Higher Purpose — Kahliya-logue

If youve been through a bit of a startling upheaval, take a deep Breath. Take a few deep Breaths. You may have thought things were finally starting to smooth out, even if you still felt a bit stuck and impatient, but the challenges seemed to have subsided only raise their head again out if nowhere. […]

Higher Purpose — Kahliya-logue

The Renewal of Spirit

How long did they wait, before the great return, Tiger Woods and the emotions his great victory created, the souls of many, feeling the thrill, it’s not over yet they yelled. The journalists that thrashed him in public, gloating over the headlines, despite the barriers he brought tumbling down. Same for The Brexiteers and their schemes, trying to force that nation out of the European Ideal, the great plan continues on, and those in that European collective, getting stronger, despite those that want to thwart that promise, a United Europe, a refuge for so much that is good, home for many on the run and in need. Has any other collective done more to bring sanity to the world.

The Great changes and the turn around continues, compassion is being felt in many places, the bigotry of some leaders, made clear and obvious. You mean you believe in God, it’s becoming more popular, and the extremists are unraveling at the same time.

Great men and women of former ages wrote music and joined words, artists, sculptors and painters, inspired by the Great Spirit, produced works, which we fawn at today, how they marvel at the majesty of it, the scale of the their works, permanent records of their talent, all of them believing in the Great Spirit, all of them aware of the Heavenly world.

The Spirit, how it needs the lift, the appearance of a Great race horse when the common man is down, the story of Sea Biscuit, the left over horse that breaks records, while lifting the men and women absorbed in the great depression of 1930’s America. It’s as if an invisible hand is at work, that arrives just at the right moment.

And Tigers great Roar, he raises his hands to Heaven, giving thanks to the Great Spirit, that lifted him, and far more humble than he has ever been, no pride, he got his game back, and the world knows it. May the tiger continue to roll, amen. Lets hope the Spiritual leaders can do as Tiger has done, and life the Spirits of their flocks. If the Spirit is in you, it should not be too hard work.

Solomon sighed, he encountered many skeptics, those who didn’t want to believe, atheists too, many well intentioned, many having lost faith, from what they encountered in their childhoods,victims of too much forced dogma from the religious, the cause of most of it, if they are honest, In a nutshell, the revelation of Scripture as Jesus would say. The yoke they put around so many, making it impossible for them to raise their game, forcing the Spirit down, when they ought to be rising it up.

Cocaine, Crow Health and Prohibition

This is not going to go down well with the Hogi, is that the name of the mountain people of Columbia, it wont go down well with the shaman’s of old either, It won’t go down well with many, but what has prohibition done for the world, same as McCarthyism and the death of a great moral consciousness, that didn’t go down well, all considering the war in Vietnam didn’t do much for the human reputation either, neither did the Korean war of the fifties, damn, there has been so many sure footed decisions, and the aftermath, well, lets say it’s been a disaster.

“What do you really think of the Human Race Clyde.”

Clyde sits on the branch beside his sweetheart crow, Bonny, she is a few months older than him, but that don’t matter to Clyde, he loves the glow of her feathers,  means that she likes him. Clyde wants to make a good impression on Bonny, he thinks about some of the decisions of the human race. You can make a rash answer, that’s why they made so many bad decisions, humans that is, and he does not feel like imitating them.

“Bonny, they don’t look after the water either, have you noticed that!” Clyde is trying top look serious, women like that, Crows who think they are smart.

“Yes Clyde, you can say that again, the sweet water is now sour tasting” she turns her head, eases over towards Clyde.

Bonny, she is getting serious, Clyde wonders what to do next. The need to take your time, the need for patience, he is thinking on the branch.

“I suppose in different continents there are different birds, we don’t all react the same, and when you see the swallow family come all the way across the world, there is always other places you can visit”

He is trying to sell her the idea, you have to think outside the nest, we are not all the same.

Solomon had a dream, it wasn’t the regular dream, it was about prohibition, and what in truth happens, it only leads to massive corruption and the creation of gang warfare, nothing else. When the tried to kill Jesus’s message, prohibition in another form, they only made it more popular, so not all prohibition leads to harm, food for thought. He is sitting in a kitchen, he is with some South American ‘s, they are stirring cocoa powder into the big cake mix, food, they say it gives you energy, nothing more. He is then in the skin of a man fleeing, he encounters the police, all they want is a bribe, nothing new there, make it illegal and the profit grows, while those with the manpower and fire power control the game. He can hear the critics, they will scowl, how can you be so irresponsible, saying what you say. Solomon sighs, the way you feed the children to the social media monsters, it’s time you looked in the mirror, amen.

GUEST ARTIST: “Let It Flow” by Qinghong Wei — Doodlewash®… re blog, the first steps in an artistic adventure can be harsh, your first teacher can let you down, esteem is hurt too easily when your young, don’t give up too soon….


My name is Qinghong Wei, artist and educator at Starry Dreams Studio. I live in Florida, and I travel nationwide and internationally to work on art projects with diverse people. Here is my story. I grew up in China learning Chinese classical ink wash painting from a very young age. I was in love with…

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To wake up each morning knowing that the Creator of the universe loves you — From guest writers… re blog, you are never alone

The greatest thing in life is to wake up each morning knowing that the Creator of the universe loves me. As one writer put it ‘He loves me as I am, not as I should be, but He loves me too much to leave me as I am’. ~ Alan Hermann

To wake up each morning knowing that the Creator of the universe loves you — From guestwriters

Image or Substance

Image or substance, your eyes are on the rear in front of you, measuring, it’s the programming of the mind, the looks of approval, the walk down the street, comparing, the eyes darting left and right, always comparing, measuring, too fat, should be on a diet, glad it’s not you, image or substance, what is going on in your head.

The world at the cross roads of time, the return of Great Spirit; Solomon encountered it, and there came great responsibility with it, some said others laughed, can it be true, the Sun, the changes, the global turn around, something going on, that you don’t need to doubt.

When you encounter the “Spirit”, it comes with great resources of an eternal kind, it enhances your prayers, gives you understanding, allows you to endure, it makes you more whole, and it’s not a religious thing either, it’s of the Spirit.

Many were asking the question, his answer was simple, there is the wisdom of Jesus, there is the life of Jesus, there are the warnings of Jesus, there is a record of events, pointing to all of it, and there is the pride of man and those who want to control it all.

Those who believe will do so by Faith, and real faith is love in action. Many Spiritual leaders were trying to build bridges of understanding, while there were others trying to divide people. In the changing world, the extremists and those who encouraged the division of souls, would never succeed, Pray with a heart filled with real love, you will be amazed. No more of the wind bags who scream help for all causes while hording the wealth for themselves and their cronies, amen.

Plant What You Want — Source of Inspiration …. re blogged

A watermelon seed grows a watermelon not a peach or cucumber so why do we think complaining gossiping, whining, self-pity will grow happiness contentment, peace? You reap what you sow age old adage holds wisdom we need to understand and practice. Love produces love hate gives more of the same. It is as simple as […]

Plant What You Want — Source of Inspiration