God in a Nutshell, part 1



God in a nutshell – Part 1


God, how we make him smile, ever see sparkles in a little ones eyes, tears of joy in one who lost hope, who finds it again, life is more than a game, it’s a love match, a balance act between hearts, it’s the part we play in life, getting it right, not all the time, we are expected to mess up, it’s why we are born again, Jesus didn’t get on with too many Pharisee’s, not many of today’s religious leaders,  or those that deem themselves above those they serve, spin doctoring won’t save you, honesty might, judge it for yourself, the chances of making it to heaven, these topics of interest to you, suppose they are, just a question of believing, loving, meaning forgiving readily too, and acting in that fashion. Reminding others of their faults is an invitation for evil to arrive, the bitterness it creates even if you don’t show it. Seems so simple, what is water, very simple, source for life.

Check out the picture in the Sky, and don’t press your nose against the screen, stand back, and you’ll set it all clearly.

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