Vanity and the Demon

How often does it go on. The growing number of narcissists across the world, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. The confusion that is caused to garner support for extreme white minded thinking, even the fear that’s caused, to create a feeling of insecurity. The union official is causing trouble, he is given a support job in Government that is supposed to help him, with his so called principles, years later the results clear, the world on the brink. Does the promise of a pension seal the ear, at least i’m looked after. The reality of divine power,showing across the world, backed up, by reference to early prophecies, and proof that the gospels of Jesus, can be shown to be true, should be enough to remind all, to adjust their ways, while the reality continues to play out.

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The way we see the world, has to change, and it’s proper, we remind ourselves, of the 11th hour promise of Jesus, it’s like the circle of life, your never too late to join, apply the teachings of Jesus and read the warning of the prophets,amen.

King Lear

How evil interferes with Godly intentions, or deeds that are life giving and Spirit enhancing, the pain that is unleashed and felt generations later. The resentment sown into hearts, the way those who hold the Spirit of God as treasure in their hearts, become neon targets, because of the way they shine. The demon uses all the devises possible, in short, the hatred inside, which gives us insight into why things go wrong. Someone close to you is targeted, the pain you feel,same as that of a mother who loses her child or has some great tragedy incurred. Malfeasance is intentional harm, misfeasance is unintended. Or put another way, when it’s a stranger who inflicts the harm, you can easily get over it, when it’s someone close to you, the cut is so much deeper. Imagine the pain Jesus Christ felt, forced to carry the cross, the jeering crowd, so he wasn’t a prophet of God they huffed, same as those who gloat, when those with strong social standing, are reduced in stature, how their small hearts fill up with all the wrong stuff, how dark those hearts, amen.

Solomon was taking example from the past, and the lessons written, not just stories,but real lessons, same as Jesus did, when he used parables to explain the ways to the Holy Father; how lost we’d become, if we didn’t have these sources of help, and then consider this, as a wise man once said; History is written by the victors, amen, and it’s never the truth. The balanced view; maybe old shaky wrote those stories, to secretly remind us, to read between the lines. Well considering the deviousness of the demon and that army of well resourced supporters, the proverbial Eagles Lair, high in the mountains, away from all threats, who can touch us up there.

But don’t allow the bad stuff drown you internally. Those who take pleasure or any joy in the fall of others, will have to answer to the highest power in the universe, reputation or not, it’s the same for everyone, apart from those taken directly into the heavenly realms,amen. Jesus tells his followers to forgive, not once, not twice, but many times, because if you can’t forgive, what is it you carry inside you, or pass on to others, it’s the law of physics, amen, the rock being, well, if you need to know that, you got reading to do, amen.

So many souls have had to deal with enormous grief and pain, how can you survive it they say, it’s too much, impossible the apostles say. Then Jesus says, when you have the help of God, nothing is impossible,amen, never give up,eternal life with the living God is the greatest of all rewards, read Ezra the prophet, he explains the seven joys, awaiting the souls, that return to their Heavenly home, be part of that team, start loving today, ignore those who sow hate,their fate is fixed, amen.

Masterpiece in the Sky

He looked up, another sky, beside the road,he is peeing away, outside town, there is a sense of mission and party inside him, he looks at the formation again above him, a visual of a throne, another one, to add to his growing collection. It’s been happening so regularly its no great surprise, the meaning of it, no different than the pope from the ends of the earth, no different from the stories he has been writing,a record of future events, he gets back in the car, wondered who he should consult on the matter,few actually believe, it’s too much for them, to think that all they collect will mean nothing in the end, even if they swear otherwise. A great vision, his hopes are high, this is the beginning of the great change, amen.

Who wants to visit a war zone, it takes a good constitution, the effort of those who toil each day, how far they are removed from the general world. It has to be done. He pulls into the kerb, takes a deep breath, he wonders what he will find. Those who fall down, as all the vulnerable know,are potential victims of those who prey on them, he enters the house. The smile,joy, hope, how sad it feels, to have to drive so far to see to a friend, when there are others minutes away who would never bother,that’s life.

He makes a cup of tea, tries to act normal, can’t get his head around it, they all play the responsible person outlook, but it’s all about themselves, hopefully they will learn. She explains the plans she has, there is optimism in her voice, she is becoming more cheerful, but she will fall into heartbreak, when he has to leave. If they saw that picture, the masterpiece in the sky; at least he as the picture of the men in the clouds, that arrived shortly after that, add in the flying spirit, the image of the 23rd pope too, and more, stuff the prophets of old never saw; he is in awe of his standing with the Most High God.

Tears and years later, they showed for the funeral, they praised her in death,but were not there in life; it reminds him of Jesus and the pharisee’s, there were similar words. Had the changes these last seven years gone unnoticed; he shakes his head, no one will ever forget them, same as that masterpiece in the sky.

Many parts of the planet were suffering the woes of sudden and unexpected changes, to be expected in a world undergoing change, amen.

The Martyr

Scaffold and whipping, he dares to believe in the Prophet, he is beaten again, refuses to relent, it’s a holiday weekend, there is a larger crowd about, a few visitors in town are attracted by the noise of the whip, the sighs, the calmness of the crowd, worth seeing, a man being beaten. He is finally crucified, the crowd brow beaten, wishing he had lasted longer. What did they argue about way back then.

The senate is still arguing over a minor incursion, the senators want to be heard, they need to satisfy the voters, imagine Caesar on the floor of the senate in old times, imagine the drama, imagine the power they had, the empire under their control, yes, those old buildings that are on everyone’s visit list, when they visit Rome and other such places.

The martyr is still remembered,his prayers powerful, same as those of the prophet he refused to denounce.

The bars are full, they reach into the street, hustlers ply their trade, it’s an easy time, the festival, while the martyr remains dead on the cross,dead only in that his body is dead,but very much alive in the eyes of God. Our visitors ask, who was he anyway….

The news anchors talk about the tyrant president, who will, what, when, why,does it matter? The stuff your teaching your children with, what does the Martyr think; it wasn’t as dark in olden times he’d reply.

Unnatural desires….

Can you think of something else she says. He gives her the eye, does she expect me to respond to that. Her head is immersed in her phone, his comment glib sounding. I was about to say, can you hold that thought she says,while she rapidly fingers her phone, getting another comment away. He waits patiently for her to finish. Unnatural desires he says, can you think of anything else she repeats, to her, all men want lower level love, along with natural desires. He walks to the door, I’m leaving he says. You can’t she says, her voice soft and wanting, she tweaks her legs, well she says, as if that will keep him. He lingers at the door, thinks for ten seconds and slams the door. Outside now, he breathes fresh air. Freak he says under his breath.I Heard that she shouts. He is moved by her comment. They get on well when together. But that device she is addicted to, those unnatural desires, amen.

Solomon sighed; in other times,friendships were made over time. Now it’s a mixture of fear and hurry up, before someone else does. How huge expectations were usually accompanied by great struggle; now it’s who captures your imagination, and quickly, amen.

The Lesson

Jesus taught us the ways to God. What is the lesson. How we treat others, how we judge others is how we ourselves will be judged.Those that have contempt for the ways of God, have to be certain, of what fate awaits them. The lesson goes further than that; Jesus used the words of the prophets, to emphasize His teaching. In a nutshell, there are no idols,only God. Do we have work to do, the lesson from all the signs, amen.

Spiritual Frustration, psalm 53

Hopes rise and fall, those who prey on the vulnerable, their hopes rise when the Spirit ebbs, they will need someone to fill the void, and there are no shortage of willing rats prepared to fill that void. A child with emotional needs that are never met, who hopes rise and fall, reacts violently when he loses at anything, the heart is not satisfied, there has to be a reaction. We all experience loss in life, if we are lucky, we have emotional back up, very few are strong enough. The hearts reach a certain temperature, over a certain point, it’s all in doubt, how things will go. Call it frustration, call it what you want, but what is the root cause; layers and layers of corruption, it becomes too much when so many are involved. Same with anything bad that attracts the numbers, Jesus called the demons mobs, there were so many of them.

why psalm 53, the reminder of the Heavens, this week, two 53 events in a matter of days, both refer to world events, Italy, the first cup victory in 53 years, the assassination of the Haitian president, 53 years old. It might be good to read that psalm 53, over and over. Written a very long time ago, for the benefit of the early believers, AND, for those living today, who can connect recent events with the prophecies of those days. If you seek God, why not turn to what was written in the Holy Name, amen.

Ruination of souls, what is their fate, those that allow themselves to be used….

Harm, God’s Kingdom, there are those who try every day, to destroy the spirit of all those who believe in the Most High God, it’s a daily experience. Now that the signs from on High are visible to all, matched by the efforts of many concerned souls, who daily try, to improve the lot of those most disadvantaged in their communities, so what is their fate? Tampering with the will of God, surely they didn’t think it would be allowed to continue, the inner bullying, the fear spread, so what is their fate, and are there any precedents to refer to?.

The condemned are always given a chance to improve their prospects, Jesus, and the 11th hour promise, there is time, if you amend before having to. No Father can send another to do their bidding either, yet, its written, by the prophets of old, you can assist the fate of those gone before you,by your good works, so the prophets of old said and prayed. Is there a future for those who intentionally offend God or His servants. Thinking about it, could turn your thoughts to jelly, just imagine it,the eternal power, who would dare offend it, amen.

Burning Heat

Burning heads, the thrill being filtered to children, this is life, the focus on how your made, so that is how you do it. The thrill some get, interesting the young in sexual matters when they are not able to drive a car, or write, it’s everywhere, it’s normal, it’s Babylon.

The earth burns, it’s on view, record heat, water is hard to find, while in other places,children weep, the famine in Yemen, and other places. What is the focus, our vanity or our God, amen.

Those that know, know exactly what is happening to the inner child, they are enjoying the destruction of the safe places inside, devouring the space for Loving Spirit to dwell. The future as Leonard Cohen writes, blurred to say the least, amen.

Solomon sighed, if only they listened to the words of Isaiah, amen.

The Returning Hero’s.

The reality of war, the 20% or more who come home mentally damaged, the reality, war destroys from all angles, apart from the woman and child, who fear those who will use them, the other reality, those lives, they never seem to matter in the planning,winning doesn’t count the cost of collateral damage,it just accepts it. So we know all this, does this mean,and as a thinking man, there must be so many potential legal claims, against those governments that initiated wars, knowing the collateral damage; where is Johnny Grisham, they need a book John, you great social crusader,amen. Any idea what the financial is here, yes, as in law,those who undertake actions that they knowingly, will harm so many innocent victims, there has to be a legal mechanism out there, and many billions in claims too.

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