Nature and the Human Mind

Can we sell it, well I guess they tried, are there those who try to distract us, what do you think, the two souls are at the zoo, in the bird zone, they are there in response to a question the child answered, it made the old guy laugh, and that does not happen often enough. He was teaching his grandson, trying to make himself useful, after all, the boys mother, his daughter, was providing him, the old man, with the shelter he needed, and if he needed reminding, it was cold outside, he could feel the warm heat, not daring to go outside, so he decided to teach the young child.

“A humming bird is a chick the sings”  smiled the little boy, his eyes turned sideways, he half glances up at his grand dad, wondering what will be the expression in his eyes. It bears a smile as he well knows, but the assurance of having someone older with all the right answers, was and is a luxury few have these days. Grand dad laughs,

“you mean one of those girls on the TV who sing,”

the little boy nods. It’s the days end, mother comes in the door, spots her father teaching her son, he is in good hands. A week later they are at the zoo, all because of the sweet little humming bird.

Nature sighed Solomon, there was a need for a greater awareness, the numbers didn’t lie, he thinks of the boy and the hummingbird, when they get it young, it always pays off.


men versus women

Men were supposed to assist, help, and partake in women’s lives, not as agents of control as so many assume, but as agents in the creation and nurture of love in the lives of their families

When the seeds of a generation no longer produce, the farmer understands exactly what to do, nothing nostalgic nothing sentimental, if it isn’t working you have to do something new, otherwise failure is guaranteed

The life story of Jesus Proves, that when it came to the end, it was the women, the mothers, who actually stuck around, while all the men fled.IMG_5757

Being Judgemental

If it wasn’t fair it wasn’t good enough, Solomon wasn’t changing, there were those who would be left waiting, and it wasn’t what he could settle on, he was asking, making it 100% clear, the old ways were out, they’d seen so much. He imagined the happy child, the heart filled, the joy of expression that moves and soothes, not the idol worship so many were addicted to. Reputations didn’t cut it with him, most of them ego’s, limp, despite all the talent. God Most High wasn’t myth. It was serious, the signs too real. If it needed to be said, he was going to say it. When love was allowed to grow, magic happened, when it bloomed in mature hearts, it reached heavenly bodies, gave impetus to all that was good, when the spirit was weakened, chaos ensued, as those with low esteem, and deep hurt inside knew too well. Solomon saw the fruits of previous efforts, seeds encouraged many years before. If, we weren’t so judgmental, how things would have been change, amenIMG_5755

Pass The Lobster James!

Dead head money gods control misery it’s said, they allow so many to go unfed, use opportunity at every turn of the wheel, chastise those that try to curb them, destroy the lives of many many children, are willing to do anything for success, give hatred a foothold without regret, can’t imagine any harvest they will yield, particularly if there is a test, in the new world, where is the change, what are they doing, Solomon was on fire emotionally, it had come at great personal cost, but the rewards were blinding, the light that followed. Love is so easy when allowed to flourish, it’s the stuff that gets in the way, it’s just that simple, amen. No rest for the demon spirit, Solomon was going all the way, and he’d the resources of the Great One to assist him. He needed personal matters dealt with, stuff as you call it, but getting around was more of a necessity than ever.  When the Davos elite met, they’d be enjoying feasts of Babylonian proportions, had no one noticed, discussing debt forgiveness, pass me the lobster James.IMG_5757

Solomon steps out

Free the love inside you, the barricades of hurt need to be torn down, the obstacles have to be removed, it’s not about you it’s the world around you, the moment of great change is upon us, it’s written, the signs of divine intervention and reform,  everywhere, Solomon was stepping out of his comfort zone,  not that he was caught in his fears, the constant threat of the dark energy, others, the circle of true love was a very unique power, his and hers, constantly worked to hold the dark energy in a box, and it had the upper hand in a very long and tortuous journey, the links were dependent on the well being of the connected souls, Solomon understood this without having to be told, a simple exercise in cause and affect and emotional well being had made it 100% clear, Love was colour blind as was the musical education so many heard everyday, the energy had given freedom to expression of the loving type, the results obvious to anyone with heart, dumb the fear and those that prospered in it, create space in the garden of the heart, make heaven on earth a real possibility, arc of the covenant stuff.. Taking pills to overcome anxieties was only temporary, the long term solution the teachings of Jesus, no other way. Replacing one version of the demon with another was only putting off disaster. He’d ask wisdom herself to help him arrive at the best outcome…IMG_5757

Sex Crimes


Edgy topic, room becomes hot, the talk ceases, does he mean it, no one speaks,  hush, before you open your mouth, not allowed discuss this, her perfume is potent, his response electric, immediately interested, suddenly listens, others notice, only sex they remark, used to be love that connected us, upstairs fourteen year old surfs, technically advanced, gets around protective software, in a another chat room, strangers without limits, he’s excited, footsteps, he closes page, doing my homework mam, she retreats down the stairs, elsewhere, young boy watches television, understands the connotation, giggles and laughs, this is the adult life, can’t wait to get older, can’t grow up fast enough, elsewhere, campaigners on street, seeking another sort of device, privately twisted publicly upright, eventually it merges into one, child become devious adult, father has affairs, the marriage becomes an arrangement, the wife becomes medicated, can’t deal with it, her world is sexually saturated, intimacy isn’t deemed important, can get it in online, society can’t agree on it, civil libertines I suppose, your here for a good time, it’s not about prudence, it’s control, it’s not about desire, it’s the sheer scale of the need, when half the world is totally addicted


The Barn

Chemical sprays poison children, asthma levels at record highs, low energy light blinds,

even the experts agree, water supplies with additives, toxic waste dumped in oceans,

news paper headlines that enrage, an elite that has to control, medical conditions marketed to upset,

LEGAL MEDICATION THAT ADDICTs, what one are you on, the human heart bleeds, women tired of being sexualised, can you see me another way honey, children under regular stress, global problem with pornography, what you doing up there, DID I MENTION GLOBAL CRIME NETWORK, violence presented as the norm, young ones exposed daily, politicians without real principle, what have they changed lately, only the seats, 50% living in poverty almost,

FOUR BILLION, TWENTY THREE TRILLION $ OFF SHORE, where did all that dosh come from, can’t have printed it all, oh credit only, idol worship at record highs, every heart trying to grab love, even though it’s purely divine, are we heading to the abyss, WOMEN TRAFFICKED FOR SEXUAL PURPOSES, IN A BROTHEL NEAR YOU,  seems that so many are blind, building sand castles far and wide, did Neil YOUNG SING THAT, FORTY YEARS AGO, real love rarer than bee’s, check image of man in sky, not a figment of imagination, CAN’T AFFORD HEAD MEDICATION, depends what you want to believe,

(IMG_5757ghandhiISN’T THAT WHAT JESUS SAID, WITH FAITH YOU SEE CLEARLY,) leaders of this world, or God Most High, reform, amen. LOVE IS THE HARVEST, What’s in your barn then!.

Love can go wrong

Love gone wrong


Domestic, it’s not your problem, lives destroyed domestically, everyone’s problem, domestic and mental violence, a boomerang, the baggage passed on rebounds on someone else, just a domestic, it’s love gone wrong.

Influences in lives, so many, as many temptations, minefields, and mind fields, all types, to be overcome, learned from, application of wisdom learned. Add the wisdom from above, you have gateways and answers to a whole  range of issues.

In the different cultures, many extinct, there still remains wisdom, with regard to them all, from Buddha to Mohammad, Pope Francis too, there is a common theme, that features in them all, Belief and acknowledgement of a real and life giving God Most High, the Great Spirit, and actual real time evidence, of his only son, the Christ Jesus, who came into existence, purely to remind us, love is key to everything. Jesus himself said, those who encourage and live according to the principles of love, were as welcome in his father’s eyes, as his own followers, put this wisdom into action, and put right, love gone wrong.

Extremists, don’t want to accept the possibility,  there is another opinion, or wisdom that is greater than there’s, and use methods of control, to guard their own compound, trapping love in affect, encouraging hatred. The reality of wisdom, it never stops growing, a perpetual gift from God. Given the image of the man in the sky, a new mentality is required. This is evidenced in the number of women, leading in so many areas, unlike years ago. Men are supposed to assist, help, and partake in women’s lives, not as agents of control, but as agents in the creation and nurture of love in the lives of their families. If it was custom to stone your wife a thousand years ago, it does not make it right. Many errors have been passed on. The gift of free will, is the gift of free will. As Jesus himself intervened in more than one domestic argument, on behalf of the woman, it’s time men admitted to themselves, the wrongs they have been taught, otherwise, the guy in the Sky, is going to ask tough questions.. As the prophet Muhammad said, it’s forty times more likely to see a woman in heaven than a man, I wonder why?.Image

God in a Nutshell, part 1



God in a nutshell – Part 1


God, how we make him smile, ever see sparkles in a little ones eyes, tears of joy in one who lost hope, who finds it again, life is more than a game, it’s a love match, a balance act between hearts, it’s the part we play in life, getting it right, not all the time, we are expected to mess up, it’s why we are born again, Jesus didn’t get on with too many Pharisee’s, not many of today’s religious leaders,  or those that deem themselves above those they serve, spin doctoring won’t save you, honesty might, judge it for yourself, the chances of making it to heaven, these topics of interest to you, suppose they are, just a question of believing, loving, meaning forgiving readily too, and acting in that fashion. Reminding others of their faults is an invitation for evil to arrive, the bitterness it creates even if you don’t show it. Seems so simple, what is water, very simple, source for life.

Check out the picture in the Sky, and don’t press your nose against the screen, stand back, and you’ll set it all clearly.