8 Billion Persons

That’s a lot of mouths to feed, that’s a lot of rethinking, that’s a large number, and given the environment, changes are much more meaningful, and that’s not just politics. The story of the lady who campaigned for the welfare of women, the problems in the Spiritual business, the women who had large families, wondering where the food will come from, the talk of the priest, as if the inability to feed your family is sacrifice, as if the earth didn’t provide for it, the failure to apply wisdom, but insist upon the old ways, same as when Jesus arrived, and the plot to deny the truth, 8 billion is rather a large number.

The first words from the mouth of Jesus, the girl recovers, feed her, give her bread. The loaves and the fish, feed them, it does not sound as if the notion of food is just a current issue, it has always been an issue. What do they feed the minds with, what sort of compulsions do they breath into people, the needy concoction, it’s all about me, me never figured in the Gospel of Jesus, now shown to be true, delivered.

The woman in the story, Vicky, she has a dream, the fate of women, don’t allow it to pass, Solomon wondered about the issues women face. Raising a child should be trouble enough, but add in the stress that they are surrounded with, the knock on affect, and the mantra of before, things never change, it won’t be repeated again, and as for the men, with an abhorrence to the standing of the female, they are lesser than men some seem to imagine, as if we lived in the prairies of the 1800’s and surrounded by hostiles who were trying to steal them, when the enemy is already within, we gave birth to children, we endure the pain, we take care of them, and we don’t forget, would it not be great if men were so dedicated, rather than having to be brought to the brink, before, well, maybe, well, but, that’s cute, it’s time to rethink the game of life, amen.

The invasion of the space inside, one way of looking at the issue raised, what sort of stress causes such harm, why do we have to raise the issue, did the souls of the earth not recognize the growing issues. Now we have 8 billion souls, prophetic signs, and telling changes, amen.

Solomon sighed, the schemers and the triers. Imagine getting to the pearly gates, the load of your existence with you, this is what you take with you, and allowances for the start you had, some had it easy, there is a parable on this, Abraham and Lazarus, but to get to the finish line, and explain yourself, a thought worth thinking about. Jesus raises the Spirit, amen.


Where is Barney Gone?

The three legged version of Garfield, the wonder cat, the wild kitten who put the life into another friend, Solomon often asked, where did Barney Go!, well, you don’t often see a three legged cat, he can’t have gone too far.

The Boy acquires a rescue dog, his personality comes out, they become great friends, they mingle, they go everywhere together, that dog knows what to do, and does not have trouble identifying trouble.

The need to mind your pets. Life is a journey, and the friends you acquire, they need to be maintained, looked after, this is too simple, but where does nurture come from, practice says the teacher. In the home, the boy comes in the door, Mother listens, there is news, they chat and explain to each other, their day, and each day the confidence grows.

But back to Barney The Cat, is ever there is a story of bravery, Barney is the cat. As a kitten, he was looking out for his little sister, and mother, the example that cat gave, is still alive today.

In doubts about Heaven, have none. In these times, the truth of the Gospels have been shown to be true, where is barney, the sage answers, In heaven obviously, amen.

The 33 Day Pope

The story, a tale of Hollywood intrigue, the reality, such timing, the man who wanted to give back freedom to the soul, not one of those that wanted to dampen the output of the soul, or needed to control, the shepherd is not there to control the sheep, protective, like a loving mother or guardian, the story of Albino Luciani, the humble smiling pope, who had radical thoughts for the day, say the population issues, the strange attitude to normal human relations, and the lack of God in those who were supposedly the servants of God, then dies in strange circumstance, interesting, the story, the results though, seen years later, show the true depth of the man, given the issues facing the world, amen.

It’s not a witch hunt, it’s not a blame game, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s the human folly, trying to delay, the obvious, the stuff we want to put off, the Story of Albino Luciani, is a story worth recalling, the current Pontiff, trying to bring about change, would do well to re read the story, it will give one, an insight, remove many of the prejudices, and allow for greater harmony and understanding in the world.

Solomon sighed, we need to think of the past to understand the now. Jesus is in his home town, they hear news of his abilities, they expect to see the same, he asks, the question is posed in the gospels, now shown to be true in real time, how do you connect to the healing spirit, why does the truth matter, what does the truth do to the spirit inside, what is the meaning of a true confession, how it removes the tension inside, and the freedom thereafter, as the baggage is set aside while the lessons are learned. Jesus fell three times on the way up the hill, it wasn’t automatic, he ate he slept had brothers sisters, was very much like us, and gave entire credit to the Father, never taking the plaudits himself, and gave promises, of the Holy Spirit, and that spirit, where does in find rest, does in not require the truth, amen.

She looks across the room, the party in full swing, she is not there to fill the place, she enjoys making friends, friends, those that like to know people not take advantage of people, it’s more stressful the more material the world becomes, do you love me or like me because you like people or what, in the material world, what is material matters most, who has time for the unseen, the Spiritual well being inside.

Albino Luciani , had radical views in the 1970’s. Jesus was considered a radical, 2,000 years before, mind the gap, what was it that lead many away from the eternal truth. She is ill, her mind is plagued by doubts, the worries, she can’t find rest inside, the crisis, what is it, where do you find that inner peace that finds your sweetest feeling inside, that now is the time and nothing else matters, in the company that does not drag you emotionally.

He takes her out for coffee, does not charge in, the talk is simple, easy, the ego has been set aside, it’s nice to be seen as the person you want to be, no one seeking from you, just enjoying the being you are. She wants more, he is patient, it can wait, she is annoyed, she is used to having it her own way, her mind becomes a wandering machine, all over the place, he watches her, what is inside her, can’t you relax. Stop, she stops, no one talks like this to me, what, stop, do you ever listen he asks. Honest with yourself, the thought, well, the pause.

Solomon sighed,.a lesson, the days of old, there is conflict in the head, the advice, stop, let the moment pass, stop, the thoughts will settle, calm yourself, the tension passes. Jesus advocated turn the other cheek, and while this is upsetting to those who seek revenge or getting easy, the pause in hostilities, eventually leads to peace, mine the gap.

Luciani Albino saw the gap that needed to be filled. Today, there are many who have tried to fill that gap, with their own version of the truth, while ignoring the truth of Jesus Christ.

The spies stopped, this is frantic, they try to listen, to take ownership of what is not there’s. God will settle the accounts, don’t bring the hatred with you, amen. Learn from the mistakes, that lead to the passing of Luciani, and recall, there were those who helped the allies defeat the dark axis, in the time of the second war.

Bringing Glory To the One

The life lesson, the words of Jesus, the savior of the world, in times of doubt, what is it that is important, what in life matters, do you value your reputation with men, or do you worry about your relationship with the Almighty. Jesus issues strong words; those that were leading the flock at the time, they were going astray, had taken a view, that was going to lead the people astray, so he makes the appeal, think of the Eternal Destination, words of wisdom, Fear Only God, amen.

The issue of the day, the world needs intervention, the hearts must unite, the need to think as one, who can provide the wisdom to make this a reality, is it those who divide people or connect, the lesson is simple, The Almighty rescues His people, amen.

The New Environmentals

The whale is on a new diet, fresh cod, but the addition of that stuff, plastic is upsetting the stomach, making the whale anxious. The children have changed their diet, back to the old stuff, fiber is fashionable at last, less of the sugary stuff. A TV show is on, the man with the crown on his head, that’s Prince Charles says the older person, who is that with him asks the boy, i don’t believe it says the father, that’s Al Gore, an environmentalist. The two heads are banging out ideas, on how to correct the imbalance in nature, as Charlie calls it. Al smiles, it’s easy for you to be patient Charles, living in such comfort and never having to worry about the elections or those trying to deny the truth. Charlie smiles, patience, was I not by my mother’s side all my life, waiting to prove my point, the environment. Al laughs out loud.

The father goes to switch off the TV, does not like the politic. His son calls to him will you stop he says. He does not vote for us, the father says. The boy drops his head, the environment belongs to us dad, he gets up and leaves the room, amen.

Why God’s People Suffer?

A common question that is asked ,why this why what, that, is it possible, the events, those that don’t believe, accept as valid reasons not to believe, giving them a licence to harm instead, or so they are led to believe. The month is November, the souls. Jesus tells all, forget about the demons, it’s the Eternal Father you should focus on. The month of November, reminds many, how are they doing, is there a struggle going on, is my hatred of others harming the eternal journey of others, can I do something about it; the prophets say you can, there prayer efforts noted.

Why do God’s people suffer, the question again, is there an end to pain. The childbirth is difficult, the lady is finding it tough, the nurse holding her hand, push she says, nothing happens, push she says, the head appears, the push, the body appears, minutes later she is smiling, the new mother, the pain absent, just like that.

Why God’s people suffer, the preacher is asked, a common request. The suffering in the world, can anyone imagine it, that again, more pain, do God’s people suffer, the preacher answers, they endure, it’s written, and their reward, is eternal joy. Why do you study for an exam.

November Reminder

Fast, the spiritual anxiety, we are supposed to be helping them, the sights and the signs, who will be facing the Boss next, what excuse will they provide. I told you, the old man is weary, the day of departure is near, the mother load of experience going up with him, a response no doubt below, what will we do.

The picture appeared, it was a cloud shouts another, what do I care, sneers another, his thoughts on the afternoon joy, this talk of God, it’s a career he joined for, not to serve, what.

The flash of wind, the rattle of the windows, they steady their thoughts. This story, how were we to know asks another, a voice is heard, that’s a question Jesus posed 2,000 years ago, panic descends upon them, we have to let the people know. In Rome, their are startling revelations, a new calm, no more of having to act the pious, they begin to tell the truth again, amen.


What a name, sounds french welsh Scottish. There are many remarkable people in the world, imagine a name like, Engelbert Humperdinck, what was that sound, or the song, yes, release me, he recalls the great buff of hair, the deep voice, who could imagine a name like that and think success today.


Who owns the earth, to whom are we responsible, what does a mother wish for, what are the new roles of women, what will the world cup do for Human relations, why are there different practices in different parts of the world, can an addicted world cope with change, and will the world of the Ancients, be the return to the Rule of God on earth. Questions Einstein might have asked.

The JFK attitude to the notion of the expert needs re examining. In his opinion, most of them were simply bought, amen.

The Scalpel

A name, a title, a profession, years of training, re training, in order to carry out, the most vital of operations, on your body, your life in the hands, of the one who yields the scalpel. The years of staying put, not the high life many assume, tedious book work, the cost of training, overcome now, by the cost of insurance, no bad days allowed, the threat of the lawyer, the shark on the reef, willing to take a bite, whatever, so many depend on the scalpel to survive.

The name recalls a memory, the laughter on the face, the patient will be there before me, the heavens that is, the patient smiles years later, how did you manage to save me, the wonder of the memory, one small town, one global recovery.

Solomon sighed, the effort of the few to maintain the services many depend upon, while the get even types harass for their cut of the booty, had any of them committed themselves to a life of service, in order to preserve the light in others, Solomon smiled. The one in ten as Jesus says, who are grateful, and the angst those go through, in order to rule over others, did they know, the heavenly inheritance, he sighs, the signs keep on coming, amen.