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A few years back, while mowing the lawn all of a sudden the engine of the mower started to sputter. I stopped and after seconds, it died. Great! I stand in the midst of the lawn not even done with half of it and my mower refuses to work. Now, what to do? Trying to start […]

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Little Feet

Gushing mothers, play school, the little ones together, getting to know each other, having fun, a coffee a chat, a little this and that, talking about their little feet. The bell goes, the yard empties, they are a few years older, four five maybe, teacher is tired, it’s a Monday morning, still learning about patience, those little ones don’t behave like adults, they have the adventure you see, little feet are always wandering, it’s called being normal, wanting to take a step further. A year of two later they wise up, pull the strings of whoever, know how to get the best of you, little feet no more but still little feet to mother. Solomon was reading the story, there was a lot to read about, the tale of women in trouble, not on account of themselves, but because of a lot of wrongs not rights. The article was an appeal, would there ever be a change of mind, the need for some to control the mind of others, vulnerable women, their daughters, and young children. He saw them on their knees, it wasn’t a pretty sight, then sighed, wait till they see the image from above, it will give them all a little fright, and perhaps, be good for all those little feet, amen. The Holy Spirit arrived one night, and from that day his petitions and prayers were heard, and being a student of love, he had to listen as well, amen.

Sweet Lily

Born Sunday, loses her Mother Monday, day old infant was loved from the beginning, how her life will develop, with great love hopefully, and a mother’s love she will always be reminded of, being born on the day history was made locally. Solomon was after hearing the news, and it brought tears to his eyes and to many others too who listened to the broadcast. In the highs and lows, it was news that brought many down to earth, a day old infant with a little health issue, loses the most loving woman in her life, but in that loss, many hearts have opened, and blessings will fall from heaven, this Solomon was sure of, cause a Star was born today. God calls the angels, and they live among us, it is the stuff we are made of, don’t ever give it up, amen.

Electric Man

Solomon sat in the calm night, it was the hours of sleep, all the world, in his part of the globe, was sleeping, well, apart from the night staff, but the air was calm, the sound you hear when the air conditioner is switched off and that droning hum disappears, well, it sounds like.

He’d a present for those traumatising children, the mothers and children living in fear, and the demon spirit that was working overtime to create terror and fear, the voiceless of the world, the children of the slums in Rio, the children of Aleppo, the slum dwellers of Calcutta, the women and children used to being abused everywhere, there is a God, you just have to believe. Quietly he prepared his words, the core of his petition this evening.

Turn them into babbling fools, those that prey on your people Dear Father, send them a message. Pull the big weeds in the garden and let the light in, amen, remember the men and women on their knees praying this moment, it was four o’clock in the morning exactly.

Being electric, our thoughts can be heard thousands of miles away!

With the quite he could hear his thoughts clearly, no intrusion, it was his way of meditation, or what he imagined it to be, but the electric current of all those sleeping individuals was switched off, the same way it is on a holiday or Christmas, for everyone of us is a charged individual, when it goes wrong the mind has been known to surge, the high and low feeling i suppose. When we get that energy in balance we are light bulbs practically, it’s why some people literally shine, the flow inside them is good. Imagine it, the entire world is made up of electric people, imagine what happens when that flow is interfered with, your mad, over reacting, dull, bright, a whole mixture of powers. Solomon was in the zone this evening, and saying his prayer, the calm allowing for his full thought process to activate inside him, he was beholden to the Holy Spirit, and that energy connected with the high power that circulated. Did the people realise what they could do he thought, once they allowed this electricity to flow through them, it allowed thoughts to flow, prayers to get absorbed, change to happen. Being electric he sighed, who are we he wondered, then the answer came to him, Spirits in the material, amen. For one day only

if we all lived in the zone, imagine how we could change it all, overnight, amen.

The Women

Had the idea did you, really, they turned on her and decided she was demonic, tied her to a pole and burned her instead, everyone else in the village looked on, well there was no TV and entertainment was unheard of, so they gathered in the square, amen. The next woman came forward, she had the same dream and the same thing happened, they all wanted a better world for their children to grow up in, they burned her as well. Solomon cast his mind back to the times of Joan of Arc, her visions and the end, pity they never listened to her. Moving the times 400 odd years forward, the women were replacing the men in the high spec jobs, the glass ceiling cracking all over the place, they were listening now, amen.

Solomon was going through his own life, and there wasn’t a day that he didn’t learn from, some lessons were harder to figure out though, but he was learning, unlike the faith keepers of old who punished those who saw it different to them. Just listen he said all those years ago, didn’t Jesus relax more in the company of women than any of them, what were they all afraid of, their pride. Women, they have the gift of life inside them, as for their children, they often died willingly for them. hurry  girls!

Flowing Water


Fresh spring water flows effortlessly down the mountain side, sweet to taste and thirst quenching, locals seeing the picture build a little dam, a side pool that fills with cold fresh water in summer, a pool into which it is safe to swim and sit, some complain that it is interfering with the flow, how dare anyone attempt to interrupt the waters flow, critics and zealots old teachers and their supporters, they have the resources they dampen the protesters, you will never find a job around here, they throw their shawls over their shoulders walk menacingly away… the spirit, the Holy Spirit was flowing, and it was part of the divine plan to let it flow, Jesus goes from town to town aware of the threat but keeps on doing it anyway, he was the flowing spirit in that he passed it on. but as ever, there were those intent on obstructing the way.

Solomon wondered, he had been reading about ancient civilizations and the Holy Men who had come their way, always to guide and inform, directing them. Men though, well, they tried to control the outcome of events, power over come them, and the spirit just flowed away, amen. still, these ancient structures exist all over the world, amen, they were telling the world a story, of a celestial world, the same world that directed the three wise men over 2,100 years ago, and that my friends is real, amen.

Promises Promises

She heard it all, was going to hand over the wages, all of it, she heard it so often, and always believed, what was the choice, she loved him, till her spirit ran dry and she ran out on love. Solomon was recalling the pressure applied, the promises made, the unfailing words, that never showed a harvest, and how love the world over, was beaten back, by those promises. The world was going through a love revival, and it was showing, even the unbelievers were beginning to notice. he said his prayer, remind them he says, of their promises.

The child loves his father, waits at the door for him to return home, waits even if he hasn’t shown for weeks days even years, promises, the vulnerable believe, the pragmatic achieve, despite the lack of them. The burden of expectation becomes a mountain, the emotions become a trauma, isn’t it time to remind them he thought, of all the promises they made. Faith was on the move, but there were demons and control heads, for ever trying to take advantage of, those promises. Solomon was sure that The God of Heaven, was listening to each and everyone, and the children that cried in their sleep, on account of all those, promises, amen.

he’s only a child, he’ll get over it, all those broken promises.

All About me

no one more important,

than little old me i guess,

only time i go and protest,

when it’s all about me,

the dealer in the neighborhood,

they live so far away,

the pointing of the fingers,

way over there you see,

and as per the usual,

nothing ever gets done,

til it happens i guess,

to poor little me!

don’t it make you wonder,

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waiting for a hurricane

Celebrityitis, farmed chicken farmed children, your

disease, the disease of a lifetime, every dog wants

to be lassie, everyone a centrefold, get over it dudes,

Immerse yourself in alcohol, lie to your children,


take cocaine, as much as you can, photograph


everyone, shoot the neighbors.



they’re annoying me,


the future is wonderful, amazon is healthy, so are your


children, your neighbor thinks so, the sex industry


thrives, Lend money to your bank manager, make him smile,


take sailing lessons, buy a boat, the waters are rising, so


is the global temperature, global warming or global


warning, does it matter, unlikely, why worry, end it all


now, the future is gold, jump from the highest building,

seen it on TV, blame your therapist, blame God,

did I say that, it’s like waiting for a hurricane.