Chewing on scripture as Reformed Theologians… — Re-set: a life observed

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews […]

Chewing on scripture as Reformed Theologians… — Re-set: a life observed

I Don’t Like Mondays – The Boomtown Rats — Steve For The Deaf… reblog,great Irish band

Of course IDLM wasn’t their only hit. Rat Trap, Someones Looking At You, erm *googles furiously* She’s So Modern (nope me either) They had several albums worth of songs not even close to capturing the enduring uniqueness of I Don’t Like Mondays. This song is about kids taking guns to school. Such fun!

I Don’t Like Mondays – The Boomtown Rats — Steve For The Deaf

Fine Tuning

The piano is off, the sound too dank, it needs to be tuned. Molly is on the phone. Great she says after she hangs up,it will be fixed Friday. She will play music again. The official refuses to budge, he has duties to the community. This guy is costing me a fortune says the business man,he needs to be fine tuned, a term he uses to destabilize. The whistle blower thought that whistle blower regulations would stop the abuse. The trolls who targeted him, were just a set up, to destabilize him. He refuses to accept the bribe, has become a risk, he knows them, and they fear anyone who knows them.

Jesus had to deal with those who worked extensively, to discredit him, as the Gospels show. Why do so many pretend the same does not occur today. Progress, has made us sneaky, amen.

She worries

The voices she hears,it’s as if they reside in her head, am i going crazy she asks. Others who are knowing recognize the confusion, others who are not her friends. The hunter and the prey, she seeks refuge, a place for her mind and heart to dwell. She is afraid to turn off the light. It only gets worse. She is afraid to mention her anxieties to friends. She has seen how others are taken advantage of.

In a coffee shop, her eyes wonder, seeking, there has to be help. After a along abstinence from visiting inside a holy place of worship, she decides to go in, it’s her last option. She berates herself; I must be desperate she sighs. It’s calm in there, a calm silence. Unsure about what to do, she decides to get on her knees. She looks at the statue of Jesus, I’ll pray she tells herself. She passes her worries over to Jesus. There is a tap on her shoulder, she is startled,there is no one around her, she looks at the statue of Jesus again, her heart begins to ease. I can tell you anything,can’t I, she begins to feel unburdened. After a good half hour she stops her petition and smiles, there is a lot in that she says, still smiling.

That night, she chances the darkness, while recalling the day and her attempts to receive help. The voices begin, she is about to fall apart again,but decides instead to ask Jesus to intervene on her behalf. When she begins her quite prayer, the voices disappear. In a nutshell, the demons are rendered mute when it comes to the power of the Spirit from on high, it’s their destruction potentially.

She learns she has a good friend in Jesus, and when she puts her trust in Him, her worries disappear, she worries no more, amen.

Narcissistic Teaching

A method of assault on the senses, that undermines the inner well being of soul, commonly practiced, encouraged, detrimental to all, and totally ungodly, those who practice it. The woman at home, who is a chattel, deemed to be of no economic value, because she is owned, a behavior that has been encouraged down through the centuries, that has lead the world to its current predicament. A behavior passed down, from Father to son, that has become custom, before becoming the law, a behavior, that distances the human race, from God, amen.

Why, why do some people feel the need to be in control, or the macho man living up to the image of the man he came from, why.

Jesus wrote about the way to develop a close friendship with His Almighty Father, he didn’t teach abusive practices. As for sacrifices, it was kindness and compassion that the Father sought in His children, so by default, the Children of the Holy Father, are those who are compassionate and kind in their dealings with others. What does that mean, compassionate and kindness, does it mean to your own, or to everyone. Again, Jesus has words; how can you love the Father if you don’t love what the Father created. Did Jesus mention color, no, did he give priority to any group, no, all are judged the same by His Father.

A man wields a bible, a man in power, an influential man. He uses the reputation of God to encourage others to like him,vote for him. He lies to all, does it without remorse, promotes wealth and the ownership of wealth at the same time, spins lies, old truths reinvented, and pretends, to be for the people, while basking in the pride of deception. How will that man be judged; according to how compassionate and kind he is to his worldly neighbors.He sought high office, he chose to deceive, and cause great confusion, why, he sought to gain control over his people, and he even caused for many strong believers to believe he was a form of messiah, where will he end up you wonder. Do the signs from above matter to those who treasure the material over the spiritual, hardly, until it’s too late possibly. Do such people care about their reputation before God, when they depress God’s people, will there be a reward for him. Watch the signs, and as for those who inadvertently assisted, all the media and others, who treasured the ratings over the truth, and the countless others who joined in, how will they fare.

The Cloud arrived years ago, the signs have been arriving since, and God’s Spirit is at work across the earth. Take the advice of Jesus; he never forced anyone to believe, he showed the people in earlier times, the power of the High Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and now, 2,000 years later, that same Spirit, is back on earth. Do you have enough clean disk space inside you, to provide space for it, it’s the greatest question there is, amen.

Soldiers go into battle,they see the obscene,they see others mutilated, and they come home needing medical help, to help them overcome the horrors. Some decide to have a conscience,and speak about it, to discourage the same horrors happening again, they are then traitors, for revealing the shocking truth. A church that is too ambitious for the material, is lenient, when addressing the well off, and mean when addressing those who are poor, they do exactly what Jesus would denounce, how will they fare.

Head space

Right thinking person encounters ill thinking soul, dropped into their life scene. The harmony that was, is turned upside down, the right thinking person is grabbing for the oars to escape the intrusion. He finds his solace in the words of Jesus, and is soon in command of himself again. I thought that was a friend, but he soon realizes, she was an attempt to unhinge his well being, no friend at all.

Solomon wondered if those who encouraged such intrusions in life had any idea of the Heavenly power that exists, or the reality, that the Kingdom of God had arrived, why else would they be trying to disturb the spirit. On a global scale, it made him wonder at the propaganda poured into the minds of millions daily. It’s easy to upset those already hurting. Turn them into babbling fools Dear Father, those who try to disturb the Spirit.

Like Isaiah, Solomon’s prayers reached the heavenly powers. He hoped those who upset the spirit had read about the Golden Prophet, whom Jesus referred to regularly, amen.

Prisoners of the Heart

Awestruck, young hearts, their wonder, the innocent thoughts they have, eager to learn, wondering, the same excitement you feel when about to take a trip. A father listens, the child responds patiently, the conversation develops, the education continues. How we learn.

How the great teachers have that sense of wonder, they are not using the ego, just common sense, no fat reputations. Solomon was and is a regular reader of the parables, there being so much meaning in them. He tries to imagine those around the greatest teacher of all, eating the words that come out of his mouth, and hungry for more, as the teacher explains to them their meaning. He did not leave them confused, but explained what the stories mean. It’s easy to imagine them as children, soaking up the words, wanting it to go on.

Prisoners of the heart live on love, same way the Spirit thrives on good deeds. How empty the feeling when love is withdrawn, or the thought of it, it can drive people insane. Jesus in his way, went further, telling them, many who felt oppressed at the time, from living under roman rule, that the Love of God is eternal, why allow your hearts to dim, when you follow the way, your life will be filled with love. So quite those tears, amen.

Solomon heard the stories, saw the traps that are set to enslave the people, met those who usurped the spirit, those in debt to systems, those who were afraid to live, and how the combined fears, drained the love out of so many hearts; it hurts to care, why should we bother, it’s easier not to feel, we can get out own fix, we are not prisoners of the heart.

She swears never to love again, all she has is memories of feeling low, and she is not going there again. She swears this to friends, they all think her tough, but when she encounters the Spirit, it’s something that words can’t explain, like love itself, amen, she becomes a prisoner of the heart. Solomon sighed; without love what is there in life.