Climate Chimes

too many cows out there but we have to eat,

to many people living in fear there is no doubt,

too many children living without both parents,

too many women suffering all kinds of violence,

too man drugs available on every modern street,

climate change what do we mean about that?,

it appears to me he said with a very wry smile,

that climate change experts are totally clueless,

trying to alter what while ignoring all of that,


Being Judgemental

If it wasn’t fair it wasn’t good enough, Solomon wasn’t changing, there were those who would be left waiting, and it wasn’t what he could settle on, he was asking, making it 100% clear, the old ways were out, they’d seen so much. He imagined the happy child, the heart filled, the joy of expression that moves and soothes, not the idol worship so many were addicted to. Reputations didn’t cut it with him, most of them ego’s, limp, despite all the talent. God Most High wasn’t myth. It was serious, the signs too real. If it needed to be said, he was going to say it. When love was allowed to grow, magic happened, when it bloomed in mature hearts, it reached heavenly bodies, gave impetus to all that was good, when the spirit was weakened, chaos ensued, as those with low esteem, and deep hurt inside knew too well. Solomon saw the fruits of previous efforts, seeds encouraged many years before. If, we weren’t so judgmental, how things would have been change, amenIMG_5755

Needles and God Parents…

i’ll stand for your child, words thrown about, like cash from a dispenser,

the added protection, the statement that means everything, rely on me,

young child skulks upstairs, head down dream in disarray, been abandoned,

the hunger is his tummy real, afraid to open his mouth, hears about God Parents,

shrugs as he passes the picture, usual one sacred heart, it appeared to stare,

what have you done lately, he’s too young for excuses, afraid to say a word,

God Parents and duty, about as useful as an empty promise, so child asks,

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Second Time Wisdom

the difference between wining and losing, loving orIMG_5757 abusing seconds. Solomon was putting love into perspective in accordance with ancient wisdom and modern living. To insist on being first, was stating the case for the self, as loving is giving of oneself, it meant you had to come second, and coming second meant suspending your ambition in favour of a greater goal. It was the teaching of Jesus, and it was shrouded in the parables, being first wasn’t the goal, as being first insisted on a mind set, that didn’t agree with being second, simple as it is, Solomon understood this in a far wider context than the plain words he was using. In a world that divided itself according to class and other forms of difference, coming second had consequences. It had inherent wisdom, coming second. Because mother’s put their children first, coming second wasn’t a problem, it was natural. But teaching others to put others first would, if preached and practised, have wider consequences that were trans-formative, particularly for religions. Believers in God Most High were all seconds, and seconds in reality. Being born again was the second birth, being born again meant eternal life, being second allowed those with addictive minds to cure themselves. it made forgiveness a little bit easier, it made sharing easier, made love much stronger. Men just had to learn it, as women seemed to be born with it, and perhaps, it solved the ego issue across the world, a second. Solomon sighed, far more than they could imagine possibly, a second, being second cured most ego problems too…made loving so much easier for everyone too….did she remember…

Being Old

How lucky, listening, to the living, their version of history, from the source, not the stuff you read from historians, not the stuff in newspaper. Solomon was trying to get it across, old was wisdom, good bad or whatever, old wisdom, was trying to put it into perspective, wasn’t being distracted, the spirit was alive, in everyone. How to make the spirit rise, rather easy to, by listening, not passing time. The most focused hours of his life, in the company of an old man, and what he learned, stood to him to this very day. Being old, a form of untapped treasure, not a nuisance, putting a price on wisdom ,foolishness. Those that tried to infer, many who tended to the needs of the elderly, what did they know, their minds on the financial consequences only, assuming it was money, that drove everyone, the demon had a lot to answer for. When someone old, does someone a turn, or favor10625065_843108602407113_7473865519144813633_nche2, it actually lifts them, I’m still relevant, I’m needed, being old, it’s not all bad news, amen.

Solomon’s Book of Wisdom

IMG_575770 years ago,  world at war, the civilized folk of today, neat suits polite reverent, as they were then and today, something got into minds, peacemaking folk sidelined, much the same this day, agitators provoke those in conflicts, sweeping aside peaceful argument, Solomon was reminded of the teachings of Jesus, turn the other cheek don’t worry, it was all over the place, the need for wisdom and reform.

He listened to the radio, usual suspects pushing buttons, they rarely argue peace, strange. Solomon was venting truth, his book of wisdom a modern interpretation. It had been said 2,000 years ago, he was humble enough, wisdom is simply passed on, as it had been in songs and words, actions. The story of old came ringing through, how Jesus was chastised by the local religious and others, for hanging with women, preaching the word in other places, not in the holy temple, where are the sheep, funny sighed Solomon, it was all connected, and it went back two thousand years.

The attitude towards the female of the species was a cause very close to his heart.

Romance was the birth of trust. Women didn’t hide behind the ego, more willing to be themselves, more honest and willing to admit being depressed, dressed or undressed, and more often than not, said what it was they were thinking, even if they jumped to conclusion sometimes, everyone is guilty of that. Still, being yourself in a very politically correct world, not the easiest of activities, apart from children who say it as it is, until they learn the way of the devious mind.

Old scriptures taught much, but the teachings of Jesus put a seal on it. It was the Mount Everest of wisdom.

Because of the misuse of the word, and the passing on of all sorts of resentments, evil thoughts became mandatory, fear was realised, propaganda wide, as old and worn out arguments were given life again and again. If they believed in forgiveness, how easy life would be.