Solomon steps out

Free the love inside you, the barricades of hurt need to be torn down, the obstacles have to be removed, it’s not about you it’s the world around you, the moment of great change is upon us, it’s written, the signs of divine intervention and reform,  everywhere, Solomon was stepping out of his comfort zone,  not that he was caught in his fears, the constant threat of the dark energy, others, the circle of true love was a very unique power, his and hers, constantly worked to hold the dark energy in a box, and it had the upper hand in a very long and tortuous journey, the links were dependent on the well being of the connected souls, Solomon understood this without having to be told, a simple exercise in cause and affect and emotional well being had made it 100% clear, Love was colour blind as was the musical education so many heard everyday, the energy had given freedom to expression of the loving type, the results obvious to anyone with heart, dumb the fear and those that prospered in it, create space in the garden of the heart, make heaven on earth a real possibility, arc of the covenant stuff.. Taking pills to overcome anxieties was only temporary, the long term solution the teachings of Jesus, no other way. Replacing one version of the demon with another was only putting off disaster. He’d ask wisdom herself to help him arrive at the best outcome…IMG_5757

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