Can you imagine it!

It all began with words, what was your dream she asked, dream, what dream, he was struggling to stay afloat, and she mentioned dreams, what was going on. She shook her head, he didn’t understand, perhaps life had weighed him down, his spirit overcome with worry and the daily dose of anxieties fed to everyone. Some could handle it, most got over it, others felt powerless before it, few were able to sow in it. The burden wasn’t a burden, it appeared that way, the way it always appears when the spirit is dampened down, you can’t do anything about it, look at you, what have you got, nothing!.

Solomon reflected on the burdens, not that he was burdened himself, but he was aware of the depth of sorrow in many lives, how that Spirit inside was tampered with, how people were often made to feel undeserving. You have to dream it, then believe it, it was the price of freedom, you just had to imagine it. As we filled the world with strong loving positive and wise thoughts, the world got well, Spirit got the lift it needed, Loving Spirit rose, and with it Rose the influence of God Most High in positive ways. Love is never controlling when it is real, it inspires and encourages, it is not doom ridden and planted in the past, it lives every day, you just have to imagine it.

To see the real Holy Spirit, to know that God Most High was real, to allow it become part of you, and how it transforms

lives around you, that was all you needed to know, if only you can imagine it. amen.


Over expanding empire, the usual suspects, no, no, it wasn’t anything christian, it wasn’t christian at all, it was man, the idiot who polluted the skies, demonised women, the ego thief, who started more wars than there is time to write about, crack head, fool, twisted header ball, that twat, yes, woke up one day, hung over, the local priest with his wench girl friend, she’s his wife, he has a vision, we should be doing this all over the world, riding in golden chariots, living in palaces, servants, even kings bending down to us, come on, get celibate chaps for awhile, they’ll never be able to beat us.

It was mad, and is still mad, and will always be mad, to ban what love is, giving. amen. Look what has happened in the meantime, a world that became addicted to everything, and a warped sexual output, well, online traffic is rather pointed on the matter. Solomon was thinking, wait till the boss arrives, those guys are going to have a bath that never ends, amen.

Babbling Fools

Solomon smiled, a prayer was said and answered, and that was all it took, if you want to defeat the evil influence, just ask the one above, so in wisdom he asked, in love he desired, something that was better for everyone good, then waited, was a little patient and smiled, as the front line soldiers of deception kept falling into traps of their own making, turn them into babbling fools and let the world see them for what they are, the deceivers, the network behind them, and those planning in secret so many evil deeds.

David faced Goliath, a battle that could not be won, stepped out onto the field, a little frightened like everyone. He heard the voice of God, don’t be afraid, once i am with you son you just can’t lose. The rest is history, and recent events around the world have the outsiders outdoing the better equipped everywhere. Next, along comes Jesus, to put it in context, there is far more to you all than you ever imagined, did the miracle thingee and inspired the early believers, how does he do this they wondered, with Faith in the Father, how easy was that to understand.

Seek wisdom if you want to understand the ways of God, otherwise you might end up a babbling fool, amen.

The Women

Had the idea did you, really, they turned on her and decided she was demonic, tied her to a pole and burned her instead, everyone else in the village looked on, well there was no TV and entertainment was unheard of, so they gathered in the square, amen. The next woman came forward, she had the same dream and the same thing happened, they all wanted a better world for their children to grow up in, they burned her as well. Solomon cast his mind back to the times of Joan of Arc, her visions and the end, pity they never listened to her. Moving the times 400 odd years forward, the women were replacing the men in the high spec jobs, the glass ceiling cracking all over the place, they were listening now, amen.

Solomon was going through his own life, and there wasn’t a day that he didn’t learn from, some lessons were harder to figure out though, but he was learning, unlike the faith keepers of old who punished those who saw it different to them. Just listen he said all those years ago, didn’t Jesus relax more in the company of women than any of them, what were they all afraid of, their pride. Women, they have the gift of life inside them, as for their children, they often died willingly for them. hurry ¬†girls!

Princes of Chaos


The old network was going down, and the old faces were still scheming, brexit, the latest casualty, a last ditch effort to halt the change. Solomon saw the depth of their treachery, as they deliberately caused confusion and chaos, the schemers, trying to drive a pole between a uniting force, they would not succeed, but they would try regardless. The ordinary man and woman was at the mercy of these so called leaders, and without the time, the ordinary were forced to accept the barrage of misinformation. He saw the news and the glib smile on the treasonous one, just one of many. Believers in the Heavenly Father, sought peace and harmony, demons sought to divide and conquer. Pray he thought with a full heart, as he tried to push the message, to the other believers, you can’t let the evil one’s win. Solomon was confident, their plans would fall in their face, amen. Did they not understand the power of the prophets, and words, solomon did, as did the early believers and the first followers of Jesus. You can do it too he smiled!

A world divided

Well thats a good idea!

more of this more of that, well get dave in there his sidekick as well, we’ll get rid of the refugees, we’ll have their jobs, we’ll get rid of welfare, there’s work for everyone, we’ll ban the muslum, the irish if we¬†could, we’ll divide the kitty among the few, soon you’ll have no friends, in a world divided, amen. Come on Mrs Clinton, the women of the world need you, children need a world united,

the world does not need to be divided, as some would say. The national front celebrates the UK disaster, the ordinary folks shake their heads, is this what we voted for, amen.

invisible world

the invisible becomes visible every time a child is born, a soul is created

and the influence of the parents passed on, their habits and what they

nurtured in their life time, the people of the world are united, the

children of the world are our top priority, well the spin says that the

children come first, and many ageing and young artists agree there is

no conflict, honour and prestige for the new parents and God, what

could not be seen became what was visible, love as it was imagined

brought to life life, self healing for the world you imagine, as the

new generation replaces the old with renewed wisdom?

if that is so and there is no reason to have doubts, why all the

anger with religious practice everywhere, my tent or yours as they

say. just wondering, thoughts for a Monday