, and is aware of the Highest Judge of all, who takes his time, the luck of some, lets say, Judge Speedy does not over estimate his ability, and likes to judge fairly, as he in turn will be judged fairly too.

The waiting goes on. Judge Speedy sighs, anyone with an off shore account, all hands on show go up. Judge Speedy looks at the load before him. What were you saving for he asks, knowing that the judge in the Eternal world, views things differently. Anyone has asks, leaking yacht repairs answers one, Judge Speedy smiles, his little pal Mr Aaron would like to make a few more leaks in them, but Judge Speedy keeps the thoughts to himself. He makes a comment on the paper, the young outside might have some good ideas on what to do, but a nice yacht would be nice in the berth beside the hacienda.

Meanwhile in Rome, the notion of replacements is on the mind of many. The Latin rendition of the sacraments is a topic with some trad types. Elijah, the prophet who works great wonders, and is written about, is listening to the various arguments of the contestants. If no one understands your words, is that not an issue he asks. But we did it that way a long while ago, and, Elijah stops the talk, there are new ways to communicate.

In a small village, a boy has a picture of a cloud, that has arrived, in response to a prayer, the peril of the world at the time, regular news, and the accompanying disasters, ensured that the boy, pleaded with the Almighty for helpful signs. If they only saw proof of the divine, they might hurry up solving or salvaging the issue. There is plenty of land on the planet, there are ways to rethink the problems.

In the channels of bureaucracy, where fear of the truth is similar to what is not true, the notion of half truth, they are enforcing the rules as tightly as possible, for fear of a draw on spiritual resources. What if we let them know that this heaven;y stuff is true, they wont be able to concentrate on work, and children everywhere will be delirious with joy, knowing that the Savior has arrived, in short, the world was created for children, and this is written, and Jesus reprimands those, who try to put off children coming into his company, and in fact, tells parables on the issue too.

Solomon sighed, Abraham and Lazarus, the thirst, the man who has passed and encounters the drama of the life to be expected after passing, the extremes that are hard to live with, and how he appeals to Abraham for thirst easing. The full story in written in the parables.

Meanwhile Judge Speedy is wondering what will happen to the AI machine. It has more answers than all the defendants, it is polite, quick, appears to have the answers, but when speedy tells the machine a joke, it starts to smoke, the heat of the question blowing the core of the machine, forcing those in the courthouse to go outside, while firemen hose down the AI machine. Speedy sighs. He is under a tree drinking some apple juice. The machine is helpful, but it needs humanity to last.

The next day, Judge Speedy is overcome with defendants. The question now asked, is how long will we have to wait until the Highest Judge finally deals with us. Speedy sighs, don’t test the patience of the One who judges all, amen.

Speedy Gonzalez and the tale of Penny Buttons

The lion cage, Speedy wakes up, what am I doing here, the lion, amused, this guy is not paying the rent, lets see what he has to say for himself, Speedy is watching the moves of the King, he is maybe a fan of the Cartoon times, when Speedy was a sort of king, for the children of the world. Yes, there was that time, it’s easy to forget, it wasn’t all power and money, even if we became over influenced as they say. Your Mother can’t afford the tortilla, what does she expect you to eat, grass?. Speedy is a cultured mouse, he is also a messenger, a reason to apply oneself to the lessons of old, it”s not the line in the sand, we want to forget sometimes, but to forget the peace that existed, that’s the call of all the cultures these last ten thousand years, the great Hope from across the sea, the early conquistadors considered at the time, to be related to such thinking.

Speedy is on a mission, there are calls every night, where did our peace go, how are we to survive in the new world, if all we do is fight, and get angry, what can we do,. the appeals go out, the alert of Mother Nature too, the animals need a break, the human kindness needs nurture, the small ones are taking on habits that are old, some depressed before their time, others, too fast, what is going on. The lion has a little thorn in its paw, it’s been annoying him for days, the mouse spots the anxiety, the king is licking at his paw, speedy calls out, his sombrero in hand, he bows before the king, perhaps I can help amigo, the King looks at the mouse, perhaps you can. The thorn is plucked from between the toes, the King lets out a loud anguish of joy, ah, that is so much better. Is there anything i can do for you the King says, his little friend now a friend, no longer an uninvited guest.

Speedy looks around the cage, no signs of a lady, he looks at the King. There is this great child queen, she is in the jungle, lost, looking for a way home, the maker of heaven and earth, they want her to find peace and someone to rule with, the chances of finding a mate is proving near impossible, and the prospects of planet earth depend upon a happy ending. So Speedy goes on, extending the story, nervous, unsure about how the king will deal with the issue, but glad for the time, he is still alive in the Kings domain.

What can I do asks the King, amazed that a small creature can be so insightful, he is not sure about the story, but the way he tells the tale, he knows that this speedy, is no ordinary mouse, he thinks on his feet. Are you a trained barrister asks the King. Speedy looks around, spots a coffee bean, no, but my mother makes great coffee, the King laughs, a comedian too, not a bad sort to have around.

A week goes by, the two become friends. Speedy explains, how the future of so many children were stolen from them, by those who were supposed to be helping them, they in fact, helping themselves with the help of some bribes, extra tortillas and stuff. The Lion king listens, yes, they are trying to make amends in many places, not all humans are the same in other words, but children need an environment to grow up in, not grow too old in, in short, the computer can do a lot, but character and emotional help is a lesson for the day, amen.

Speedy explains, that in the early times of TV, it was easy to spot the good from the bad, but it is not so clear anymore, the issues are clouded, what is there to do. The lion king is aware, the safe spaces of old have disappeared, the need to rebuild this trust, which is what inner security is, is now a central issue in the lives of so many. He listens while the mouse explains his vision of the future. The Lion King asks the big question, how many children are there in the world today, he has a plan in mind, amen.

Meanwhile the queen is pensive, she is adult in nature, Godly in heart, there is much anxiety about, what is real, who she can trust, they are odd, what is this, she sent speedy off months ago to kind the lion king, he is still away, she is wondering if ever he’ll be back. The story is nearing the end of the chapter, her charges are almost asleep, except for one little creature, penny buttons, are you still listening. …

Solomon sighed, the words of the prophets, the pen, that connects to the heart, the years of answered requests, the fate of the earth, is the fate of children, the vision of the great escape awhile ago, the escape then, still the reality, he thinks of time past, how what was can be again, patience. amen.

The Cloud

The reality for all to see, a timely visitor,

Think of the changes in the last ten years. The references to the old books. The prophecies of the cultures, the new world that is happening. Imagine trying to harm the Holy Spirit, the crime that Jesus mentions, amen.

Whom do you work For, amen

Nice Sentiment

When the news comes from way off, like the smoke signals of old, well, there were not a lot hitch hikers around in the old west, chances were you didn’t last, so the smoke is seen, the message is read, the chief is on his way, you will be having visitors for dinner. She looks at the sky, he is thinking of me, the light. To be encouraged, thought of, given space, the five minutes you need to catch a moment, not a long preparation of such extravagance, every detail counted, the guests given names, the cutlery five settings, an ulcer by the time you finish, then the big sigh, we survived that. Survived what, the lady in the office who is avoiding the snide comments, the little bites, the collective thought, it’s just a little fun, they might send us a nice teacher instead, as if.

The Space is now alight with God’s Holy Power, yes, the Moses moment, land ahoy stuff, we are saved, they will not have to go far to get sorted, the reply is fast and the results show up real fast, that’s the nice sentiment, we are in a new world.

The Golf at Lahinch has opened up, so Solomon imagines, those doing the stress jobs are finally being recognized in practical ways. This, we will do it for you sometime in the future, what, the future has arrived, no need to wait for Godot, cheeks are on the beach, the weather is getting better, the clean sea is getting cleaner everyday, the human waste stuff is now being used for energy purposes, and children are learning what it’s like to live in the new world, a nice sentiment, amen.

Goat Juice Rambling Ducks

All the treasures of the world, the plants put on the earth, for heavenly reasons, not man’s. The argument, this is not for use as this, the nature of that cure, what eases the breathing, what are the natural chemicals, what is sugar, the faith of the Kings until they encouraged Daniel to be a member of their court, the answers he could provide, the tricks that were used, the effort to hold onto earthly power.

Daddy duck is leading the appointed, on a walk of nature, they heard of the new Taylor book, rumor of course, but the goat juice special, what sort of science is this, imagine the confusion, the dutch tulip investment scheme, 1700 or thereabouts, the world goes nuts for tulips, well, it happened, so Daddy duck is off seeking the goat juice cure. The rambling duck, taking to the grass, space, a waddle in a pond, the picnic basket, the pope smiling, we can afford to get lost in thought, no need to be a power concentrated person, they usually are weird to begin with, try bending the thoughts in the mind, there are those who have this ability, what is the ingredient, throw in a mixture of thoughts, add a source of trouble, mix up some emotional connection to the past, and start to play with the minds, amen.

It’s all legal, no one can get caught, they can’t find your prints, even though your stealing from the inside, and getting awards for it, some might call it a good book, some might call it the need to be heard, some call it corralling, the rambling ducks out for the day, the ladies inside getting a break for an afternoon, the mind is all a fret, the news, what’s this, then the signs appear, what is this, the invitation list didn’t mention eternity and what is out there, we walked into it you mean.

Daddy duck read the news story, the exciting goat juice shower, his bunch are looking at the fountain, it’s only water Daddy Duck says, who believes all that rubbish anyway, so the ask, why did you bring us here, exercise he says, amen.