Writers Block, well being..

The older pupils are blocked, what do you do when your blocked, have another plan. What he says, the teachers wants the report, you have to have a valid reason for leaving the room, what, the story is simple, listen. Bored in the head, have a new hobby in the making ready, that’s it. no idle mind.

Lessons in well being

Writers block, tell the teacher when you have difficulty with your homework…The pupil says, there has to be away around it. The student laughs, looks to the friends, who are in awe, you mean writers block is a way to avoid homework..they all laugh.

Young Girl

Away from the crowd, not able to mix that well, cooped up, the voices on TV, she wants to be like the others, instead her thoughts become insular, what is happening to me. The break out, a new friend arrives, in the form of an angel, her life is turned upside down, the door to her life opens, the Spirit escapes from the cage, hope, she sighs, that’s the feeling, new friends, the world no longer one filled with fear, on the loose, she has dreams, the nice things, even the sensuous thought, she is coming to life, as a flower opens to the sun. amen.

You don’t hide a lamp under the bed, the words of Jesus. The lamp being the light of Spirit.

The nervous feeling, a friend is calling, while alone a friend is thinking good of me, the never alone again feeling, she can relax and be alone, she is patient, there is a life out there, and the she is now a part of it, how to get out, she knows it’s just a question of time, amen.

Healing, mind issues, motor neuron, Alzheimer etc…

A breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, recent discovery, they know how to slow it seriously, will eventually halt it, the joy in some desperate hearts, the sheer thought, how it lifts the Spirit. The other advances in medicine, the use of old therapies, the progress being made, the advance of hope. The parallel hope in the upper world, the news, the advance of the Holy Words, on the lips, a feeling of freedom at last, no longer an old wish, but the new reality, well, if unable to do too much, you can at least point your heart and mind to the issues, that lift the spirit of others, then feel better immediately about your self. In short, imagine the news, there is a prophet, early Jerusalem, the roman occupation about to come to an end, how those oppressed, began to feel light, the savior on their mind. And not in the form of man says Jesus, but inside you, amen.

Treasure Box

The Imaginary World

Alice in wonderland, the stir of the mind, the wonder, where are we going next, the excitement. In fairy tales and myths, there is the path, and along the way, different dangers or places to be aware of, then the light figures, then the haven, the good place. The boy or girl listening to the story, safe in their surroundings, the minds following the action, the ending of the tale, a peaceful one, not one that leaves them with imagined threats. The reasons why we have levels of access, depending on age, to what is deemed suitable.

In the lesson, the imaginary world is safe, but when the imaginary world is portrayed in such a way, as to bring it to life, in the real world, how the anxiety levels in children, rise, and those dark characters, suddenly take hold, and that’s the imagination going off in the wrong direction.

As Aerial says to Ezekiel, an old testament prophet, our reasoning grows up with us. The older we become, the more reasoned it is assumed we become. To the now, the new awareness, the extreme thinkers, those that want to enforce their way of thought, and how they play on the imagined fears, something to be wary of.

Solomon sighed; The progress to be made, was in the sort of thoughts, the older ones carried, not the thoughts the younger ones had to deal with. Imagine King Solomon, having to decide, on where does the rehabilitation start, given the chance of a new world creation, how would he deal with the issue. Perhaps, it’s the paradox issue, it’s perhaps the Jesus issue, perhaps perhaps. In short talk, if those getting closer to the eternal gates, are those most likely to have to account for themselves in the now time, maybe the rehab, should be in pointing out to them, the ways to help themselves better ready, by making it their job, to return to the covenant, or covenant of sorts. Maybe those ceremonies, that they apply to children, should be revisited, and they the adults, have to go through them again, while leaving the children, their welfare, the job of the adult. Putting weight on the shoulders of the young when they are not able to carry the weight, is not wisdom.

it’s like getting a chance to resit the exam, after failing the first time, or the reason why prophets are sent, to remind all, of the Glory of God, and the eternal destiny, amen. After all, Jesus says, we have to be, re born in the Spirit, amen.

International Affairs

The mating game, the development of trust, the lasting legacy, the value of first words, think of two mothers, outside the school gate, on opposite sides, one rich one poor, what do they have in common, their children, their future, not necessarily so, perhaps, the closest threat, the children and their fears.

They chat, the issue, it could be bullying, the issue wide, the talk endures, and like a chess game, they open up, just be wise to whom you open up, amen.

Whom will you share Heaven with?

Heaven, so hard to think through the options here, but there are a cast of characters i wont be taking into account on that one. Why she asked, well, there are those who get on my nerves, and it’s difficult sometimes. The child at her side listens, to the made up conversation, they are in line, she doesn’t want the children to get frightened, it’s been hard enough, the starvation and humiliation they have had to deal with. Closer to the steps, she casts an eye on the child, her smile, it’s only a shower dear, the child smiles back, whom will you share heaven with, amen. The efforts mothers go through to help their children deal with life’s difficulties.

Size Matters

Hilarious, the lady laughs, I can fit into the size 16, it’s just a number, nothing more, a pointer to other, more pressing matters, and the need to have an awareness, that there are issues, depending on the size of a nation or an ego. yes, it sounds like a male thing, it sounds like a man thing, but when it comes to cleaning up, clearing the debris of your life’s existence, when you will have to contend with the eternal stuff, the size matters thingee will really matter, did i really do all that stuff, great if the account is the right one, and not the other.

Examples are all over, the ease of which, what might seem appropriate in one place, might be altogether out of context in another. The size of the nation, the wider the thinking, the more dangerous it can become, depending on what your resources are, the steady hand at the tiller. As evidenced in places, as displayed by some so called politicians, the ability to apply, what you do at home standards, to what happens in others places, is often the coming together moment, that leads to extremism finding roots, that are usually, a disaster. Take the chief of a ntion, where there is a movement towards a more liberal set of freedoms, how those on the extreme, try to exploit the opportunity, and there are examples of it everywhere.

So size matters, your at the shop, you have been on the exercise bike, the jeans look swell, there is a smile on the face, the accessories that you can use, the stuff in the closet you can take out to wear, in short, the options increase. Size matters.

In terms of Spirit, where there is much of it, the options are equally there, the choices, good ones, exist, like the car in the car park, sometimes, smaller is better, as to say, you don’t have to squeeze into the space, and more room for others to exist. In Spiritual terms, when you widen the definition of “The Almighty God”, in that there are many versions of it, depending where you live, the wider the definition in terms of compassion, the easier it is for life to exist, in peace, so to say it in short terms, size matters amen.

A Father with many children, has to think of the welfare of many, the person thinking of themselves, well, is not thinking of others, so the size of the ego matters too!..In this time, when conflict appears to happen in bunches, think before you take advantage of the situation, the cloud with the picture is real, amen.

The Aged

Getting closer to the check out, the mind plays games, the thoughts so long submerged, the welcome at the gates, room for thought.

The younger set

The statistics don’t lie, the habits are there before you, the stuff that tickles the heart is rare, while the below stuff is common enough

The deniers

The rate of interest in that which is godless, those huge statistics, not the strange stuff you hide from, get with it.

In olden times, the believers, were extorted from, forced to flee, threatened with death, and all kinds of other things. When Jesus came back, the fear of death was cancelled, God being the God of the living not the dead, never forget it.