Solomon Prays

Acting as if they are Gods, times need changing dear Father, many in difficulty, across the world in conflict zones, hearts are crying out, the pleadings of your son, the Holy Spirit visited, TRUST IN GOD MOST HIGH, Free the love, the efforts to control an affront to love, it’s time dear Father, why wait a day longer.

If they sold out their sisters and brothers, why let their pain go on, they have suffered much, abused so long, demon needs to be undone, and his legion of followers with him, open the abyss and push them in, in the Name of Jesus I make my prayer, love is getting strong, with your divine assistance we can change everything, amen.

Patrice Mulumba

Patrice Mulumba


They might have tried to hide from me, they can’t hide from you, let the love escape, it’s time for decisive action, lets make the change, let no one doubt, the great change has come, amen. Solomon was putting words on the hopes of many, many who had given up, despondent, he had the ear that mattered, knew  it could be done, and a summer to look forward to, amen.

The persuasive thoughts of the mind readers were of no affect despite their efforts, it was time to end their control, if they were going to remain stubborn, the fate of the Egyptians awaited them, the crossroads had been reached, decision time, amen.


Solomon’s Truth

East west north or south, religious practice, personal choices, what you are about to read is all true.

Friday Saturday Sunday, whatever, just leave one day aside, Love is divine, we encourage it, we survive, Jesus came along to clarify matters, other prophets have arrived since, God is always sending messengers, can be music can be words, can be the example of a life, the be all end all is Love, so simple yet so complicated too, the image in the sky, is a picture taken, I have a set of five.

I was raying and praying, in the middle of a field, taking the healing sun on board, had questions on my mind, spoke words the same as now, requested hope and a sign, my life was about to change, it has changed many times, but I was on a journey, not sure of my final destination, was asked to form my own religion, didn’t seriously consider it, but I just lay there, in the sun, not a stitch on, sky was clear blue, not a cloud for miles, explained myself to my God, I’ve survived many things, friends say I’m blessed.

A cloud appeared out of nowhere, thought I was imagining it, what I saw in the clouds above, got my camera out and shot it, it lasted five minutes or less, checked the camera saw the unbelievable, image of a man from the clouds, read the holy scriptures afterwards, it was exactly what the prophet esdras prophesied. This is just one of many experiences I have had. In the interests of Love, children who suffer, women enslaved, pass this testimony on.

It proves the existence of the Real God Most High, it will open hearts and bring about a renaissance in Love, and a better understanding of what is expected of us, all of us. I’m a very ordinary man, but I have sure proof of life after death, and this image, just a small part of that proof actually, will serve justice in the minds of those, who attempt to control our emotional output, that I am sure, it’s why I have posted it, many times before, to let the perpetrators of evil and their supporters understand, that a certain justice awaits them, unless they amend, IMG_5757IMG_5757IMG_5755amen.

The Scream


The Scream


Screams and roars it’s another goal,

supporters go crazy with glee,

they are in the best of company,

far away a small boy is distraught,

his life over his life complete, j

just seen his father butchered on the street,

he’s crying in despair wonders no more,

heart broken for ever more,

hates the world and what it stands for,

this is not a lament or complaint,

just the telling of an awful ugly secret,

woman and children flee in fear and desperation,

world leaders so called conscience of the world,

they are working on a plan,

the same one they worked on years ago,

same faces same reasons same conclusions,

the ball hits the net the crowd screams,

another child screams there’s blood around his feet,

but no one hears his cries of despair,

God Most High isn’t watching the football,

his mind is with the innocent victims elsewhere,

he’s wondering about all the talent given,

the times they are a changing and it’s clear,

time we put aside our pleasure pursuits,

and focused on  this terrible state of affairs,

one week of effort is all it will take,

if Mrs Merc Mr Obama The Sheiks wake up,

and put the foot down for the sake of that kid,

what a difference it would make everywhere,

when the world is in jeopardy  we pray,

we better show some mercy fast before it all disappears,

The picture of the man in the clouds,

is not a work of fiction, amen.

The Common Bond

Father is Away again, when will he be back, haven’t seen him in years, don’t know where to send the card, there’s a stack of them in my head, another pile in the closet, wonder why he never wanted me, mom said he was a fairy, I suppose I’m a fairy too, what does a father do, who invented Father’s day anyway, someone with a cruel sense of humor, well, I have friends in the same boat, when I mention it they tell me to shut up, it’s a real emotional issue for them, emotional doesn’t do anything for me, not where I’m living now, inside the bars of my mind, and the bars of my surrounds, could have done with a father I suppose. No one on the inside worries much about father’s day. I stop writing this, the time for the visit is up, have been waiting for years to celebrate it, sitting in the visitors room the warder calls me, he’s not coming son. I wonder how it would have turned out, if my father had shown up once. I’m seventy years old, and still a prisoner of my emotions, amen.

Every child born is born with that internal message, Mama and Dada. Amazing that those two words are globally recognized, everyone understands them, then pretends not to understand what they mean, amen. Well, if those words mattered, and they do matter to every child born, how come no effort is made to support them, amen.

Fashion Talk

she sits she waits she begs she smiles, occasionally your eyes meet, she sits she begs she waits she smiles, her legs cramp, her body aches, she sits waiting, she begs she smiles, her face is marked, we pass her everyday, but no one notices anymore, fashion show of sorts, not the fashion you hope, trends for the future, imagine, begging one day, before God Most High, wonder what he’d ask you, did you walk away, questions about questions, and they say we can’t change, that’s pure fashion talk.

Rules of Engagement

Ignore the evidence


Rules of engagement, connecting protocol, respect dress code, not too alluring, confident yet restrained, you have settled on being one, child enters world, new  protocol, imitating, the game, leading by example, there is a lot in common, be it education, be it love, be it rearing, be it leading, what we assimilate young, we pass on, it’s Image what the experts say, wonder who the experts are, did they plan Babylonian lifestyles, did they all sell out talent, did money become their God, leading us down the path, pouring love down the drain, I hear so much, example teaching method acting, many folks out there, consultants and preachers, the world is individual, the mantra of the eighties, the prayer of the nineties, the philosophy of the noughties, well, the plan of God Most High, individual times hard times, falling down brutal, fear and resentment isolation, mantra of the demon, era of the individual, well, it’s time to collect, children watching, eyes moving, following the trend, from one month old, six months, a year, two years, three years, four years, five years, suddenly have it all, sussed, young girls, victim of casting couch, victim of example, that’s the way you get along silly, call it fashion, call it growing up, call God a fool at your peril, you don’t sexualise accidentally or otherwise, you can’t ignore the evidence, unbalanced early unbalanced later, evidence is everywhere, so many self help groups, only expanding industry out there, fixing the wrongs of individuals, not fixing the system anywhere, amen.

Check the image of the man in the sky, think about it, pass it on.

Set it Free

Love is patience, love is desire, love is a smile, love never fears, love is loving, it’s something you pass on, sometimes you set it free, to the universe it belongs, love is never controlling, you can’t force it, it comes naturally, it’s not focussed, together it is strong, in doubt it is weak, it’s not yours to begin with, even if we often weep, when it flies it grows, the way families explode, two become one, grows stronger still, you will never own it, it will own you, it’s the rule of creation, that’s the law of God, the creation of love on earth, are we good at it, not when we judge, not when we itemise, not that we should, give it time, it grows from strength to strength, too many folks try to own it for themselves, not easy being loving, in a world that tries to possess, it’s the reason why so much of life, is in a sorry mess, the attempts to own love, totally fruitless, amen, imagine tying to own something, something you can’t buy or sell, yet so many spend their life just doing that, the reason for it who can tell, and those who try to control life and everyone living, they will have to deal with, God Most High himself, hope they have a damn good excuse, haven’t heard a good excuse yet, amen.Image




light appears

heart soars

mind wonders

fear grows

combination of awe

astonishment rejoicing,

God Most High

among them

hearts sigh

inner well being

removal of fear

promise of returning

day is near,

preparation made


the revelation

wonderful occasion,

holy spirit pouring out,

radio’s play joyful music

young brash confident,

great tradition.

the religions cement,

no time for division

pointing or accusations

simple reflection

it’s Easter friends.


God Most High sent his son

Human nature killed him

brought back to life,

forgiveness by father

indication of what is expected,

for awful punishment dealt`

to the one most holy among us,

God of heaven and earth so patient

thoughtful to us all,

proper we try to assume his way

before we end it all,

so many methods actions

too many to list in any event,

Easter season of forgiveness

love fraternity redemption ,

should be Easter every weekend,

mothers day too,

Christmas day too,

valentines day,

father’s day,

children’s welfare day,

women’s day,

for God is with us every day,

don’t just imagine it

don’t have to anymore,

check the image of the man,

need a pair of glasses buy two

give one pair away`

to someone who needs them,