Quantum Physics

When a consuming energy meets a rock that it can’t consume, there is a redirection of the energy. Saint Peter was called the rock, cephas, because he had the strength of The Almighty with him, with which to defend the Holy Truth, and so sustain the truth about the Almighty, as presented by Jesus. After that, the consuming energy, spends it’s energy destroying itself, relax, God always wins at the end, cheers.

Solomon sighed, the wonders of the Almighty were showing, and there is growing contentment and resolution in many hearts, amen.

The Fisherman

The rod is assembled, the flies attached, he chooses a stretch of river, lets the line out, waits, draws, pulls it in, casts again, the line ripples, something, wait, the line returns, the process is reported, the process is repeated, the fisherman casts again, the line is out, the eyes on the line, any movement, wait, a bite, something there, he will try that spot again, there is a fish waiting to be caught, so the fisherman dreams.

The bait, the fish can spot the disturbance overhead, wiggles about, goes to the surface, has a closer look, not real, the fish goes back to the bottom, waits until he is more secure and certain. Testing the Spirit, the fisherman is getting on, three hours, the waiting continues, another bite, the line snags and releases, the fish took the bait, but the way he took it, nibbled it, not into the mouth.

The fisherman, the evenings end, the light is fading, the water darkens, nearly time to go home, one last cast, the line on the water, more flies on the hatch, the fish getting ready for their midnight feast, this time. A rise to the left, before him up river down river, the plop, the plop, a jump, a splash, the fisherman looks about in wonder, so many fish to catch, he decides to leave and have a good night’s sleep, thinking, fishing, with the clean water, it’s always worth thinking about, amen.

My Roots

The prisoner sits on the bed, head down, the preacher in attendance, the hour of execution near, the man weeps, the preacher listens, waits, what words can he use, he thinks to himself, the weeping continues, the whimper of a child, perhaps a child hiding in a corner, about to face punishment, the child though, does not understand, just waits. The weeping eases, the preacher asks, anyone you want to pass on last wishes to, family friends or others, roots maybe.

Roots, how do you have roots if you have never filled out, if life is cut short, the vitals missing, nice thoughts for a professional therapist, but on the verge of execution, who worries about the roots. The prisoner says nothing, fate has been accomplished, the teachers said he’d reach a bad end.

Solomon sighs, the age expectation cut short from the start, the snide remarks so many have to put up with, the down looks, you deserve to be down there, what do you expect, considering where you come from, all the jibes, never given the notion of great expectation, like an annoying sound in the ear, will it ever go away. Solomon wondered at the mind set some have, how it’s constructed, and how it’s a weight on the shoulders, having to justify oneself, then thought of Jesus, the everyday test, the everyday tricks, trying to catch him up. No one is immune from the human psyche, and the thoughts stored in there, even the Great One had to put up with it. Solomon was building a bridge of understanding, well, trying to explain how we come to hold differing opinions, where do they come from. It’s in the Holy Books, the descendants of Jesus, all written out, to explain the spiritual journey, the passing down of the faith, so by the time of Jesus, there was a solid foundation of faith on which there was building ground.

The prisoner, on his feet, about to take his final steps in the flesh, the pastor behind him, two wardens in front and behind, the prison governor leading the parade, the mood solemn, a flotilla of news people waiting, a mob outside chanting, is he dead yet, a total circus, while the family of the prisoner pray for a miracle, a last minute reprieve, hoping. My roots my roots he thinks, while he shuffles along, feet in chains, as if he could escape, dear Lord he says, you dealt me a strange hand, from the start.

The phone rings, the procession stops, it’s the presidents office. Trust in God, amen.

350,000 children face death from famine…

The world in crisis, talks of wars, famines, unstable leaders, confused thinking, the food basket of the east held back, while many innocents face the threat of famine, 350,000 of them children, and soon, if help doesn’t arrive, while many of the signs from above, continue to arrive, and testified in prophecy 3,000 years old, while the world itself depends on the mercy of God for it’s very survival, lets not waste time, for all of the above is very true. If needing clarity, read the prophet Ezra, the second book, where the prophetic messages are written, to remind us of the day, when God Most High, will bring judgement on the world, should we be aware of this, or do we prefer ignorance.

Leaders in high places, their fate is mentioned by Jesus, their higher office, their higher responsibility, towards The Most High, may they focus on bringing peace to the world, and practice the compassion they seek from their own people, by being compassionate in their policy decisions, for who on earth, can withstand the Fury of the Most High God, no one can.

Solomon sighed, the Monday morning feeling, the news strong, the blessings of the Most High evident, with great signs and results, just as Isaiah wrote, the very prophet Jesus refers to regularly, well, if Jesus reached for the words of Isaiah, is it not a pointer to other events, events that are revealing, the truth of prophecy from times of old. How do we turn to God many ask; Jesus, the gospels shown to be true in these times, provides the answers, amen. Yes, the words of Jesus, are the gateway, amen.


Mind thoughts, the phone, the spying, the habits, the taunt, extremism, there are many forms to it, and as souls seek comfort, there are many who are extreme waiting to take advantage, it’s the numbers, the online voice, the more hits the greater the reward, the more extreme their thoughts, the better they feel, but how will such thinkers fare, when it comes to divine intervention, what do their thoughts gain for them; the Ire of God for one thing, harm to the lost, anxiety for the young, disruption of society, their goal.

Solomon sighed, the victory of Jesus came with major benefits, and it’s written, the old books bare this out. so no matter how extreme it may appear, stop, don’t allow your time to be stolen, there are many just causes out there, remain focused, the Spirit from on high, is spreading everywhere, and nothing of man can oppose it, amen. How to make good on your eternal promises, how do you improve your community, do you appease or do you talk up, can you put on one face, that says all the right things, or do you privately enjoy the harm your life creates for others, does anyone understand the consequences.

The gospels are proved true, the words of Jesus, life giving, time to readjust the heart, time to start sowing all that is good seed amen.

Extreme Thinking

Stop, don’t react, listen, ask why the actions of extremist’s upset, what are they trying to gain, reaction, the french presidential elections, the contest, the chaos in eastern Europe, the unity of the EU union, the choice, what sort of life do you want. Solomon read the script, the effort to pull your attention, from topic to topic, the fear in Europe, the return of extreme thought, the building of boundaries, the old fears, trying to pigeon hole those trying to make the changes, did I say that, the use of sound-bytes, the election minded, trying to gauge the atmosphere in the polls, as many new potential leaders take their chances, what does one need to do thought Solomon, where do you find peace.

The usual crisis have been moved aside, what was front page news weeks ago, days ago, relegated, this is the news, this is what attracts the viewers, the mind step, that gave politicians oceans of free advertising, that said, how many votes are given from the point of view of being worn out with the current lot, too many.

Extremism, Jesus faced constant spying when he announced to the Pharisee’s and His Apostles, the changes that were coming, they tried every known trick to catch him out, they paid a friend money to sell him out, in short, Those who put the words of Jesus Christ first, always have to get around the issues; Am I compassionate, Am I charitable, am I able to withstand the storm inside others, can I stay true to the Faith.

Down through the ages, books are burned to insult and keep people ignorant, it’s ongoing, the criticism over what we read, it’s the fashion. In current times, The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been shown to be true, and as with other Revelations, by reading the Holy Books, as seen through the eyes of the Gospels, leads to a fuller understanding of those life giving words. A doctor in the field has to retrain every year, to combat the new technology, and as with revelation, (Jesus in short means, forgiveness, understanding, compassion etc), it’s an opportunity to re think what has been learned, in the context of what is divine assistance, amen, why worry, the world that wants peace seeks peace, amen.

Heal Me

The words Jesus heard, the words he replied to, the Spirit in the one seeking, an honest call, made the healing easy, same way a kind voice reaches the ears of the compassionate. How the world needs to heal thought Solomon, instead of building all forms of barriers between men women and hearts. The call was on many lips, the images many had seen, simply horrendous, was this the image of the world many wanted to see, but then again, so much harm had been hidden, while so many hearts were trapped within.

The old man is weak, the spirit is down, the usually worries, a former career and family, how will they live, what are the options, can i solve this on my own, the continual worry. He hears a familiar voice, the ear tinkles, that of a friend. The warmth in the gesture as he lowers his head to the sunken cheek, then the swell of color, as life begins to fill him again.

Healing, the simplest way to heal, was to offer your suffering as a pledge to the Almighty God, not as a condition, but as a thanksgiving, for all that is good, well, Jesus carried his cross, and it’s so well written, it’s worth thinking about, the drain on the Spirit we face each day, the worries we are reminded of, if only we could think, of the light from above. The more empty space inside, the more light you can be filled with. Healing begins within, when we think of Good, not the problems we allow ourselves to drown in, amen.

Recall the story, the boat is going to sink, the apostles are frantic, what’s going to happen to us, they shake Jesus from his sleep, and then, he looks at them, just imagine it, what, what are you worried about, then the storm calms, the wind eases, the rest is in the Holy works. To encourage healing we must learn from the master, amen.

Saint David’s Day

Foundations sighed Solomon, foundations. He recalls the great road builder, and the advice he gave freely, the layers of substance needed to ensure the road lasted the Journey, how great that advice is, saint David’s, the welsh saint, the friends you always think of, and the hope they gave, priceless. A time when the mind was a wonder, the journey, the sea, the great welcome, the great family. How Solomon recalls those days, his faith returned to him, in that small camaraderie of love. To be part of and to belong, opened his eyes, to the way family life ought to be, the ease of movement, the shrug, no problems at all, the effort to pass on goodness, lessons in learned from, In Saint Davids.

People places and things you never want to forget, priceless, foundations upon which to walk the earth, cheers.

Mental Well being…

Well being, the new buzz word,well being,not yourself, others, same way Jesus taught about love and prayer, be wide, think of others, well being, the one word on all the to do lists of policy makers, human capital now seen as the essential, their well being,more than a word, but a better outcome for all, as for those handling social media,will they have to deal with predators, or will the tech companies finally get it together, or just plug the holes,the same way a road engineer fills in pot holes, knowing the problem is there for all time. Mental well being, will the Spiritual leaders finally come together and agree on the signs that aim towards Heaven, at least enlightening their people about what is actually going on, amen?

The Present

In a hurry, the package, clear instructions, it has to be given to someone, no one else, he listens to the instructions again, finally he says okay, off. Only a gift, why the hassle he thinks, i will leave it there, they will give it to him, his thoughts a flurry of snowballs, people pass him on the street, trailing bags, he arrives at the door, takes a deep breath. Wait for the man in the green coat, wait if he is not in, wait, this he thinks while waiting for the door to open, hurry up, there is shopping to do. Nice coat, they must have cost some, he watches the passing traffic, nice shoes too, hurry up, the door is still to open, he waits. Checks his watch, ten minutes, silly, to even wait this long. At last, a shuffle of feet, he hears the dragging of feet, the gift is thrust before him, just hand it over and be gone. A woman in black is before him, no sign of the green coat, was it supposed to be a man. I was looking for peter he says. She eyes the package, i’ll take that she says, her lips forming a slight grin, he toothless gums showing, pink still, quite a contrast with her aged face. I was looking for the man in the green coat he says, trying to follow instructions. He explains himself, departs with the gift in tow. He returns to the giver, explains what happened, awaits further instructions. Go back the next day and wait until you meet the man in the green coat, called peter.

After two more tries, Peter gets the gift, the courier gets paid, the giver gets his confirmation, and the waiting proves to be worthwhile. Solomon sighed; there are many gifts. He recalls the story of the priest and Gandhi years ago, the message being, right introductions matter. Patience. The story of Cinderella, the story of the child looking for the most beautiful woman in the world, who turns out to be his mother. There are many ways to define a gift, amen.