Mental Illness Fatigue

Cant eat, can’t sleep, twisting in the bed, no interest, lethargic, don’t even wanna dress, food, no appetite, strange thoughts too, and no interest in my face book page either, the Doctor nods, any other symptoms, She pauses, what more can there be, does he listen at all. I am going to prescribe some medications he says. She wants to hit him, is this it, it this all he can say, I’m going to prescribe medication. She is in Love.

Solomon wondered how it was possible to tell someone with a mental health issue, to wait three months or six months, for a therapists appointment, while the condition just worsened in the time in between, as if the mind harm would just go away. Is this it, is this how we deal with mental health issues.

Ever visit a patient or friend down in the dumps, ever wonder about it, most of the time all they need is time, a voice, a listener, a chance to reset the mind clock. It isn’t rocket science.

Corruption, the money they stole, the services that never arrived, and the promise thereafter, we will never do that again. God is mercy, God is compassion, but there is a limit, and when we start of undo our own well being, well…..if so many are experiencing stress and anxiety and seeking forms of escape, it would make one assume, that the entire planet was a head case, from which so many were trying to escape.



school yard blues

that’s a nice song, so catchy, that’s a nice song, so catchy, so many catchy songs, but as Neil Young says, they don’t change those school yard blues.

If you have Faith, it can move mountains, the children missing their fathers, well, they had faith in their Father’s, faith in Their God, wasn’t it time for the wake up call, amen.

He’s not calling today, and father’s day is fast approaching, he see’s all the advertisements in the shop window, wants to break them all, this kid.

i guess it’s just a dose of the school yard blues. hey kid want to try some H. What’s H then, try some says the dealer and you’ll never feel anything again, really, amen.

Who Am I!

identity, what do I mean, who am I, where am I, am I any good, where did I learn this, what made me, what is the universe, what is my role, questions, the old preachers, business as usual, devout, enforcers of the law, appointing their own, and their favorites, who do you know, gathering wealth, access to God, descendants of Moses, must be through us, people accept, consequences of rebellion, death or imprisonment, so the story goes, then Jesus comes along!

Dudes, you can’t be using the Father for your own gain, share it and you will all prosper, share it and we’ll be left with nothing they answer, share it and our enemies will grow stronger, they have sown hatred and are afraid, there are demons and they remind them, there are people out there who don’t like you, Jesus shakes his head a little perplexed, did you forget the stuff i told you, when the Holy Spirit is with you it’s going to be safe, those full of fear and anxiety don’t accept his words, they plan to murder him instead, who am I?, it’s the question on everyone’s mind, who are we all, amen!.

God lives in all who love Him, amen

In My head

out of my head, i don’t want to experience that again, the night comes so does the fear, alone in one self, no one to hold onto, the terror of the demon, raking through the mind, choosing the nightmare scenario, what will we trouble you with tonight, the vampires wipe the blood from their mouths, this is an unbelievable feast, i’ll come along later he says,. the leader among them, there’s a movie i want to watch first, popcorn coke crisps and a good scare all right, in my head in my head he sings, what is it that’s in their little heads, the menu of anxiety, i’ll have a night cap with them later and frighten a child… too darn easy, but there was a surprise waiting for him, amen.

Solomon was a child once, was still a child before his father eye’s, understood the night terrors caused and who planted them, in my head they were singing when they arrived, but they soon fled in terror when they realized, that Great Spirit was on the premises, now they roam the world trying to get out of their heads, … in my head, what’s in there anyway?


Waiting for Godot

mother huddles, three children around her, there is a man down stairs, their father and he is going to hurt her, she tries to keep them quite, the little one with thick glasses, is dying to go for a pee, wait the mother says, her hand across her mouth, the little girl wets herself, the noise below continues, she put in a 911 call more than an hour ago, he said he was coming home and that meant trouble, she immediately rang the services, frightened to death, did he hit you yet mam, has he used violence on your children….the operator was doing their job, a bit like your doctor i suppose, why the delay and failure to respond, wait, they will be with you soon, wait and ..the door bursts open the children scream, waiting didn’t do them any good at all, amen.

Solomon is in therapy

bruised cut and bleeding she lies on the floor, the small eyes stare from under the table what happened, his mind dented, a memory that won’t erase easily. She wipes her face looks at her hand, examines the blood on it then she see’s, it wasn’t meant to be like this she sighs, she takes him to her arms, her blood on his back as she tries to smother him lovingly, stuff a little child should not see.

Solomon listened, he was reading the story of a fallen hero, who never knew he was one of the addicted, Solomon

remarked, this has been going on for fifty years, well, only those with the cash can afford therapy.


25 Trillion

that’s a lot of dollars Mr Trump,

the Donald smiles he’s got a lump,

that sure sounds like a lot,

25 trillion off shore hope it’s enough,

to build that Mexican wall,


let’s face it, Donald is the McDonalds


politic’s, everyone want’s a bite

Solomon’s Reflections

if you ignore the words of the heart in the young one’s waiting for it to fill, it’s the same as playing roulette with the future of love. Solomon sighed,

everyone wanted to be loved but love seemed to be so far away, as everyone was so concerned for their love there was no love left anywhere.

she’s young and immature but understands how they all view her. she’s got a sure way to get their attention and it’s playing their game not hers.

God Most High was looking on at the strange goings on almost everywhere. Did they realise the outcome in

a world devoid of real love.

He’s seen so much for one so young he’s a bomb waiting to explode. can’t express emotions can’t talk to anyone world is just too busy for him.

The Machine

when it gets organised

you always rely upon

the good old machine

when they want something

it’s always working

what would we do

without the damn machine

war is the ancient machine

there is so much profit

when the machine is working

damn that ancient machine

the world needs surgery

immediate bypass surgery

for the old machine