Words of old, the power of the prophets, the power of their words, have we forgotten sighed Solomon. He recalled an old story, put in words thousands of years ago, there did exist those with God’s Spirit in them, actually, if anyone listened to the words of Jesus, they would have learned it a long time ago, the power of heaven was inside you, the Spirit within. ¬†Solomon was talking with a loose friend, an old friend of this man, was ill, and so the man suggested it might be nice to share words with him, he lay in a hospital bed. ¬†A few attempts were made to connect, but it wasn’t possible, was it the same with people as they tried to connect with their divine friend, or did they leave it too late. having seen the cloud, and pictured it, having encountered Holy Spirit, and been inspired by it, was it not possible he sighed, to send a prayer to a friend in need, of course it was, so long as you have the faith to believe it, yes, that simple, are you willing to believe in Elijah, well if so, pray for what is

good. In times of great change, it is soothing to know, there is a power, that outweighs all other powers, and it is inside you. The story of Elijah, was a story in need of retelling, amen.

In My head

out of my head, i don’t want to experience that again, the night comes so does the fear, alone in one self, no one to hold onto, the terror of the demon, raking through the mind, choosing the nightmare scenario, what will we trouble you with tonight, the vampires wipe the blood from their mouths, this is an unbelievable feast, i’ll come along later he says,. the leader among them, there’s a movie i want to watch first, popcorn coke crisps and a good scare all right, in my head in my head he sings, what is it that’s in their little heads, the menu of anxiety, i’ll have a night cap with them later and frighten a child… too darn easy, but there was a surprise waiting for him, amen.

Solomon was a child once, was still a child before his father eye’s, understood the night terrors caused and who planted them, in my head they were singing when they arrived, but they soon fled in terror when they realized, that Great Spirit was on the premises, now they roam the world trying to get out of their heads, … in my head, what’s in there anyway?


25 Trillion

that’s a lot of dollars Mr Trump,

the Donald smiles he’s got a lump,

that sure sounds like a lot,

25 trillion off shore hope it’s enough,

to build that Mexican wall,


let’s face it, Donald is the McDonalds


politic’s, everyone want’s a bite

The Shadow

the spirit runs the gauntlet a shopper going from store to store, seeking the bargain seeking

the rest seeking a little more, the shadow follows watches the trail the stop the start the worry, can we afford this is this all there is there has to be more, a cafe a rest a cup of coffee a chat and some comfort, a friend sits down it smiles the energy is strong no fear around, at last, the spirit takes a deep breath and the offer of a cigarette, i’m met a like soul in the shopping mall of fear and anxiety, no shadows only light, remind you of a Leonard Cohen song i imagine. lets hope he keeps on producing the light, amen.

Beatrice Stockly

Who is Beatrice Stockly, do you know her name, a simple nun, servant of God, a captive of her faith, held by those, who allege they are of God, a simple nun, that’s beatrice stockly, why not pray for her redemption, amen.


i’m older not that much wiser was wise from the beginning, born with a mission to say it how it is, a rare feat these days in a world of spun news, where the fabric of truth is of so many textures, no one knows what’s been said or by whom….many albums later, and cheery nights a few brandies and a new book, i’m getting older now and so is my voice, but the truth remains the same, in the days ahead let the truth out, one day it might surprise you, amen. thanks Mr Cohen for the insightful thoughts and many more years ahead, amen.

The Mexican Wall

they gather around

it’s a press release,

ted hillary bernie,

everyone in the press,

big donald is making

an address

his latest development,

the mexican wall…


pedro not impressed,

neither is rosa too,

they cleaned your pools,

tended to your gardens,

fed your children,

sat them many evenings,

now donald is saying,

their to blame everyone…


i didn’t say that,

the donald is getting hot,

someone twisted my words,

everyone does that…

islamic patriot,

serveed in both wars,

is proud of american flag,

does it sound familiar,

the audience rears up,

he’s a muslum imagine that,

they chase him out,

don’t need those types,

our donald shouts and shouts…

well donald what did you say,

it’s illegal to have an opinion,

hillary is licking her lips,

shooting donald down,

as easy as robbing a truck…

it’s a long way to mexico…

rosa don’t forget the children,