My influences….

Not someone trying to sell me something, not a busy exchange, not a website, something simple, my likes and dislikes, i don’t have to think anymore, the electric mood changer provides all the interests i’ll ever need, my personality type will be lumped together with others, it’s as if i joined a cult, no need to think at all, just follow the leader, which one you ask. But lets not think it’s all bad,we have been warned, Jesus of course set it in words, how the blind leading the blind leaves everyone in the toilet, well, my influences, they only want to satisfy my wonder lust. An interest in south american history led me to the rather sad conclusion; how those with the resources and means, join up with any authority that provides armed help, in order to sustain the imprisonment of millions of people. My influences, i now get invitations to watch the under life in many impoverished places, as forms of entertainment. Young girls who sell themselves all day, while millions online can tune in and watch it. Well, it opens up the life so many have to deal with, so what are your influences….Pride of place seems to be the off shore bank account that allows so much inequity to continue, as usual…


A young mother, a poor education, no emotional home, gravitates to those who accept her, their life style becomes her, she is old but is young, already caught up in another world. Escaping seems easy, finding a refuge,harder. Your so good looking,a nice smile too, is that all they see. On the radio another mouth is heard, the same one that is always seeking praise for itself, well, esteem needs to be pushed to galactic levels these days. Whats a million, poop money, lets get real, keep them focused on envy, they will never escape it.

He hunts, likes playing the hunter, the thrill of feeling superior. Superior at creating mass hardship, they were folks just like the grand parents, how it’s easy to steal without risks, the lawyer says it’s legal too. All acknowledged believers, awards to their names, the seal is valued. Even if the roman empire has disappeared, why not go through the process again.

Why did you leave here alone; The questions you are faced with, he is trying to explain himself away, the hunter is about to get caught and knows it. Finally he admits the crime; it was so long, not having anyone to torment. Everyone blames covid, don’t they.

When you learn to forgive, as Jesus preached, you remove the threat of the demons,as they no longer have a hold over you, amen.

Chaos Love and Destiny…

WE chase love, we have a destiny,and in the middle, we find chaos. Old movies, lessons in simplicity, issues, when were they absent, do you go back to the time Jesus was on the cross, do you find faults and get upset, do you join a movement cause your hounded into it, or is it the after party, the social network, are you correct because of fear, are you afraid to use your real name on the web, have you heard all those horror stories, is your brain at bursting point, are you sick and tired of the rabid talk that gets such a following on line, did you profit from the online sickness, have you any idea how young mind deals with it, have you ever wondered why the so called clever men, we call wisdom wealth, it used to be something else, have you wondered why yet,why the sudden interest in Space travel, given the amount of garbage on earth, that needs dealing with. Confused, who wouldn’t be, amen.

Three Years Old

Every politician, every public figure, every spiritual leader, most people, all mothers too, the environment children grow up in, is of paramount importance, so they claim. Claim to believe in God too, we claim a lot of things, we claim to be smart, brighter than previous generations, but can anyone claim to be smarter than a three year old, very few of them.

Why are they fighting on the TV Ma, the little boy asks. Mammy shrugs her shoulders, she wants to turn the TV off, but that will be taken as a move, and young Jack, will take the hint, by doing nothing, she leaves room for discussion. Jack, or Sarah understand, they are three years of age, and they know that shouting only gets you in trouble, unless its on TV.

Jack cleans his teeth, still wonders, unanswered questions, why can’t adults explain their addiction to TV. As for the weird stuff they come across on the new highway, only re-enforces their beliefs, most adults are crazy, who wouldn’t want to rebel,amen, and the adults wonder why?

Lets close the deal, where do they teach all the bias and hatred in the world, usually in the Home.

Fathers Day

Stuff you learn, where does it come from, who influences you, who turned your ear, what was it, who, the teacher. It starts the very first day your out of the womb, bundled in love, the star attraction, the delicate dependent being, you, me, everyone.

Solomon sighed; He has a very forgiving nature, likes triers, dotes on the compassionate, and is always guiding, what a Father. Solomon recalled the great start he got; there was no emphasis on wealth, it was education that mattered and good example. As he said to a friendly acquaintance; those that belong to you are all around you, don’t depress them, do something for their Spirit, as Jesus says, His words eternal; don’t fear those who threaten you with death, it’s the Spirit inside you, that is what you should be nourishing. As Old Amo says, be always ready for a face to face with the Almighty God, amen, great advice in these times, amen.

Times Running Out…

Panic, what’s normal, I used to run a mile in six minutes, now I’m lucky if I walk it in an hour, panic, my bones ache, I use more prescription medication than marijuana, my clothes don’t hang on me, my shoulders droop, and I need to pee more too, and those rich foods I used to love, they only upset me, time is running out, my hair is getting thinner, only in my dreams am I young, and as for the virus thing, I can’t even go shopping in comfort, it’s a mess everywhere, my friends can’t come to visit, is there anything else to complain about, I feel as if time is running out, what is wrong with me, I’m not even close to ninety.

Panic, alarmed, worried about the future, having to retrain, it’s all going south. Stop sighed Solomon, you’d been over heating the brain lately, slow down, put your feet up, get that snack bar you’ve been saving for a treat, have it now, time never runs out, it’s just confusion setting in, who wouldn’t be, one tyrant tries to out do the other, elite friends, they don’t need medical cover, it’s provided free, they have friends who want to do them favor while you have none, but it’s always been like that, why the added anxiety.

You can’t add worry to the day and feel good, but you can make up a today plan, and hope to achieve some, as for time running out, its’ just your legacy, the impact of your life on others, maybe you want to do a few helpful things, amen.

REASON IS HOLDEN FABLE — Marlovian… re blog.. worth reading…

Geoffrey Chaucer was possibly born in 1342/43 in London, but then again, no one can be certain, and died October 25th, 1400, in London, and received the singular honour at the time, of a commoner being buried in Westminster Abbey. He was the outstanding English poet before Shakespeare, and has always been described as “the […]


Unstable Leaders….

Where’s common sense gone, bickering and back biting, police on the streets, protesters, the army more important than health care, everyone doubting, new ideas running out, chaos, as the two giants of politics meet in the amphitheater, hoping to convince the voter, who is bombarded with twenty four seven news, sights of violence and fear on TV, confused thinking, wealth deemed the winning cause, you’ll do better with us, can this be a picture of the United States today, the so called leader of the free world, seriously.

Too much time spent of making money and not enough on creating community usually ends in chaos for all, it’s the story of the family, where the father figure spends all his time working while ignoring the emotional needs of the family, it all fall apart’s, and it leads to recrimination and blame thereafter, as to why it happened.

A man rushes in the door, he has a lot to hide, he does his best to distract his partner, rushes her around, haven’t time to speak, we’ll talk about this later, Hal she says, not now, there is a big meeting in the office later, there is talk of a takeover, it’s real big, she sighs to herself, we’ll talk about it later. After so many great schemes that never are, there is nothing to talk about later.

Denial, a condition of the human mind, tomorrow, eventually the tomorrows are all spent cleaning up the yesterdays that were ignored in the hope of tomorrow, it’s all about today, Jesus tells us.

The virus was more than a massive threat to humanity, it was an opportunity to stall the direction the world was heading in, time to think. Those who were planning on the propaganda war for the coming election would be wise to read about the ancient prophets, Esdras in particular, amen.

Sea Rescue

Hold on, don’t loose your faith, help will come. How those who struggle to survive hold it together, the stress each day, the hours of labor that bear so little fruit. From afar we read these stories, some of us wonder, some of us pray, some do something extra, the needs of others push us to extra lengths that we would not ever dare to tread. Struggles, the mother sighs, she is brow beaten, her little daughter looks on, knows her mother struggles, vows to do all she can do assist as she gets older, doing housework is all she can muster now, it’s her Mother after all. She watches while those without care pass by all day, the dress, the confident eyes, how they look down on her, it’s all stored inside. We need inspiration to hold on.

The news that two young women survived a trauma that was dangerous to say the least was uplifting for many who heard the news, and it was of course fishermen who came to the rescue at the death. Solomon sighed, there are those who are under the stress of the virus, and the warnings, while those who have had the means, just read about it. Nothing knew here, the gap between the least and the most is a ravine few will ever fill in, and those with that we call real power, will read reports from experts, and act on them, those who have a bit of a conscience will, hopefully more will recognize the signs. In this time of great trauma, there is the Spirit of God, it’s pouring out across the world, hang on, put your faith in the fisherman.

Solomon encountered the Spirit that brings great gifts, heaven sent, but as with all gifts, it requires a little sharing. when you have real proof of divine intervention, there is no human force that can ever overcome it, read the pro

phets, amen.