Professional Ethics…

Behind every fraud, there is always a professional nearby, what do they teach them in school. Solomon observed a class of school students outside a firm of professional people. It reminded him of Jesus and the day Jesus sent the demon spirits into a herb of pigs, who in a mad rush afterwards, ran to the cliff and threw themselves over, was there

A lesson in it. Is this the fate awaiting those, with higher roles in society, who deny the existence of God, by means of their activities. It certainly gives the parable added meaning.

Walking the street, he stops outside a shop, there is a child screaming, not shouting, but roaring, for no apparent reason. The overall complexion of the company, does not encourage compassion, there is something out of place. Solomon sighed, said a silent prayer, the screaming child stops, goes calm. It reminded him of a night, when Solomon was very young, it was a nightmare of sorts ,a demon faced soul was trying to overcome him, Solomon recalled holding firm, and the demon vanished from the dream, interesting he thought.

Across the world, professional men and women made it possible for the worst of harm to occur on a gigantic scale. In truth, there are some who act like mobs of demons. In the current times, the signs were appearing, the Sun was bursting from the sky, sudden changes in the weather. The experts called it the result of Global warming, what else. Solomon called them, acts of God.


Sandy Hook Again

IMG_3677.JPG10-16 Lessons Learned In LifeIMG_5755

another day of slaughter

your sons and daughters,

medication everywhere,

minds as before,

waiting in expectation,

of Sandy Hook all over,

the warnings ignored,

them guns them guns,

used for simple,

Oregon slaughter,


No Ex’s

what you mean,

no “x”s,

no excess’s,


Not that,

No excuses buddy!,

excuses for what!,

letting the children down,

24 trillion off shore,

pass me the driver,

caddy looks at him odd,

God Opens his shoulders,


find the balls,

and fast,

no excuses,

amenSupport 2i_inspirational_quotes_018_4f730d2c462b3Copy of IMG_2498IMG_5757Featured Image -- 1110227448


get him off the scent,

peace is doing harm,

can’t sell those arms,

sales down everywhere,

when’s the last good war,

damn it he’s meddling,

get rid of that love,






IMG_5757they all flowed,

from the decisions,

of a select force,

wonder about it,

the man in the sky,

marking them all,


Syrian Time

Acting as Gods, talents meant to share, times need changing, hearts crying out,

refugees everywhere, hoping world will notice, perhaps stop it, the torture going on,

it’s business business, have to make a living, haven’t time, do something next week,

the believers behind wire, faces drained, nowhere to turn, often turned back,

Solomon was listening,’ the Holy Spirit visited, TRUST IN GOD, Free the love,

efforts to control, an affront to love, it’s time dear Father, why wait a day longer,

imagine the prayers, their only hope, the faith they have, can’t they hear,

reality TV star, wearing new underwear, launches new brand, mentioned everywhere,

their pain goes on, have suffered much, abused so long, demon needs to be undone,

legions of followers with him, open the abyss, push them in, in the Name of Jesus

refugees be there tomorrow, day after, next week too, where did the talent go

Solomon was putting words on hopes, so many who had given up, did they hear the parable of the good Samaritan.

IMG_5757IMG_5755 the crossroads had been reached, decision time, amen.

Being Judgemental

If it wasn’t fair it wasn’t good enough, Solomon wasn’t changing, there were those who would be left waiting, and it wasn’t what he could settle on, he was asking, making it 100% clear, the old ways were out, they’d seen so much. He imagined the happy child, the heart filled, the joy of expression that moves and soothes, not the idol worship so many were addicted to. Reputations didn’t cut it with him, most of them ego’s, limp, despite all the talent. God Most High wasn’t myth. It was serious, the signs too real. If it needed to be said, he was going to say it. When love was allowed to grow, magic happened, when it bloomed in mature hearts, it reached heavenly bodies, gave impetus to all that was good, when the spirit was weakened, chaos ensued, as those with low esteem, and deep hurt inside knew too well. Solomon saw the fruits of previous efforts, seeds encouraged many years before. If, we weren’t so judgmental, how things would have been change, amenIMG_5755

all saints

We all believe in something, usually something insane. Rarely something worth believing in. The latest teen idol if your under 16, the next elvis, the colour scheme in the house, the clothes you wear, says something about us. Is their Christian belief in all of this. It all says something about us. Is their a Christian belief in all of this, or are we missing something, we all have beliefs, God Most High the choice here today, but so many, what is there to believe in, if you’re a starving child with an empty tummy, a voter seeking an honest politician, an  aids sufferer without access to decent affordable health care, My politician is a good one, he knows how to respond to a contribution. The roll call of idols we look up to in our day today affairs is surprising.

There’s an idol for everyone, the TV star, the football player, and the image they create for us, images so carefully crafted by professional advertisers, advertisers who care less about you and me, and only value money.

These same image creators would sell us satan, provided he paid them, I have no doubt they already have, surprised. Today is all saints day, rekindling belief in ourselves and those around us, I call it the day we remember the great people, who in their own way, had led us to this day, directly and indirectly, and the sacrifices they made for all of us. To believe in something and someone greater than yourself, is usually a belief, that comes through ignorance of your own self worth.  

so what

the sun is the  light,

we all agree on that, 

intangible is the divine,

hope is what we are born into,

then all about making time,

busy we rush from a to b

no one notices just you

buzz from place to place,

watching everyone slide pass

words don’t escape our traps

afraid to speak up

sober in the evening later

do we remember any of it

forms filled in stacked forgot

we think it is all important

the ending of nothing really

pretending and looking busy

afraid too often to look up.

so what if Washington closes down,

all be forgotten a week later,

so what..

The Lonely Parent

tired overworked and emotionally alone, she comes home, soon she is medicated and out for the night, anything to escape the dreariness and relentless pursuit of life, she has a baby sitter, routine, TV remote TV remote TV remote supper bed and More TV, it’s all routine, children lie awake among this routine, no stories to stir their hearts and move their minds, they lie there wondering often in fear, what condition will she arrive back in, who will be with her when she comes in the door. hours fly by her spirits high, she stumbles across tables smashing glass misses her eyes, she falls into the arms of a new lover,  can’t walk without assistance, he helps her into the taxi, pats her as she flops by his side, she’s at his home or crib, crib sounds snazy doesn’t it, well it can also be hell, get it, he undress’s and relieves his pornographic mind, twisted and tormented by so many of those images we all pretend to ignore, like those shops for adults that children keep on passing by, she lies there comatose her snoring is hard to ignore, would wake a train from sleep the depth of its gassy high, she’s home again by 8, in time to wake them all up, she argues with herself as the taxi drives awhile, her mind searing glad to be alive, she can’t remember his name did she ask him,  she’s not sure she just lets it all roll by, she is home now, drops the children to school, see you in the evening she mumbles as she says good bye…they troop into school, a new day, tired and looking forward at the same time, wondering what it’s like for all the other children, and the tears they keep hidden inside…well God Most High hears every call, and…well it’s been said for years,  who am i to advise, i’m not that lonely parent, or the pressure so many are under..not me not me not me not me…

Egypt is on the floor

After The War

After The War

my problem your problem their problem a media problem a solution,

nelson walks free south Africa strolls into a repeating nightmare,

we’ll have an inquiry we’ll invite foreign correspondents over there

they stayed for months the reports were looking very good,

finally a smile we got the  funds okay we  smiled they flew away.


now it’s spread the fear has been exported to other shores,

Egypt Syria we’ll invite them all to settle old scores,

 for months the reports are good we all looked around,

heard it all before the stammers and the foreign correspondents,

but they flew away in comfy jets we smiled again that day


the gaza strip is not a sex club it’s  a damned place yet,

the world looks on the correspondents wonder what’s going on,

camera’s roll bodies take their toll children blood spattered fall,

no one looks at the way they run as the bombs keep falling

no money there but practice everywhere all that is wrong

so Egypt is on the floor and war beckons silence everywhere!


so where are all the men  the wise and the old,

apartheid gone the passion forgotten cause it left our land,

nelson where are you did you  hear the terrifying screams,

don’ they remember the day you left that prison over there,

too much said too little done people are numbers bombs won