Can I send my lawyer to negotiate?

The penitent, penitent now there is no choice, and the certainty of Heaven exists, by words of prophets and great signs and revelations, for ever trying to control things, the penitent asks again, the lawyer, no answer, the penitent asks again, is there any lawyer I can call, no answer, the sound of water, the penitent asks, room service, no answer, the penitent asks, what sort of place is this, no answer, the penitent asks, is there a phone i can use, no answer, when it’s too late is too late, when it’s eternity it lasts forever, amen.


Experiment Experiment Experiment

The readers of thoughts, the monitor of movement, the pawns on the street, the meddlers of hope, transgressors, the mind machine, the invasion of the mind, what the blazes, they control everyone, so they thought, until the word reached the Heavens, and now they are rowing for their lives, it’s that simple.

The lone sailor across the Atlantic, the loneliness of the long distance runner, the metaphors, this need for space, even on TV, it’s shown to us, the mind game experiments, there is evidence, the mindlessness, we are only trying to improve humanity, their excuse, what did they think of Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of God, and the host of souls that stood against such roman minded control, well, the ruins were left on the streets of Rome to remind all, God loves his Children, amen.

As the parables say, if only, as Isaiah says, if only they turned to the Almighty instead, how their troubles just ease.

The Great Signs

How do you explain, the times are now, great signs for some years now. Clouds, appearances, great events, prophecy, the demand for changes, the new number, a first for the race, the amount of changes, great things are happening, don’t allow your faith to be shaken much, tribulations, and miracles, the end and the commencement of the new era, what sort of person do you intend being, now that heaven speaks to us all, amen.

Well, is that sort of habit, do i need to empty the closet, what should i retain, those strange interests, do i need to encourage them am i safer in a crowd, do i hide well, the reality, there is a God, forget the deceivers, it’s real, so how should I handle the signs, amen.

Solomon sighed, Ezekiel, the prophets, the Talmud, the holy books, all of them, the number 8, the next time we examine the number, maybe our personal habits will have calmed, maybe we will slow down, after all, in times of old, the work was manual, apart from the scribes and those like them, the physical energy burned off, the meaning of exercise, the need for it, the tired evenings, natural, the preparation for the festivals, they were not every weekend, people had to travel, there was safety in the cities, now, that the rhythm of life has altered, the 24/7 world of progress, has pushed the world to the verge, in short speak, time to get back on the road with all four tires, amen.

Albino Luciani

The 33 day pope, the reasons, perhaps pointed, referring to another, at 33 years, who made the world think of the world above. God acts in mysterious ways, and when it comes to change, usually sends the reminder, like the tax returns, you better see the accountant, as to what the bill is going to be.

Solomon sighed; there are those who seek to subvert, the ways of the evil ones. Getting the boxing term right, when the other fellow has a longer reach, you need to get in close to change the result, it’s not all bad news, but the ways of change or those that claim to be changing, can often be misleading, like the story, the real identity comes to mind, often too late, so the story goes. Perhaps, there were those who were encouraged to serve, same as those that go into marriage, for fear of saying no, or being unable to say no.

The world is at the point of population rush, the need to curb the produce, its not an effort to curb the spirit, despite what some may think. The victim in all of this, is Mother Nature, who had to extend herself in order to provide for her children, the lack of resources, leading to ways that were perhaps not good for the long term, same as those who pick the words from the holy books while ignoring the entire, it can lead to much that seems correct but is in fact misleading.

Now, as we look back, at the characters, it’s easy to see abhorrence in some parts, while making hero’s out of those, with no heart in them altogether, may we be guided by the Holy Spirit, and not the material spirit, that can be so absorbing, that we forget about God entirely, amen.

Solomon sighed, he recalls the day, the cloud appeared, and how the world had changed ever since, as if we are ever alone, amen.


The head has no space, the crown explodes, the depths of despair, is there a cure. That feeling, no space in the head, how it deforms our thinking, leaving us rudderless, at the mercy of those around us. She thinks, where do you find space. Her illness is getting worse, space, to heal, just have the mind, to trust in the Almighty and the tools you are given. The more you think good of others, is a great first step. Migraine, when the head does not have worry, the pain eases. She needs love, not pity.

Solomon was laughing loud. The butterfly came back to life, who, what when. Then he recalls the story of Jesus. They only wanted to touch his cloak, to feel that loving energy. What’s the issue some ask. In olden times, sexual activity was the by product of love, it was not the love. In the modern world, the love that many seek, is based on the self, not in the giving. Great examples in time, he watches the world famous leader, push his wife in her chair, their tenderness on view. It wasn’t the case of what you can do for me, it’s why do you love me, amen.

In short, you can’t love God unless you love what the Almighty created, amen.

It’s getting late, the time to go home. She is in the company of a friend. There is nothing to be concerned about, when with a real friend, amen.

Friends in November

The fallen, the brave, those that open their heart to the world, the brave men and women, who stood up to tyranny, are never forgotten. In the book of Ezekiel, the prophet is told this, the visit from the angel, Aerial, and much of what was written, has come to pass, the good souls, all souls, they are not forgotten.

Solomon sighed, today, the actions of today, can assist those gone ahead, as the old prophets prayed.

An old friend passes in difficult conditions, an open heart, her deeds mighty, her troubles, many visited on her, by some demons, she is remembered today, May the good Samaritans of the world, take this in heart, your good deeds are not forgotten, think of Esther, how she came to the assistance of her people, saved her people.

Those that assist the angels, those people they meet along the way, think of the reward waiting for you, amen.


Who owns the earth, to whom are we responsible, what does a mother wish for, what are the new roles of women, what will the world cup do for Human relations, why are there different practices in different parts of the world, can an addicted world cope with change, and will the world of the Ancients, be the return to the Rule of God on earth. Questions Einstein might have asked.

The JFK attitude to the notion of the expert needs re examining. In his opinion, most of them were simply bought, amen.

The Men Issue

The mother sighs, the children are in their care, their focus, the children. The men, the verdict, Paul Newman, the movie, what a payout, the look on the face of the para legal, does it come with added charges, the big yippee.

The slight of women, the depression of the mother, the female, the hardness it creates in the space where love is supposed to live, the fear that the mother has to endure, the threat to her children,. what can she do, she loves them the way a lioness loves her cubs, will do anything the defend them, she is powerless, when there is a greater threat to them, herself.

The male lead society, in particular, those that form alliances based on the male sex, has had such a harmful affect on the well being of the Spirit everywhere, and the Great God of The Eternal World is asking serious questions. Who is responsible for this loss of Spirit. Those who work, to help open this dark hold of the evil threat, need not worry, but those inside, who flourish at the misery of others, need to take into account, the fate of those, who abuse the eternal gifts, and drown the loving Spirit. The signs appear to remind all, that the owner of the Vineyard is getting rather anxious, and has power that no one can reprimand. So Solomon read the story, of the two vineyards, listen if you have ears, amen.

Children want to grow up in the world, as they are supposed to, and not fast tracked and abused emotionally, amen.

As for those that cause the harvest to be less than it should be, listen.

Healing, mind issues, motor neuron, Alzheimer etc…

A breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, recent discovery, they know how to slow it seriously, will eventually halt it, the joy in some desperate hearts, the sheer thought, how it lifts the Spirit. The other advances in medicine, the use of old therapies, the progress being made, the advance of hope. The parallel hope in the upper world, the news, the advance of the Holy Words, on the lips, a feeling of freedom at last, no longer an old wish, but the new reality, well, if unable to do too much, you can at least point your heart and mind to the issues, that lift the spirit of others, then feel better immediately about your self. In short, imagine the news, there is a prophet, early Jerusalem, the roman occupation about to come to an end, how those oppressed, began to feel light, the savior on their mind. And not in the form of man says Jesus, but inside you, amen.

Treasure Box

350,000 children face death from famine…

The world in crisis, talks of wars, famines, unstable leaders, confused thinking, the food basket of the east held back, while many innocents face the threat of famine, 350,000 of them children, and soon, if help doesn’t arrive, while many of the signs from above, continue to arrive, and testified in prophecy 3,000 years old, while the world itself depends on the mercy of God for it’s very survival, lets not waste time, for all of the above is very true. If needing clarity, read the prophet Ezra, the second book, where the prophetic messages are written, to remind us of the day, when God Most High, will bring judgement on the world, should we be aware of this, or do we prefer ignorance.

Leaders in high places, their fate is mentioned by Jesus, their higher office, their higher responsibility, towards The Most High, may they focus on bringing peace to the world, and practice the compassion they seek from their own people, by being compassionate in their policy decisions, for who on earth, can withstand the Fury of the Most High God, no one can.

Solomon sighed, the Monday morning feeling, the news strong, the blessings of the Most High evident, with great signs and results, just as Isaiah wrote, the very prophet Jesus refers to regularly, well, if Jesus reached for the words of Isaiah, is it not a pointer to other events, events that are revealing, the truth of prophecy from times of old. How do we turn to God many ask; Jesus, the gospels shown to be true in these times, provides the answers, amen. Yes, the words of Jesus, are the gateway, amen.