The Tip

Kindness in the right places is never forgotten, the parable of the widow in the temple, the effort, she is the lady, the mother who struggles, they give and give, Jesus reminds us, the words written for eternal purposes.

In the story, there is no need to remember by rota, word for word, it’s the meaning that remains, that inspires the action, not the fear of forgetting them, which can create a fear, perhaps it’s why those who have different skill sets, find it difficult in, the, we are all the same routine in our learning, and as time has shown, we need to widen our approach, in order to understand, the caring we need to continue with, as time and mother nature needs continuing support, the small habits, that need the daily practice, the meeting with those we ease our thoughts with, depending on your position, in short talk, the bird that flies at the heights, needs more time of the wing issue, in short talk, maintenance is very important, than those lower down, the eagle preens most of the time…

The mind too, needs to relax, thoughts fly, all too often, we substitute, it’s a short term game, which many have to deal with, your young, you learn, the tips that you accumulated are more important, when you have the mind to deal and understand them later, it’s the issue of Jesus, when he talks to his apostles, the milk before the fiber, a good breakfast too, why the body needs less of the first as it grows older, amen.

In the healthy practice of comedy, the issue of laughter raises it’s head, she is tired going to bed, the mind is weary, some want to watch the dark stuff, the others want to watch a story or movie, that makes them tired laughing, the angst or the weight of the day, forgotten, in sleep, like wine, our thoughts can mature, make the thoughts good ones before you sleep, it’s the value of prayer. Conversations with the Almighty made clearer. Don’t, for those with anxiety over “formal religion”, ( many easily put off) is a cue that many pass on to others, Jesus however, reminds us, not be be affected by the people telling the story to you, but to read for yourself, the life giving words, (listen) and reminds those who put off people, the spiritual leaders of those days, not to confuse the children, by adding to the words, same as the warnings of John in the Gospel revelations. It’s not to alarm you, that a test is on the way, its to advise you, that the day will come, and it’s in the daily living, that you show your form, on the track, for some, in your vocations, life itself being one. Read…

Don’t forget to be good to yourself, the vessel has to be maintained as they say, amen.

Solomon sighed, the living words of Jesus in practice, are truly living words, it’s the practice of them. In the temple, you are telling others your looking for salvation too, not looking for business, amen.

Junior goes to sleep, hears a kind bedtime story, no one is hiding in the dark, there is lightness in the heart, no frightening thoughts, the sleep is easy thereafter, the lids come down slowly, the sigh, then sweet sleepy thoughts. For those in difficulties, education, a good light, there is time to practice the good habits, wake up!.



The emotion, each drop of water, each spray, a thought escaping somewhere. The Lord of the Sea, counts the droplets each day, waiting for a number, has anyone on the planet been able to do the same, no one but the Almighty can do that, stuff we see and hear each day, it begins with a thought, I will or I wont or I wish, or I am like this, because, because because of some thoughts. How to change the thoughts?.

The first thought, the addition of more, then the cross examination of other thoughts, thoughts imposed on you, from the library of experience, daily reminders, so long as the thoughts make you a good consumer, it appears to be okay, if your thoughts get you to question what is going on, your a threat to the thoughts of others, and so on. Are you afraid to stand out form the crowd, he is on the wave, catches it, then slides all the way to the beach, the various droplets, built up, the coves where they are kept, free from interference.

The wave of your life, a well known person you admire is on the band stand, a lover or a friend, the welcome wave, your safe in the company and indeed glad of the welcome, no one trying to bludgeon you with rules, that’s not the wave you are seeking, more a wave, that dispels all doubt about your well being, amen.

The boy watches a horror movie on Friday night, spends the month frightened. We are all prone to influence. The words of the Gospel, made real, is it joy or worry we feel, amen.

Transgender in Love

How would Jesus explain the concept, this new word, to explain the growth of human relations, as if, why do people turn this way, why is there an issue with identity, where does all this so called confusion come from, is it something else, a way to describe our sensibilities, look,

“I was born this way, the world has changed, we don’t have to walk everywhere, we catch planes, and when we communicate, our thoughts can cross the entire world..”

Transgender in Heart, whatever the size of it, it’s the output that matters. We all have favorite flowers, well some people do, others are just glad to be given them, whatever the type, transgender in heart. The movement seeks a voice, there is a cross over of interests, here the ground gets rather shaky, whom are you forging alliances with, the first question you need to ask, what interests are you developing, does the experience help you inside, the acceptance of other types of flowers, how many varieties anyway, so many you can’t count them, new ones appear every now and then, while the children born into the world, well, like those flowers, they all have a place.

The transgender heart, bears good will to all other hearts, its not trying to get others to deny themselves, they just want the feeling of acceptance to become standard, amen. In the gospels, Jesus was seen, is seen, among women, and in the meetings, some of the most vital lessons are told, through them, Mary and Martha, one of them tends to him, as he teaches the eternal ways, (how to hear it live), the apostle paying attention to what the master says, His words, having the divine connection, deemed more vital than the complaints, I’m doing all the manual labor why does she not help me, Jesus replies in short, what she is listening to or the one she is helping, will lead you towards the eternal life, what can be more vital, amen.

In short, transgender in love, it’s the output of the heart and how you are towards others, rather than the sweeping statements, it’s all fine now, as some say, giving approval, for what?, amen.

Their habits are this, they work this way, they have this way, those over there have their way, they don’t get on with the others, there is conflict, the protests etc..the new developing soul, can’t identify with this, disenchantment, they want to get on with both sides, but neither side is happy, they become transgender instead, open to the ideas of others. In short says the prophet, the confusion grows, divides, until proof 100% comes from on high, whence the inner change of all begins, as if you say..feed our hearts please!

“It’s true, the Gospel of Jesus, read it, amen!”

Going Out

The experience, told in stories and in humor, the Indian chief to his son, take your time, it’s all yours anyway, the story of life, what you put in. The bird is in great form, the advent of spring, the cheerful sounds, the songs on his list, he hopes they will hear them, the lady birds, he practices, the mating time begins, that interest represented in nature. The hold on your existence, the fate of mother nature, what happens when she weeps, can’t do much, her news reaches the birds. then seasons begin to change, as if, she is losing her vigor, stop, what if. Put the thought into how you appreciate nature. Anyway, Mr Bird is singing his songs, the tress are putting on baby leaves, flowers tell the time of year, a time for everything as the old words tell us, the time is near, then he hears the response, a calling song that is in tune with his, lights are up, the stage is open, he prepares himself, washes regularly, it’s not a case of calling a taxi and seeing who will come along, he is not dosed on chemicals, only those in nature, amen.

She goes out dressed to allure, he goes out with his needs to be fulfilled, it’s off balance. Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Bird to be, are nest builders, preparing for what will happen, the foundations.

We help the situation when we see how it’s done in nature, in terms of preparation, it’s all prepared, as if to say, this is God’s way of showing us, that it’s been set up for you, follow the instructions in the manual, and when in doubt, re read the manual.

Write Me Free

The meaning of the phrase, to be free, men are from mars women are from Venus, such a colossal difference between them, the planets, what distance, men can do, women can do, what they have in common, the battle grounds, the cross over and back, where do you build your nest, the hope one day, to be set free, the traps that cage us in, the comparisons we make or shown, the inner thought, what do you have to do to succeed at this, how others do it, the role models, what vintage are they, motoring used to be a roller coaster of an experience, well, the child enjoying the bumps on the road while sitting in the back seat, the stomach jumps, the tingly feeling, how simple the joy, without all those mental inputs and needs.

Write me free, the picture of Jesus, head down, on his hunkers, thinking, don’t they know what the father can do here, he waits, the words very simple, while the woman shivers in fear, her fate decided until He comes along, there is a pause, the last minute telephone from the governors office, clemency please. Jesus lets them think, and does not think much further, they will answer to the truth, they all walk away, the elders first, the experienced, who know he is telling them the truth, while the younger ones, well, they follow the lead of the elders.

Write me free, a matter of words. The story of John, by words with words, the story is retold everyday, in so many forms. In the Meantime, the folks of the day have to get on, lives have to be lived, you adapt. Too much some say, the diversion, the ways of the old are being lost, then the reminder, someone with hidden talent arrives from the most unlikely of places, (in olden times you’d call it Bethlehem, what prophet ever came from there), as if to say, what man considers to be of no value is so valued in God’s world, in short, you don’t give up, amen.

The heart, what is there, do you put a value on my parts or on me, I’m the whole person but it’s only what you can take joy from that interests you, what about the times, when it will be difficult, these thoughts, what happens when I begin to get older, the long looks you took at me, you keep for someone else, the Spirit ebbs, and the heart, that space, retreats, to have it left open, is like inviting trouble, where do I find rest. Then the Dan Browne Moment, set in a town that is a “spirit friendly”, a mixture of those, one looking up, the other looking down, the story, perhaps a view of our own worlds, explained through the minds, of those who fight the Spiritual war, as in family, the safe space you need to grow healthy in.

The movies tell many stories, interesting ways to explain ourselves without saying too much. Venture on, to the 2023 times, changes, anxieties, etc…the worry, the old controlling spirit, that has to consume, the other other, “Holy Spirit”, that tries to set us free, the competition intense, or so people are made to think, so look on the bright side. for those who fake it, those that pretend to be what they are not, the pace of change has them like sailors drunk in a gale, rushing from side to side, wondering how long the storm will last, while a wooden boat crewed by amateurs sails on past, as if Jesus is on board, enjoying themselves, amen, in short, write me free, the Gospel truth is no longer in doubt, cheer up.

Jerusalem 2023

The peace of the world, the favorite city, according to the Holy Books, the space, why in the world, would extremism raise it’s head, at a time, Gospel Truth is in abundance, backed up by ancient prophecy, why the dissent among the Jewish people.

A land grab, is a land grab in whatever language you use, and fears can be raised, but to imagine the needs in other places, a time to show compassion, would appear to be a wise intervention, if the issue of extremism is to be dealt with, in the Home Land.

Solomon listened to the dissent of others, the reasons to change opinions, the pressure to have an opinion, the press on the eternal heart, as those that were lost, find themselves, in no mans land, unsure about what to do.

Revelations in these times, supported by signs, great tribulations and chaos among world leaders, predicted by Ezekiel, who in conversation with the Angel, Uriel, explains the struggle within, the battle superior for want of words, have you lived life that you can be proud to explain, to the Most sacred of All Hearts.

The parable of the rich fool, who builds larger barns to store the wealth, thinking he is safe, while ignoring the needs of others, and how the Almighty, subdues such people, at the appropriate time. In other words, even with confusion on matters you have to deal with daily, trust in the God of Abraham to sort things out, and as for yourself, create the space for others, for their Spirit to rejoice, as to what the Almighty has done for them, amen.

The eternal loving heart, is mentioned in the words of Jesus, how each bad thought, or bad action, adds to that suffering heart, and in times of divine intervention, the prophet would advise against adding to that pain, amen.

The transformation

In therapy, the mind is not what it is, the continuous glum news, save me, what can transform me. The people pull their thoughts together, there is a national tragedy. The act as one. The mood within is part hope and sad, part joy and despair. The overall feeling, glad it wasn’t me in there. A hand emerges, the body follows, there is a heart beat, the crowd cheers, good news at last.

The anguish so many deal with, that is not recognized. Women and their identity, the youth, we are good for two things, think it out, the lesson is learned young, they are sold and sold, the emotions, somewhat strange, they get used to it, while they look up, wonder, where are you, why does it take so long, those that still manage to hang on ask.

The door opens, the friendly voice. She is gladdened inside, a friend. Ageing is not easy, and the community is not as solid as it was. The friend is full of joy, happy, light, not trying to undo her, there to help and cheer up. Life and the troubles are forgotten for a while. The transformation, I can let myself relax awhile.

Lovers meet, the chemical changes, the energy of lightness. Jesus enters the temple, what is he going to say, it’s always enlightening. The need to listen not a strain, the only ones who oppose him, those that want you to cling to the old ways, not the transformation you feel.

Transgender Issues

The identity crisis, the effort to profess your position, your unhappiness with the way identity is defined, the places where you can express yourself, the issue of transgender, is far bigger than the anxieties of a young person as regards their orientation, it’s crisis time, as regards, who am I, where do i stand in a world that is changing so quickly, can I be myself at last.

The options, the fate of the considerate, those who are not overly wired, those who are patient, or those who have been given the time to discuss their true convictions, the world is speed, the buzz, the chemical impact, the fizzled thoughts, the added confusion, a thousand opinions, can anyone say it simply. The tide has gone out, the water will be back, patience.

The options, well, if you are this way, this is your manual of instruction, others in that interest area, man or woman, woman, man, the open heart looks, not impressed at times, the stuff they follow, where they are leading us, the input of the new content, the on line media, no standard to rely upon, hoping what your reading can be relied upon. The struggle to be real is not easy in the circumstance.

I just want to have my own relationship, I’m not that or that, the arguments go on, how would the prophet see them. Stop, the identities, so many to choose, the first car, now there are endless types, and what appeared to be a godsend is now going electric to save the planet, with time, understanding changes. The research comes in, it’s time, then the change. The signs arrive from on high, signs, no one notices, until there is a change of some kind, and this relates to early prophesy, how help and the right actions were impressed on the people by the prophets sent to guide the people.

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I’m from this country, your that, you pray on this day, I eat this, the way we conduct our lives, traditions mostly, then Jesus explains, how these differences are normal, as when he gave advice on eating with those who did things differently, you did not insult the one providing the nourishment’s, you ate with thankfulness, and if you believed, your behavior would tell the story, amen.

What is the issue, it’s not who you are, it’s how you are towards others, how you behave towards them, it’s written 2,000 years ago. The problem is, man made customs have entered the food chain as if the customs came from above. How could they be interpreted to be of the Almighty, amen. The laws enforced to prove a point, what point you ask?, in the current times, the gospel of Jesus, has been shown to be true, and compassion, understanding etc, is all laid out in the gospel, that gives a wider meaning to the ways, others pass on the faith, amen.

May your habits be, those that encourage compassion and decency in human behavior and respect for the Eternal Spirit from on high, amen. Don’t poison your community. When Moses came back from the mountain, with the approval of the Eternal God, those who were waiting, some turned to their old ways. Worshiping the idol, putting it first. 23,000 drop dead, the Israelite praised the almighty, amen.

Life is the gift, what do we fill it with, and what plans do we have for life eternal, what steps have we taken on it, amen.

27th Word

The remembrance date, the genocide, the war, do we really need them, the thought of past horrors, the effort to save the national reputation, the meaning of the times.

The war stopper sighs, what if, the arms and legs of all those taken in the current conflicts, were used to help those limbless, now that science has found a way of re connecting lost limbs, a thoughtful moment, the hair is shaved, faces clean, a point to another time, the bodies line up, each awaiting their turn, surely this is a transition nothing more. The lesson, why do neighbors turn on their own in times of severe depression, what allows it, what has been learned. Do we have to account for the past.

The 27th, the anniversary moment, 80 years since, its’ not a long time, as old as grand dad, like yesterday, do we need to be reminded where it went.

The prophet sighs, what if, the soul is on a journey, and has to wade through many human states, all the anxieties, all the troubles, the inconvenience, what if, it’s all a test, that suffering you perceive to be forever, will end, the journey continues after you pass from the body, another set of challenges to overcome, or, those that speak up for you, the hidden truth that only the Most High knows about, the legacy of the hope you have sown.

The 27th moment, there is a long list of artists who passed at that age, it’s well noted, and it also reminds the writer, of the day the cloud arrived, the 27th of the 7th, a few years ago, so there has to be meaning.

Lets reflect on peace, amen.


A night of no consequence, glass of wine, the revelers sound, not much happening, he goes to get another wine, nothing much, the woman, what, an angel, the chat they have that evening, it was as if the world did not exist, just the two of them, like minded souls, she reveals a story, he listens, easy to happen, the company she must have been in, the story she told him, looking back, a warning as to what was happening to others.

The experience is before the time, but the tranquilizer she is given, soothes her, she forgets what happens, it was the booze, had to be.

The health of the nation the mental well being of the residents, amen.