Love can go wrong

Love gone wrong


Domestic, it’s not your problem, lives destroyed domestically, everyone’s problem, domestic and mental violence, a boomerang, the baggage passed on rebounds on someone else, just a domestic, it’s love gone wrong.

Influences in lives, so many, as many temptations, minefields, and mind fields, all types, to be overcome, learned from, application of wisdom learned. Add the wisdom from above, you have gateways and answers to a whole  range of issues.

In the different cultures, many extinct, there still remains wisdom, with regard to them all, from Buddha to Mohammad, Pope Francis too, there is a common theme, that features in them all, Belief and acknowledgement of a real and life giving God Most High, the Great Spirit, and actual real time evidence, of his only son, the Christ Jesus, who came into existence, purely to remind us, love is key to everything. Jesus himself said, those who encourage and live according to the principles of love, were as welcome in his father’s eyes, as his own followers, put this wisdom into action, and put right, love gone wrong.

Extremists, don’t want to accept the possibility,  there is another opinion, or wisdom that is greater than there’s, and use methods of control, to guard their own compound, trapping love in affect, encouraging hatred. The reality of wisdom, it never stops growing, a perpetual gift from God. Given the image of the man in the sky, a new mentality is required. This is evidenced in the number of women, leading in so many areas, unlike years ago. Men are supposed to assist, help, and partake in women’s lives, not as agents of control, but as agents in the creation and nurture of love in the lives of their families. If it was custom to stone your wife a thousand years ago, it does not make it right. Many errors have been passed on. The gift of free will, is the gift of free will. As Jesus himself intervened in more than one domestic argument, on behalf of the woman, it’s time men admitted to themselves, the wrongs they have been taught, otherwise, the guy in the Sky, is going to ask tough questions.. As the prophet Muhammad said, it’s forty times more likely to see a woman in heaven than a man, I wonder why?.Image

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