A thousand voices in my head..

A thousand voices are playing in my head,do this do that they said, where do I find peace, where is the refuge from this nightly dread. She imagines that she is going mad, the demons are treating her like a prostitute, they come and have fun with her, they even send their acquaintances, and all they do, is remind me of this dread. Friends, they try to use me, and their voices roar in my head. Her Faith is strong, despite the odds against her, she has not given up, in alcohol she finds temporary respite, is there no one to love me,mind me, her prayer is heard, her fate is made known, through the heart, is it open or shut, amen.

The doctor prescribes the numbing drugs, enough to dope her, she still has the demons, she is beginning to accept them, well, she is convinced she has a disease. Have you tried, this, that, she looks at the medical expert, doesn’t he realize what is going on. She nods her head, if she says anything against him, she might even be given electric shocks, doesn’t want to go through that again. She wants to retain her senses, but doesn’t want to lose her mind.

Treasure Box

She is going for help she tells a friend,the demons laugh,that won’t get you far, we’ll be waiting, their threat. How many hear voices, it’s not medical, its’ the spirit trying to get out, it could be another time, it could be forgiveness seeking to correct a wrong, there are many causes for it, but one thing, the power of God, can sort it out. Not a quick solution, it’s time that builds up faith. Once those who raid the minds find out, that Holy Spirit is real and working, it’s the fear they dread, the One source of their destruction, have faith, build up the spirit around you, amen. As for those who cause such or encourage others to do same, imagine the prospects, amen.


Life After the Virus…

Can it ever be the same, after the lock-down, will you view the world as having gone through the blip, as easy as it is, to forget, well, there are serious questions to answer, the signs themselves, did they arrive to fool us all, did the findings in deep space, not just in the world over us, but the new space we found for ourselves during lock-down, the opportunity to really know yourself, it’s a rare opportunity you’ve been given. Our previous lack of compassion has found fresh roots, and new voices are being heard, not the usual clap trap of those who used to run to the micro phone,my turn next, no more of that uselessness hopefully, amen.

As Solomon would ask; will they turn towards God, or will it be business as usual, the questions that have to be addressed, amen. Put another way, will the sign giver rollover and ignore the mess, it’s not our property this world,even if we hang onto it, as if it’s all that matters.

The wise man said, we do the same as before and we sink further.

Jesus remarked, the topic was faith, so Jesus told those listening, will there be any faith left, when the great return happens. So many were too interested in pleasing men, the approval of others, all that occupied them, what others thought of them. Jesus called those people,children of the demon, amen.


Fashion, the habits you acquire, how others do it too, the influencers, celebrity wears yellow, the next week, more yellow on the street, influences, it used to be mainly money, but that has altered some, maybe there is more out there, career changes, the family feeling, time with those you care for, long time since you felt that, long time since your last drink.More quality time, even women are been given maternity leave as a right, children need time, now the fathers time is needed, they get time off too, to look after the new born, only right of course, we are fragile emotionally.

Real emotions, do we fake what we used to admire, do we grow old, laden down with health issues, who has time to think of anyone else, another funeral, more tears, after awhile the loss eases, what was that for, then a celebrity with esteemed reputation, and they are crying for weeks, not even related, but you claim ownership, well, it’s only right, their dreams yours too perhaps, you watched their career like they were your children, in a nutshell, you invested your emotions in a stranger, one you wanted to live eternally,then gone, the grief hard to overcome.

How did they do it, can you hear the wailing, the women crying silent tears, their Messiah on the cross, and the reaction of those nearest to Him, they only killed a prophet of God at the best anyway, and since, the number of wars fought trying to enforce what was based on eternal love, as if it would work.Then the emotional downturn, as hopes are beaten back, a descent into the emotional cavity.

Now, busy, over worked, stressed, any number of health risks, you will get reminders of them all, there is always another trying to profit from your fears, well insurance issues are growing, as if we had enough already, cyber security with a broker now, another reason for a sleepless night, are we safe,the thought next morning, another worry to add to the regular list, then a crazy world leader, who gladly incites, it’s better to share by the way,it makes you feel better, it wont turn you into a tiger and reckless lover, but it will bring inner calm, worth it you suppose.

Real emotion, how many times we see the figure first, we judge,was it really a terrorist act or was it random, another reason to worry, and we wonder why the spirit sinks, we just drown in with your stubborn natures, and then we wonder where our emotions went, or how we used them.

Why does our emotional heath matter so much, the question many ask, then the news story, the mad uttering of so called rational people, who when they lose, will cause mayhem, regardless of the affect it has on everyone else. And its on TV most nights, amen.


No opinion allowed, no deviation allowed, narrow thinking, every major religion at one time or another, has been guilty of it, amen. Imagine a child being not allowed to have an opinion, why do we eat like this, why do we wash like that, why don’t we celebrate that way, there are so many questions that need answering in the minds of children. Put another way, can you imagine the reaction of the Most High God, who doesn’t need impressing with big numbers or anything else, when He hears,that children were force fed the words of eternity without full explanation, are you ready for that interview. well,we all need a certain amount of criticism, amen.

Treasure Box

Now, 2020, all over the world, the treatment of women and girls is getting a proper airing. None too many conflicts to distract, the real issues are at long last,getting the full monty as they say. You don’t enslave women to show your compassion or your belief in God, it doesn’t work that way, amen. Off shore finance, the release valve for hidden tyranny, we all need to escape, but there is no hiding the conscience, many have tried, but the end of days nightmares seems to get them all, regardless of religion race or constitution, amen.

Pissing on the dreams of millions….

That statue is Belgium, the man in bronze, where did the name Belgium come from, where. Pissing on the dreams of a very intelligent young generation is not your ordinary argument, educated, cyber smart, they can bring the world to a halt, and everyone knows this. How long the apologies; we should have acted sooner, the usual cry, next time, next time they promise. In the morning,your glad to have water in the taps, not that you can drink it, well, if your in a developing country, one recovering from colonization, there is enough of a headache trying to reset the old rivalries, into something like a democracy. The current dictator, with a little help from the bank secrecy laws that all tyrants use these days, has more personal funding than the nation itself, and you wonder why there are all those affected people’; we only supplied the armaments, the plan, and easy access to the secret accounting system, that helps you hide everything. Who wants to be pissed on, well, a billion or so individuals are wondering, will they change it, or do they need help, amen.

Solomon sighed, always protect yourself from greed, its very becoming, amen.

We’ll report you….

The great fear of the dispossessed, the fear of betrayal, well, if I report you, he drops the words casually, she wonders if he is serious, he knows exactly the anxiety he is causing,and the fear, he wants control, she does as she is told, can’t win this argument, not yet. If only, there were more Samaritans, well, if this applies to you, there is great help out there. This form of threat and abuse, is being dealt with,compassionately, it’s in the pages, and the good women of the world, are not putting up with it. Trust has been replaced with fear, that’s just a tool, the extremists have been using, and cause it’s mainstream, it’s impossible to forget. When your emotionally wounded, it’s not possible to think objectively, but relax, there is a huge amount of help out there, AND major signs are arriving from Heaven, yes, the words of the prophets are on many lips, and there is huge fear now, among those who do harm, amen.

Was Confusion enough for the world’s children, do we need more?

Jesus warned all who listened; turning children away from God was a non starter. Open your eyes, the news, if trust is in short supply, and if reason seems to have disappeared, surely its not the education you would expect for children, ignoring the consequences of it, amen. Confusion, the whole world seems gripped by it, the covid crisis lessons on the news front, replaced by, a new struggle, it’s too much, the harm it’s doing to the well being of Spirit inside. Trying to find calm, where do you look, in consumption, the overdose that is already killing nature, our appetite for more. With signs from above, not the alien ships, but the movement of the stars, the revelations, is this the warning from Jesus and the prophets again, were blind, deaf and ignorant to everything, interested in only what directly affects us, amen. At least when we think of our neighbors, were thinking of others, it might not sound much, but at least we lose those narcissistic ways that have become so many of us,amen.

Then again, Jesus did utter a lot of warnings. Many of those doing the instructing, were to be taken with salt as regards where they were leading you, their habits not helpful, their pride a burden to those who wanted to believe, Yes,Jesus uttered many warnings. He even warned those who were in the ascendancy at that time, as to the fruits their teaching provided, and what would happen to those who mislead, but most importantly, kindness and compassion, this is how you recognize those with the real spirit,and test them. So if God expects us, to have a dwelling space inside of us, it has to mean, we have some healthy space inside,and not the darkness of hatred, that so many children are forced to ingest, amen. And for all the leaders out there, there is a double jeopardy in store, for those in authority, who misuse their power, well, Jesus is just saying, if you murder the Spirit in quantum, you are marked, amen.

While children scream….Tel Aviv or Gaza, does it matter where?

The noise, it’s the whiz sound, he grips his mother tightly, his fingers tear into her, she senses the fear, It’s going to be fine, privately she is numb, she has already gone through the experience as a young girl, at least I have only one to look after, the explosion hits another building, not theirs, a sigh of relief. She puts on a smile, just as I told you.

Where are the real people gone, those that don’t act like politicians. Defending the vulnerable, used to be common place. Solomon sighed, when they see the light from above it must make them all wonder, or answer all doubts, God exists, and with it comes a stark realization, of accountability, amen. arguments can be settled when those in disagreement sit down. it’s easy to appear brave when you have might on your side,bullies behave that way all the time.

Well, Mercy for those that are merciful, who will stand up for you, when they lay you down, no human will do, the scars on your conscience, will set you free or drown you. Amen.


What a concoction, strained misled tired old folks, struggling to pay for healthcare, which is free in most places across the globe, why you ask, we need money, who doesn’t, but health care too, prisons, tax breaks for building them, is there anything you can’t sell, genes perhaps, add in the poor people, of all color, those that want to argue too, a few white love themselves only types, fans of adult Hitler too, led by a cartoon man who knows how to caress the imagination, and has lots of money and supporters he enjoys to tease, and you wonder what happened to the United States, loopers.

Al Capone got lots of fame too, was a charitable contributor too, paid not enough tax, sounds familiar, loopers. The media of course, used every crime or act of Alphonse to sell the papers,while reminding those with little or no prospects,that life is not over, you can be an Alphonse too, and your name will be in the papers too, and we wonder where it all came from, and guess who explains it all, the same papers that helped create the monsters. Jesus would have proper words for them, has, the seeds you sow, the crop you reap, usually your own doing, amen.

So alone, so you think…

She lies in the back of the ambulance, aged lady, breathing into a mask, lucky to have breath, the tank is needed elsewhere, the oxygen, the mask is removed from her mouth, her difficulty is obvious, her need dire, more she breathes, doing all she can, please, have you got insurance dear, money at a time such as this, she has prayers in Heaven, it calms her for a moment,she looks at the seller of the much needed oxygen, he wants ten times the price. A business opportunity, who doesn’t try to take advantage of the vulnerable, many do, think your alone, how much is a bread ration during a famine, stuff you never think of, until your stuck. You are not alone.

He can’t use his legs but his mind is alert, I will pour my thoughts into the world, it only requires thinking about it. He finds strength. Those around him feel lethargic, while he is alive, how is it possible. Jesus told the world, you are not alone ever; there are demons, Jesus even named some of them, putting his mark on them for us. There are angels as every child knows. Do we find it difficult as we get older to believe, or do we need a crisis to encourage us,amen.

How much is off shore, and why has it been allowed for so long, you are not alone, I can promise you that much, amen.