The Womb

On the run, space, they are on high pursuit, she is tiring, ducks into a shed, holds her breath, no fear, no fear, they can smell that, the hounds pass by, she waits, waits, the space she found, in the womb, Overnight, I’ll over night. The morning, peace calm, she is relaxing, has not had that feeling in ages, a weight off her back, she decides to wait longer, the peace. The day follows into night, more peace, no one seeking from her, finally, finally, I have time to think.

He is in his office, his warden of horror at his side, where is she he demands. He has sold his soul, it seemed like a good idea, he inherited an army of undesirables. The only way he can survive is too keep them busy, pursuing the angels, the divine sentinels. A button is pressed, in walks a clique version of a look alike diva of another age.

In a harsh voice that is belying her looks,

“no signal, no signal, we can’t access her Sir!”

In the womb she is at peace, no harm can touch her, Christ Jesus, thank you, amen. She looks about for a distraction, she is regaining her strength, the mental abilities she needs to defend herself and others, from the thought police, those that insert into heads all sorts of vile thoughts, based on an algorithm, devised by a deranged drug riddled genius of old who is now quarter dead.

This is a sanctuary she says.

Back in the office, his head steaming, the thoughts waiting to plunge into a life, those in his head, he summons the slave.

Well, any signal yet

In other places, the walls are falling. While she is free they have no protection from the One above. It’s now a permanent condition.

Is the space ship ready he asks!

Solomon sighed. The struggle, the thought might have been ironic, but on this day, when the effort was made to eliminate the earth of it’s Jewishness, a day that is down in history, the worst of efforts to machine the human to death, and the dependency now on the machine, who’d believe the savior would come and deliver God’s people, amen.


Saint Francis and the Sultan

Eight centuries ago, St. Francis of Assisi took a risk when he crossed the battlefield between Crusader and Muslim forces near Damietta, Egypt, desiring to meet Sultan al-Malik al-Kamil and preach his faith in Jesus Christ.

At the time – 1219 – Christian forces were in the midst of the Fifth Crusade, which was eventually repelled by the sultan’s superior army near the town that was a centre of trade and commerce on the Nile River where it flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

The future saint readily put his life on the line so he could witness his faith to the famed Muslim sultan, and in doing so both men came away with a new respect for the faith of the other

800 years ago, or thereabouts, the celestine report, the appeal by the then Pope to all the people of the world, all of them, acknowledge the world belongs to The Almighty, never forget it.

Solomon smiled, the convergence of the divine truth. Through the words of Jesus put to life, by living them, revelations come into the world, with revelations in the Talmud and the Koran, leading to the light of “Jesus Christ”, the savior of the world. The title, Jesus Christ, is shared by all the main faiths, while the truth of the gospels has been shown to be true in these times, played out live, with no doubts whatsoever, making the words of Jesus, the living word of the Almighty, how great it is when we reach out, amen.

Sexual Identity

rights, this is me, the clock bounces forward, the time for the divine evaluation arrives, compulsory, it’s how you leave the body for the next destination. The form does not have any sexual identity question, some are confused. A button is pressed, eventually an angel arrives, the voice asks, you forgot to put in the sexual identity question I’m before she has time to finish the sentence she is cut off. The angel tells her, it’s not that kind of place, your identity is how you treat others, amen.

The Strings of Faith

Where does it come from, how does it arrive, is there a code I can use, what makes it that way, why is faith faith, why do we call it that, can you catch it easily, what work is involved, how many strings do I need to make a sound, why did the pickers pick, what was the other strings doing, paying the rent somewhere. Where who why when, how do you catch it.

The memory, where to start, the motives of people, their choice, the higher goals, their choice, what about faith, do they make plans for it, the unexpected. A man turns his life around, goes from doing harm to doing good, brings about the forgiveness of many ill deeds, the simple step, the turn around. We all have the moment, the paper and the preacher who turned from crime to giving, the story of the friend he recalled, trouble no, the journey of deeds, her deeds, how they awakened the soul of many, and the long trail of hope that was laid.

The 19th friend, the example to others, the amount of times, thinking of others, the downfall of herself, but not the downfall of the soul, those times, the efforts to be kind and non judgmental was an inspiration at times as much as it was perplexing, trouble, it was like water on the dry soil, you ignored it, and tried to block others doing harm, what a lesson you left, thinking of others, yes we all need an outstretched arm, that’s the feeling of support, how you are recalled, my 19th friend.

Solomon recalled the old lady who gave the two bits, a widow in biblical times, Solomon assumed aged too, to think that her effort is recalled, no deed forgotten, how it reminds us to give, amen.


The sight of the first snowflake, the child in her, smiles, the last time one landed in the palm, a awhile ago. The story of snow, how it covers the landscape, takes us to a different world, the new times, this is now the past, how long will it last, that peace filled feeling, not worried about the practical, leave it to others, the snow, the shepherd comes down from the mountain, the change in living arrangements, everyone puts on a new garment, there is that time in the heart, the last time, old loves, the friends, family, that’s the feeling, the fire is lit, the warmth in the house, the listeners, the start of that time, amen.

The signs pointed to changes, the reality of the Gospel, what a revelation, at the time it was most needed, amen.

The New Field

There was talk, the women huddle, the expression on their faces, he is at it again, the stress on their faces, was it a warning, the prophet asks, the peace at this time of year and all year round too, freedom from fear at home, it was a never ending request, why did some of us have to put up with it, when would it end, this anger, the rage, where does it come from they ask. Solomon sighs, they are talking about it, that’s news, that’s help, the voices listen to the anxious, it’s that time, and the witness to the gospels are right, it’s real, there is help, be calm the voices say.

Solomon was trying to explain the new meaning, or the “re understanding” of the old words, not in their meaning, but in their application. The argument, was an old one, what was it we had to do, to gain the approval from on high, or steps leading to that way of thinking. It was a fair question, how would you put it, it began with the spirit. It’s like the parable told of the pharisee’s, and their application of the rules, the double speak, that left you confused, on account of their private ways, it was not that we get it wrong, it’s that we continue to mislead, and that applies to the home feeling, the wellness of home, it’s where it all begins, home.

They wondered, how big is home, in short, the new pharisee was themselves, and how they lived their faith, was their actions, in short, time for the new field to show some green, amen.


it’s our time, the children think, our time, another voice, our world, what do we want in it. The freedom from violence, no one taking advantage of us emotionally, the baby looks over, and says, no adults trying to take control of our minds, that’s so blinding says another. The angel in the company, a newly arrived soul listens, the crevices that need to be guarded against, too much of this mind stuff, that’s a complete no no, such schemers, not always friendly, the role they play, trouble.

Really, the actions that lead to happiness, the class of offenders against the Spirit, are being given a lesson in amending, the tasks are set out on a board, some of it fairly obvious, the other stuff, the place where you don’t want to go. Hospital visits, what’s that got to do with offending asks a notorious offender. Those that became sick because of your dealings.

They all get the point, the intentional harm they caused, it’s not a subject they want to sink into, really. if only we knew in advance?

The children walk the street free of those attempting to preoccupy them in short term release from issues, using the vices to wipe the mind, temporary that’s all, it’s not that filling, really.

Can one person make the difference, the name that attracts, and reminds, Jesus, amen.

Human Rights and the Alternatives

Great name for a band, the rites and the alternatives, is that copyright she asks looking over her shoulder, her friend at the blog machine, sounds groovy, who could forget a name like that, so popular. Young, enthused, hormonal, going natures way, thinking the way the female bird thinks when trying to select a mate, the dance he has to put on, the number of changes, those colors, that feathery dance, while she swoons at all the attention, not even having to put on a new dress, she the prize, in the children, the new life she will carry, amen.

Now, the proof of Jesus and the Gospels is beyond all doubts, there are none. This is not a question, it’s the reality, and those beautiful flowers, those clean fresh waters, that healthy air, those clean fields, the condition of the car before it came out of the showroom is on, you thought you owned it, but it’s only on lease,, so you have to return it, and you are worried about the excess charges, you even take a picture of the car when you get a foreign rental for fear of being charged a few extra in cash, in order not to be ripped off, imagine, then response, when you try to bluff your way past security at the gate, think about it, so human rights and the alternatives, is it all about your personal freedom, as the song book screams, so sexy too, lets join in, they will share with you, but the yacht is off limits except for, well, the guff and the gaff is fine, but the personal is fine too, but you live in a community of others, and at no time in history has it been made so clear, amen.

Who would plot against the Holy reality, amen? Luciani smiles, someone is thinking of me.

So human rights, and the alternatives, can you ignore the One who made the entire possible?

Where Do I begin…

The autopsy, all that ash, I want everyone identified, fifty million cold cases, that’s the crime of all time, time to begin. The Mission, well, where. what, stop, well, the growth in extremism, what have we been doing, seduced by sweet argument.

Mass Graves, the thought of having to account for it all, and at a time, when prophetic signs are clearly appearing, a thought, the journey to the Eternal way, laden with good intentions, where do I begin. The wars suddenly all stop, the focus on the one, the internal truth, who are you, amen.

A huge mass of souls, dragging their lives after them, all of it, Solomon smiles, where is the baggage handler?.

A New Clear Vision of The World

A mixture of words, not the doom so many think of, a planet on the way to recovery, the unity of the hearts, a new level of understanding, understanding the past, not interpreting it as a valley of hurts, but a lesson, in how to redevelop our relationship with creation, while understanding, why our differences make us stronger, even if some wish for a sense of sameness.

The view of the world, using the lens of Jesus Christ, to awaken our understanding, the compassion, that is so vivid in His teachings, that so many are aware of, but need more time to practice, not the eye for an eye teaching, that creates angst and fails to recognize, the uniqueness of our characters, and leads to destruction.

Islam and the increasing awareness of the feminine Spirit, so long depressed in many places, the role of men, as guardians, not as overlords, of those they live with, and the need to realize, that with new invention, there comes a new way of looking at the world around us, the value of culture, as a means of communication and art, not one or the other, and the practices that came into being, on account of the savagery of the human race, as seen in past conflicts, and the meaning of the second great war, and the human tragedies, that some carry as a cross, rather than as a change in direction of human understanding.

How to view this new clear vision of this dynamic world, is also an awareness of the past, and the misinterpretation of God’s way, as in, failing to recognize our differences, as source elements, in our own understanding of ourselves.

The benefits of this new vision is a world filled with peace, where the strict interpretation of the rules, as set down in many teachings, frees the soul from the weight of expectation, that is in conflict with the physical, as explained, by the earth itself, and the great suffering it has had to endure, in short, regaining the confidence of the Almighty God Most High in creation, and those who are custodians, all of us, amen.

The loss of confidence in the human way, has led many into the clutches of dark thoughts, that spreads like a bad dose of the flu, if left to itself, it only covers the earth. The second understanding of the teachings of Jesus, is also, the prophecy come through, that brings into the conscience, along with divine signs of approval from on high, that tell those in positions of authority, and influence, that failure to adhere to the teachings of Jesus, bring about great troubles, to those who ignore such truth.

The ways of the Most High God are hidden from men, so in order to put yourself right, in terms of the Holy Possession, the teachings of Jesus, not only bring us closer to the Almighty, but help those who came before and after, to find new ways of understanding each other.

To begin, start looking up for your influence, by that, meaning, be driven by the Heart first, while understanding, that the lower flow, is the means of our succession, amen. A man or woman, the coupling is a matter for interpretation, but the coming together of two souls in unison, brings about the creation of the Field of Thought, that is a wave of new growth, that is life enhancing for all who encounter it, and not the ghetto mentality many feel forced to live with, amen.

Solomon prayed, the anxiety of the world needed calming, the Spirit itself was being torn and tossed about like a ship at sea, the crew hanging on, where to next, what drama’s do we allow to overtake us, or what new drama will arise next week, as time has shown to be the case, in short, how can the Spirit survive in such circumstances, where is the safe harbor, when there are those that sell short term solutions, like politicians eager to continue their works to the completion, but compelled by the rules to abandon the middle and short term, for their survival in the field, in short, too much fertilizer makes the field less productive and confuses.

Solomon continued in his thinking, by the word, with the assistance of the word, we make things better, while containing the evil threat, amen. If revelation through a deeper understanding of Jesus, has brought about the revelation of new meaning of the Islamic code, which in itself, is a way to God, i.e., the container is well strong, and the water needs to be sweetened, while confidence is showing, in that a sense of equality is developing in those parts, while the threat of the extreme is being held in, to allow the new understanding to develop. In the same way, those of the “Christian way”, now have no doubts, that to affect themselves more to the ways of the light, a practice of the truth thereby professed, also needs practice and understanding, while in the Jewish community, the reality, that Jesus, God in the Spirit of Man, is not in doubt, and more importantly, has been shown to be true in these times. Does Jesus and his reminders need to be made clearer, amen.

Back to the title, a new clear vision of the world, and not one that is lost in a failure to understand the words, amen, words that have been used by extreme thinkers, to distance the true believers, from the Almighty legacy, amen, or just the translations, that are misinterpreted, accidental in other words, amen.