Finding Love

I found it, I found it, the eureka moment, it was there all the time, i just didn’t have the time to notice. It could not be bought in the store, ordered online, stored in the garage, hung in the closet, it only existed when you created some, it was as living as the air. Once she accepted this, she found love everywhere she went, how simple she sighed, finding love could not be simpler. Finding a reliable man, well that was galactic by comparison, amen. She put on her make up, a few strands of hair were off center, her lipstick smudged, so what, he’ll think, what does it matter what he thinks, wasn’t that the problem all along, seeking in others what we already have ourselves, approval.


Voodoo Child

There has to be someway out of here, Jimi Hendrix, words written a long time ago, imagine the frightened child, here, there or in Aleppo. The joker cries, the thief inspired, I’ve seen the light he says. The mother groans, the small child is bleeding, the operation has been a success, the strange priest decree’s, she is safe she is safe, from what Jimi asked. Imagine, cutting young women and children in the name of God. Solomon was saying it, few in those parts were afraid to mention it, they are stronger, the women in fear, 200 million across the world and more, cut for no other reason, other than being the voodoo child. Jesus came to tell them to stop, none of that stuff was necessary, his father had no time for it. Reading about it in the news, he hoped Mrs Clinton would cross the winning line, even to lift the women in those far off places as well, amen.


Small in stature, big in heart, lots of understanding, he’s a friend of the Holy Spirit, he doesn’t answer, the teacher glares, stupid little boy she sighs, she’s almost overheard. He’s not going to repeat the error, she made little of him, humiliated him when he rightly answered the day before, she was getting over a hangover, he was in the way. No, they said, say No

to strangers, and those that make you feel bad, the child was listening, he was no chump, but a brave little man. Solomon was reminding himself and others, there is a God Most High, and those that terrified children in anyway, trouble was coming for them, brave boy, he answered right, he said nothing at all, amen.

Where’s The Medication

Can’t put it down it always picks me up, when i can’t find it i cant sleep, when i find it it’s such a relief, all that medication, prozac, zanex, valiums, and a thousand other combinations to choose from, which one will i choose to day, the void is everywhere i look, not happy with the doctor, the teacher, Donald trump, the news, everywhere i look, i feel a need for more medication, and it’s just so, i can’t survive without it, it’s in my head, my friends are on the stuff, not forgetting the billion or so addicted to it, has taken the lives of many people, some famous, the few, but the others who live in silence, in the western world, they talk of breakthroughs in health treatments, but no one has ever wondered who we got to using so much medication. Solomon wondered what had them all going crazy, depression, sleeplessness, stress, common with children, was there anyone out there capable of even presenting it as it was and is, a global pandemic, where’s my medication darling. Solomon encountered the best medication there is, proof of Real God Most High, not by books but by his own eyes, made him sit up and think, who needs medication, if all your going to do is worry about it.


Anger, resentment, pissed off with the neighbor, a friend to remind you, getting paid to upset people, getting used to hurt, enjoying the pain of it, knowing the fix that will help you escape it, the tranquilizers first, the bottle, the other hidden addictions, getting one over on somebody, and you call it a victory. The lawyer schemes, fills the client with ideas, doesn’t tell him to do it, just explains a thing or two, victory, the man does his neat work, the honest man is bludgeoned, the evil one goes free, victory for the lawyer, client gives him the bonus, the off shore bank account gets a boost, the local hospital is left short again, the wheel chair is not replaced, the nurse is taken off the rota, the old man is left alone, victory. Great, the estate agent smiles, with the cash he can bribe the bank manager, and the heroin continues to flow, the addicts grow in number, the honest souls don’t know what do do, victory. The lawyer, the estate agent, accountant and pals sip champagne and eat snacks, rare caviar that came direct from the black sea, victory. Solomon sighed, didn’t they know they were walking on thin ice, he’d encountered the Holy Spirit, so he began to write about it, the Real Victory, amen.

Donald The Mexican

What, you mean you’re going to build a wall around us, call the clinic doctor, we got a mad man running for the white house, do you know how many bricks it will take, and who is going to build it, well, there’s loads of cheap labour in Mexico, don’t fence me in, there is a song, but this takes the entire biscuit, the cheap mexican labourers are going to build the wall, think again donald, all those extra tyres around your waist sir could do with a little exercise. Has anybody got any cement we could borrow as well.Featured Image -- 1110228080


The child in his fathers arms, the rush from harm, the baby with the mother, the smile and surprise of joy, it all happened in a heart beat, going from moment to moment, Solomon observed the all knowing omnipotence of God Most High, protect the children they are the future. They carry the new love, the new souls.

He was on his way to a small appointment, it was a path of trust, he hear of others before selling worries and mistrust, he sighed, trust is trust, and faith is faith, and with real faith, everything was possible. We may be small, but we are huge in the heart of God Most High, amen. Little hearts were not cynicism for the making, they were opportunities to sow faith and trust, the demons on the other hand, did all they could do, to destroy that trust, Solomon had a prayer written, with the schemes of the demon in mind, were they in trouble, amen, as God Most High sent him the Holy Spirit, the real one, amen.