Dealing with doubts?

The mad season, the news wire crazy, the stories, human, pain filled,traumatic, talk of trust, where has it gone, many seeking the truth,where, so your dealing with doubts, then the simple answer, you switch the TV off, take a breather, where is the world going, amen.

Interestingly, the prophet esdras mentions this, and the confused times of now, how you ask, well it’s not photo shopped edited or scripted to put you at ease, it’s a pointer to God and how to establish a good relationship, with the Eternal Spirit of Creation.

If you feel that truth is in hiding, you are not alone, many feel the exact same. But rejoice, it’s meant to happen, in the hope that we ask, why, and perhaps,set a newer, healthier course. If in doubt, read about the prophet, it will help you become a better self,amen.

Have a stress free week, amen.



The crowd lines the street, the thirst, it’s not often you see violence for free. Is it the fate of another, the huge amount of emotions that churn away inside you. Glad it’s them, you are safe you feel. All your thoughts of humanity, saved for far off conflicts, safe to keep them there, those who put their heads up, a target for every neurotic out there. Compassion you feel, but it has to have a name, it’s better to think them and us, less of the emotions, until you put a face to the event, then it’s another life. The difference between evil, hatred and forgiveness, how do you untangle their meanings, how do you protect yourself more importantly.

Hatred is like an enemy soldier, when one falls, another replaces them, him or her. It’s the plague you can never cure, another conflict appears, more hatred, in a nutshell, it’s too easy to enable another with your grief, and there are those who thrive on bad news, same as any addict. And the supply in hatred seems endless, so if that is your topic of choice, there is no limit to how it can affect you.

Evil is a condition, it just exists, it’s not hatred, hatred has to have roots, amen.

Forgiveness, the means of off loading hatred, while keeping evil in chains. Where do you take your rubbish, surely you don’t keep it inside, what a stink, exactly, think of your inside health with all that hatred floating around, amen.

The benefits of a clean inside health; no need to escape yourself,firstly. Easier to deal with addictions, no worry about next time, you need to have a clean bit of health with yourself, simple.

Compassion, thinking in the shoes of another, forgetting about yourself, learning how to do it better, then you try it yourself,the advice you give others, then more compassionate you become. Why, you realize that advice alone never works, more compassion, then the habit grows,and automatically you feel better about yourself, amen. Practical and practice matters. A clear head helps you see the signs ahead, not the accidents that you recover from, not that again.


angry, angry, she teaches herself, the bottle will cure these feelings, she fills the glass, no longer mixes it, the first taste will intoxicate her, by the third she will be a raving demon, and she will hate herself, justice, the feelings she had an hour before ,a total waste. She sobers up, wakes the next morning, hung over, but used to it, no more than an ache, same as a woman who is used to a regular beating, the pain is the easy part. Anger, she can’t forgive herself. The next relationship, she tells herself she will be different, she will take advantage of him, getting even, justice she sighs, while she reaches for the bottle, later that morning.

Solomon sighed, the circles we make for ourselves, going nowhere but planning as if we will live forever, seeking justice. Jesus had a far simpler way when it came to dealing with anger, forgive them, you are only going to do yourself harm, no one else. The Father sorts it all out in the end. So many are drawn to causes they have no part of, filling the space inside, trying to feel good about them self, busy. Extreme organisations already know this, why do they target those who are easily upset, why, it’s easy to fulfill the hatred these lost souls have. Demons are expert at this, the way they argue even.

Do yourself justice of the real kind, replace your hatred with love, amen.

The Little Man

It’s my day, he wakes with a rush, lies in his cot, just wonders, the little tot. It’s going to be great, he knows the routine, he’s going to get a choice, he already knows it, and he just smiles from the heart, then the door opens, and there his mother stands, arms open, her eyes wide with wonder, his eyes fling wide, pick me up look in his eyes. She laughs, come on you, she carries him to the kitchen, puts the child, in his seat, puts the kettle on. The worry is over, the demon is gone. She’s found the help she needed, made the step, went across to the other side, met others who were afraid like her, and since that day, her life has been a turnaround. The escape plan of the emotional kind, is now time she can save to spend with her child, the little man. he’s seen what not ought to have been witnessed by a child, but she has forgiven herself, and her little man feels it too. The dark energy is gone, remain in the zone, and don’t go back. It’s her mantra. Every time she looks at him, all she feels is love, it used to be despair, for what she put her child through, those demons she met along the way.

Solomon was reading a story, how addiction is overcome, and the results, the new heart, that resulted. We all win when those in need get the help. Why didn’t they get to rehab sooner retorts the noisy neighbor, why do we get into trouble sighed Solomon. Maybe to remind us, that we are never alone. Solomon encountered Holy Spirit, and each time he asked for the help, it just arrived, and he didn’t have to imagine it. Amen

Edwin Chota

Edwin Chota,

the AshaninKa people,

Jose isidrio tendetza antun,

the leaders murdered,

for more palm oil!,

the Shuar people,

the indigenous people of south America,

the latest victims,



Where did they hide it!

Escape from the planet earth, FP are you an FP, and the aliens among us, are you trying to find a better home, FP united, even the fish are joining in, dolphins too, they all want a better earth, just imagine it, every species facing extinction, loving souls included, all united in one goal, comedy time, but a very real scenario, comic as it sounds, do you feel like an FP, humor.

Solomon was thinking the real situation, and funny as it sounded, it was truthful, and it was an odd conclusion to reach, and a great point for future environmentalists, spiritual and physical, to connect on.

The world that itemized everything, the way big business had, charging by transaction, the same energy opposed the wisdom of a global transaction tax. The light headed idealists, who viewed the world through rose tinted ideology, were out with the washing on this one, after all, the oceans were dying, and the millions of tons of nuclear waste, dumped by so many nuclear powered nations, nobody knew where.

These are questions for the sake of future generations, those arguing the positive nature of nuclear energy, hadn’t assessed the damage all this legal dumping had caused, and given the state of fish stocks, was an immediate necessity.

where did they hide all the nuclear waste, that they dumped into the oceans?


Solomon’s Truth

East west north or south, religious practice, personal choices, what you are about to read is all true.

Friday Saturday Sunday, whatever, just leave one day aside, Love is divine, we encourage it, we survive, Jesus came along to clarify matters, other prophets have arrived since, God is always sending messengers, can be music can be words, can be the example of a life, the be all end all is Love, so simple yet so complicated too, the image in the sky, is a picture taken, I have a set of five.

I was raying and praying, in the middle of a field, taking the healing sun on board, had questions on my mind, spoke words the same as now, requested hope and a sign, my life was about to change, it has changed many times, but I was on a journey, not sure of my final destination, was asked to form my own religion, didn’t seriously consider it, but I just lay there, in the sun, not a stitch on, sky was clear blue, not a cloud for miles, explained myself to my God, I’ve survived many things, friends say I’m blessed.

A cloud appeared out of nowhere, thought I was imagining it, what I saw in the clouds above, got my camera out and shot it, it lasted five minutes or less, checked the camera saw the unbelievable, image of a man from the clouds, read the holy scriptures afterwards, it was exactly what the prophet esdras prophesied. This is just one of many experiences I have had. In the interests of Love, children who suffer, women enslaved, pass this testimony on.

It proves the existence of the Real God Most High, it will open hearts and bring about a renaissance in Love, and a better understanding of what is expected of us, all of us. I’m a very ordinary man, but I have sure proof of life after death, and this image, just a small part of that proof actually, will serve justice in the minds of those, who attempt to control our emotional output, that I am sure, it’s why I have posted it, many times before, to let the perpetrators of evil and their supporters understand, that a certain justice awaits them, unless they amend, IMG_5757IMG_5757IMG_5755amen.

Shooting with the stars…..well,


Plush sophisticated impressed,

so cool a place to shoot up,

a medic on call,

service par excellence,

the wow factor,


hotel California,

nothing money can’t buy,


foil wrapped needles,

best of merchandise,

an investment opportunity,

global distribution network,2015/02/img_4753.jpg

want to invest,

why not then,

shoot with the stars,


The argument for legalization, a total no brainer, better outcome for granny and sean, why the politicians protect those who benefit from it, a no brainer too..amen

The Prisoner

goes from town to town, head down hiding, trying to forget the past, goes to work medicated, just trying to forget, prison in the head, prison in the heart, prison in the fear, there’s prison in the past

busy schedule, it’s all filled in, no room for a mover, is that a prison cell, can’t tell,wrapped in new laws, can’t do this now, used to be normal before, they switch around the rules, the access and their views.

Being a prisoner, it’s not what it usedche2 to be, freedom is such a dream, when your head is full, the stuff that confuses you, the places that you run to, hoping to ignore the truth, cause that”s what prisoners do…

Solomon was wondering what they were all doing, behaving like prisoners…well

cosmic overhaul

not fare, emotional trauma, gateway to addiction, rehearsed and planned, reload, aim at children,  they will tantrum,  get what you want, mom dad hurry, been going so long, no one notices, God Most High wonders, starts in the morning, continues day and night, who isn’t, work, medication, booze etc, set to addict, control of this, how little they think, of me and you, system needs, the cosmic overhaul, new mindset new hearts, new light,che2 amen.