The Healing Words of Jesus…

In the material, there is not much of the Spirit, and how this addiction to stuff has harmed the environments, all of them, is anyone’s guess. Of course there is help, but sometimes pride gets in the way; have I the ability to ask, every heart has to ask, did I close it off just to make others happy, did I side with those who made me feel comfortable, did I ever take a stand, did I go with the herd, did I ever really listen, to the Healing Words of Jesus, no deception. it’s inside you, space is needed, and there are those who will do their utmost to get you to follow their ways. Jesus had no way, his faith in God the Father, all credit to the Father, no idols either, why, well, as the papers remind us daily, we seem to take enjoyment watching them fall, call it envy, call it jealousy, call it what you like, the papers fill us with this sort of news, and see how easy it is, to push those buttons inside you. You only have to conjure up a name, then you apply a scandal, people are easily led.

But as Jesus said; how you judge others is how you will be judged, there is no escape from this. And if you transgress and say harmful things of the Holy Spirit, well, if you need to ask…you haven’t read the Healing words of Jesus. there is no boutique religion or tradition, no compassion, none shown, forgive and you can be forgiven, amen.

Older Persons

Oh Golly, he looks at the desk, he has to get up, in his hand the calendar, how do i fit them in, it’s impossible, he wonders about it, the new year, looks at the calendar, can’t fit it in their either, when was the birthday, realizes he missed it cause he can’t even remember it, so long since they

celebrated one, oh what a chore, visiting the older ones at such a busy time of year. His Father sits by the bed, the air is sterile clean, smells hospital, instead, it’s one of those ultra clean hygiene marketed nursing homes for the very nearly fully aged, the last resting place before the big departure at they say, where you fletter your last days among the weakest, where you hear the late night screams of the tormented. His Father is close on eighty five, has been in the facility three years, two years more than expected. The financing of it, the mortgage on his sons house and the small pension he draws from his days in the public service.

It’s high maintenance, the running costs going up annually, demand for retiree spaces is huge, the elderly generation living longer, the rest of the generations only now realizing it, they will be elderly one day too, the cost of all these programs, re opening the old arguments for euthanasia.

Solomon was listening to the woes of an old friend. He didn’t want to install his Mother in an old folks home, her ability to move about severely curtailed by a degraded hip, that doctors can only treat with pain medicine. Older persons, they cost a lot to maintain, 2,000 a week, 1500 a week, depending.  Solomon listened to the figures, was shocked, it would be cheaper to stay in a good hotel. His own thoughts of retirement, whatever surprise the boss had for him, had worked for ever.

Love can go wrong

Love gone wrong


Domestic, it’s not your problem, lives destroyed domestically, everyone’s problem, domestic and mental violence, a boomerang, the baggage passed on rebounds on someone else, just a domestic, it’s love gone wrong.

Influences in lives, so many, as many temptations, minefields, and mind fields, all types, to be overcome, learned from, application of wisdom learned. Add the wisdom from above, you have gateways and answers to a whole  range of issues.

In the different cultures, many extinct, there still remains wisdom, with regard to them all, from Buddha to Mohammad, Pope Francis too, there is a common theme, that features in them all, Belief and acknowledgement of a real and life giving God Most High, the Great Spirit, and actual real time evidence, of his only son, the Christ Jesus, who came into existence, purely to remind us, love is key to everything. Jesus himself said, those who encourage and live according to the principles of love, were as welcome in his father’s eyes, as his own followers, put this wisdom into action, and put right, love gone wrong.

Extremists, don’t want to accept the possibility,  there is another opinion, or wisdom that is greater than there’s, and use methods of control, to guard their own compound, trapping love in affect, encouraging hatred. The reality of wisdom, it never stops growing, a perpetual gift from God. Given the image of the man in the sky, a new mentality is required. This is evidenced in the number of women, leading in so many areas, unlike years ago. Men are supposed to assist, help, and partake in women’s lives, not as agents of control, but as agents in the creation and nurture of love in the lives of their families. If it was custom to stone your wife a thousand years ago, it does not make it right. Many errors have been passed on. The gift of free will, is the gift of free will. As Jesus himself intervened in more than one domestic argument, on behalf of the woman, it’s time men admitted to themselves, the wrongs they have been taught, otherwise, the guy in the Sky, is going to ask tough questions.. As the prophet Muhammad said, it’s forty times more likely to see a woman in heaven than a man, I wonder why?.Image