men versus women

Men were supposed to assist, help, and partake in women’s lives, not as agents of control as so many assume, but as agents in the creation and nurture of love in the lives of their families

When the seeds of a generation no longer produce, the farmer understands exactly what to do, nothing nostalgic nothing sentimental, if it isn’t working you have to do something new, otherwise failure is guaranteed

The life story of Jesus Proves, that when it came to the end, it was the women, the mothers, who actually stuck around, while all the men fled.IMG_5757



get him off the scent,

peace is doing harm,

can’t sell those arms,

sales down everywhere,

when’s the last good war,

damn it he’s meddling,

get rid of that love,






IMG_5757they all flowed,

from the decisions,

of a select force,

wonder about it,

the man in the sky,

marking them all,


Holy Curry

Often stated, them walls too high, used to be, love used to mean something, water the booze dudes, who will notice, emperors clothes syndrome, the fashion industry, the movie critics, the music industry, across the globe, the fellowship of sheep, afraid to open the mouth, unless impossible to avoid, find a good cause, ease the conscience, feeling a little better, did something good, meanwhile around you, they gather, waiting to find a weakness, sooner or later, he’ll fall, it’s only time, dig a little deeper, the tighter the noose around their necks, demon and supporters,che2 in the proverbial Holy curry, and it’s only going to get hotter, amen


Boy, going home to what, who cares anyway, what does love feel like, never experienced it, bag of fries, two cans, fills the tummy, soon as I can, getting out of this, amen, politicians, who needs them, I don’t, sentiment of half the world, others well what you think, same old day, same old welcome, no encouragement ever, daddy never saw him, what does this world want, if you want steal it, easier with a briefcase, it was always easy for them, talent given poor decision, whose in charge of this mess, the little red devil and pals, warm welcome assured, for him and his henchmen, elite no more, they wait at the furnace door, why should I care anyway, young man thinks, grows more resolute by the day, plans and plots, white powder every one is using, mix in more of that crap, high and mighty but alone, he bitches about taxes, never paid them anyway, another poster another fraud, doesn’t his friends cruise for young ones, met him years ago gave me the clap, gun violence only protection gone wrong, never meant to use them, things got out of hand, another spell in prison, new lessons learned in this merry go round, God are you up there, of course I am son, just waiting for you to trust in me, amen..

, ….IMG_5757

Needles and God Parents…

i’ll stand for your child, words thrown about, like cash from a dispenser,

the added protection, the statement that means everything, rely on me,

young child skulks upstairs, head down dream in disarray, been abandoned,

the hunger is his tummy real, afraid to open his mouth, hears about God Parents,

shrugs as he passes the picture, usual one sacred heart, it appeared to stare,

what have you done lately, he’s too young for excuses, afraid to say a word,

God Parents and duty, about as useful as an empty promise, so child asks,

amenFeatured Image -- 1110227448

ancient wisdom, God Parents, and falling down seems to go hand in hand….

She has plenty but feels empty, the dreams she had left her wasted, can’t escape can’t find love to give, where’s the keys what went wrong, thought she had everything, now it’s attention, she craves anything to forget, one night stand, she’s a bucket waiting to fill, friends easy to find, when you throw it around, the plight of many, the fight they lost themselves, gave in to the pressures,  lost the dream that used to fulfill,  across the world they followed the light, the need to be renewed again, it’s the feeling of eternity, the message of the soul born again, put in writing, over 2,000 years ago, why does it take a great loss before you realize it.

Solomon was perusing the heart and what many felt inside, he wasn’t sharpening the axe or pointing it, just putting words on what many were afraid to state, and how they became unwell on account of it. the demon had his ticket booked for him, one-way, amen..

Young boy young girl face full of wonder, the world belongs to them they ponder, til they find out they are not good enough, their spirit dented, their love damaged unfairly, your type not welcome over here they say, same sentiment applied to many great souls, it’s business nothing personal you have to understand, same feeling many young starlets faced, if you don’t well you better go elsewhere, dreams are easily thrashed and smashed nothing personal, the picture from the sky nothing personal, gives strength to a certain promise centuries old, thank you God for all the great assistance, sincerely appreciated and never forgotten, amen. if your going to climb the mountain, it’s wisdom to use the wisdom provided before and AGAIN, AND AGAIN, particularly after you fall.

God Parents, those who stand before the altar and make those promises, i hope you realizeIMG_5755 to whom you made your oath….

Solomon’s Prayer for a Child

They let the little one down,  can’t say it any clearer, those sent to help, seem to have lost the plot, barriers everywhere and hoops, and the young spirit calls out, he is pleading for divine help, help me the call without delay, there are some too young to ask, haven’t got the education or insight, those depend on help, don’t have the knowledge inside.

Remember the days when it seemed lost, the days so many went about, spirit drowning, the great recovery when it seemed lost, the many blessings poured out from all the requests, the miraculous deliverance of many, without further hesitation I make my petition for reasons of love no other. The needs of The Spirit call out, your protective hand needed.

The  heart light makes delight in the heart of many, don’t’ allow them to extinguish them anymore,  little light, what would we do without it, the many decisions it will make in favour of Love, if protected and allowed to live peacefully, IMG_5757Do not let them deceive anyone, amen.

Solomon was copper fastening the divine help on it’s way, certain his prayers got the hearing they deserved. Scars crossed his body and heart, but it had been worth it. He was going to keep on pouring it out. The words of the great prophet Isaiah came to mind, and they were heard. Precedent was in his favour, and he’d made the world his neighbourhood, just to be sure. If they thought he was ill prepared, little did they know, amen.

Fathers and Machines


Living in a world of machines, mind controlled disillusioned, competing interests vie for control of everyone living, the proverbial top, while a smattering of true believing beings in the Great God of Love, without many options, hang on tenaciously to their beliefs, on the cliff each day, the world of love is pressurized more and more, media forms fight fierce wars, for the souls of the new borns and all. Into this arena few winners, but some did make it through, the shield of deceit and deception revealed, and in the process enlightened the hearts of those in the circles of love, and this is where we stand today, can’t you feel it!

No excuses necessary, but it’s vital and of the uttermost importance, wisdoms learned are passed on. God in his mercy, provides reassuring miracles to sustain the effort. If the people of the great belief are real, they will either show up or not. The angels call and get into action, and act fast while the opportunity exists. The window is small, the door is narrow, and it’s a question of here and now, we write this to put the understanding down clearly, so no one can pretend or act foolishly, there is no excuse.

The picture has been on the web for ten months, many have seen it, it’s not a religious experience, it’s proof 100% of the real existence of the real loving God, and everyday lost in the experience of love is a step down the road to nowhere. Show your love today and everyday amen, it encourages the angels the frontline defenders and entire family of God, amen. When you celebrate father’s day, don’t over do it, there are many young ones without a father figure, and we don’t want to open the wound that exists therein, by being too showy ourselves, well, you don’t wave food at the hungry, well we do actually, and we taunt the poor young and vulnerable daily, that’s another days adventure, amen.