Big Child

He’ll arrive, the child waits, prays regularly, says it in private, no one knows, his prayer. Solomon listened, he was a child too, of His Father, the trouble was, which the small child didn’t know, that those with talents, sold them for cash, to transform their own lives, others an after thought.

At school he concentrates, he’ll arrive, the promise. Day passes into weeks, the weeks become a semester, a year, the child still waits. Seeking comfort, anything to ease his anxiety, he dabbles in playing mind games, when that comfort leaves him, he dabbles with pills, the alcohol follows, the rest is history. The void had to be filled, not with empty promises, but with today. The changes going on globally, were just a reflection of what the Big Child had to endure, just as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen sang about.

He sits in the corner, doesn’t talk, refuses to co-operate, won’t eat vegetables, he is making his complaint, amen to the Big Child.

Before matters worsened for all the big children, it was time those who hid the secrets of true wisdom,

and the many warnings given down through the ages, opened up. Solomon saw the Holy Spirit, the other gifts too, God Most High was not myth, and those in positions of authority were under the spotlight like never before, amen.

Interrupted Love

When love is not interfered with,

it remains child wise,

joyful, easily expressed, hopeful, open to surprise,

drawn to need, never guilty, or over played,

disturbed, anything can happen,

distress anxiety compulsive disorders, medication, depression,

we have cures for all that,

suddenly your in cul de sac country,

blame the teachers blame someone,


dead ends,

vaults for storage,

therapists of all descriptions,

early warning systems,

tell tale signs,

you read it in a book

a divorced friend gave you,

the one her lawyer recommended,

marriage how to avoid it

did you not read the statistics,

who’d want children either,

cost of college health care luxury,

we can’t even feed them,

when the mind is interfered with,

shit usually happens,

you become the victim,

suddenly your gone,

from love to marriage details,

what next, a new club to join,

all over love,

best left to divine inspiration

not human manipulation,

 we all need encouragement,

being human that is,

and that’s all we got,

encouragement we  give each other,

well God Most High is hoping

we encourage what is good,

not what we want from each other

it’s easy get what you want sometimes,

but when did what you want amount to love,

revenge, a need, a desire, 

Love interruptedImage, pope  i’d day!