Jesus, Today, following, the outcome…

He stops, in the past it would have caused upset, he does nothing, lets it pass, we are different now, the couple have overcome the individual, they are in a relationship, in short, sharing, not being first either, not me, or you, it’s a new relationship. The old person is now part of the new relationship, and since the Gospels of Jesus, have been proved true and reliable, and because all holy verse is based on what went on before, the teaching of Jesus, can’t be ignored, no matter how you worship, it’s a case of, do you practice it, amen.

How do you interpret scripture in the context of Jesus, and his teachings. How do you interpret Jesus, when he plays such a role in all who believe, how can you ignore it, and say you trust in the Most High God, it’s impossible.

Solomon listened to the voices, our way, the right way, this is how it is, the voices of the disciples when they came in from a day’s preaching; they encounter Jesus, and tell Him what they encountered; there was a man who was preaching but he was not one of ours they say to Jesus; Jesus replies, if he is leading others towards a greater understanding of God Most High, you must welcome him, he is not a threat but a helper, amen.

So what happens when all agree in the wonders of the Most High God, what is the outcome?

The Perfect Mother

Seventy years, seventy years, the lady passes up, the memories too many of them, her service record, one few could imagine, or could they, the love of the mother, her vocation, one that so many go through, many without plaudits, but then again, how many of them do it, in full public view all their lives. Solomon sighed, the papers, full of the testimony, seventy years of service to her People, Elizabeth, apart from the public version of the woman, mother, queen, there is also the family side, and all the woes families get through in a life, as do nations. The leftist of the eighties, now the conservative of the 2020’s, positions change, our opinions develop, our reasoning develops, our thoughts, expand, the lessons learned, were we too hard on them, were they right all along, how the seemingly perfect life, is never perfect. The same struggles, the same anxieties, the parlor might be larger, but the humanity remains, life is a vocation, and mothers know this too well.

Solomon wondered at the thoughts that many are filled with, the great events, that remind them, of the duty towards others, that some produce daily, on a very public basis, and how that duty, expands into the words of Jesus, and the parables he told, explaining how the inner spirit, the Spirit from on high, could do the unimaginable, all you needed, was faith, and no one does it better, than the true loving mother, who like all mothers, puts her charges first. In short, Jesus in the heart, lays the path for eternal peace, amen.

There is Elizabeth, the years have passed, wars and famines, great tribulations, changes few could imagine, the grandchildren, the future, one of intense importance, the baton of Spirit, will pass on, and as a mother, she worries too, did I leave them with good example, amen. And the passing thought; how do we do more to respect all, amen.

My Roots

The prisoner sits on the bed, head down, the preacher in attendance, the hour of execution near, the man weeps, the preacher listens, waits, what words can he use, he thinks to himself, the weeping continues, the whimper of a child, perhaps a child hiding in a corner, about to face punishment, the child though, does not understand, just waits. The weeping eases, the preacher asks, anyone you want to pass on last wishes to, family friends or others, roots maybe.

Roots, how do you have roots if you have never filled out, if life is cut short, the vitals missing, nice thoughts for a professional therapist, but on the verge of execution, who worries about the roots. The prisoner says nothing, fate has been accomplished, the teachers said he’d reach a bad end.

Solomon sighs, the age expectation cut short from the start, the snide remarks so many have to put up with, the down looks, you deserve to be down there, what do you expect, considering where you come from, all the jibes, never given the notion of great expectation, like an annoying sound in the ear, will it ever go away. Solomon wondered at the mind set some have, how it’s constructed, and how it’s a weight on the shoulders, having to justify oneself, then thought of Jesus, the everyday test, the everyday tricks, trying to catch him up. No one is immune from the human psyche, and the thoughts stored in there, even the Great One had to put up with it. Solomon was building a bridge of understanding, well, trying to explain how we come to hold differing opinions, where do they come from. It’s in the Holy Books, the descendants of Jesus, all written out, to explain the spiritual journey, the passing down of the faith, so by the time of Jesus, there was a solid foundation of faith on which there was building ground.

The prisoner, on his feet, about to take his final steps in the flesh, the pastor behind him, two wardens in front and behind, the prison governor leading the parade, the mood solemn, a flotilla of news people waiting, a mob outside chanting, is he dead yet, a total circus, while the family of the prisoner pray for a miracle, a last minute reprieve, hoping. My roots my roots he thinks, while he shuffles along, feet in chains, as if he could escape, dear Lord he says, you dealt me a strange hand, from the start.

The phone rings, the procession stops, it’s the presidents office. Trust in God, amen.

Following Jesus

The steps, what do we do, how do we follow Jesus. The bus stops, the man gets on board, the trip, he is going to follow Jesus. The tour begins, how is the state of your heart, the voice over the P.A. announces, the man looks around, notices, he is the only one on the bus, so it’s me your talking to. The heart, he thinks of his heart felt deeds, how he thinks of his neighbors, his judging of others, does he, then the ache, do others judge him similarly. The heart passes the test, anxiety eases as he continues on the trip. Following Jesus, how do we get it, do we set up a score card and count our shots, is it that simple, are we too late. The voice over again, do you let scorn and anxiety take you over, does it consume you, the thoughts you have of others, is this your focus point. The man on the bus shakes his head, what’s the meaning of this, I just want to follow Jesus.

No thoughts, the man is speechless, he thinks while the fields pass by, waves to the occasional cow, he is thinking, reflecting, wondering, self examining, the bus driver smiles, at least he is listening. The man can’t think, it’s as if an alien entity has taken over his mind, well, that is the feeling, your life invaded, those thoughts, all self needs, all self desire, all self will, all consuming, it is hard to think of anything else. The bigger this the better that, wish i had this, that too, more, prefer that, looks great, what, the drift from the thoughts of Jesus, how self absorbed we become, sometimes a need but not a way to live a life, unless, well, there are exceptions.

The bus driver getting no response to the prompts, stops the bus at a shop. The man decides to leave the bus, and go on foot, in his dream to follow Jesus. The lesson, a simple one, the seeds and what we water them with, what is it that we want to follow, the image of the man, or the meaning of the teaching, in short, you follow Jesus in your deeds, it’s the action, amen.

Solomon smiled; the gospel of Jesus Christ shown to be true, what does that mean for mankind?

A bed for the night

My head, space, freedom at last, sleep, rescue from the night, a secure place to rest, the stress, how can I explain myself, the inside burns, my limbs ache, and I need to see a friendly face, one whom i can trust, everywhere there are doubts, the niggling anxieties even when it seems right, the stories, some made up, but they frighten people, is it true or not, can I afford to take the chance, will someone, just give me a bed for the night. Solomon sighed, the peace of sleep, the freedom spot, the cares of the world dissolve, the body recovers, daily light,I can face the world. How dark thoughts can control the world.

Solomon was praying peace for the tortured soul, the part of you that tries to remain united to God, the space there is always security, where no doubts exist. The thump at the door, the sudden alert, the anxiety returns; there are masters of anarchy who know how to press the buttons, Solomon was reminding the eternal One, the children need help, cut those of the extreme off from any harm they can do, they fill the world with doubts, while the anxious are shaking their heads, asking, where do we find peace. Peace sighed Solomon; look up at the Sky, see the changes, in God you trust, with God you rest, amen.

Her head on the pillow, she breathes in breathes out, harmony in the heart, no fears, true rest.

My Community

Healthy the hope, not taking advantage of people hopefully, setting down the seeds that are life giving, not thinking of exploitation, not trying to harm, not encouraging addictions, not hoping to take advantage of the vulnerable, some of the ways to help the community. Solomon heard the sighs of those seeking social justice; now they demanded, end the harm now, we want peace now, the community is under attack, the influences that need stopping, can’t anyone help, the continual prayer, Solomon sighed; The Higher Spirit was spreading, reaching out, changes were coming, the righteous were having victories, evil was being suppressed and ended, the heavens were speaking, stay firm in your Faith in God Most High, all credit to the one who passes out the talents, for without newness what is there, amen.

extremism was trying to anchor itself to normal daily issues, on top of a people, weighed down with the worries of the day, and the influences from outside, that were difficult to deal with, the anxieties that were adding up daily, some panic, what do we do they ask?.

Jesus is the living word, the gospels are true, hold your faith, it will all be okay. The man in the boat, the storm is about to overcome them, the sea calms, the weather eases, what power can do this they asked. Jesus said to them, have you any faith?.

My community, under threat, our minds under stress, our thoughts fear filled, the prayer constant, Jesus sighs, look up, this life is just a stage in the process, Heaven is real, stay the course, it will always work out, amen.


Mind thoughts, the phone, the spying, the habits, the taunt, extremism, there are many forms to it, and as souls seek comfort, there are many who are extreme waiting to take advantage, it’s the numbers, the online voice, the more hits the greater the reward, the more extreme their thoughts, the better they feel, but how will such thinkers fare, when it comes to divine intervention, what do their thoughts gain for them; the Ire of God for one thing, harm to the lost, anxiety for the young, disruption of society, their goal.

Solomon sighed, the victory of Jesus came with major benefits, and it’s written, the old books bare this out. so no matter how extreme it may appear, stop, don’t allow your time to be stolen, there are many just causes out there, remain focused, the Spirit from on high, is spreading everywhere, and nothing of man can oppose it, amen. How to make good on your eternal promises, how do you improve your community, do you appease or do you talk up, can you put on one face, that says all the right things, or do you privately enjoy the harm your life creates for others, does anyone understand the consequences.

The gospels are proved true, the words of Jesus, life giving, time to readjust the heart, time to start sowing all that is good seed amen.

Turn the other cheek

In old times, the people of the day, found it hard to understand the deeper meaning of the words used by Jesus, particularly when it came to peace, and how to stop the violence that war ultimately brings. What happens when you stop fighting back, and allow the person hitting you, or harming you, to continue with it, against a defenseless soul. The peace that is needed today, needs to find a safe harbor. Inside, the peace begins, and when we allow this peace to become part of us, we shame the enemy who is attacking us, particularly when the world is watching. What sort of war is this, if only one side is fighting. past writers have tried to explain it, those words, turn the other cheek. Peace protesters who are sitting in protest, and removed, who offer no defense, are seen as beacons of hope, even if they appear to suffer, their effort, our reminder of the need for peace. Gandhi did it successfully in India, and others across the world offered the same. Regardless of the times we live in, we need to give children, the example of peace and peace making.

Solomon sighed, the world was in a state of change, hope was needed, and the signs said, that whatever the time of day, we needed to follow the principles of Jesus, the true principles, forgive, offer an ear, patience, and give all thanks, and offer all thanks, to the One who made the world for us, even if as custodians we have a lot of work to do, to improve on the past. Revenge only leads to more violence. And as everyone knows, there are enough extremists out there, encouraging all that is bad, amen.

Closed Loop Thinking

The voice is not heard, why are you praying. The jailer is trying to be kind. The voice though, has repeated again and again, and like a bird, it escapes on the wings of a dove, and reaches the gates of heaven, Where is this coming from, who is the voice, the rhythm is so sweet, has a note of grace. Solomon sighed, never give up, the Almighty knows everything, and as the old prophets wrote; it’s important to remind all of their divine hopes, in the hope they turn their lives around, so it’s written in various forms, amen.

Your never alone, amen.

Through the lens of Jesus

A microscope, the scientist admires the creation, the geometry perfect, only seen under the magnifying eye, the perfection, unseen to the naked eye, reveals a much wider dimension, same as the world, as seen through the lens of Jesus. Man made rules, that stifle, promises made that remind, there are few to trust in, the opportunity for mind thieves, to steal from all the broken hearts, their zeal undiminished, waiting for the time, and the return, when a new light will shine upon the world.

Treasure Box

The revelations, point to old times, reminding us, there is a Spirit on High, behind all of this we call life, and the signs sent, a heady reminder, of the choices made, the inner conscience essentially. How does the average believer feel, when the Gospels of Jesus are shown to be real in truth and wisdom, and since all the words of eternal life, the words of Jesus, being living words, you have to act them out daily, or apportion time accordingly, to the needs of others, not just yourself or your family, for it’s in the reaching out, the Spirit is passed out, no wonder the words, The son of man has no resting place, the Spirit is active, and lives not in hate, but in love and space, where it is welcome. How welcoming is your heart then?.

Why words, why poetry, we need inner space, away from the ways of the world, that has a material edge, that can be so blinding; did you see my car, the looks, the envy, the pride, it sounds simple, too simple in fact, but you need time away from the normal worries, amen, so He says, the words eternal, the burden I give is light, it won’t weigh you down, but lifts you up, amen.

Solomon sighed, talk of wars, the angst, fear, lives lost, homes destroyed, a pointer to the times, the sadness of it all, if only they saw through the eyes of Jesus, and believed it, amen. All through His walk on earth, persecution, His death, shameful, and then the signs thereafter, and the joy of the early apostles, He is alive, and so are His words, 2,000 years later, amen.

She reads the words, her heart at ease, the pain in the joints disappear, the daily anxiety lifted, as she thinks of the time, when she was really loved, and not this world, where talk of war and worse in on so many minds, peace for a few moments, lets hope it lasts, amen.