Lost Children

where have all the flowers gone, where has all the innocence gone, it is the era of the lost generation, but it was no cause for despair, the enlightened were working to fix the issue, there were angels appearing from all sorts of places, the message was being made clear, where have all the children gone. She’s ten acts thirty, she is addicted to adulthood but can’t control it, the lost generation, the search party found them at last, amen.

Orlando Murder Spree

Solomon read the news report, the details vague the outcome savage, blood on the dance floor, a new nail in the coffin of hate, as politicians and others rush to judge, the act of a mad man nothing more, same as that pilot on the Lufthansa flight, driven into the mountain then disappeared, the world was fraught with dangers, so the report seemed to say, no safe place for certain individuals.

Across the Mediterranean a mother flee’s, it’s a rickety boat and she’s hopeful, the cost of remaining home slavery, she takes her chances and flee’s, she’s a brother in Germany others further afield, the boat starts to lurch, the passengers begin to panic, the boat keels over and the boat disappears, the plight of the many millions forced into this, a report on a boring old U.N desk, soon forgotten

How we re act to tragedy, in a world stunted in love, where the real stuff is rare, is usually an out pouring of grief. Understanding that there was much that was wrong ,was a far better approach than blaming someone, then letting it all happen again, amen. The demons never encourage forgiveness, always push the very opposite, encouraging the fear everywhere, amen.

The world was in need of healing and forgiveness, and so Solomon hoped, the Orlando tragedy would be a watershed moment, not another reason violent reaction, as those of the evil minded had hoped, amen.


Donald The Builder

move over bob, here comes Donald, bob the builder got the blues, The Donald is stealing his bricks and mortar, not just Mexico folks, he is building walls in Co.Clare Ireland also, shouldn’t he be taking them down though, in such a divided world, well, do you want leaders who create….well.. where is my digger shouts donald, bob sulks in the corner, that used to be mine! Hillary smiles, I’ll bury him with the cement, Donald puts his foot in it again, this stuff sticks he yells, amen

Waiting for Godot

mother huddles, three children around her, there is a man down stairs, their father and he is going to hurt her, she tries to keep them quite, the little one with thick glasses, is dying to go for a pee, wait the mother says, her hand across her mouth, the little girl wets herself, the noise below continues, she put in a 911 call more than an hour ago, he said he was coming home and that meant trouble, she immediately rang the services, frightened to death, did he hit you yet mam, has he used violence on your children….the operator was doing their job, a bit like your doctor i suppose, why the delay and failure to respond, wait, they will be with you soon, wait and ..the door bursts open the children scream, waiting didn’t do them any good at all, amen.



We came from the clouds, set down roots and began, were given the keys to happiness, it was a living paradise, then what was mine became yours, and what was yours you wouldn’t share, they we fought about it, and it was paradise no more, the rest is history as they say, which we celebrate as Easter, the resurrection!, or Ramadan, it’s the same God, amen.



i’m older not that much wiser was wise from the beginning, born with a mission to say it how it is, a rare feat these days in a world of spun news, where the fabric of truth is of so many textures, no one knows what’s been said or by whom….many albums later, and cheery nights a few brandies and a new book, i’m getting older now and so is my voice, but the truth remains the same, in the days ahead let the truth out, one day it might surprise you, amen. thanks Mr Cohen for the insightful thoughts and many more years ahead, amen.

Profile California


early sixties, it’s opening, boeing the world leader, tech industry too, the need for workers, and their home comforts too, enter the mexican maid, followed by the gardener, the babysitter, and a whole throng of hard working individuals, who all assisted in the growth of these industries, someone delivered the milk, others cleaned the house, while the executives got on with it, glad to have someone at home, it was lonely being a wife. move the clock, it’s early 2,000, the policies begin to fail, can’t automate everything, even enron failed, the jobs move overseas, china and the east, they work for peanuts overthere, yeah but it’s work.

the presidential candidates come along, some cauliflowers among them, did you hear about the one who torn down the secure barriers, meant to protect people, not the mexican border, but the regulatory border, the fail safe mechanism when it all went mad, derivatives took over i suppose, they gambled the entire state pension it seems, what the heck?.

now it’s election 2016, donald wants the job, he’s a busy man, i’ll build a wall he says, does he understand what he’s saying, islam was a threat the month before, nice to blow off when you can protect yourself, so the election call gets louder. maria and pedro, two dreamers, they left tijuana in the sixties, now their grand children are second class, well if you cross the border, we might not let you back….profile california, it’s ….whatever you remember