GUEST ARTIST: “Let It Flow” by Qinghong Wei — Doodlewash®… re blog, the first steps in an artistic adventure can be harsh, your first teacher can let you down, esteem is hurt too easily when your young, don’t give up too soon….


My name is Qinghong Wei, artist and educator at Starry Dreams Studio. I live in Florida, and I travel nationwide and internationally to work on art projects with diverse people. Here is my story. I grew up in China learning Chinese classical ink wash painting from a very young age. I was in love with…

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THOUGHTS ON POETRY — K. DeMers Dowdall… a re blog of a re blog…


I am reblogging this from something I wrote and posted almost a year ago. It seems that springtime is the time for poetry, when love blooms in the air. What is poetry and its place in the human psyche? Poetry and prose, I believe, magically transports the reader to visualize vividly a very personal place […]

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HISTORY – 3 April 1964 — TURN UP THE VOLUME!… re blogged


3 April 2019 On 3 April 1964, 55 years ago living legend BOB DYLAN entered the UK singles chart for the very first time with his timeless classic THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’ the title track of his third, breakthrough album. It peaked at #9. The song was covered by countless artists, from Nina Simone […]

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