The Light Inside

Home, no voice, it’s like an asylum, speak when spoken to, while children look on, their mouths tense, one eye on their mother, the other, on the door, and who is about to enter. Your home should not be a prison; don’t you know there are angels all about you, and they’re work is reporting, referring what they encounter, don’t you want to make your home a safe haven for the Spirit from on high. Thinking out loud; can the Spirit of love dwell easily in a house of fear. As Jesus would say, a wise person fears only God, amen.

Solomon heard some talk about food, we don’t eat this meat, we cook this way, we wash like this, we don’t eat before seven in the evening. there are a lot of proscribed eating ways written apparently into Godly laws, that appear to be from God. In times of famine when there are those with nothing to eat at all, what would Jesus say; compassion and kindness is what the Father in Heaven wants, not ritualistic eating methods, amen.

Our habits and rituals had caused a great divide in the world, and around these great divides, they built kingdoms. If in doubt, recall the coliseum in Rome, a relic to past privilege, amen. Don’t allow the light inside you go out, amen.

The Needy Princess

That feeling, wanting to speak up but having no one to listen to, well no one who will really listen, not those who dismiss your emotions, another one they say, as if it’s all their empathy rolled into one word, them. The patience isn’t earned, it’s practice, the listening is earned, its practice, it’s what we do most, that we become. Aloof in the castle, so few around, the dreams, your not allowed have them, you have a duty, you feel taken, predisposed to a way of life, that has always been destructive, its like being part of a criminal world, you just can’t leave it, so you become, the needy princess.

In the beginning you get what you want, there is nothing you can’t have, intuition, you can have what you want now, the patience others have annoys you, you will never be like that, why should you wait.

The needy people, the button, the response, the thrill, another like me button hit, the feel good, same as any addict, you want more. From the time you wake, the day is a cake filling, the morning the sponge, the evening the sponge, in the middle, the events of the day, which you will revolve in your head later, how did you fill the day. A clean bed, says the homeless man, a dry pair of shoes, asks the orphan, just breakfast shouts another, so one by one, they set out to make sure it happens or hoping it will happen, we are all needy.

Solomon sighed; he was watching the dreams pour down the street, every hand every leg, all of them going about the needs of the day, some busy, some hoping to meet a friend, some hoping to find a smile, some just glad to be able to work. The dreams that pass you everyday, the rucksack on the back, the wandering eye, the small head on it’s way from school, wondering about the shop, wondering if they will afford a shop, the rustle of coins, never enough, the long trudge home, then the beginning of a new dream.

Many people were suffering from mental un wellness, trying to cope, so much going on, too much for them to handle, getting depressed or hiding it, afraid to appear weak, how do you handle it, how can you cope, the daily barrage, can’t even get out of bed. As for the idle mind, there is nothing to free yourself from worry, and the med’s only tire you out. How do you handle it, there has to be a way.

Everyone needs a back up plan, a source that never lets you down. It could be a long term project that you have had on your mind, that you give time to, when your confused, or about to be; just the space for a time out without worrying. In olden times, children had many hobbies. A child without friends is very lonely, and it shows. Solomon was reading the article, mental health awareness week, how so much harm is locked hidden inside us. He read some, then thought about the words he spoke with a friend. How the demon plays with our idle minds he said, then thinking about it, he imagined Jesus, encountering the demon, who offers him control of the world, provided, Jesus worship the demon, which of course he couldn’t, no matter how attractive the offer.

In tough times, hold onto your inner being, amen. Think of the gladness of those who lived in ancient times and encountered Jesus, first time around, how their hearts still glow, amen.

Love and Peace

Keys in hand, the new place, their first home together. The door opens, everything in place, get rid of it she tells him, she has that look in her eye, a bit early for that he smiles, your phone she says. Love and peace, we will have no outside interference here she says. They disconnect their phones, unplug all devices, there is food in the fridge and wood for the open fire. they both get busy. An hour later, the fire is in full flame and there is a dinner on the table. Two, and no interference from outside, they begin to dine in their sweet company, free from the crisis and disasters happening everywhere else, so the news reports say daily.

is there such a channel that only provides good news, what he says, just thinking out loud. One minute your in total peace, enjoying a read or conversation that means something, the phone buzz, and suddenly the mind is awash, is it good the communication is it a friend, is it something to worry about, how your life can be turned around in a matter of seconds, from peace to hell in the time it takes to say, hello.

Solomon sighed, he was reading the autobiography of a well known singer, a heavy peace it was called. How we sacrifice our lives in order to live out the dream. Foundations matter, like love and peace.

The Soldiers Lament

How many died in that war, how many innocent victims, orders carried out, whom did you serve, the death toll in the many millions, lives stolen, where next, those lost souls, the soldier laments, the memory still reeling, did i really take a hand in that, the worries deepen, the signs from above, and the warnings, would I do it different if I had the choice today, how will i be judged, the soldier laments. The gold medal sits lonely on the wall, bravery in the face of.. he no longer recalls, and no one ever visits. he shrugs, the gratitude of the country will always be with you, he didn’t feel that way when he returned from Vietnam, but they bamboozle you with the glory of victory, and hide the truth, were we really that gullible, the soldier laments.

Crisis of conscience, who do you go to to ease that. The number of genocides and massacres, enough blood spilled to fill every blood bank for years to come, amen, the soldier still laments.

Solomon sighed; the signs were coming, what did they mean?

Time 2021, October..

Star Trek, the old series, Captain Kirk is making his log entry, his thoughts, the prospects for the enterprise, alien life, how do they see us humans, is there friendly types out there. The hand-piece, that is now our modern day communicator, the space station in the sky, the departure of probes to far off planets, one would say, that the human race has put an awful lot of effort into finding out, if there is life outside of the planet earth, even if cave walls from ancient times, show vividly, space type ships marked into the walls, reminders to us, telling us, there is.

Now, the probe is turned inside out, and it’s looking at us, how we on the planet are doing, how are we as custodians, can we be trusted to maintain the life giving planet, or will we allow our egos’ to overcome us, therefore drowning out the Spiritual power that gives life to everything, as love can’t exist in a vacuum, it’s living, alive, how do we care for it.

Modern day report of captain Kirk;

“the human race is in the midst of a spiritual war. There are those who hold sovereign, the power from on high, but they have been yielding space to the dark spirit, that has to consume to survive, meanwhile, the resources necesary for life, dwindle, faltering water supplies, while dead knowledge is being forced into tiny heads, how long will it last, or will they be able to turn it around, over and out.”

Meanwhile, the vanity industries thrive, if only life was a fashion show, how simple is that?

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“For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it.” Jacques-Yves Cousteau nature’s mirrored self an artistic masterpiece autumnal dreaming It’s Awww Mondays at Comedy Plus -Eugi Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Awww Mondays — Eugi’s Causerie ☕️


the beginning, the gift, the beginning the spirit, the rebellion of the people,we don’t need God,the disasters, the beginning again, the rebellion again, the disasters, amen. This story of rebellion is told in ancient times, then the call of the prophet, before the return, before history repeats itself, we have no time for those things, and we have more freedom too, away with God, then disasters. The world has been one long roller coaster ride, in terms of it’s relationship with the Father Eternal. Sounds unsettling, this see saw approach, happy then wanting more, the fall, then happy, then still wanting more.

While this action has been going on, the souls have been maturing, the numbers of righteous dead, growing, until, as the prophets tell us, it reaches the tipping point. With the signs of the times indicating ancient prophetic warnings, what sort of people should we be, amen.

Crimes against the Spirit

Jesus made it clear. The Spiritual well being was under fire. Accusations and slurs; he has a demon in him, he has lost his mind. Jesus knew what they were thinking. So he warned they sternly; There was no cure for those who spoke ill of the Spirit, not then, not now, not ever,amen. There was a threat against Jesus,and so Jesus knew his followers were going to suffer, so he spoke those words. Do our lives reflect well in the context of Jesus’s warnings.


500,000 INDONESIANS remembered, the victims. The state plays the bogey man; disinformation, the state being her majesty’s government. Solomon read the story of the propaganda war, that lead to the massacre of a lot of Indonesians in the fifties. A class action of an opportunity for a fast lawyer. The life of so many unfulfilled. Does it feel like the current generation are going to be held responsible for all the righteous dead, from past times. The signs are appearing, numbers appear, the world under dire threat; Will the Almighty God of Isaiah and the prophets act, or will the human race earn some mercy, amen.

The Martyr

Scaffold and whipping, he dares to believe in the Prophet, he is beaten again, refuses to relent, it’s a holiday weekend, there is a larger crowd about, a few visitors in town are attracted by the noise of the whip, the sighs, the calmness of the crowd, worth seeing, a man being beaten. He is finally crucified, the crowd brow beaten, wishing he had lasted longer. What did they argue about way back then.

The senate is still arguing over a minor incursion, the senators want to be heard, they need to satisfy the voters, imagine Caesar on the floor of the senate in old times, imagine the drama, imagine the power they had, the empire under their control, yes, those old buildings that are on everyone’s visit list, when they visit Rome and other such places.

The martyr is still remembered,his prayers powerful, same as those of the prophet he refused to denounce.

The bars are full, they reach into the street, hustlers ply their trade, it’s an easy time, the festival, while the martyr remains dead on the cross,dead only in that his body is dead,but very much alive in the eyes of God. Our visitors ask, who was he anyway….

The news anchors talk about the tyrant president, who will, what, when, why,does it matter? The stuff your teaching your children with, what does the Martyr think; it wasn’t as dark in olden times he’d reply.