Sweet Child in Time

The wonder, the open eyes, the hope filled surprise, that amazing moment, when your looking into your own eyes, the wonder of a mother, the hopes of a father, yes, those are mine, those eyes. The arrangement of the habits, she got them from you, that stubbornness, does she remind you of granddad, all those traits, that are recognizable in us.

Imagine this, imagine being created in the image of God, imagine those habits passed on, or traits. all of them. Jesus spoke forgiveness for a variety of reasons, in particular, imagine the harm we pass on, those malicious thoughts, that grudge, the deep seated hatred, do you remember the war, it was over a hundred years old, but the scars remain, even the children are named accordingly.

Treasure Box

In the image of God, in the thoughts, what are we passing on, if we don’t forgive, what you ask. She hears the wrong words, shuts out the news, I only want to hear what is good for me, so she thinks. Jesus explains clearly, how it’s tough, shows us how its tough, but also showed the wonders that could be made real, when trust in the Father is absolute, amen.

So what habits are you passing on then?

John F Kennedy and Henry Montgomery

It’s hardly true, what these two men have in common, 58 years ago, JFK was murdered in Dallas, Texas, 58 years ago, Henry Montgomery, was sentenced to life without parole, and on the anniversary of JFK’s murder, this connection is made. Learning to forgive, what does that mean for those who started illegal wars, and the countless millions who were lost, what does it mean, for those who start these wars, are they culpable.

Solomon smiled; eternity is a very long time, way longer than a mere 58 years, amen.

I can’t breathe

The child holds his mother’s hand, it’s hard to breathe the boy says, there is coughing, the sound of choking. Minutes earlier, they are in a group, being led down a stone stairs, into the underground showers, washing they said. The bodies begin to pile up, as hundreds reach for their last breathe, finally the silence. Observers look in through spy holes, no one moving, makes it easier for them. Wait, a small child is still breathing, holding on, the observer laughs, the poor dear, trying to draw it’s last breath. What if, the image of those being chemically murdered is more than just an exercise in human hatred and evil, but a pointer to a world, using chemical means to destroy itself. I can’t breathe, amen.

Solomon sighed; there are so many ways to interpret events. What does it mean, the child is anxious for an answer.

Double the Dose

A bad experience, men or women, teacher or authority figure, going to have a chip on my shoulder, it will never happen again; a life spent in misery, amen. One swallow doesn’t make summer, we have all heard this, and one bad person does not represent a country, we have learned this too, so why do so many, allow one person, or one member of a body, turn them away. The press went to town on all those with reputation who fell, and gloated over the tempting news, repeated it, repeats it constantly, twisting the sword, knowing full well, there will be a cue of voices, waiting to have their say, while the fuel of hurt burns. Does anyone want to be reminded of their wrongs, does a society want to be reminded of its wrongs, does anyone need reminding of their faults, knowing that the truth of the Gospels and the Holy Books, have been made real. Our faults, lets keep cleaning up the act, amen. Why?

The King returns home, show me he says, well, what did you do with your time, show me. Imagine the looks on the faces of the subjects; we weren’t expecting you so soon some say, while the King replies, I expect you to be doing your duty, regardless.

The errant priest, loses his flock, acquires habits no one can digest. A sneaky journalist spies a scoop, an award for a breakthrough story. He does a charlie on it, encourages others to write even worse, a fire starts. One black sheep does not make a family, as Jesus would say, be careful with what comes out of your mouth, for you will be judged on every word uttered, amen, kind thoughts, encourage when you can, amen.

Don’t Hurt Me…

Mothers try to protect their children, a safe place to grow up, good Samaritans about, not those who try to exploit. Dangerous times for the heart, so precious the contents, so hard on them, those early mistakes. Driven by the news, the papers, sensational news stories, editors chasing the ratings, not common sense, their thoughts far from those they claim to protect. Solomon sighed, no one fools the Almighty God, and while children are allowed their mistakes, those who plot and plan evil, be warned, those you hurt, add to the pain in the heart that loves, eternally amen.

It’s strange the times, the suddenness, so many complained for years, we will never be able to change things, their frustrations taken out on anyone who upsets. Where does the rage find roots, the eternal challenge, men and wars, women and their children, the effort to remove the loving spirit from the hearts of men. Jesus told his early apostles, the pain of every crime, a jolt in the heart that loves. Do we ever take those divine words seriously.

The prophet was told, many years ago, and parables were told long ago, that there is a time when the words of holy scripture will be made clear and understandable, the meaning of life, not the plans we make for ourselves. So while this group is devout, while that group reacts, while demons mix among the hurt, raising the inner temperature, take note, the words of Jesus, Men and Women, are two sides of the same story, there is no difference between them, it’s just the severity of regulations, not of God but of man, that creates the great divide amen.

How there are those who try to harm the spirit of others. Through schemes made up to deceive, often approved by people of goodwill, who allow themselves to be deceived, while supposing to serve the common good. This error, is the closed minds at work, who in their ways, never acted out the parable of the good Samaritan in their lives, amen. In times of divine intervention, who would even dare try to harm the Heavenly Spirit, that some try vigorously to defend, against the tide of hate, that has been trying to take over Heaven itself, amen.

Vanity and the Demon

How often does it go on. The growing number of narcissists across the world, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. The confusion that is caused to garner support for extreme white minded thinking, even the fear that’s caused, to create a feeling of insecurity. The union official is causing trouble, he is given a support job in Government that is supposed to help him, with his so called principles, years later the results clear, the world on the brink. Does the promise of a pension seal the ear, at least i’m looked after. The reality of divine power,showing across the world, backed up, by reference to early prophecies, and proof that the gospels of Jesus, can be shown to be true, should be enough to remind all, to adjust their ways, while the reality continues to play out.

Photo by Amir Rajabi on Pexels.com

The way we see the world, has to change, and it’s proper, we remind ourselves, of the 11th hour promise of Jesus, it’s like the circle of life, your never too late to join, apply the teachings of Jesus and read the warning of the prophets,amen.

wrinkled faces

The heavy expressions on faces, think lines across the face, heavy thoughts, the impression disappointment and worries put on a face, then the smile and young look of those who encounter one with an upper reputation, who shines at times, the worries,what worries, don’t you know Heaven exists, why worry, just practice until your faith in God comes to maturity, amen. The old folks, the shoulders down, the footsteps weary, the evening,food and and TV show, no Cinderella moments, just a good night sleep, no shouting outside, wishes that the young ones would consider, but she is forgiven, they are young, who can deal with the truth these days anyway, and those who intentionally wind up people in the holy name, they ought to read Isaiah the next time they read a travel brochure, the old lady, well, she just watches the news; the thrill some get watching the misery of others; they did the exact same in the coliseum, with no consequences, they thought, how were those souls now, wrinkled in other places, knowing the changes going on, well, have the signs been sent, has there been efforts to lift it, the Higher Spirit, amen.

Treasure Box

emotional damage

dreams, the goals of millions,thrashed by corruption, the choices sickening,join in or your next into the coliseum, the clever spies, the spirit they interfere with, the ways of God they have no time for,bought,sold, their gains stashed off shore, does it need to be said,the meter of emotional damages arrives at the Holy Door,the howling wind,the storm,the strange events, God loves his creation much more than anyone living, why those corrupt men,they never thought the day would arrive,when signs from the heavens could clearly be seen, to investigate, those, who do emotional harm. Why, well, that’s for your head to wonder on, amen.

I don’t need God, your breath fails you, your heat beat changes, your fear internalizes, and whom do you ask for help, the number of times, who can keep count.

The child loses the smile, is not cheerful, has become snide, has seen his dreams disappear, and we wonder why horrors occur; those who harm the spirit do so much harm, and while the lawyer might give you advice,he or she can never forgive you, that harm.

Solomon watched the dreams pass his eyes, the hope, there was real hope in many eyes, and small children were more alert, all knowing it seems, as written in olden times. And we need to provide space, for those lights.

Solomon heard the rantings of a so called preacher type, you can’t impress the Almighty God, little did the man know, was he trying to be the wedge between man and God this man, farming them for his own good, probably, amen.


Man using fear to control the environment, hardly welcoming, but these are the rules the penitent says, stuff he read in a manual, do you encourage the loving spirit, do your children witness intimidation at home, is living severe, the welcome, Jesus was sought out, invited to enter the life, and now that we know, that Jesus and his teaching brings peace, should we not try to imitate that feeling.

Solomon sighed, there was a lot of depression among some women who lived under the threat of religion, and were treated like the chattels of men, possessions in other words. Solomon wondered if those who read about the life of Jesus and what he taught had really listened hard to his words. Even the book of revelations had words of great meaning. There are those who lives make them worthy, there are those who will ill treat others, there are those who will continue being evil minded, in a nutshell,there are many types of humans, and not all want to believe. Remain in your best towards the Almighty God, for he judges everyone by the same standard, and as for those who oppress you,remember, they will be judged accordingly, don’t worry, fear only God,amen.

Recall the words of warning Jesus gives to all in positions of authority, their added responsibilities towards those they shepherd, it wasn’t written to discourage anyone from being ambitious; just be just in how you deal with those under you,there are consequences, in a nutshell,don’t dare drown the Spirit,it’s Holy Ground, amen.

The Journey

He sits in the back of the sanctuary, listens, hoping to hear, some telling words. The preacher is old, and has been doing it this way for years, the ritual, the reading, the blessings, words, but our visitor seeks to be inspired, isn’t that what preaching is, lifting us to new heights, leading us to new insights. How did they do it in olden times, he decides to find out, he needs more, then he sighs to himself, is this the Almighty God challenging him; so you need the light inside, then search for it, your not a child anymore.

later that evening, he picks up his old holy book. There has to be words on how early believers did it, worship together. Did they listen to one man speak, watch the time, then disappear, their duty done, there has to be more, God is not a cloak you wear and then discard when you feel like it, it’s supposed to be lasting.

Finally, he reaches the spot, where an early prophet is explaining his contact with the angel Ariel, and the insights given. Ezekiel, he reads the bit. The prophet is anxious, the news from the angel, says that God Most High will bring the world back to His ways, and will not change his ways, Mercy thinks the pilgrim, who is searching for wisdom. There is so much in here, the books, who has the time to read them all.

Interesting, I never had that explained before. He is reading how the prophet prayed for his people, seeking mercy and blessings for his people. Then he reads, that the ancient prophets prayed for the souls of the dead, why he wonders, then thinks, yes, the God of Jesus, is the God of the living, and those who believe in Him, never die. As for the prophets praying for those who had gone on ahead, what did it mean in reality. He tries to figure it out. So our conduct on this earth, can help the journey of the souls that have passed on, eureka, the Spirit of God is living. If only those who sat in the pews realized this; their behavior today matters immensely to all our loved ones gone ahead, wow, he wished he’d heard it sooner, part of the journey, it’s continuous, amen.

Teaching children; why do they focus on prohibitions and rules, when they could be telling the story of the Good Samaritan, Solomon sighs. They are supposed to inspire the flock, not control them, amen, darn politics, little wonder the Spirit has had to fly at times, where in the world can it find rest, eureka, wasn’t that what Jesus said, he smiles, amen.