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29 BC – Octavian held the first of three consecutive triumphs in Rome to celebrate the victory over the Dalmatian tribes. 523 – John I became the new Pope after the death of Pope Hormisdas. 554 – Emperor Justinian I rewarded Liberius for his long and distinguished service in the Pragmatic Sanction, granting him extensive estates in Italy. 582 – Maurice became Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. 900 – Count Reginar I of Hainault rose against Zwentibold of Lotharingia and slayed him near present-day Susteren. 1516 The Treaty of […]

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Lisa Renee – “Sit beside a creek, listen to the water flow, with some toning bowls and low key strings to help de-stress. Loop it and leave it playing in the background. My plants love it. It’s also great to help with sleep. The music is designed to create inner peace, release tension and residual […]

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The Good Samaritans

Faith, political party , ethnic group, skin color, age, what does it matter what you pray if your deeds contradict what you plead, do you think it’s words alone, Solomon was talking with a pal, going on a journey, he exchanged a few ideas, the anxieties of parents was discussed, as when a child becomes an adult, when a son or daughter leaves the home for college. Does a bird worry when he leaves the nest, is there a big anxiety on the part of the parent birds, do they fret about what they heard, the anxieties of others, well, why should it matter you say, a girl on a journey, the fear of those waiting for her to return, the initial anxieties, then the relaxation, when it turns out all right, as it mostly does. what did we worry for. The parents want to hear the story of the kind stranger who gave her the right directions, the landlord who provided a clean living arrangement, the thoughtful shop keeper who welcomes her, good reference points. Every day, regardless of what you claim, it’s how you deal with the simple stuff usually that identifies you. Every day we get a chance to be a good Samaritan, and it costs nothing. As we add to the good list, we inspire that Spirit in others, it’s really that easy, to be a good Samaritan. AS Jesus says, his words being living words, we help everyone when we raise the Spirit in others. amen

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Father Faber states: “Kind thoughts imply also a contact with God, and a Divine ideal in our minds. Their origin cannot be anything short of Divine. Like the love of beauty, they can spring from no baser source. They are not dictated by self-interest nor stimulated by passion. They have nothing in them which is […]

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Head Tripper and Mind Games

“My oh My sighed the old man, don’t they know that God exists, they cannot escape this, have they no clue what they are about”.

The light, the sign, Heaven, there is so much of if doing the rounds these days, you could not miss it, end of time for those bent on harming others,

Baggage and the Past

learn from your life, don’t ignore your past, and don’t over burden yourself with worthless baggage, forgive your mistakes, and forgive others theirs, this life is a journey not a day trip, so while you forgive others, others may forgive you. How can you say you don’t like fish if you don’t try it a few times, same with forgiveness, until you try it you will never know what it feels like, the rush of energy you will feel, the lightness of being, the inner well being. Perhaps, you want to feel misery and just pass it on, stay addicted as they say. As children, we learn from the imitation around us.

Solomon was trying to get to the nub of the issue; how to become light, as we are children of the light. He surmised, I guess you have to unload the resentments you store up inside. Can you imagine a bird flying with an Iron Bar attached to his leg. Neither do I. There were many little habits that we could build into our lives, easily. Don’t look away when you see suffering, don’t elevate yourself when one day you will be the same as dirt, who are you fooling. Stop before you go out the door, think, will I do something good today, and if you have a talent, it was given to you to be shared out. AS Neil Young says, castles in the Head, zero on the ground, (well)….

Birds Fly, they wear no parachutes, they rise when they want, they can see a worm from a thousand feet, and a small fish under water from

far on high, and you think you have a special skill; well, you did once. Light, find it inside you, amen.


Pink Light

Never heard of it, well, birds and animals see it. Solomon was reading an old sci fi book, by Phillip K Dick. The search for God on earth, and the meaning of the pink light, so the story goes. Written over thirty years ago, the central character saw pink light, got zapped with information from another world, and his friends think he is going mad, so the plot goes. Thirty years later, and science can prove that animals and birds can see colours we can’t, pinks actually. How did the sci fi writer write this, there was no science on it when he wrote the story, so the plot goes.

Solomon smiles, the night visit from the Flying Spirit, the picture from the clouds, the manifestation of Spirit, healings, petitions answered, the reality of God in truth. Human nature, we tend to digest that which is presented to us in a busy world, amen.