Are you reliable, do you change depending on who you meet, are you the same before lunch or evening dinner, do you put on the act, do you try to sound sincere and right, good at the smile are you, had good acting lessons, whatever it was, Solomon was confused. Over the years he heard so many outcries about so many crises, from so many different faces, many of them celebrity faces, does that sound rhythmic, i suppose, not trying to sound anything but honest

actually. But when all is said and done, wasn’t consistency what made your mother’s dinner so enjoyable, they always tasted good, morning afternoon or night, same with wisdom from above, always consistent, amen.


Getting along, understand your neighbors, no real divisions, sounds like heaven, one side of the coin, the dispossessed, the vulnerable, the victims of their upbringing, the inability to escape family values, the interests the family share, failing politicians, and the right wing left wing extremism, busy burrowing into the psyche via the internet, and the fake news syndrome, those pushing agendas causing chaos, undermining, in the hope of unsettling everyone who does not share their views, the other side of the coin.

Solomon was talking with an Islamic professional, and in the course of the chat, Solomon was doing the talking, his Islamic friend says, this extremism, it’s been going on all across the world, have you not noticed. Both He and Solomon were believers, and he wondered, what was all the difference about. When examined, his friend¬†was right, the stress caused by extreme Islam, the non loving version, had been a cancer across the Islamic world for quite some time, and the source of many wars,far away nations got involved in. Then there was the question of Jesus, recognized by all the main religions, the bridge between them all. Why had no one tried to build that bridge. Perhaps, it was time for this to happen. Allowing the extremists to dictate to the rest of us was tyranny. A common prayer was needed, amen.

Into the west, the situation was much the same. far right, extreme left hoping to take advantage of the so called change. Was it not a time for a reasoned debate on the prospect facing us all. Solomon was just saying it. There was a growing band of disenchanted souls, and they were not alone, and there are these extreme groups waiting to size them up. Dear Father in Heaven, keep an eye on their plans and turn them into babbling fools, amen.

NO Foundations

Am I a visitor here looking for way home,  everywhere I look, ego and fantasy, the meaning of Babylon I suppose, this is no lament, purely an honest observation, hard drugs available everywhere, large numbers depressed, love even harder to find. I was visited by holy spirit, really, discovered wisdom, and the growing threat of demons, where everyone seeks excuses, someone to blame, other than themselves. Love as Leonard Cohen says is all that will survive us. What has to happen is a new outlook, respect for love not the abuse it.

Solomon was saying it straight, if more and more become lost, all those marvellous ego’s will be worth nought. And I haven’t mentioned Donald trump once.

Fast forward motion

He looks across the room watches her move, the turn of her head the knowing smile, she’s interested and he is overwhelmed, later that night it begins to unfurl, next morning, she has an appointment she rushes to work, he puts it down to one of those nights, fast forward motion not what it was in the past. She aches for a man who will give her time, but the modern world prevents it well so her friends advise, can’t have it both ways they say this is the way forward, clothes on the floor heaped carelessly just a few i suppose. How love dances the fast track, how people end up in pieces, a little of them here a little of them there, their love spread across the world but the heart going no where.

solomon was reminising, he ate piazza with a friend, just a munch party a movie and a smile, no grave intentions no exras no half glance moments just being there. The fast track world does not have time for the slow romance, it’s the fury of the mayfly and the one night stand. nature teaches us he thought when we allow it time, it’s the story of the butterfly, starts out weird and ugly and ends up the most beautiful of flies, amen.

Waiting for Godot

mother huddles, three children around her, there is a man down stairs, their father and he is going to hurt her, she tries to keep them quite, the little one with thick glasses, is dying to go for a pee, wait the mother says, her hand across her mouth, the little girl wets herself, the noise below continues, she put in a 911 call more than an hour ago, he said he was coming home and that meant trouble, she immediately rang the services, frightened to death, did he hit you yet mam, has he used violence on your children….the operator was doing their job, a bit like your doctor i suppose, why the delay and failure to respond, wait, they will be with you soon, wait and ..the door bursts open the children scream, waiting didn’t do them any good at all, amen.

The Shadow

the spirit runs the gauntlet a shopper going from store to store, seeking the bargain seeking

the rest seeking a little more, the shadow follows watches the trail the stop the start the worry, can we afford this is this all there is there has to be more, a cafe a rest a cup of coffee a chat and some comfort, a friend sits down it smiles the energy is strong no fear around, at last, the spirit takes a deep breath and the offer of a cigarette, i’m met a like soul in the shopping mall of fear and anxiety, no shadows only light, remind you of a Leonard Cohen song i imagine. lets hope he keeps on producing the light, amen.

No More Prisons in 2016

stuck to the keyboard can’t escape,

mother on the iPhone child awake

bin bong bang the thrill of the chase,

toot toot toot another one escape’s,

put that on Facebook why don’t you,

there’s no getting away from it,

technology has become a prison mate,

room in the cell for any amount,

keep packing them in for God’s sake,

sounds like there’s a need to break out,

no more prison please in 2016 they shout!


do you ever wonder where it will all end,

the four year old the five year old,

the older children and the pure absurd,

a little less technology our only hope…

well, getting to know real people takes time