The Barn

Chemical sprays poison children, asthma levels at record highs, low energy light blinds,

even the experts agree, water supplies with additives, toxic waste dumped in oceans,

news paper headlines that enrage, an elite that has to control, medical conditions marketed to upset,

LEGAL MEDICATION THAT ADDICTs, what one are you on, the human heart bleeds, women tired of being sexualised, can you see me another way honey, children under regular stress, global problem with pornography, what you doing up there, DID I MENTION GLOBAL CRIME NETWORK, violence presented as the norm, young ones exposed daily, politicians without real principle, what have they changed lately, only the seats, 50% living in poverty almost,

FOUR BILLION, TWENTY THREE TRILLION $ OFF SHORE, where did all that dosh come from, can’t have printed it all, oh credit only, idol worship at record highs, every heart trying to grab love, even though it’s purely divine, are we heading to the abyss, WOMEN TRAFFICKED FOR SEXUAL PURPOSES, IN A BROTHEL NEAR YOU,  seems that so many are blind, building sand castles far and wide, did Neil YOUNG SING THAT, FORTY YEARS AGO, real love rarer than bee’s, check image of man in sky, not a figment of imagination, CAN’T AFFORD HEAD MEDICATION, depends what you want to believe,

(IMG_5757ghandhiISN’T THAT WHAT JESUS SAID, WITH FAITH YOU SEE CLEARLY,) leaders of this world, or God Most High, reform, amen. LOVE IS THE HARVEST, What’s in your barn then!.

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